I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 124 - Finally I Have Thought To Cut My Hair

When Usa saw Shishio sitting in his seat, he couldn ’t help but run directly toward him to express his grief.

During his break, as usual, Usa ate with his classmates, and as usual, he also had gotten used to seeing Shishio who went out together with Nana, Mea, and Maiko together, and as long as there wasn ’t Ritsu there, he felt relief, but at the same time, he longed to eat together with Ritsu and talked with her. He knew that it was a bit hard and he also needed to be patient, but as a young man, his impulse was quite huge and even though he remembered Shishio ’s song before, he felt that he needed to do something so he could get closer to Ritsu.​​

Usa was in deep thought, but his thought stopped when he saw both Ritsu and Shiina suddenly appear at the entrance of his class. ”Huh? Kawai-senpai? Shiina-san? ”

Sorata, who was in the class, was also surprised once again to see Shiina, but this time, he thought that he could talk with Shiina, but someone moved faster than him, and he was too late.

”What ’s wrong, Senpai, Shiina-san? ” Usa asked with a smile, wondering why both of them were here. He was wondering whether she was coming to see him, but…

”Usa-kun, where is Oga-kun? ” Ritsu asked.

”….. ” Usa.

Usa felt that he wanted to cry somehow, but he still said, ”If I ’m not wrong, he should go to the cafeteria together with Sunohara-san, Osonoi-san (Maiko family name), and Uchifuji-san (Mea family name).

”I see. ” Ritsu nodded and said, ”Thanks, Usa-kun. ” She then without hesitation walked to the cafeteria together with Shiina, but…

”Wait, Senpai, do you need me to go with you? ” Usa suddenly asked and he hoped that he could talk with Ritsu, or better, he could eat lunch together with Ritsu.

Ritsu stopped then looked at Usa with a confused expression, and asked, ”Huh? Why? ”

”… ”

Usa wasn ’t sure why, but he felt that his face was burning at that moment and an arrow stuck into his chest.

”Ritsu. ” Shiina pulled Ritsu ’s hand.

”Oh. ” Ritsu nodded, then looked at Usa for a bit, but she didn ’t know what to say and decided to directly leave with Shiina, after all, her relationship with Usa wasn ’t particularly close. In her mind, Usa was just like other male classmates in her class, she could ignore them, and she didn ’t care much about them at all.

”…. ” Usa.

Somehow when Sorata saw Usa, he felt that he could befriend him.

So after all of that, Usa wanted to tell Shishio about what had happened before and wanted to ask him whether there was a way for him to get close with Ritsu but…

Shishio quickly raised his palm and said, ”Stop, I know that you ’re going to tell me about Kawai-senpai, right, Usa? ”

”Huh? ” Usa was dumbfounded and asked, ”How did you know? ” He didn ’t even tell the story, but how did Shishio know about what he was going to say?

Shishio sighed and said, ”Not only that, I ’m sure that you ’re depressed because she ignored you before, right? ’

”….. ” Usa became even more dumbfounded.

”This is the last one. ” Shishio let out a long sigh and said, ”You come to me, and going to ask me, how can you get close to Ritsu, right? ”

”How did you know?! ” Usa was looking at Shishio in wonder and asked, ”Can you read my mind? ”

”……. ” Nanami, Nana, Mea, and Maiko.

”No, I don ’t have a mind-reading ability, but you ’re so simple that I can guess what you want to ask me, ” Shishio said.

”Then… ”

”Stop! ” Shishio quickly cut Usa ’s words then asked, ”What makes you think that I can help you, Usa? Don ’t you know that I ’m also single? I don ’t have a girlfriend. Knowing all of that, think about it calmly, how can I help you with your love life? ”

”……… ” Usa stopped for a moment and he was in a daze. He had never thought about this before, but when he thought about how Shishio was able to tame a lot of girls, he felt that it was only natural to ask him, right?

However, Usa didn ’t know that a predator had never taught another predator, they only devoured each other and the weak one had always been eaten by the strong one, that was how that works.

Nana chuckled and asked, ”Shishio, do you want to have a girlfriend? ” She showed a mischievous gaze, but her eyes looked at him with earnest eyes, wanting to hear his answer.

Shishio then looked at Nana and said, ”Yes. ”

”Really? ” Nana looked at Shishio with bright eyes and wanted to say that they should be a couple directly, but she held her impulse.

”But I ’m not in a hurry since I want to confirm my feelings. ” Shishio nodded and looked straight into Nana ’s eyes, then said, ”When I really love this girl, I ’ll tell her clearly how I feel about her and confess to her directly that I only want her to be mine, so for now, you shouldn ’t worry about me, Nana. ” He gave Nana a gentle smile and said all of that since he couldn ’t tell Nana the truth that he couldn ’t fall in love for now until he had said goodbye to his past. He might be able to say that if they weren ’t in the class, unfortunately, they were in the class, and there were a lot of people here. He didn ’t want to cause a commotion and somehow if he told that he couldn ’t fall in love now, it sounded quite pathetic.

