I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 137 - These Rewards Are Good

After his performance, Shishio taught them his knowledge regarding shamisen, teaching them slowly, and gently since it was their first time, and as expected, after he taught them, they learned the enjoyment of music, but the girls were quite greedy after they were taught shamisen, they also wanted him to teach him a different lesson, which he readily agreed, after all, he was a gentleman, there was nothing wrong with it, still, he maintained some distance with them, especially the trio middle school students, except for Nana and Ayaka, of course.

When they were doing something fun and happy, the time always moved very fast.​​

In the evening, Shishio decided to go back, and Nana also followed him, after she got the video console game from her previous room. It seemed that her previous room was being used by Aki Shiina, but she didn ’t think too much, after all, she had already moved away.

”I see, you two can ’t stay tonight? ” Ayaka seemed to be disappointed, after all, she learned that being with Shishio was pretty much fun.

”Sorry, Ayaka-nee, I need to go back before night, and Ayaka-nee, there ’s no room available in your room, where can I sleep? ” Shishio said.

”Well, if you want, how about my room? ” Ayaka asked with a smile.

”Wh–?! ” Everyone was dumbfounded, and Aki Shiina ’s complexion became very pale when he heard that Ayaka was going to sleep with Shishio!

Shishio looked at Ayaka and wondered whether this woman didn ’t understand how dangerous it was to keep an adolescent boy inside her room.

”I was just joking. ” Ayaka smiled and said, ”How about you stay in your Akkun ’s room? ”

”Eh? My room? ” Aki was dumbfounded.

”Well, let ’s see in the future, for now, I can ’t stay, sorry, Ayaka-nee. ” Shishio was, in truth, tempted to stay in Ayaka ’s dorm, after all, he wanted to see what was the difference between Sakurasou and Sunaharasou. He definitely didn ’t have a dirty thought where he thought that he could be pampered by a beautiful older sister, not at all, alright?

Ayaka was a bit disappointed, but she nodded. ”Then be careful on the way, alright? Don ’t ride your motorcycle too fast. ”

”I know. ” Shishio nodded and was about to put on his helmet, but then…

”Shishio-nii, can we exchange our contact info? ” Yuri asked.

Shishio looked at Yuri for a bit and nodded. ”Yes. ”

”Yay~ ” Yuri smiled and took out her phone to change their phone number.

”Ah, me too! ”

”Can you exchange with me too, Shishio-nii? ”

”… ” Nana knew that this guy was very popular and very good at coaxing girls, but she didn ’t expect that he would be this skillful!

After exchanging contact info with each other, Shishio didn ’t stay any longer and returned back with Nana.

Nana sat behind Shishio and hugged his waist without hesitation. She looked at everyone with a smile and said, ”Bye everyone! ”

”…. ” Ayaka, Yuri, Yuzu, and Sumire.

The four of them could only watch Nana who hugged Shishio ’s waist like she was his lover and they had to admit that they were a bit envious of her, even though they knew that the relationship between Nana and Shishio wasn ’t a lover.

Shishio gave them a nod before he left and didn ’t talk much, after all, the more he talked, the longer he stayed in this place. If he didn ’t have something to do, he didn ’t really mind. Unfortunately, he had something to do.

When Shishio and Nana left, the one who felt the most relieved was Aki and felt a boulder had been lifted from his back. He didn ’t need to worry that his crush might be seduced by Shishio again.

”Ahh… I really want to become a high school student as soon as possible! ” Yuzu suddenly said with a hint of frustration.

”Yes, being in high school seems to be very good. ” Yuri nodded, and thought that it would be wonderful to ride behind Shishio, and toured around the city, or various places together.

Sumire nodded but didn ’t say much, after all, she was fairly quiet, but she had to admit that it felt good when she saw someone who was taller than her and treated her like a normal girl. She had always had a complex about her height and if there was a school drama, she would play to either a male character or a tree part, when in truth, she wanted to be the princess, but when she was with him, she felt that she had become a princess.

”Well, he has a motorcycle so it ’ll be easy for him to visit our place from time to time, ” Ayaka said with a smile.

”That ’s true. ”

Yuzu, Yuri, and Sumire nodded.

