I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 128 - Nights Call

Shishio was in the kitchen, cooking, as usual, he didn ’t change his uniform at this moment, only wearing a white shirt with a long sleeve which sleeves he rolled over his arms, but something really bothered him now. He turned and asked, ”How long are you going to stare at me, Misaki-senpai? ”

”…. ” Misaki stared at Shishio and looked at his new hairstyle.​​

In truth, it wasn ’t only Misaki, who stared at him, Chihiro and Mayumi also did the same, including Shiro-san who also stared at him, after all, it was quite weird to see Shishio without his long hair, but when they thought that a short hair wouldn ’t suit him, they were surprised to see that this guy was more handsome.

Unlike, the rest, Ritsu and Shiina had been looking at him for a while before so they had gotten used to it, but for everyone, they hadn ’t made preparations so the change of his hairstyle made them surprised, but unlike everyone who stared from a distance, Misaki directly stared at him from a close distance.

But everyone had gotten used to Misaki ’s uniqueness, so even though she was so close to Shishio, they didn ’t think too much.

”Say, can I use your portrait as one of the characters in anime? ” Misaki asked.

”….. ” Shishio stared at Misaki in surprise and asked, ”Are you serious? ”

”Um. ” Misaki nodded without hesitation.

”…. ” Shishio looked at Misaki and asked, ”What kind of story is it? ”

”Well, the theme is a romance story with a mecha theme, but I haven ’t made the story yet, ” Misaki said.

”Romance, huh? But is that alright? Your style is an action-like anime, right? ” Shishio asked since he knew that most of this girl ’s anime was an action, and he didn ’t think that a romance theme of anime was very suitable for Misaki.

”Which is why I decided to add a mecha element and I want to challenge myself. Then after I saw you change your hairstyle, I feel like your portrait is very suitable to become the main character in my anime, ” Misaki said without hesitation, after all, even though she had always joked around, she had always been serious about her job. ”So can I use your face? ” She asked this request sincerely and had a feeling that Shishio might agree directly with her request.

Everyone was also looking at Shishio and Misaki, but Mayumi didn ’t care much, only stared at Shishio since this guy was too handsome, right?

Shishio shook his head and said, ”No. ”

”…. ”

”Huh? Why? Why can ’t I? Just a little bit, I won ’t make a bad story! ” Misaki quickly asked, well, rather than asking, it was more like begging since she started to hold his pants, trying to pull them down.

”If you bother me, then I won ’t share the curry with you, ” Shishio said simply.

Shishio ’s threat was successful, Misaki quickly stopped, but she cried and hugged Chihiro, who was drinking alcohol. ”Uwaaa~~ Shishio is bullying me, Chihiro-sensei!! ”

”….. ” Chihiro let out a sigh and said, ”Misaki, don ’t bother me too much. ” She then looked at Shishio and asked, ”Say, why don ’t you let Misaki use your portrait as the main character in her story? ”

”Chihiro-nee, I haven ’t seen Misaki-senpai ’s story yet, and even if the story is good, but if my character is bad on the story, then won ’t I be miserable by then? ” Shishio asked. He wasn ’t sure what kind of story that Misaki would make, but if he was pictured as a villain, then what would happen to him?

”No, I won ’t picture you as a villain! ” Misaki refuted without hesitation.

”I need to see the story first. ” In truth, Shishio didn ’t really mind having Misaki use his portrait for her anime, but he needed to see her story first. If the story was crap, then he wouldn ’t agree no matter what, after all, it was his face, and he didn ’t want his face to appear on the crappy anime, especially when he heard that this was an experimental anime, and her first challenge, so he didn ’t really want to bet his portrait right to be used on her anime.

Chihiro nodded, looked at Misaki, and asked, ”You haven ’t made up the story yet, right, Misaki? ”

”Um. ” Misaki nodded and said, ”I have asked Jin to write me the script, but he hasn ’t completed it yet. ” Her voice was a bit low, and somehow she was a bit unconfident.

Chihiro ignored Misaki ’s tone, and said, ”Then wait until the story is ready, it isn ’t that late, after that, right? ”

”Well…. ” Misaki nodded, but her expression was quite unsure at this moment, but no one noticed her, or rather, everyone ’s attention was on Shishio, after all, the smell of curry was so delicious.

”Is it ready, Shishio? ” Chihiro touched her stomach and felt very hungry.

”If we let it sit for an entire night, then it ’ll be more delicious, but… ” Shishio looked at everyone who seemed to be very heartbroken and smiled. ”I guess you want to eat it as soon as possible, huh? Well, prepare your plates, let ’s eat. ”

”Oh! ”

Everyone was excited, and quickly grabbed their plates to eat, after all the smell of the curry was too destructive for everyone here!

When everyone ate the curry, they somehow felt like they were being sublimated and entered nirvana.

Shishio nodded and had to admit that the Japanese curry might be the best food in Japan since it was very flavorful, unlike most Japanese food that was quite thin in a taste, even though it was said to maintain the original taste of the ingredients, but a human wasn ’t a robot, even if the chefs had an experience over decades, it was still normal for them to make a mistake, so it was really hard for them to create a perfect dish with very minimum seasonings, and minimum preparation. Once the chef made a mistake, it would become more apparent and the taste became crap, which was why, he felt that rather than being hard-headed about pride, it was better to create delicious food, so it could be enjoyed by anyone.

”Shishio, I want a second! ” Misaki said without hesitation, lifted her plate, ignoring the fact that there was a trace of curry on the corner of her mouth.

