I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 138 - Well Your Job Is Like A Maid

Shishio didn ’t come to the Wagnaria where he had his appointment with Saki directly, but he returned to his private parking building first, but then, someone attracted his attention the moment he arrived there.

At the entrance of the private parking building, there was a pale-skinned young woman with waist-length dark purple hair that was tied in low pigtail braids with square bangs hanging over her eyebrows, blue eyes that were hidden under large, thick, and overly round glasses. She was seen wearing a long maid uniform and a cross necklace, holding a huge suitcase with both of her hands in front of her, standing there without moving, her expression was stern, and there was this aura that made people unable to move closer, but when his Vespa ’s sound was heard, the aura around her became softer, and she couldn ’t help but call out, ”Shishio-sama! ”​​

”… ” Shishio.

”…. ” Shishio.

Shishio was stunned by the woman and stunned by his reward, but before that, he quickly came toward her, parked his Vespa on the side, and asked, ”Roberta, how long have you been waiting? Are you alright? Let ’s go inside, let ’s take a rest for a bit. ” With this woman ’s personality, he was afraid that this woman might have been waiting for him for several hours, standing in front of this building.

When Roberta heard his words, she felt warmth and shook her head. ”No, it is alright, I didn ’t wait too long. ” Her voice might be cold, but it sounded so soft.

”…. ”

Shishio looked at Roberta and looked at the spot when she stood and knew that she had been standing there for few hours or so, after all, he could still see her boots ’ mark on the spot where she stood.

”More importantly, I have heard from Hodgins that you ’re going to fight on the ”Kengan Match ”, right, Young Master? ” Roberta asked with some frown on her eyes.

”Um, yes, this is the reason why I have called you. ” Shishio nodded.

”Do you want me to fight? ” Roberta asked, her eyes became sharp, and the hand that clutched into her bag became tighter, seemingly ready to fight anytime.

”… ” Shishio.

”No, I ’m the one who will be fighting, you just need to guard me when something happens, ” Shishio said.

”Is that alright? Do you have any experience fighting? ” Roberta asked since she didn ’t remember that Shishio could fight.

Shishio put his hand on Roberta ’s shoulders, pushed her inside the building, and said, ”It ’s alright, it ’s alright, I ’ll be fine, how about we go to Wagnaria? I ’ll get my new secretary there. ”

Roberta still wanted to ask something, but in the end, she decided to believe in him and nodded. ”Yes. ” After all, if there was trouble, she just needed to shoot everyone down, right?

If Shishio knew what this woman was thinking, he wasn ’t even sure whether he should laugh or cry, but he had to admit that it was reassuring to have her beside him.

Inside the anti-bullet, anti-explosive, and anti-tracking black Land Rover, Roberta was driving with Shishio sitting next to her.

”Shishio-sama, can you explain to me, what ’s your intention to fight on the ”Kengan Match ”? ” Roberta asked since she knew that Shishio didn ’t lack money, and it was weird when she thought that he wanted to fight against someone.

”I ’ll explain it later together with my new secretary. ” Shishio looked at Roberta with a smile and said, ”I know that you ’re worried about me, but you don ’t need to worry too much. ”

Roberta looked at Shishio for a while, before she gave him a nod, and didn ’t say much.

After saying that, Shishio decided to check his rewards, after all, it was necessary and he also felt that he needed to strengthen himself. He looked at his rewards and had to admit that he had received a lot of things.

”Enhanced Grip ”, ”Bondage Mastery ”, ”63% shares of Asahi Breweries ”, ”Enhanced Balance ”, ”Orthopaedics Mastery ”, ”Photography Mastery ”, ”Handicraft Mastery ”, ”Football Mastery ”, and ”Explosives Mastery ”.

It was just a single day, but he didn ’t expect that he would receive eight rewards directly.

Shishio had received an ”Enhanced Balance ” before, and he had to admit that it was a great thing since, with this reward, it would be almost impossible for him to be knocked down or imbalanced, falling down, except for a lucky perfect moment (joke), and able to recover from momentary imbalanced near-instantly

Shishio would be able to automatically achieve a state of perfect equilibrium in any position imaginable. He could adjust his position by instinct, which enabled him to perfectly balance himself on any object, no matter how small, narrow or unstable it may be.

Shishio was also able to achieve feats that utilized the facets of balance in unique ways, such as constantly moving without losing balance, hanging upside down and not getting dizzy, closing eyes and standing on a single finger, dodging objects with superior finesse, and being incapable of succumbing to vertigo, nausea, disorientation, and the effects of weightlessness.

There seemed to be a lot of things, but one thing for sure, it was a great reward.

’Am I going to be alright if someone hits my chin? ’

Shishio hadn ’t tested it, but he felt that it was necessary to test it, after all, if someone was hit on the chin, they would lose their balance since their brain was shaken, but with this reward, he should be alright, right?

Shishio had to admit that his rewards were quite unique, after all, most of the rewards that he had gotten were talent, and skill since usually, he only got an asset type of rewards. He then looked at ”63% shares of Asahi Breweries ”, and accepted it directly. The moment he accepted it, he knew what kind of company it was.

Asahi Breweries is a Japanese global beer, spirits, soft drinks and food business group and Shishio had to admit that it might be his biggest industry that he had gotten, after all, the scale of the industry was quite huge, and with this industry, he had already become a billionaire in USD, not a yen, which made him feel a bit unreal.