”Wh–?! ” Aki was dumbfounded when he heard everyone ’s words.

”Well, let ’s go back, it is a bit chilly in the evening. ” Ayaka looked in the direction where Nana and Shishio had gone, and she had to admit that she envied her little sister, after all, her high school life was fairly lonely, and she didn ’t have someone who could accompany her like that, which was why even if she was in her early of the 20s, she didn ’t have a lover even though she was very beautiful.

’But… ’

If Shishio was really dating her sister when they returned, Ayaka might not react since somehow she couldn ’t congratulate them fully. She then shook her head and thought about what kind of dinner she should make rather than thinking something so messy.

Shishio was riding his Vespa back to Nana ’s house, after all, he needed to send her back, but…

”Isn ’t it great? You ’re so popular among everyone before, ” Nana said with some sulk, after all, her intention to come to Ayaka ’s house was to tease her big sister and brought the game console, but she didn ’t expect that her big sister, Yuzu, Sumire, and Yuri would flock directly around him.

Shishio used one of his hands to pat Nana ’s hand that hugged him and said, ”Blame me, blame me for being so handsome. ”

”….. ” Nana.

”I was just joking, you don ’t need to look at me like that, ” Shishio said with a light smile on his face while watching Nana who looked at him in disdain and rolled her eyes.

”Sometimes, you ’re so narcissistic! ” Nana put her chin on Shishio ’s shoulder, then looked at his complexion from the side. ’Well, he ’s really handsome, though. Well, it ’s not like I ’m going to tell him. ’ After all, she felt that it was too embarrassing if she said that. She then thought about how close Shishio ’s relationship with her big sister was before, and couldn ’t help but ask, ”Say, Shishio. ”

”Hmm? ”

”Do you like quiet girls? ” Nana asked since she had always thought that Shishio liked Miu, and when she saw how her big sister and Shishio were so close before, she thought that he liked a quiet girl.

Shishio raised his eyebrow and said, ”Not really. ”

”Then what ’s your type of girl? ” Nana asked eagerly.

”If I have to say that the girl that I love is my type, ” Shishio said.

”… ” Nana.

”Isn ’t that the same as you don ’t have any preference? ” Nana seemed to be annoyed since she really wanted to know his type of girl!

”I mean, really, I don ’t really have much of a preference, after all, when you fall for someone, you ’ll feel everything about them is beautiful, even if she picks her nose in front of me, I might feel that girl is lovely, ” Shishio said nonchalantly.

”It ’s hilarious. ” Nana laughed when she heard it since she knew that this guy was joking.

Still, if Shishio had to say what was his type, then without a doubt, his type was a beautiful girl, as long as they were beautiful girl, he loved them, it was as simple as that, which was why he didn ’t have a preference, whether they were short hair, long hair, flat chest, big chest, tan-skin, white skin, etc. In other words, he could appreciate every beautiful girl.

Not that he was going to say it, though, since he was sure that he would be stared at as a pervert, but he knew that every male would think the same as him, and even though everyone tried to hide it, everyone also wanted to have a harem, but of course, some people had an ability to make a harem, but the majority of them didn ’t have an ability to make a harem, which was why a lot of men were quite a hypocrite, acting like a saint, that they didn ’t have an interest in a harem when in their dream, they also felt a normal desire like any men to have a lot of girls around them.

Shishio felt his teeth were a bit itchy since he also realized that he was also that hypocrite type of man, and if he wanted to make everyone ’s happy, then he could only become a scumbag, taking care of them, made them happy, since he knew that he didn ’t lack the power to do so.

’But before that… ’

Shishio looked at the orange sun and knew that he needed to write his story as soon as possible, while he did that, he was thinking about how to make the relationship around the girls became closer so there wouldn ’t be any emotional struggle between them since creating a harem was something hard to do.

Nana enjoyed this quiet situation, and hugged him gently, letting his hand caress her hand. In truth, at this moment, she wanted to ask what he was thinking about her, whether he loved him, or whether they should date, or why he wasn ’t ready to date a girl, but in the end, she forgot all of them since she just loved this moment.

Before long, they had arrived at Nana ’s house, and she had to admit that she felt reluctant to part with him.

