As usual, Shishio returned to his room, and then took out his phone to call out Roberta directly, after all, he knew that he needed someone to protect him when he came to the ”Kengan Match ” tomorrow, and it was better to bring her with him.

Shishio took his phone and the moment he called, in the next second, Roberta answered his call directly.​​

”Young master. ” Roberta ’s voice was quite cold, like a robot, but there was some excitement when Shishio called her.

”Roberta, I know that it is a bit sudden, but tomorrow evening, can you pick me up in my private parking building? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes, Young Master, ” Roberta said without hesitation.

”Well, that ’s all I want to say, but I also want to know how do you do now? ” Shishio was a bit worried about Roberta and wondered how her situation was after she was placed on his fire range.

”Um, Young Master, can I follow you? ” In truth, Roberta was a bit hesitant, but when she heard his words, she directly asked, whether she could follow him, rather than staying on his fire range.

”…. ” Shishio had somehow expected this, but it was a bit too sudden. He thought for a while and said, ”It ’s alright, but I don ’t live in my apartment, though. ”

”I ’ll follow you no matter where you go, ” Robert said.

Shishio knew that the system ’s existence was very cheating, but he didn ’t expect it would be this much. ”Let ’s talk after we have met tomorrow. ”

”Yes, ” Roberta said.

Then Shishio asked how Roberta ’s situation was, what she ate, where she slept, etc, etc, a lot of things about herself, like a boyfriend who asked her long-distance relationship girlfriend, after all, even though the system had told him about Roberta ’s situation, it didn ’t mean, that it was told in detail.

As for Roberta, she answered Shishio ’s questions calmly, like a robot as usual, but she felt warm and she wanted to meet her young master right away.

They talked for a while until they ended their conversation.

”See you tomorrow, Roberta. ”

”Yes, see you tomorrow, Young Master… ” Even though her tone was calm as usual, there was a trance of sadness that could be felt from her voice.

Shishio had to admit that he was a bit thoughtless about leaving Roberta just like that, after all, unlike Hodgins, who had a family, she was alone, and the only closest person for her was him or his grandfather.

Shishio was wondering what would happen if Roberta lived in Sakurasou, but he felt that it should be alright, after all, everyone was quite used to an individual character. He thought to sleep so he could wake up early, but someone called him out. Seeing the person who called him, he took his phone and answered. ”Tomari-san. ”

”How is it? Are you ready? ” Togo asked.

”Um. ” Shishio nodded.

”Have you prepared or found a way to defeat Kanoh Agito? ” Togo asked.

”Preparation? Well, I don ’t make one, ” Shishio said.

”Huh?! ” Togo was dumbfounded then screamed, ”What do you mean by that?! ” She thought the reason why Shishio decided to ask her for Kanoh Agito ’s fight video and the document was that he wanted to find out a method to defeat Kanoh, but she didn ’t expect…

”All I do is fight, I ’ll go to the ring, beat him up, and win, what kind of preparation do I need to do? ” Shishio asked. ”I want to sleep. Don ’t ask me too many questions, just watch me tomorrow. ” Even though the contract between him and Togo might make what he did sound complicated, in truth, what he was doing was only a fight, that ’s all, nothing else. The video and the data about Kanoh Agito might be useful, but in the end, without power, it was useless, which was why, he only watched the video and the data about Kanoh Agito once, and all he needed to do was to fight him, showing that he was stronger than Kanoh Agito.

”….. ” Togo.

When Togo heard those words, it was so simple, and she felt that it was very dumb of her to ask him a lot of questions. She was the one who had chosen him, and it wasn ’t a time for her to be talk like a bitch, what she needed to do was to watch his match and believed him that he would win.

Togo took a deep breath and said, ”Good, go and sleep, don ’t forget to brush your teeth. ”

”…Are you my mom? ” Shishio was speechless. ”Well, thanks. ”

”Hmm… good night, ” Togo said.

”Good night. ” Shishio put down his phone then quickly went to sleep directly since he had a lot of things that he needed to do tomorrow.

Togo looked at her phone, then looked in the distance through her office, and thought about tomorrow. ’Tomorrow, huh? ’ She was quite anticipating how Shishio was going to fight tomorrow, as for how the result of the battle, somehow she didn ’t care much about it anymore, well, she cared about it, but more than that, she hoped that he wouldn ’t be hurt during the fight tomorrow.

Nana was in her room, looking at the number of clothes that she had put on her bed, wondering which one she should wear tomorrow, after all, she wanted to appear beautiful in front of him.

*Ring! Ring!*

Nana looked at her phone and saw that it was from Maiko. ”Maiko, what ’s wrong? ” She was still looking at her clothes while asking that question.

”Say, did you know Shishio came to my house earlier? ” Maiko suddenly said.

”Huh?! ” Nana was dumbfounded, stopped, and asked, ”Why? Why was he at your house? ”

”He was cutting his hair, ” Maiko said directly since she didn ’t want a misunderstanding to happen.

”Huh? Really? Why did he cut his hair? ” Nana asked curiously.

”Well, I ’m not sure, it might be you since he is going to go out with you tomorrow or something else? ” Maiko said unsurely.

