I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 130 - MILF Hunter

As usual in the morning, Shishio did his work out, running around the neighborhood to clear up his mind. Along the way, he met several housewives around the neighborhood, greeted them then left shortly after since he didn ’t have time to talk with them.

After an hour of working out, Shishio then returned back, washing his body cleanly under a shower. When it ended, he then walked to his room, changed his clothes into black track pants, a black t-shirt, and a gray sweater. He then looked at his hair and let it flow naturally on his forehead, covering most of his forehead. He nodded and decided to go out directly after he cooked breakfast, but before that, he took the backpack since he knew that he would bring a lot of things later.​​

Even though Shishio had woken up in the morning, he spent a lot of time working out and doing various things so he thought that there were some people who had woken up, but it seemed that everyone was still sleeping since it was Saturday, but when he was about to go to the kitchen, he suddenly felt someone was staring at him.

Shishio turned his head and looked in the direction of the girls ’ area, somehow he could see that one of the doors was opened, and there was the head of a woman that could be seen laying on the ground without moving with her hair scattered around. He stared at it for a bit, and because of the dim light, it made this scene feel creepy and scary, and suddenly it moved!

Shishio might not forget this scene in his entire life, it was like the scene where ”Sadako ” creepily came out from the television, but this time, it happened in reality, the woman that was laying on the ground, moving creepily toward him, without raising her head even once, and her messy, scattered hair, caused her became even scarier, but he was just standing there, looking at this woman without saying anything.

Shishio ’s reaction caused the woman to stop, and asked, ”Hey you… there ’s a depressed girl over here, why aren ’t you coming to help? As expected of a virgin, you don ’t understand a girl ’s heart. ”

”….. ”

Shishio took a deep breath and said, ”Mayumi-san, if you want me to console you, then come closer, I can ’t enter the girls ’ area. If I go there, you might attack me after all. ” He knew that he was lying that he was a virgin, still, it felt weird when he was mocked as a virgin, even though he wasn ’t.

”Don ’t think about the risks! Young people shouldn ’t be so hung up about the risks of doing things! ” Mayumi complained.

”You say that, but there ’s a stun gun in your hand, ” Shishio said with helplessness. He understood somehow why this woman was dumped, and at the same time, he felt that this woman was too old to call herself a girl, considering how loose her lower mouth was, not that he was going to say it out loud. ”I have no idea why you ’re so depressed, but since it is a holiday, why don ’t you have some fun? ”

Mayumi became even depressed, staring at the ground, and said, ”That ’s right, I don ’t have a plan. ” She folded her arms, letting her chin rest on it, and there were tears dripping in her eyes. ”The time when the stupid couples of Japan start hectically making out there ’s no way for someone to be able to have fun alone… I will probably be alone until the day I die… since I don ’t have any eyes for good men… when I was a student I would never believe that I ’d turn out like this, not even my dreams. Am I easily tricked perhaps? Do I have that kind of aura around me? Even though I ’m at a good age and all… All my friends have married already… ”

”… ” Shishio had to admit that this woman was really troublesome and he wanted to shut her mouth quickly. ”Say, why don ’t you drink so you can forget everything? ”

”I ’m not going to drink so don ’t even bring that up! I want all kinds of holidays and the events that come with them to just disappear! ” Mayumi screamed in unhappiness.

Shishio was selfish, but it was his first time seeing the embodiment of selfishness. He then moved his hand and patted Mayumi ’s head. ”Feels better? ”

”Wa– ” Mayumi was stunned, and when her head was patted, she felt very comfortable and watched Shishio ’s handsome face, she felt like all the bad thoughts on her mind vanished immediately, but then, she noticed Shishio ’s clothes and asked, ”Say, you ’re not going on a date, right? ’

”Date? Well, I ’m not, I ’m just going out with a friend, and you should know already yesterday, right? ” Shishio said.

”Really? You ’re not secretly dating someone, right? I won ’t let you date someone until I have someone to date, or rather, don ’t you think that I ’m beautiful enough? ” Mayumi asked directly.

”….. ” Shishio.

Mayumi looked at Shishio and asked, ”Say, you ’re not lying to me, right? ”

”Lying? ” Shishio titled his head.

”Tell me the truth, you ’re not a virgin, right? ” Mayumi said.

