I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 140 - Whether It Is Grandpa Or Grandson Both Of Them Are Popular

In Shinjuku ward, a parade of cars was moving together, ignoring the bustling city, and moved toward a deserted place.

Saki looked at the scenery in front of her and wasn ’t sure what to say. Of course, she didn ’t expect that her meeting with him would lead to this situation, but rather than be scared, she felt curious. After all, she knew that the place where she would go would be where many rich people would gather.​​

’Kengan Match, huh? ’

Saki then saw a huge abandoned building, which somehow made her a bit scared. After all, she was scared of ghosts. Still, Shishio ’s presence made her feel safe, if possible, she wanted to sit next to him, but when she saw Togo, she decided to shut her mouth, since, in truth, she was a bit afraid of this woman.

Then slowly, when they were about to approach the abandoned building, they saw many cars parked around the building and a group of people who entered the building one after another.

Saki was a bit nervous, but then her shoulder was patted. She turned her head and saw Shishio smiling gently at her. ”Shishio? ”

”You don ’t need to worry. I ’m here, ” Shishio said.

”Um. ” Saki nodded with a smile on her face.

”Enough of flirting! ” Togo said as she glared at them.

”… ” Shishio and Saki.

When Shishio ’s group walked out of the car, they caught everyone ’s attention. After all, today ’s protagonist would be both Togo since this woman was the one who challenged the chairman of the Kengan Association, Katahara Metsudo.

As for Shishio, even though Togo had said that he would be her fighter, it was his second appearance in this place, and no one ever thought of him as a fighter, considering most of them would think of him as Togo ’s lover.

Shishio, Togo, Roberta, Saki, Yurihama Fusae, and Togo ’s people walked together.

Saki looked around curiously, with a facemask covering half of her face. She felt slightly nervous, but when he held her hand, she felt relief, showed a smile under her face mask, and walked calmly together with everyone while observing the surrounding area.

The moment they entered the venue, they were hit by a lot of light that brightened the inside of the abandoned building, even though it was so dark from the outside, showing a stark contrast between the inside and the outside. Still, the moment they entered, a lot of people started to talk about them.

”Huh? Where ’s Hong? ”

”I guess that lunatic is going to lose, huh? ”

”Isn ’t that obvious? Her opponent is the chairman. So it is normal for her to give up. ”

When Hong couldn ’t be seen among Shishio ’s group, many people directly couldn ’t help but talk to each other. They didn ’t even lower their voices, how Togo had decided to give up on today ’s Kengan Match. Still, they didn ’t feel that much surprised, after all, that her opponent was the chairman of the ”Kengan Association, ” Katahara Metsudo.

Togo snorted and ignored them.

As for Saki, her body was slightly tense. After all, the stares of everyone in this place were aimed toward them.

Shishio looked at Togo and Saki, then thought to lighten the mood, and suddenly said, ”Isn ’t it blinding? ”

Togo, Saki, and Roberta looked at Shishio with confused expressions. As for Fusae, she looked at Shishio unsurely and asked, ”You mean the light? ”

”No. ” Shishio shook his head, looked at everyone, his eyes smiled, raised both of his hands, and said, ”The aura I emit. ”

”…. ”

”My aura is so blinding that everyone is looking at me now. ” Shishio raised his hands, took a deep breath as if he was the center of the world.

”….. ”

No one could utter a word since it was their first time to see someone so narcissistic.

”Can you laugh? I ’m trying to lighten the mood. Can you give me a smile or something? ” Shishio looked at everyone with a speechless expression.

”If you fool around again, I ’ll smack your head, ” Togo said while grinding her teeth, staring at this guy who fooled around before his match.

”Your joke isn ’t that funny, ” Saki said mercilessly, but there was a smile on her face.

”… ” Roberta didn ’t say anything, but she kept staring at Shishio, wondering whether she could see the aura around him.

Shishio let out a sigh and said, ”Well, it is good that you ’re not nervous anymore. ” However, he couldn ’t help but sulk a bit. After all, he felt that his joke was funny.

Roberta, Saki, Togo, Fusae, and Togo ’s people smiled, looking at him, feeling very comfortable around him. Still, in truth, they had to admit that they really saw an aura around him, even though it was only a moment.

