I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 131 - Nana Is My Goddess Of Luck

As Shishio came out from Sakurasou, he walked directly toward his private parking park to get his vehicle, but he had to admit that it was quite far away since it took him 15 minutes to arrive and wondered whether he should park one of his motorcycles at Sakurasou so he could ride it directly.

Shishio looked outside his private parking park and could see that it was quite luxurious, and huge. With this building, he could directly open a private parking service, or something, after all, just like in Hong Kong where the land was limited, Japan, especially in Tokyo, was quite similar and the fee to park the car was very expensive. He saw that there was a guard there, he gave them a nod, and the guard saluted at him.​​

Shishio entered directly and saw various vehicles inside from SUV, sedan, bus, vintage cars, van, motorcycle, etc, etc. He then looked around the motorcycle area and directly took the Vespa inside since it had free space to put something. He wasn ’t sure what Nana would bring later, but it was better to have more space to put something, right?

Shishio then directly turned on the Vespa and walked away from his private parking park saying goodbye to the guard, but before he went out, he didn ’t forget to bring a spare helmet.

The guard bowed his head and told Shishio to be careful.

On the way, Shishio lifted the wind protector on his helmet and felt the wind. He had to admit that even though Tokyo might be the busiest town in Japan, the pollution level was very small.

Shishio was on his way to Nana ’s house, but then he thought that he should bring something to her parents or something. It wasn ’t that he had an intention to court her daughter, but somehow, he felt that it was a bit rude when he didn ’t bring anything so he stopped at the nearby cake shop.

Shishio parked his Vespa and saw a thin young man sweep the front of the store. He saw the young man had long hair that was tied and a lot of piercing holes in his ears. He looked up and saw that the name of the store was ”Cake Shop Iori ”.

”… ”

Shishio looked at the young man again and let out a sigh, wondering how many characters were in this world, but he ignored it and asked the young man, ”Has the store opened yet? ”

”Ah, yes! The store is open, ” the young man said and looked up slightly since Shishio was very tall. ”Do you want to buy a cake? ”

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded.

”Then please come in, my mother is inside, ” the young man said politely.

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and somehow felt weird when this young man told him his mother was inside. He directly entered the store and could see a lot of cakes that were displayed in the store. It might be because he came quite early in the morning that there were still some spaces that were empty on the display.

”Welcome, ” a mature beautiful woman greeted Shishio and looked at him with a polite smile. She had to admit that this young man was very handsome, but she had a husband and a son, after all, so she shouldn ’t stare at this young man too much, right?

”I want to buy five cakes, can you give me a recommendation? ” Shishio asked while looking around.

”….. ” Shishio felt conflicted when he was told to date the mother of someone, but at the same time, he was quite surprised by his reward since it was something that strengthened his body, which was quite rare, after all, he usually got either talent or an asset.

”If that ’s the case, then why don ’t you choose our Mont Blanc, Lemon Tart, Strawberry Cakes…. ” The woman gave Shishio various recommendations for the cake and told him which was the most delicious, though, as a store owner, she told him that everything in her store was very delicious.

Listening to the woman ’s words, Shishio then changed his mind, and said, ”Sorry, I ’ll pick 10 of them, as for which one, I ’ll leave it to you, is that alright? ”

”…. ” The woman was a bit surprised, then quickly nodded with a smile. ”Yes. ” She didn ’t expect that this young man would buy a lot of cakes directly, if so, then she needed to give him the best since she had a feeling if he was satisfied, he might become a repeat customer, for him, who could buy 10 of them without blinking his eyes and hesitation, she needed to grab him!

Shishio looked at the price of the cakes and knew that it wasn ’t cheap, after all, the average price of the cake was around 100 yen to 550 yen, but he knew that based on his ”Cooking Mastery ” ability, he knew that the taste of those cakes should be okay, not as delicious as the one he baked, but anyone who ate it would be very happy.

”Excuse me, but are the cakes for a girl or a family? ” The woman asked.

”Why do you ask? ” Shishio asked while looking at the woman.

”If you ’re going to give it to the girl, then I can give you some service, ” the woman said.

’What kind of service? ’ Shishio was curious, but at the same time, he had to admit that his mind was a bit dirty at this moment since this mature woman was quite beautiful. ”Well, I ’ll visit a girl ’s house after this, so I might meet her family. ”

”I see. ” The woman nodded and thought that Shishio was quite thoughtful, if she didn ’t have a son, but a daughter, then she might try to get her daughter to date Shishio. ”Well, then, please leave it to me, I ’ll make your meeting with your girlfriend ’s family quite smooth. ”

”…Well, I ’ll leave it to you. ” Shishio didn ’t even bother to fix the misunderstanding and watched the woman put the cakes on the box, wondering what kind of service that woman would give, but he didn ’t expect that this woman would give him a flower.

”We have a lot of flowers here, what kind of flowers do you want? It ’ll be my service, ” the woman said.

”…. ” Shishio shook his head and said, ”No, I don ’t need to. ” He felt that it was too exaggerated to give a flower to Nana when he only came to pick her up to bring a video game console.

”It ’s alright, you don ’t need to worry I won ’t give you an additional charge for this, ” the woman insisted.