”Should I bring the game console or you? ” Shishio asked since the game console was on his bag.

”I ’ll bring it, but can you lend me your bag? ” Nana asked since she didn ’t have a bag and if she brought the game console directly, she felt that she would attract a lot of attention.

”Sure. ” Shishio didn ’t think too much and lent his bag to Nana.

”Thanks. ” Nana smiled, but then she didn ’t go back immediately and looked at him.

”What ’s wrong? Do you want to be hugged or pat? ” Shishio asked in a joke.

”Um. ” Nana nodded.

”… ” Shishio.

Shishio looked at Nana and said, ”You know, if we keep doing this, I might not be able to hold back. ”

”Should we stop at the Love Hotel? There should be near– ” Nana didn ’t finish her words since her forehead was flicked by Shishio. ”Ouch! What were you doing?! ”

”I know that I have made such a joke, so I can ’t blame you so much, but Nana, I ’m not a good man, if you keep teasing me, then I might carry you there directly, ” Shishio said while staring at Nana ’s eyes.

Nana looked at Shishio for a bit, and somehow she understood why he said that especially when she thought of the girls around him, but this time, she didn ’t want to lose, and she wanted to be the winner so…

Nana snorted and said, ”You ’re the one who is too serious. It isn ’t like we ’re married to each other, if we don ’t do well, then we part, if we do well, we ’ll be together, isn ’t that what you say? ”

”….. ” Shishio.

”Still, even though I don ’t really like it to see you be with everyone, I can ’t deny your charm, but I ’ll definitely be the one who gets you, remembers my word! ” Nana then without hesitation, moved forward to take Shishio ’s lips, but her movement was stopped by Shishio.

”…. ” Nana.

Nana wanted to scream that she was the one who took his first kiss, but she didn ’t expect that her movement was being stopped by Shishio!

Shishio had an ”Enhanced Vision ”, and of course, he noticed Nana ’s movement that was about to kiss him, but he quickly stopped her.

In truth, Shishio might have had an impulse to accept the kiss directly, but suddenly an image of Shiina appeared on his mind, which made him full of guilt somehow. He had said to Shiina that he needed to say goodbye, but here he was letting himself be kissed by another girl, so he quickly stopped Nana. ”I ’ll be the one who takes yours, not the other way around, but not now, wait for me, alright. ” He would be lying if he hadn ’t thought about Nana, but he needed to think about Shiina too and knew that he would be unfair toward Shiina if he really accepted Nana ’s kiss.

Nana blushed and she nodded obediently.

Shishio patted Nana ’s head and said, ”Do you still need a hug? ”

Nana felt very blissful when she was patted and thought that it was wonderful. She also understood why everyone was addicted to his patting, but when she heard his words. She gave him a nod, after all, she was very greedy.

Nana then without hesitation, and hugged him.

Shishio felt a bit complicated and said, ”You might regret doing this, though. ” He lightly hugged her while patting her back.

”It ’s my own choice and I know that I won ’t regret it, ” Nana said with a smile while hugging him tightly. She then without hesitation tried to kiss him again, but she was stopped by him again.

”…You perverted girl, stop for me, ” Shishio said while staring at Nana. He knew that he didn ’t have a right to say this, but he felt that it was necessary.

Nana pouted and said, ”Your guard is so tight! ”

”You ’re one who is too lustful, ” Shishio said helplessly.

”Just a kiss, won ’t hurt you, ” Nana said eagerly.

”….. ” Shishio.

”Aunty, can you see your daughter like this? ” Shishio suddenly said.

”Wh–?! ” Nana was startled and turned around, but she didn ’t see anyone. She was confused, and was about to ask him, but then she heard the sound of his Vespa coming from behind.

”I ’ll go back first, ” Shishio said and left.

”Hey! Don ’t run away! ” Nana shouted, but she only saw him waving his hand, and couldn ’t help but snort. She looked at his back and shouted, ”Believe it or not, I ’ll make you mine! ” She smiled then returned back, and somehow her mood was very good since she knew that he didn ’t reject her and there was a reason why he couldn ’t accept her, but she was sure as long as she pushed him enough, he would become her.

’You can ’t run away, Shishio… ’

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