”Why do you think so? ” Shishio asked.

”Girls are pretty much sharp at this kind of thing, we can pretty much tell whether someone is a virgin or not easily, ” Mayumi said while staring at Shishio. ”So are you still a virgin or not? If you ’re a virgin, do you want me to help you to pop your virginity? Ugh! ” But suddenly she felt someone hit something in her head. ”It hurts!! ” She became furious, quickly turned her head, and saw Ritsu there, which stunned her.

”Can you not seduce someone, Mayumi-san? ” Ritsu looked at Mayumi with a furious stare.

”Ricchan! ” Mayumi was annoyed.

Shishio took the book, patted it slightly, then looked at Ritsu. ”Good morning, Senpai. ”

”Good morning, Oga-kun. ” Ritsu nodded.

”Don ’t throw your book, it might get damaged, ” Shishio said, patted the book, then gave it to Ritsu.

”Well, that ’s true. ” Ritsu nodded.

”Do you want to have breakfast together? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” Ritsu nodded again.

Both of them left together, leaving Mayumi alone.

”…. ” Mayumi.


In the dining room, Mayumi and Ritsu ate the breakfast that was cooked by Shishio without hesitation since it was very delicious.

This time, Shishio cooked a french toast, he wasn ’t sure how such a desert could become a staple breakfast food in this country, but well, since it was good, he didn ’t think too much and enjoyed it. ”Senpai, I have prepared some of the french toast and pizza toast in the fridge, all you need to do is grill it on the pan or put it in the microwave. You can eat it later with Mashiro. ”

”Um. ” Ritsu nodded and her mouth was slightly stained from the sugar of the french toast. ”Thank you, Oga-kun. ”

”No problem, you have helped to take care of Mashiro, after all, ” Shishio said.

Mayumi was very jealous and asked, ”Say, why don ’t you prepare me one too? ”

”Well, I don ’t mind, but don ’t tease me like that again, Mayumi-san, ” Shishio said.

Mayumi smiled and asked, ”What is it? Is my charm so big for you that you can ’t hold it anymore? ” She rested her chin on her hand, staring at Shishio with a smile, thinking that Shishio was smitten by her.

”No, it is simply annoying, ” Shishio sighed while shaking his head.

”….. ” Ritsu and Mayumi somehow shuddered, when a handsome guy was looking at them with this stare, they felt like they might awaken to something different.

”Mayumi-san, I know that you have a share of a bad relationship with scum, but because of this, you shouldn ’t treat yourselves like some cheap woman. I know that all of the guys from your relationship are all after your body, considering your body is really sexy…. ” Shishio wanted to finish his words, but he was cut.

”Hey? You ’re interested in my body? ” Mayumi asked with a smile while looking at Shishio.

Ritsu frowned and looked at Mayumi ’s body. Even though she didn ’t really want to admit it, she also had to admit that Mayumi ’s body was better than herself.

”Let me finish it first. ” Shishio was helpless against Mayumi ’s personality, but there was nothing that he could do in the end, he said these words without hesitation. ”Say, Mayumi-san, why don ’t you just date Shiro-san? ”

”Ha? Are you crazy?! Why should I date such a perverted masochist?! ” Mayumi got angry, and even slapped the table!

Ritsu thought for a while and nodded. ”I think that it is very suitable for you to date Shiro-san, Mayumi-san. ” Considering how bad Mayumi ’s personality was, and there was no way for it to change, she felt that it was better for Mayumi to be together with Shiro-san since he was a masochist and she was sure that Shiro-san would be very patient with Mayumi, or rather, Shiro-san would be happy, if he was being tortured by Mayumi.

”Ritsu, are you trying to spit on me?! ” Mayumi got even furious, then looked at Shishio. ”Say you say all of that, but you ’re interested in me, right, Shishio? ”

”Not even the slightest. ” Shishio shook his head without hesitation.

”……… ”

Mayumi was directly slumped on the chair, she seemed to be burnt out since her body was all white, like a boxer who had lost on the match.

Ritsu looked at Shishio and thought that this guy was quite a sadist.

’Are you ”Ashita no Joe ”? ’ Shishio thought at this moment and when he wanted to say something more, someone called him out.

