There were two rewards that Shishio had received before, one was ”Hairdressing Mastery ”, and the other one was ”Acanthus Site Bookstore ”.

Shishio decided to accept the ”Acanthus Site Bookstore ” first, after all, it was an asset, and the moment, he received this reward, he nodded and thought that this reward was a modern kind of bookstore.​​

In 2005, most bookstores were just normal bookstores, their business was just selling books and stationery, but in the future, a bookstore wouldn ’t just be a bookstore, they would also do other kinds of business to give a lot of experience to their customers.

The Acanthus Site Bookstore was that kind of bookstore, it didn ’t only sell books and stationery, but also sold movies, music, travel, toys, and various services.

The various services that Shishio meant was a service that could make the customers who came to his bookstores feel the conveniences, from a pet service, restaurant, travel agency, bicycle, library, lounge, etc.

The Acanthus Site Bookstore had 20 stores around Japan, which might not sound much, compared to the biggest chain bookstore in Japan, Ginokuya, but each of the stores was very huge, and it was like a small department store rather than a bookstore.

Shishio knew that in the future, if the bookstore didn ’t change and offered various services like what he mentioned above, then they might not be able to survive like the video rental industry that had gone downhill because of the video streaming service industry in the future, especially when most people would order their book online, or bought an e-book directly on the internet, which was why he was glad when he didn ’t need to change the business focus of his bookstore.

’There should be one nearby, should I visit it? ’

Shishio checked this Acanthus Site Bookstore and found out that there was one that was nearby Sakurasou, and this store was a bit different from the rest since it had a very unique theme cafe, which was why he thought to visit it, after all, he also loved to read a book.

Drinking coffee or tea, listening to calm music, and reading a book was enough to make him happy.

Then after he felt that it was enough, Shishio then accepted his next reward.

The moment Shishio accepted the ”Hairdressing Mastery ”, he received various information about the hairdressing-related matters, from cutting hair, treating hair, hair texturing, creating various hair products from shampoo, conditioner, pomade, get, etc, and even treating the baldness.

Shishio then thought about his physics teacher that had gotten angry at him and wondered whether he should test his bald treatment formula on him since if it was working, then he was sure that this product would be a big hit.

Shishio knew that there were a lot of people who were troubled by baldness, and a lot of people even dared to eat medicine that could cause their reproduction organs to be weakened and even caused an ED (erectile dysfunction), but they still dared to try that medicine so they could get their hair again. There was also a hair transplant that had a very scary process, but people still dared to do it, which was why, if he made a bald treatment formula that didn ’t give any side effects or didn ’t use a scary operation, then, without doubt, this product would become a big hit, right?

Shishio felt that it was possible, and he knew that the ingredients weren ’t that hard to find, so he thought to try to make it later. He then thought about his ”Make-up Mastery ” and thought that if he combined both abilities, then shouldn ’t he be able to create the biggest personal care company?

However, Shishio wasn ’t in a hurry to create his own personal care company, after all, unlike an internet company that was developing very fast, the personal care company only needed a good product, as long as the product was good, and he spent money to put it on the advertisement, he was sure that it was only a time that this company would grow into a giant.

Shishio then touched his hair and thought that he should go out to cut his hair after he went home, after all, he really felt that long hair was very troublesome, and he knew that in the fight, long hair had quite a disadvantage, especially on the battle between fists. With long hair, he believed that there was a chance someone would pull his hair and it would be very troublesome if that really happened, especially when he fought to rely on his speed and dodging ability, if his hair was caught, then his mobility would be limited, so he thought to cut his hair, especially after he received ”Hairdressing Mastery ”. He already had an idea what kind of hairstyle that he should change into.

After the class ended, as usual, Shishio walked out of the class together with Nana, Mea, and Maiko.

”Shishio, don ’t forget about tomorrow, alright? ” Nana said.

”You don ’t need to worry. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”I ’ll come to your house tomorrow. ”

”Um. ” Nana nodded with a smile and said, ”I ’m going to wait for you. ”

”Can you not flirt in front of us? ” Maiko sighed.

”Yeah, do it in another place. ” Mea also let out a long sigh.

Maiko and Mea knew that neither of them intended to flirt, but somehow they didn ’t feel comfortable when they saw their affection in front of them.

”Will you go back with Kawai-senpai and Mashiro? ” Nana asked, ignoring both Mea and Maiko.

”Well, we ’re living in the same dorm after all, ” Shishio said.

”That ’s true. ” Nana nodded, and in truth, she didn ’t feel that worried about both Ritsu and Shiina, after all, Ritsu was being liked by Usa, even though she didn ’t have confidence in Usa was able to get Ritsu, she knew that Shishio wouldn ’t touch Ritsu because of Usa, and on the other hand, in her mind, even though it might sound rude, she felt like Shiina was like a little girl, it was the feeling that she got when she talked with Shiina before, which was why she didn ’t need to worry about both of them too much. ”Well, I ’ll go back first, bye Shishio. ”

”See you later, Shishio, ” Mea said with a smile.

”Bye, ” Maiko said with a smile.

”See you next Monday. ” Shishio nodded with a smile. Watching the three of them who left, he didn ’t leave immediately but stood near the entrance of the school waiting for both Shiina and Ritsu. He could see that a lot of girls were looking at him, but he pretended that he didn ’t see them, after all, he had a feeling that if he smiled at them, they would come and talk with him. He didn ’t have time to talk with them since he wanted to check the various heroines in this school and wondered whether he could get more rewards.