Togo saw him sulking, couldn ’t help but smile, and said, ”Don ’t be sulking, but still, you ’re so narcissistic, huh? ”

”….. ” Shishio somehow regretted his choice to joke around before.

”By the way, change your clothes. I have brought you clothes, ” Togo said and snapped her fingers.

Fusae then walked toward Shishio and said, ”Follow me, Oga-kun. I ’ve prepared your clothes. ”

Shishio nodded and looked at Saki and Roberta and asked, ”Do you want to follow me or stay here? ’

”I ’ll come with you, ” Roberta said without hesitation.

”I ’ll go with you. ” Saki didn ’t hesitate since there was no way that she would stay in this place without Shishio. After all, she wasn ’t that familiar with Togo, Togo ’s people, or Roberta. The only person in this place that could give her peace of mind was Shishio.

”Alright, follow me. ” Shishio nodded then followed Fusae, who brought him to the changing room.

Togo didn ’t follow them and looked in one direction. In that direction, she saw an elderly man who seemed very fragile since he was very old, but she could feel the aura around him that tried to devour her. She snorted and moved forward. ”Let ’s go. ” Togo ’s people nodded and followed Togo.

”It ’s your time to retire, old man! ”

In the changing room that was prepared for the fighter, Fusae gave Shishio his fighting clothes. ”Here you go, you ’re a Chinese martial art practitioner, so Tomari-sama has prepared black Chinese-style martial artist ’s pants with black martial arts shoes for you, Oga-kun. ”

”Thanks. ” Shishio nodded then took off his clothes. He knew that he would fight without a shirt, so he didn ’t hesitate to show his body.

”… ”

Roberta, Saki, and Fusae saw him, taking off his clothes. Somehow they almost had a nosebleed. After all, his body was so good. Even though his body was quite slim, it didn ’t give him a frail or weak feeling, but rather, they could see that his body was powerful, and they could see his muscle lines perfectly. He was about to take off his pants, but…

”Wait! Wait! You ’re going to take your pants directly? ” Saki quickly stopped Shishio. There was a blush on her face. Luckily, she wore a facemask, so no one noticed it.

”Is there a problem? ” Shishio asked while still wearing a facemask on his face.

”Of course, there ’s a big problem! ” Saki almost exploded.

”But where can I take off my pants? This is an open space, ” Shishio said helplessly, after all, the venue for the ”Kengan Match ” was in the abandoned building, and even though the organizer had prepared a changing room, every fighter in this place was a man, so they didn ’t feel that embarrassed to show their body.

”That… That… ” Saki wasn ’t sure what to say.

”How about you turn around if you feel embarrassed? ” Shishio said.

”Well… ” Saki nodded and turned around, but then she noticed that Fusae and Roberta didn ’t turn around. ”Roberta-san, Fusae-san, please turn around! ”

”….. ” Roberta and Fusae directly ignored Saki ’s words. After all, it was a rare chance to see his body.

”How is it? ” Shishio asked their opinion after he had changed into his martial art getup, still wearing his facemask.

”It ’s good. ” Fusae nodded without hesitation with some flush on her face. If she brought a camera, then she wouldn ’t hesitate to take a lot of his pictures.

”Yes, it ’s great, Shishio-sama. ” Roberta nodded without hesitation and wanted to touch his body somehow, but she knew her position as his maid, so there was no way for him to do that.

Saki couldn ’t look at Shishio straight, but she kept glancing at him from time to time.

”Well, let ’s not make Tomari-san wait too long. ” Shishio took the step forwards and said, ”Let ’s go. ”

Roberta, Saki, and Fusae looked at Shishio ’s back, and it might be their imagination, but their backs seemed to form a lion that was about to eat its prey.

When Shishio was in the changing room, a lot of people discussed Togo ’s fighter. After all, they didn ’t see Hong anywhere, which caused everyone to have doubts.

”Do you think that handsome young man is Togo ’s fighter? ”

”….. ”

Everyone started to discuss with each other, and they were still in doubt. After all, they thought that Shishio was Togo ’s lover boy.

When everyone discussed each other in a low voice, four people consisted of an elderly man and three men with black sclera and white irises were discussing with each other.