”Shishio. ”

Shishio looked up and saw Shiina. ”Oh, Mashiro, you have woken up? Do you want me to make you breakfast? ”

Shiina didn ’t answer him, but asked a question, ”Shishio is out until tomorrow? ”

Shishio raised his eyebrow and nodded. ”Yes, I won ’t be back until tomorrow. ”

”Can I go with you? ” Shiina asked.

”……… ” Mayumi and Ritsu.

”Sorry, I can ’t bring you with me. ” Shishio patted Shiina ’s head and said, ”Well, your hair is quite messy, do you want me to fix it up for you? ” He didn ’t really want to talk about his destination, so he changed the topic of conversation.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded, and somehow, felt better.

”Sit there, I ’ll help you. ” Shishio pointed at the tatami floor near the dining room.

Shiina nodded, even though she was still very sleepy. In truth, she thought that she could go with him, after all, if possible, she didn ’t want to be separated from him, but she knew that she couldn ’t force him, or rather, she didn ’t know how to beg him again, since all she could do was to ask him in a straight forward manner.

”Shishio, can you handle Mashiro ’s hair? ” Mayumi, who had recovered, asked, and in truth, she was a bit jealous of Shiina who was being taken care of by Shishio. Ritsu also felt the same, but neither of them said anything, after all, they knew Shiina ’s situation very well.

”Did you forget that I have long hair before? ” Shishio asked.

”…I almost forgot… ” Mayumi only remembered that Shishio had very long hair before, it might be because he was so handsome in his short hair that she almost forgot.

Shishio didn ’t say much nonsense, combed Shiina ’s hair gently by using his hands, causing her hair to become smooth, straight, and beautiful, then he directly tied it on a bun. ”It ’s done. Your hairstyle is like my hairstyle when my hair was long. ”

”Really? ” Shiina asked while looking back since she remembered very well Shishio ’s hair bun.

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”You can check it in the mirror. ”

”Let me see. ” Shiina then walked to the nearby mirror and nodded.

”What do you think? If you don ’t like it, I can change it to another hairstyle, ” Shishio said.

Shiina shook her head and said, ”No, it ’s alright, I like it. ” Her expression was still blank as usual, but her tone was more cheerful.

”Good. ” Shishio smiled and said, ”Well, I ’ll have to go now. Bye, Mashiro, Senpai, Mayumi-san. ” He then left since it was almost time for his appointment.

”Bye, Shishio. ” Shiina waved her hand and saw him left since her reason to come was to see Shishio and since he had gone, she wanted to continue to sleep.

”Bye… ” Ritsu said and sighed.

Mayumi looked at Ritsu and asked, ”Say, Ricchan, do you like Oga? ”

”Wha–?! ” Ritsu ’s face quickly became red and asked in an agitated voice, ”Wh – What are you talking about?! ”

Mayumi shook her head and said, ”I ’m not saying anything bad, but someone like Shishio won ’t lack any girls around him, so if you want him, you should move fast, or else someone might steal him from you. You can also see Mashiro before, she has a face of a girl in love. ”

”But Mashiro is his relative! ” Ritsu refuted Mayumi ’s words.

”Even though they ’re relatives, they can marry each other. ” Mayumi looked at Ritsu and said, ”You know a guy like Shishio is very rare, he is smart, handsome, and he can cook very well, he ’s the best husband candidate out there, even I ’m tempted by him, or rather most girls will be tempted so if you don ’t move, it is better for you to retire quickly rather than feeling heartbroken. ” She had a share of heartbreaking experiences, but unlike Ritsu, she was able to make himself drunk with alcohol. ”Well, just think of me like a noisy girl or something, if you don ’t want to listen, I ’ll go back to sleep now. ” She yawned since she hadn ’t taken a wink last night, watching the horror movie all night.

”……….. ”

Ritsu was in silence and wasn ’t sure how to describe her feeling, after all, it was her first time to feel like this, and even though she wanted to do something, she didn ’t know what to do.

”Ugh…. ”

Ritsu sighed again, and laid her head on the table, staring at her book absentmindedly, wondering why Shishio was so popular. If he wasn ’t then, there shouldn ’t be anything that she should be worried about, right?

Ritsu looked at her book, and it might be her first time to feel that she didn ’t want to read a book for a while.

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