Shishio looked at his watch and watched some people boringly until he heard someone call his name.

”Shishio. ”

Shishio turned his head and saw both Shiina and Ritsu. ”Mashiro, Kawai-senpai. ”

Shiina quickly walked to Shishio, and Ritsu apologized to Shishio. ”Sorry to make you wait, Oga-kun. ”

”It ’s alright, Kawai-senpai, but don ’t you want to borrow a book from the library or something first? ” Shishio asked.

Ritsu shook her head and said, ”No, I have read most of the books in the library and I have just borrowed a book from the literature club before so I don ’t really need it now. ”

”….. ” Shishio had to admit that Ritsu was more fanatic about the book than he had thought about since he really expected that this girl had almost read all the books in the library. He remembered that there were a lot of books in the library, but this girl had read almost all of them, which was pretty much an amazing thing.

Shishio thought that it was a great thing that he had given his porn magazine to Ritsu since that meant, her book collections should increase, right?

Jokes aside, Shishio wouldn ’t say such a thing, and said, ”Well, Senpai, if you want to read the book, then I ’ll take care of Mashiro, so you don ’t need to go back in hurry. ”

”No, I ’ll go back with you, ” Ritsu refused without hesitation since she didn ’t really want to see the scene where Shishio and Shiina walked back home together.

”…. ” Shishio and Shiina.

Ritsu ’s face quickly turned red and said, ”N – No, I mean I also want to go back with Mashiro. ”

Shiina looked at Ritsu and somehow she nodded thoughtfully.

”Still, if you want to stop by the library or bookstore, you shouldn ’t hold back and tell us. ” Shishio then looked at Shiina and asked, ”What do you think, Mashiro? ”

Shiina nodded and said, ”If Ritsu wants, we can stop at the bookstore first. ”

Ritsu smiled and nodded. ”Then, if I want to stop at the bookstore, then I ’ll do that. ” She felt warmth when the two of them cared about her.

Shishio thought for a while and asked, ”How about we exchange our contacts? That way, if you want to stop at the library or have something to do, you can tell me? ” He was wondering why he didn ’t ask for the contact info of both Shiina and Ritsu until now, but it was probably because he didn ’t need it?

”Sure. ” Shiina nodded simply.

Ritsu ’s face was slightly red, but she also nodded, after all, she didn ’t think that Shishio was the type of guy that would bother her with a lot of messages, or rather she felt that he could understand her, and she also wanted to know his contact info too.

The three of them exchanged their contact info before they walked back together to Sakurasou.

When Shishio was about to walk out of the school, he saw the girl that he had helped to buy bread before.

The girl also noticed him and showed a surprised expression, clearly remembering him.

Shishio gave the girl a slight nod with a smile before he left with Shiina and Ritsu.

The girl was surprised, but quickly also gave him a nod with a nervous smile, then she realized the two girls that walked beside Shishio which caused her expression to turn complex.

Walking back, Shishio said, ”Mashiro, Senpai, I ’ll go somewhere first after this, you can go back first. ”

”Huh? ” Ritsu was surprised and wondered where Shishio was going to go out, but with her personality, it was hard for her to ask such a question.

”Where are you going? ” Shiina asked softly.

”I ’m going to cut my hair, ” Shishio said.

”Cut your hair? ” Ritsu was surprised and asked, ”Is that alright? ” She felt that it was a bit wasteful for him to cut his long hair since she had to admit that he was very handsome this way.

”I have been thinking about cutting my hair for a while now, ” Shishio said simply.

”Can I go with you, Shishio? ” Shiina asked, after all, unlike Ritsu who was quite shy, she had never thought too much since she wanted to see how Shishio was going to cut his hair.

”It ’s alright, but it is going to be boring you know? I don ’t think that there ’s something interesting about watching someone cutting their hair, ” Shishio said the truth, after all, when he thought about his experience waiting for his girlfriend at a salon in his previous life, he felt that he was almost dying of boredom.

”It ’s alright. I want to see it, ” Shiina said.

”Then, it ’s alright. ” Shishio nodded, then looked at Ritsu, and said, ”Then Senpai, I ’ll go to the barbershop with Mashiro, it might take some time so you can go back first. ”

Ritsu opened her mouth, then closed it again. In truth, she also wanted to follow them, but somehow, she couldn ’t say it, after all, she was very shy, and she had never had this kind of experience before and also wasn ’t sure what to say in this situation, so she could only pout and her face seemed to show an annoyance, then directly said, ”No, I ’ll go with you! ”

Shiina didn ’t say anything and only thought that Ritsu ’s expression was a bit interesting.

Shishio was speechless and said, ”But I mean that this trip will be quite boring. ”

”Before you have said that you ’re going to wait for me whether it is from the library or the bookstore. ” Ritsu stared at Shishio and said, ”You can even wait for me, why can ’t I wait for you? ” In truth, she felt a bit hurt since she felt that Shishio thought of her as an impatient girl with only a book on her mind. If it was in the past, then that might be the case, but she had changed, even though she didn ’t realize it.

Shishio looked at Ritsu for a while and said, ”Sorry, Senpai, that was my fault so let me repeat it. ” He then smiled and said, ”Senpai, before we go back, can we have a little detour? I want to cut my hair. ” His expression was very sincere at that moment, hoping Ritsu would come with him.

Ritsu nodded without hesitation and said, ”Yes. ” This was enough to bring a smile to her face now.

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