I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 135 - Aki Shiina Be Strong!

”I see… ”

Ayaka nodded and learned in and out what had happened before. She then clapped her hands and smiled. ”Then why don ’t we use this chance to let Shishio-kun hug us? ”​​

”… ”

”How can you come to that conclusion?! ” 2x

Shishio and Nana were speechless, staring at Ayaka.

”I mean, Nana seems to be very comfortable being hugged by Shishio-kun, so I want to try it too. ” Ayaka looked at Shishio and asked, ”Is that not okay? ” Her tone was quite cute, and she also opened her eyes slightly, staring at Shishio.

”….. ” Shishio and Nana.

Ayaka then clapped her hands and said, ”Alright, why don ’t we start with Yuri first? ”

”Yes! ” Yuri nodded without hesitation, after all, she was quite curious how it felt being hugged by Shishio.

”Wait a moment, are you sure? You ’re all girls you know? And I ’m a man, you should know that this isn ’t appropriate, ” Shishio said, after all, even though he didn ’t really mind becoming a scumbag now, it didn ’t mean that it was alright for him to hug a middle school student since he felt like it was a crime somehow. He also needed to think about Nana ’s feelings in this situation too.

”Yes, this isn ’t appropriate. ” Nana nodded and agreed.

”But Shishio-nii, you have hugged Nana before, even though it isn ’t appropriate, and your relationship isn ’t a couple, right? ” Yuri raised a question and looked at them in doubt.

Shishio looked at Nana and then looked at Yuri. ”Well, we might not be a couple, but our relationship is different from yours, after all, we have just met each other, and aren ’t you afraid that your boyfriend might get jealous if he knows that you have hugged me? ”

”I don ’t have a boyfriend, you don ’t need to worry, Shishio-nii, ” Yuri said without hesitation. Then she looked at Shishio and said, ”And like what I have said before, I don ’t mind if you ’re the one who hugs me. ”

”…. ”

Shishio was wondering whether today ’s middle school student was this bold?

”Just hug her, Shishio, ” Nana suddenly said.

Shishio looked at Nana, who seemed to be annoyed, and tried to respect her feelings, but she gave him permission. ”Come here, Yuri. ” He didn ’t lose anything after all, so what was the point of hesitation, especially when she had said that it was alright.

”Un! ” Yuri directly jumped into Shishio and hugged him directly.

”Wh–?! ” Nana didn ’t expect Shishio to let Yuri hug him! Even though she was the one who gave them permission, still, she felt very complex at this moment.

Unlike Nana whose body was very soft and a bit meaty, Yuri ’s body was just right in the place, but as expected, it gave off a different experience, but it was still good.

On the other hand, Yuri had to admit that hugging Shishio was really amazing, unlike a girl ’s body that was soft, his body was very tough and hard, giving off a feeling that there was a lot of strength inside this body, but at the same time, it gave her a reassurance and a feeling like she was being protected.

”You smell really good, Shishio-nii, ” Yuri said while sniffing Shishio ’s body.

”Is that so? ” Shishio then patted Yuri ’s head gently which caused her to be in bliss.

”How long are you going to hug each other! Hurry up and stop! ” Nana quickly stopped both of them when she felt that the situation was suddenly out of control!

When Yuri was parted from Shishio, she felt a bit disappointed, but she didn ’t say much since she felt like if she was hugged any longer, she might become addicted.

Yuzu, Sumire, and Ayaka saw Yuri ’s reaction and wondered whether his hug was really that good.

Nana then looked at the three girls annoyedly and said, ”I ’m very kind now. Who ’s next? If no one moves forward, then I ’ll stop the hug session, right away! ”

”Sumire, you go first, ” Yuzu suddenly said and pushed Sumire.

”Wh–?! Prez? ” Sumire started and looked at Yuzu with a dumbfounded expression.

”I ’ll go after you, you go first, ” Yuzu said without hesitation.

Sumire was very shy, but she nodded when she saw Yuzu ’s expression. She moved forward then looked at Shishio before she bowed her head lightly. ”Please take care of me, Shishio-nii. ”

”You know… You don ’t need to force yourself if you don ’t want to, ” Shishio said.