”Instead of a flower, it is better for you to give me a macaron or something. I mean, the girl might be weirded out if I suddenly give her a flower, ” Shishio said helplessly.

”I – I see… I ’m sorry, I ’ll give you a Macaron instead… ” The woman said, but this time, she felt a bit low, wondering if her help was unneeded.

Shishio didn ’t think too much about the thought of the woman, after all, she had married already, there was no way for him to do something to her, right?

Then the woman quickly packed Shishio ’s order and said, ”The total is 6,300 yen. ”

Shishio took out his money and paid for his cakes, after receiving his change and took the cakes. ”Thank you for your help before, Onee-san. ”

”Onee-san?! ” The woman was surprised, but then she nodded with a smile and said, ”We ’ll always welcome at Cake Shop Iori! ”

Waving his hand, Shishio left and saw the young man before.

The young man saw Shishio bring a lot of cakes and quickly bowed his head and said, ”Thank you very much! ”

Shishio nodded, then put his cakes inside the baggage space on his Vespa, before he moved to Nana ’s house. He knew that the location of her house was quite close, so he thought that he should receive his reward later, when he arrived at Nana ’s big sister ’s dorm, after all, his reward was something that enhanced his physical ability.

When Shishio left, the young man entered the store and asked his mother, ”Mom, how much is that guy to buy our cakes? ”

”Ten, ” the woman said simply, then looked at her son. ”If possible, don ’t be too rude to him since he might become a repeat customer. ”

Hearing the words ”10 ” from his mother ’s mouth, the young man nodded without hesitation and thought that Shishio was a young master directly.

It didn ’t take a long time before Shishio arrived at Nana ’s house, her house was a two-story house, with modern and minimalist architecture. From her house alone, he could see that her family was quite well-off.

Shishio was about to press the bell of her house, but someone came out from the door.

The one who came out of the door was a woman around her early 30s, with long blonde hair, a huge breast, and white skin. If her skin was tan, then Shishio might think that she was Nana, but with her age, he thought that she should be her mother.

”Um, you ’re? ” The woman asked with confusion.

”I ’m Shishio Oga, is this Nana ’s house? I ’m her friend from school, ” Shishio said politely.

”Oh? You ’re Nana ’s friend? ” The woman was surprised, but then she quickly moved closer to observe Shishio ’s features. She looked at him for a while and nodded in satisfaction, and thought that her daughter really was very good that she was able to catch such a young man, but then she remembered his name. ”Um, you ’re Shishio Oga? ”

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and asked, ”Do you know me? ”

”Of course, my daughter has always talked about you! ” The woman said with a smile.

”I see. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”I hope that she didn ’t tell you something weird. ”

”Of course not, she really likes to be with yo— ”

”Mom, what are you doing?! ”

Shishio and the woman turned back and saw Nana, who had dressed up, looking at them with a panicked expression.

”Nana, you have never told me that Shishio-kun is such a handsome guy? ” The woman seemed quite displeased. She then looked at Shishio and said with a smile, ”Why don ’t you come inside first, Shishio-kun? Let ’s talk for a while, or do you want to see Nana ’s childhood photos? She ’s very cute, and her skin isn ’t tan like it is now…. ”

”Mom!!! ” Nana ’s face was very red at that moment, and she didn ’t expect that her mother would embarrass her like this!

Shishio smiled when he saw Nana ’s reaction since he had to admit that she was really cute at that moment.

Nana quickly moved, after she wore her sneakers, then ran toward Shishio. ”Shishio, let ’s go! Let ’s go to Onee-chan ’s place quickly! ”

”Wait a moment, I have brought a cake for your family, ” Shishio said and took out a box of cakes that he had brought before.

”Oh my… thank you very much. ” The woman took the box of cakes and said, ”But you shouldn ’t bother yourself to buy us a cake like this. ”

”It ’s alright, I only did this because I wanted to, ” Shishio said simply.

”Then I ’ll accept it, but… ” Nana ’s mother looked at the box and said, ”Isn ’t the number is a bit too much? ”

”Well, there are a lot of delicious cakes before, so I can ’t help but buy them, ” Shishio said with some embarrassment.

”Then how about bringing those cakes to Onee-chan? I ’m sure that Onee-chan will be happy with it, and there is also Yuzucchi, Sumirecchi, and Yuricchi there! ” Nana said with a smile, and couldn ’t look away from the cakes.

”Well, is that alright, Shishio-kun? ” Nana ’s mother asked.

”It ’s alright. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”After all, it ’ll be wasteful if you don ’t eat it. ”

”Then wait here, I want to take the same too for me and your father, ” Nana ’s mother said, then looked at Shishio.

”Wait, leave some for me too! ” Nana said and followed her mother. ”Shishio, come follow me inside. ”

Nana ’s mother stopped and said, ”Yes, come inside first, I will show you Nana ’s photos from when she was a baby. ”

”Mom!!! ” Nana was blushing again and wanted to smack her mother ’s butts somehow, even though she knew that it was wrong.

Shishio was wondering whether the system told him to be a MILF Hunter, but at the same time, he was wondering why his reward was a ”Bondage Mastery ”?

Looking at the smiling face of Nana ’s mother, Shishio somehow felt that he might have opened a pandora box somehow.

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