”Grandpa, do you think that young man is going to be the one who is fighting? But I didn ’t see him anywhere. ”

”The one with the hair slicked back is that young man with long hair before, you idiot. ” The elderly man looked at the man who asked him that question with some disgust and said, ”Well, don ’t talk. I want to see the match quietly. ”

The three of them nodded at the same time.

Even though the three of them knew the elderly man had told them that the young man wasn ’t that simple, they didn ’t think that this young man could defeat Kanoh Agito. After all, they knew how strong the Champion of the Kengan Match was.

While they were waiting, Shishio came out with his group, and somehow it caused many females around the venue to scream.

”… ” The group of males.

Shishio came out from the changing room, and someone like a staff member came to him.

”Are you Shishio Oga-san? ” The staff asked.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded.

”Please follow me. Your fight is going to start soon, ” the staff member said.

”Wait a moment, can I put a bet on myself? ” Shishio asked.

”…. ” Saki, Fusae, and the staff.

”Are you serious? ” The staff member asked.

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”Can I? ”

It was the first time the staff member encountered this kind of problem, so he wasn ’t sure what to say.

”If you can ’t answer me, just call someone else, ” Shishio said simply since he didn ’t like to waste his time.

”Ah, yes! Wait a moment. I ’ll ask someone, ” the staff said and quickly asked his superior whether Shishio could place a bet.

”Shishio, are you going to bet? ” Saki asked.

Shishio nodded and said, ”Yes, I ’ll bet on myself since I will win. ”

”… ” It was the first time that Fusae and Saki had seen someone so confident, but they had to admit that Shishio had a way to make people believe in him.

Then after a moment, the staff member also brought someone with him and seemed to be his superior.

”Shishio Oga-san, are you sure that you ’re going to bet on yourself? ” The man asked.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded and asked, ”How much are my odds? ”

”It ’s 8.4 against 1.1, ” the man said.

”Hmm… I guess no one thinks that I ’ll be the winner, huh? ” Shishio said while rubbing his chin.

’Isn ’t that obvious? ’ 2x

The men and the staff member thought in their minds. But, still, they didn ’t say it out loud, after all, they were very experienced, and they could see that even though Shishio ’s body seemed to be very strong, they could see that there weren ’t any wounds or scars, showing that Shishio was a newbie, so no one would think that Shishio would win.

”Then I ’ll put 500 million yen, is that alright? ” Shishio asked.

”… ”

”…Sor – Sorry, how much? ” The man asked with a shaky voice.

”500 million yen, ” Shishio said calmly.

”….. ” Saki and Fusae.

”Are – Are you sure? ” the man asked, and the staff beside him were also dumbfounded, nervous, and scared. After all, such a huge amount of money, they didn ’t think that they would be able to get it in their lives.

”Just hurry up and don ’t waste my time, ” Shishio said since he didn ’t really like to repeat himself.

”Ah, yes! ” The man quickly nodded, showed a very respectful and scared expression, hoping that Shishio didn ’t remember him since even if he didn ’t think that Shishio might not be able to win against Kanoh Agito, with the power of money, a lot of things could be done, including erasing his small life.

Shishio then directly put 500 million yen to bet on himself without hesitation since it was only a small amount of money.

”Please follow me. I ’ll guide you to the arena, ” the staff member said while lowering his head, trying to be as respectful as possible.

Shishio nodded and followed the staff.

Roberta directly followed Shishio, but Fusae and Saki felt a bit dizzy at how this guy could throw 500 million yen directly without hesitation.

Shishio stopped, returned to Saki, held her hand, and said, ”Calm down. ”

”Ah. ” Saki blushed, but then she nodded, letting him hold her hand. Then, she looked at him and asked, ”Say, Shishio, who are you going to fight? ” She knew that Shishio was strong and thought that Shishio had a 100% chance of winning, but…

”That guy, you can see it from here. One with a huge body and wearing a black, skin-tight bodysuit, ” Shishio said and pointed his finger at his opponent.

Saki followed Shishio ’s direction and was dumbfounded. Then, comparing Shishio to Shishio ’s opponent, she looked at him and asked, ”Are you sure that you ’re going to fight? ”

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