Shishio then shook his head and thought that a lot of his rewards were focussed on the food-related business, but he felt that it was all good, after all, he had a ”Cooking Mastery ”, and with this ability, it was very easy for him to strengthen his business by enhanced the recipe, after all, in the food business the taste had always been everything so he believed that he could make his company became even bigger in the future.

After that, Shishio looked at his other rewards and directly accepted the ”Enhanced Grip ”. The moment, he accepted it, he could feel that his hands were somehow changing and became stronger somehow. With this ability, he could feel that he could do the same feat that Rihito had done in his fight before, creating a razor finger or something, but not only that, he knew that if he grabbed on the opponent ’s arm he could cause it to explode from constricting the blood flow, he could also break a bottle, tear a thick magazine, change the shape of the doorknob and bench a bottle cap with his hand.

In other words, Shishio ’s grip became very strong, and he knew that it was all good, but he felt worried if he couldn ’t control it. Fortunately, his worry was redundant since he could control the strength of his grip perfectly so he didn ’t need to worry about anything, and it was as if he was born with it.

After Shishio received all of those rewards, there were still some rewards that he hadn ’t accepted from ”Bondage Mastery ”, ”Orthopaedics Mastery ”, ”Photography Mastery ”, ”Handicraft Mastery ”, ”Football Mastery ”, and ”Explosives Mastery ”.

Shishio decided to accept the ”Orthopaedics Mastery ” first, after all, it was all quite a rare skill, but the moment, he accepted this reward, he was amazed by the knowledge that he had received on his mind and the experience that was directly integrated into his body.

Orthopaedics is a medical speciality that focuses on injuries and diseases of your body ’s musculoskeletal system. This complex system, which includes your bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves, allows you to move, work, and be active.

Shishio felt that he could apply this skill to his fighting ability, after all, he was very clear about the position, weakness, and every detail of bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves, which allowed him to manipulate them as he wished, whether it was breaking them, detaching them, connecting them, etc, etc.

Shishio closed his eyes to accept every piece of information on his head and after everything was absorbed, his eyes were full of light, feeling very good. He then looked at Roberta, who was driving and could see her posture was beautiful and understood why she was an ex-soldier.

”Is there something wrong, Shishio-sama? ” Roberta asked in doubt.

”No, it is just that it has been a while since I have seen you so I miss you, ” Shishio said.

Roberta looked at Shishio for a bit and said softly, ”I also miss you, Shishio-sama…. ”

”…. ” Shishio looked at Roberta for a moment and thought that it might be his imagination. ”Well, we ’ll meet often from now on. ”

”Un. ” Roberta nodded and seemed quite cheerful.

Shishio thought that he really needed to apologize to Roberta for leaving her alone on his ”Fire Range ”, but he could apologize later since what he needed to do was to accept all of his rewards first. He then directly accepted ”Photography Mastery ”, and got all the photography information on his head. There was a lot of information on his head, whether to use an angle, light, colour or various cameras, in other words, he had become the best photographer in this world.

Shishio thought about Yuri where he had gotten his reward, wondering whether she loved to photograph, if so, then he might give her a gift of a camera or something in the future.

After that, Shishio accepted the ”Handicraft Mastery ”, and thought that this ability was more amazing than he had thought.

In the description, the handicraft is a wide variety of types of work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by one ’s hand (hence the term handicraft) or by using only simple, non-tech related tools like scissors, carving implements, or hooks.

When Shishio received this reward, he could feel that he could create anything with his hands, whether it was from textiles, leather, wood, metal, clay, bone, horn, glass, stone, paper, canvas, etc. As long as there was material, he could create something and if he combined it with his other skill, it could be said that he really could create anything.

Shishio felt that it was possible to combine his ”Chemist Mastery ” and this ”Handicraft Mastery ” to create the best katana, but he knew that he needed more skill if he wanted to create a perfect sword that could even cut through steel.

Shishio didn ’t waste his time and decided to accept ”Football Mastery ”. When he accepted this reward, he thought that he should buy a football club since he knew that it was fairly cheap in 2005.

’But I lack money, huh? ’

Shishio thought that once he had enough money, he should buy a domestic football club since it would be wasteful if he didn ’t buy one.

There were only two rewards left that Shishio hadn ’t accepted, one was ”Bondage Mastery ” and ”Explosives Mastery ”.

Shishio didn ’t hesitate and accepted an ”Explosive Mastery ”, then he was amazed…

The moment Shishio accepted this reward, he quickly became a master of making and using various kinds of explosives (bombs, grenades, rockets, etc.) as well as preventing them from going off. His sense of smell could detect any explosive within 30 km of range and he also had a sixth sense where he could detect where any nearby bombs may be planted.

’With the ”Chemistry Mastery ”, this skill… ’

Shishio felt that he had become more dangerous than the Batman villains now.

Shishio shook his head and thought that there was no chance for him to use this ”Explosive Mastery ” in the future, so it was better to accept his last reward.

’Bondage Mastery, huh? ’

Shishio felt complex when he received this reward from the mother of Nana and Ayaka. He took a deep breath and accepted his reward. Then when the knowledge entered his head, he knew that Shiro-san would love this skill, though, he would never use it on that pervert, but if his girls had such a fetish, then it might be possible since there was some interesting bondage technique that he learned from the ”Bondage Mastery ”.

”!!! ”

Roberta suddenly shuddered and quickly looked around. She raised her eyebrow and frowned.

’Is it my imagination? ’

With all of that, they quickly arrived at Wagnaria and along the way, Shishio knew that he had become stronger.

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