Shishio thought for a bit and thought that it was better to write his book as soon as possible so he could say goodbye since he felt that it was wrong to make someone wait for him, but he didn ’t expect that his answer would cause the people around him to be in a daze.

”……….. ” Nanami, Usa, Mea, and Maiko.

Usa thought that this guy was a real man, after all, he knew that with Shishio ’s ability, getting a girlfriend was just like taking candy from a child, as long as Shishio nodded, he was sure that there were a lot of girls who would line up to become his girlfriend, and somehow he didn ’t expect for Shishio to be emotional but at the same time, he started to imagine himself to confess to Ritsu with such a line.

’Ritsu-senpai, I want you to be mine. ’ Usa thought that it might make him become very handsome somehow.

However, Nanami, Mea, and Maiko, somehow blushed and thought that his words were so overbearing.

’I only want you to be mine… ’

Nanami, Mea, and Maiko were sure that if Shishio did such a confession to them that way, the lethality would be very high!

As for Nana, she was quite nervous, after all, she didn ’t expect him to answer her with such an answer. If the girl that he meant was her, then she didn ’t think too much, but what if the girl that he mentioned wasn ’t her?

Nana started to imagine what would happen if Shishio confessed to someone else and then became a couple.

’No, no, no, it might be me, right? ’

Nana thought positively, or rather, even if she might not be the one on his heart, she would try to change it, after all, he hadn ’t confirmed his feeling and there should be a chance for her to enter his heart!

”Say, Shishio, what if you ’re rejected by the girl that you have fallen with? ” Nana suddenly asked.

”Being rejected, huh? ” Shishio thought calmly and didn ’t panic as everyone thought.

Usa also looked at Shishio and wondered what Shishio would do if Shishio was rejected.

”Feeling isn ’t something that we can ’t control, and of course, I have also prepared myself to be rejected, but I feel like it is better to be rejected, rather than having a regret that I am not able to express my feelings. Still, even if I ’m rejected, it doesn ’t mean a game over, right? Unless the girl that I fell with is married to someone, then my chance to make her move toward me isn ’t zero, ” Shishio said simply.

”Say, if that girl has a boyfriend, then you ’re going to rob her? ” Nana asked with a smile.

”Yes, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”……. ”

”Is that alright? ” Mea asked since she felt that it was wrong to rob someone else ’s lover.

”There isn ’t right or wrong in love. ” Shishio looked at Mea and said, ”If you fail, then you ’ll be sad and heartbroken, but if you ’re successful, then you ’ll be very happy, so unless you want to be sad or heartbroken, then you need be successful, right? But of course, as long as someone hasn ’t married yet, the chance isn ’t zero, you ’re not at the end yet, though, in some cases, there is always something that is impossible to change and if that happens, all you can do is to give up. ” In his mind, love was similar to a war, victory had always been the right one, and the loser… well, he didn ’t need to explain much about this, which was why if you had a girl that you loved, then it was better to not have hesitation or else someone else might take her, but as long as someone wasn ’t married, or rather even if they were married, he believed that he could get those he loved, which was why he wasn ’t in hurry.

”…. ” Everyone was in silence for a while until…

”I understand! ” Usa bowed his head toward Shishio and said, ”Thank you, Oga-kun! ” Then he left directly and unlike his depressed figure, this time, he was very cheerful and excited.

”… ” Shishio wasn ’t sure what to say toward Usa, but he had to admit that this guy was very simple.

”I see. ” Nana showed a bright smile and said, ”I understand! ”

Shishio looked at Nana and asked, ”What do you understand? ”

Nana laughed and said, ”It ’s a secret. You don ’t need to know, Shishio. ”

Shishio looked at Nana and had to admit that she was a very wonderful girl, but there were a lot of wonderful girls around him, so he made up his mind after he had said goodbye, even though he knew that it was wrong, and he might be cursed, but he wouldn ’t stay hypocrite and faced his real feelings.

’Then… ’

Mea and Maiko looked at Shishio and Nana, and somehow, they felt a bit jealous. Even though both of them loved a young boy, they knew that it was only a fetish, and they knew very well that those young boys couldn ’t give the excitement that they felt at that moment and sooner or later, they would grow old, and when they grew old, these young boys wouldn ’t be much different from all those perverted boys around them and they would lose their cuteness…

Mea and Maiko looked at Shishio then Nana felt a bit complex somehow.

Nanami, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation, was in deep thought. She thought what Shishio had said before, then turned her head toward Sorata, who seemed to be talking happily and showed a stupid expression with Daichi Miyahara. She let out a sigh and somehow she just couldn ’t feel the feeling that she felt before. She would be lying if she didn ’t have an interest in love, but she knew very well that it wasn ’t the time for her to think about all of that. What she needed to think about was how to achieve her dream, and become a seiyuu (voice actor) so she could face her father and told him that she could be successful without his help, but…

Nanami cast a glance at Shishio and Nana who were talking happily, and somehow, there was a trace of longing in her eyes, even though she didn ’t notice it.

With all of that, the class started, and Shishio thought that it was his time to open his rewards.

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