”No, it is alright, it might be a good experience to be hugged by an opposite gender, ” Sumire said calmly, but her face was very red at this moment. She looked at Shishio and couldn ’t help but raise her head since he was very tall. ”You ’re very tall, Shishio-nii. ”

”I guess, it is very rare to see someone at my height? ” Shishio asked.

Sumire nodded and said, ”Yes, in middle school, I have always been the tallest after all, so… ” In truth, she had a complex about her height, and it was also the reason why she loved a cute thing since she knew that with her height, she couldn ’t be cute.

Shishio wasn ’t surprised since Sumire ’s height was very tall among the girls in this country, even a lot of guys were probably shorter than her. ”Really? I guess, then it is a good thing that you have met someone who is taller than you, right? ” He then patted Sumire ’s head, which made her show a blissful expression, and thought that this girl was very cute.

Sumire somehow understood why Yuri showed a comfortable expression before, but then, even though it was comfortable, there was something that she wanted to do. She then looked up and asked softly, ”Shi – Shishio-nii. ”

Shishio didn ’t say much and hugged Sumire gently. He had to admit that it was quite good to hug Sumire, after all, her height was quite tall, which made it comfortable for him to hug her.

Sumire also felt the same, after all, she had always been the one who pampered someone, and she had always been the tallest one, but when someone was taller than her and pampered her, she couldn ’t help but enjoy this feeling. She snuggled into his chest and couldn ’t help but act like a docile cat in his arms.

”… ” Ayaka, Nana, and Yuzu.

Yuri nodded since she understood why Sumire showed such a reaction, but while Shishio and Sumire were hugging each other, she took out her camera to take their picture.

”…. ” Shishio stared at Yuri and couldn ’t help but feel speechless. On the other hand, Yuri only smiled when she saw his expression.

”Enough! ” Nana quickly separated from both of them and said, ”Yuzucchi, quickly come! It ’s your turn! ”

”Wha–?! ” Yuzu was startled and her face was very red at that moment.

Sumire, who was being forcibly separated by Nana, showed some displeasure, but she didn ’t say much, after all, it was embarrassing to ask Shishio to hug him again.

”What? You don ’t want to? If you don ’t want to, then you can stop, ” Nana said since it felt strange when she saw him, hugging one girl after another. She felt jealous at first, but then, when she saw him, hugging one girl after another, she had this strange feeling. She wasn ’t sure how to describe this feeling, but she didn ’t really hate it somehow.

”We – Well… ” Yuzu nodded and moved toward Shishio.

Shishio looked at Yuzu and had to admit that this girl was very short. He could tell that she should be under 140cm, which was pretty much rare somehow since she should be in her 2nd year of middle school.

Yuzu also looked up at Shishio since he was very tall. She wasn ’t sure what to do at that moment and wasn ’t sure what to say, but one thing for sure, she wanted to grow taller.

”Well, Yuzu, is it really alright to hug you? ” Shishio asked since he felt that he was a criminal somehow if he didn ’t ask for her permission.

”Um. ” Yuzu ’s face was red, but she nodded and said, ”Yes, but… ” She was very short, and she was wondering what she should do at that moment.

”Well, sorry, for a moment, I ’ll hug you like this if you don ’t mind. ” Shishio moved down, then carried Yuzu in his arms.

”Wha–?! ” Yuzu was startled and hugged Shishio ’s neck subconsciously. She expected that she would be hugged, but she didn ’t expect that she would receive a princess carry!

”Should I let you down? ” Shishio asked.

”No… no, it ’s alright, just stay like this for a while… ” Yuzu ’s face was very red since the distance between them was very close. She could see his handsome face and somehow she felt that it wasn ’t bad.

”Ah… I should ask that… ” Yuri felt a bit envious when she saw Yuzu was being carried in the princess carry.

”….. ” Sumire didn ’t say anything, but she nodded, feeling envious of Yuzu.

Shishio looked at Yuzu and realized that there was a hairband with a bird-like thing on the top of her head. He didn ’t say much about it, after all, he knew the reason why she wore it was because she wanted to look taller, but he had to admit that her reason for wearing a hairband was very cute.

”Enough! Stop! ” Nana quickly separated both Shishio and Yuzu.