Nana skipped a beat when she heard the reason why Shishio decided to cut his hair was because of her, but when she heard that it might be something else, she was curious and wondered why he decided to cut his hair.

”Well, you can ask him tomorrow, what I want to ask is whether you ’re planning to confess to him tomorrow, Nana? ” Maiko asked.

Nana was confused and asked, ”Why did you ask? ”

”If you plan to confess tomorrow, it ’s better for you not to, ” Maiko said, trying to help her friend so she wouldn ’t be heartbroken.

”Maiko, do you like him? ” Nana asked directly.

”Huh? Of course not! You know my hobby, right? How can I be like a high school boy? ” Maiko directly refuted strongly, and somehow there was some guilt in her heart. It was only for a moment so she didn ’t realize it.

”…You don ’t need to refute me so strongly, but if you like him, just say it to me, I don ’t really mind, and we ’re not dating each other, after all, and even though we ’re friends, you don ’t need to be so conscious of me and bury your feeling, ” Nana said softly.

”…Nana… ” Maiko was moved and felt that Nana was wasteful on Shishio! ”You ’re a good girl, Nana. If I ’m a boy, I ’ll date you directly. ”

”I ’ll reject you, though, ” Nana said with a laugh.

”How cruel!! ” Maiko cried.

”So why did you say that I shouldn ’t confess to him? ” Nana asked again and felt relief when she knew that Maiko didn ’t feel that way toward Shishio since it would be quite awkward if Maiko really fell for Shishio.

”Well, I have asked him before in a vague way what if someone confesses to him, ” Maiko said.

”And then? ” Nana asked.

”He said that he would reject that person since he wasn ’t ready for a relationship for now, ” Maiko said, telling what she heard from Shishio before.

Nana was silent, trying to comprehend what Maiko was saying.

”I mean, if you really want to confess to him, you should understand the reason why he isn ’t ready for a relationship yet. I ’m not trying to stop you, but if you really like him and want your confession to be accepted, you should prepare your strategy, don ’t recklessly attack, after all, both war and love are similar, you need to make a strategy to take down your opponent, right? ” Maiko said with a smile.

”Um, thank you, Maiko. ” Nana laid on her bed and smiled when she heard Maiko ’s words.

”Well, that ’s all, I won ’t bother you now since I ’m sure that you ’re still thinking about what kind of clothes that you need to wear tomorrow, right? ” Maiko said.

”How did you know? ” Nana was dumbfounded.

”I mean, when a girl falls in love, their IQ is lowered to zero, not like I have fallen in love with someone, though, ” Maiko said.

”…Was this your payback for my rejection before? ” Nana was speechless.

Maiko chuckled and said, ”Well, just do your best. He ’s going to visit your big sister ’s dorm, right? You have a lot of allies there, use your allies to take him down! By the way, your competitors are very strong too. ”

”Competitors? ” Nana asked.

”Um, Kawai-senpai and Mashiro-chan were with Shishio when they came to my house before. I could pretty much tell that they were going home together, ” Maiko said.

”It ’s alright, it ’s more fun this way, or rather, should I date him together with everyone? ” Nana asked with a laugh.

”….. ” Maiko was dumbfounded and asked, ”Are you serious? ”

”Well, no, I want him by myself and I want to monopolize him, but I can see that somehow, even though we ’re so close, I feel like his eyes seem to be looking something in the distance, ” Nana said softly. She didn ’t expect that love could be so difficult, it was so much fun with him, and she wanted to be with him, but when she thought that he might not be with her, and with someone else, she felt that it was so painful, however, at the same time, she was wondering whether all the girls who fall for him would feel the same way as her if he really decided to date someone else.

”You think too much, I think that he ’s looking away from your breasts, after all, your body is too tempting for any boys! ” Maiko said without hesitation with some laughter in her tone.

Nana laughed and said, ”Thank you, Maiko. ”

”Um, no problem, good luck tomorrow, ” Maiko said.

”Thanks. ”

”Oh, right, by the way, if he ’s ready, he ’ll confess to the girl that he loves right away, so all you need to do is to fill the gap in his heart and when he ’s ready, you ’ll receive his confession immediately, ” Maiko said.

”Really? Has he said that? ” Nana asked.

”Well, he is a man, after all, and unlike those boys, who can only beg for a girl to date a girl. He ’s different. If he loves and wants a girl to be with him, he ’ll hunt the girl like a lion on savannah, ” Maiko said with a serious tone.

”Shishio ’s name might have a meaning of lion, but he isn ’t a real lion! ” Nana said with a laugh.

”That ’s true, if he ’s a real lion, then he might have a harem, ” Maiko said with a laugh.

”Um… that might be true… ” Nana somehow couldn ’t laugh at that joke since she felt that it wouldn ’t be weird if Shishio might have a harem in the future.

They talked for a bit before they ended their phone calls.

Nana rolled around the bed while wondering why Shishio wasn ’t ready for the relationship, but at the same time, it made her became more curious about him, and when she thought about how Maiko described Shishio, she felt her body trembled and her face was red, wondering how it felt being hugged by his strong and tough arms.

”Hurry up and quickly come morning! ”

Nana closed her eyes and somehow wanted to meet him as soon as possible.

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