”Are you sure? If you eat more, Mitaka-senpai might not be able to eat it, ” Shishio said while looking at Misaki, trying to see her answer, even though he didn ’t care much whether Mitaka would eat his food or not.

”It ’s alright, I ’m sure that he has eaten while he ’s going out with his ”I don ’t know what number girlfriend ” is, ” Misaki said simply, after all, she felt that the food in front of him was more important than scumbag Mitaka who was going out with a random girl one after another in her opinion. In truth, she was a bit annoyed, when she thought that Mitaka was going out with a girl, especially when he had requested to be the one who wrote the manuscript of her experimental anime.

It was her first attempt to create a romance anime, but Misaki wanted it to be the best, even though it was her first time. Then how did she suddenly think about creating a romance anime? It was just her spur of the moment or might be the appearance of someone, she wasn ’t sure, or rather she just wanted to make it, at first, she thought to ask a professional to make her a script, after all, her name was quite loud in the anime industry, and it wouldn ’t be difficult to search for a good scriptwriter, but Mitaka insisted that he would be the one who made it, so she could only agree, after all, he was her childhood friend, and she also had a crush on him, but when she thought that he was going out with a girl while ignoring his job to write a script for his anime, even though it was only a day that she made up her decision, she felt very annoyed!

In truth, Misaki might not realize it, but the reason why she wanted to create a romance anime was when she saw how Shishio talked with Shiina at that time, she saw how Shishio was so good at Shiina and how he would support no matter what her decision was, which made her a bit jealous, and longing for Mitaka to be able to say something like that wholeheartedly with all of his feelings to her, but she knew that it was a bit impossible now, which was why she thought that if she couldn ’t have that romance in real life, why didn ’t she make it on anime?

However, Misaki didn ’t realize the reason, and in her mind, the reason why she wanted to create a romance anime was that she wanted to create it, it was as simple as that.

”Yeah, let ’s just eat it ourselves, you don ’t need to think too much about other people, ” Chihiro said simply, but then her phone vibrated. She raised her eyebrows since she didn ’t expect to receive a message from Ryuunosuke.

Ryuunosuke: ”The smell of the curry is very delicious, can you put some on the container for me? ”

Maid-chan: ”Yes, please share some with Ryuunosuke-sama. ”

”….. ” The corner of Chihiro ’s mouth twitched and she shouted, ”If you want to eat, just come out! ” She then put down her phone and continued to eat, but then, she touched her stomach and sighed. ”Shishio, your food is so delicious, what will you do if I get fat and can ’t get a husband? Will you be responsible for me? ” She was just joking, but…

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded without hesitation.

”….. ”

”Oga, rather than Chihiro-san, isn ’t it better to date me? I ’m still much more beautiful than her— ” Mayumi hadn ’t finished her words, but her head was knocked down. ”What were you doing?! ”

”Do you want me to raise your rent? ” Chihiro asked in anger.

”…. ” Mayumi shut her mouth honestly, but she was really tempted to date Shishio, after all, he, who was in a new hairstyle, was very handsome, and his cooking ability was simply superb. She believed with this skill, he wouldn ’t lack money, such a young man, she was sure that his future prospects were boundless, and it was too late to catch him if he had grown up.

”Yes, can you shut your mouth, Mayumi-san, ” Ritsu said while staring at Mayumi.

”Ha? What do you mean by that, Ricchan? Do you have a feeling for Oga? Do you like him?! ” Mayumi asked with a smile, teasing Ritsu, who was easily embarrassed, but she was also very annoyed since she didn ’t expect that Ritsu would pick up a fight against her.

Ritsu was full of anger and asked, ”…It seems that you have been cheated by your boyfriend again, Mayumi-san. So is this guy two-timing or three-timing, is Shiro-san ’s prophecy right? ”

”Ricchan?! ” Mayumi was furious and stood up.

Ritsu also didn ’t lose her momentum and also stood up.

”You two, shut up! ” Chihiro glared at both of them.

”It ’s Mayumi-san ’s fault! ”

”It ’s Ricchan who has caused trouble for me!! ”

”SHUT UP!!!! ”

When they stopped fighting, Shishio, who ate his food, suddenly said, ”Right, Chihiro-nee. ”

”What ’s wrong? ” Chihiro asked.

”I ’ll go out tomorrow, is that alright? ” Shishio asked.

”Sure. ” Chihiro nodded and said, ”Tomorrow is a Saturday, after all. ” She felt that there was nothing wrong with Shishio wanting to go out tomorrow since there was no school.

”I won ’t be back until Sunday, is that alright? ” Shishio asked.

”….. ” All the girls and women in this place stared directly at Shishio, and some of them were uncomfortable since they thought that he might hook up with a girl or something.

Chihiro stared at Shishio with a frown and asked, ”…What are you going to do? ”

”Do you remember Tomari-san? She asked to go out tomorrow and she said that she was going to introduce me to a lot of people. ” Shishio looked at Chihiro and said, ”I know that it might worry you, but I want to go, after all, it is a rare chance for me to know various people from various industries. ”

”… ” They thought that Shishio was going out to hook up with someone, but they didn ’t expect that this guy was so serious.

Chihiro looked at Shishio for a while and recalled his dream of becoming a tycoon. ”Well, you can go. ”

”Alright, thank you. ” Shishio nodded with a smile. He had received his permission so he didn ’t need to worry about anything.

Then they continued to eat, and before they cleaned up their dishes, and returned to their room.

As for Shiro-san, he had to admit that this ignored play was a bit extreme, but he had to admit that it was very enjoyable, especially when his body was being stomped by Mayumi at the last moment.

”Thank you very much! ”

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