Yuzu wanted to say something, but she couldn ’t since she was very shy, and she also wasn ’t sure what to say since she felt a bit lost when she was parted from his arms.

”Alright, enough, let ’s stop this, ” Nana said.

Aki, who heard Nana ’s voice, felt that light suddenly appeared at his darkest time when he knew that Ayaka wouldn ’t be hugged or carried by Shishio.

”Eh? I want to be hugged by Shishio-kun too! ” Ayaka complained and pouted.

”Onee-chan!! ” Nana looked at her big sister helplessly.

”Well, Nana, this is the last, ” Shishio said softly.

Nana looked at Shishio then sighed. ”Well, this is the last. Come on, Onee-chan. ”

”Good. ” Ayaka nodded with a smile, but somehow she was also quite nervous. ”Um, Shishio-kun. ”

”Yes? ”

”If possible, can you carry me like Yuzu-chan too? ” Ayaka asked.

”…. ” Nana, Yuzu, Yuri, Sumire, and Aki.

The five of them were dumbfounded, after all, unlike Yuzu who was small, Ayaka was huge, she was even taller than Sumire, and more than that, the weight of the two things on her chest was unbelievable, but no one dared to say it, since it meant they would say that Ayaka was fat.

”I don ’t mind. ” Shishio nodded.

”Eh? Really? ” Ayaka was surprised, after all, she knew that she was a bit on the heavy side, but…

Shishio nodded and didn ’t say much. ”Excuse me. ” He then without any hesitation carried Ayaka in his arms and said, ”You ’re very light, Ayaka-nee. ”

”… ” Ayaka blinked her eyes and somehow understood why Nana couldn ’t get away from this guy, since she was a bit tempted to steal him from her little sister.

Looking at Shishio who could carry Ayaka easily, they were dumbfounded, and at the same time, they realized that he was very strong.

Ayaka also hugged Shishio ’s neck and somehow she understood why Yuri, Sumire, and Yuzu seemed to be happy when they were hugged and carried by him.

Looking at Ayaka who seemed to be very happy, Aki seemed to be at loss and he felt that his body was trembling, but he couldn ’t do anything and he could only watch, after all, the relationship between them was just a tenant and the caretaker, and he couldn ’t control what Ayaka was doing, which made him very uncomfortable and wanted to cry at this moment.

”Alright, enough! ” Nana quickly separated both of them.

”Wait a moment, I want to ask another request! ” Ayaka quickly said and looked at Shishio. ”Can you pat my head too? ”

”….. ”

”Well, sure. ” Shishio didn ’t think too much and patted Ayaka ’s head.

Ayaka, who was patted by Shishio, showed a blissful expression.

”….. ” Aki seemed to be at a loss and he wanted to run away at this moment, but he couldn ’t, after all, he didn ’t want someone to notice him at this moment and he didn ’t know what kind of thing that they would do once he had left, which was why he decided to stay, even though it was hurt. He only hoped that everything would end so soon, and Shishio would go back as soon as possible since he might not be able to bear it any longer, after all, his crush was being touched all over by him, without him being able to say anything.

”Enough! Enough! ” Nana quickly separated both Shishio and Ayaka, then she glared at Shishio.

Shishio could only smile helplessly, after all, Nana was the one who gave him permission, so he quickly changed the topic of conversation. ”Ayaka-nee, is that shamisen? ” He glanced at Aki whose eyes were red at this moment and couldn ’t help but feel bad since he felt like he was bullying a little kid, but he didn ’t regret his action, after all, he knew what kind of lucky things that this little kid had gotten, and in truth, he was also quite jealous of this kid so he decided to create some mischief.

”Oh, right! ” Ayaka only remembered and took shamisen on the table and said, ”Shishio-kun, can you play this? ”

”….. ”

Nana wasn ’t sure what to say to her big sister at that moment, even though Shishio was coming from Kyoto, it didn ’t mean that he could play a shamisen, right?

’Well, he can play guitar, though, but… ’

After all, the guitar and shamisen were very different, but unexpectedly…

”I can play it, ” Shishio said.

”…. ” Nana wasn ’t sure what to say at that moment.

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