In her mind, Saki thought that Shishio ’s opponent would be someone like Hong. Even though Hong seemed to be powerful, Shishio could defeat him easily, and she thought that this would be an easy match. After all, Shishio dared to bet 500 million yen directly, but she didn ’t expect that Shishio ’s opponent would be so scary…

”Are you sure that you ’re going to fight? ” Saki asked with some nervousness. After all, she could see the difference in build between Shishio and Kanoh Agito.​​

Shishio was very tall, but Kanoh Agito was taller, which made her quite scared. After all, with just that build alone, whenever Kanoh Agito walked, he would intimidate anyone.

”Yes, I ’m going to fight, and it is useless if you want to say something to stop me since I ’ll go no matter what, ” Shishio said since he didn ’t really want for a girl to talk about his matters since he knew that there was no way for them to understand, after all, each boy always had to have a dream, right?

Saki wanted to say something, but she knew that she couldn ’t say anything when she saw his eyes. ”Ju – Just be careful, alright? ’

Shishio smiled and nodded. ”Yeah. ” He was really anticipating this fight, and he wouldn ’t let anyone stop it.

Saki looked at Shishio ’s back that moved farther, and wanted to reach for him, but Roberta stopped her. She looked at Roberta and asked, ”Is it alright, Roberta-san? ”

Roberta nodded and said, ”You don ’t need to worry. Just believe in Shishio-sama. ”

Saki was still nervous and worried, but she nodded regardless, standing next to Roberta, hoping the match would end soon as possible and Shishio wouldn ’t hurt in this match.

Shishio was about to walk to the arena, but Togo quickly stopped him and asked, ”How is your condition? ”

”I have never been so good, ” Shishio said simply.

”….. ” Togo looked at Shishio for a while, and somehow there was a mixed feeling in her heart. Of course, as the CEO of a giant enterprise, she should prioritize profit above everything, but when she thought that Shishio was about to enter the arena, she felt a bit shaken. After all, she was worried that he might be hurt.

In her mind, Togo didn ’t think about his grandpa, or she might lose his big client since all on her mind, she felt that she couldn ’t bear to see him hurt when he entered the arena later.

”Don ’t show me those eyes, and this time, you should slap my back like usual, Tomari-san, ” Shishio said.

Togo snorted and felt complex, but she decided to do what Shishio asked and slapped his back hard. ”Go and beat the shit of him! ”

”Un. ”

Shishio nodded and walked to the arena.

Togo looked at Shishio that walked toward the arena and wanted to stop him. She raised her hand and was about to reach him, but in the end, she stopped, her arm dangling in the air before she clenched it into a fist.

Togo then looked in the direction of Katahara Metsudo, who was sitting on a chair, looking at the arena with a smile, and couldn ’t help but snort. ’Let ’s see how long you can show that smile, you old fossil! ’

When Shishio was walking toward the stage, many people couldn ’t help but amaze since they didn ’t expect that the one who would represent Togo would be him. After all, they knew the strongest fighter of Togo was Hong, and they didn ’t know who Shishio was.

Half of Shishio ’s face was covered in the facemask. A lot of people really wanted to see the face under that mask, wondering about his real face, especially the female guests since they had already licked their lips, and somehow, even if Shishio lost, they thought that it might be a good thing since that way they could console him.

”Hohoho, that girl is sure to be brave enough to have a new fighter to represent her. ”

Katahara Metsudo, the chairman of the Kengan Association, couldn ’t help but smile when he saw Shishio, who was walking toward the arena, then looked at Togo, who also happened to see him. He could see a sneer on Togo ’s eyes that made him smile even brighter, after all, his life was quite flat after he became the chairman of the Kengan Association, and no one dared to fight him, but this time, someone dared to do so, which made him quite excited.

Katahara was like a child who had just gotten a Christmas present from his parents now.

”Do you know about that girl ’s new fighter? ” Katahara asked.

”No, besides his name, we don ’t know anything, ” Katahara ’s subordinate said respectfully.

”Hmm…. ” Katahara rubbed his chin and observed Shishio for a while, then frowned. ”But I feel like I have seen him somewhere. ”

”!!! ”

Katahara ’s subordinates were dumbfounded when they heard Katahara ’s words, but they didn ’t dare to say anything.

”Well, I might see my young self in him, since when I was young, I was handsome and popular with a girl, hahaha! ” Katahara laughed.

”… ”

But while Katahara laughed, his eyes squinted at Shishio and felt that he really had seen this young man somewhere. Still, when he had become old, he easily forgot many things, or rather, if it wasn ’t so important, he didn ’t even bother to remember.

”Well, let ’s see whether this boy can give our monster fun. ”

Shishio stood straight right just a few meters away from Kanoh Agito.

Kanoh Agito, who was standing in the arena, also stared at Shishio.

The moment they stood next to each other, everyone could see the difference between them, and they could see that Kanoh Agito had the upper hand directly, but when they saw Shishio ’s getups…

’Chinese martial arts? ’

They raised their eyebrows since Chinese martial arts was one of the oldest martial arts in the world, second only to Kalaripayattu since it had 4,000 years of history.

Shishio looked at Kanoh Agito and gave him a nod.

Kanoh Agito also gave Shishio a nod.

Shishio looked at Kanoh Agito, and the only description that he could say for his personality was an airhead. He knew that besides fighting, Kanoh Agito didn ’t have other interests, and Kanoh ’s interest was only to become stronger, fighting anyone who would hurt Katahara, and probably alcohol? He wasn ’t that sure, but he quite anticipated fighting against him.

”You seem to be excited, ” Kanoh said.

Shishio looked at Kanoh and asked, ”You can see it? ”

”We can see it. ” Kanoh ’s eyes turned sharper and said, ”But this place isn ’t some kind of playground where your opponent will stop when you ’re beaten up. ” He could see that Shishio was a newbie. In his mind, Shishio was like a lion cub who was thrown directly by his parents into the jungle. If Shishio met a deer, then it might be good. But, unfortunately, Shishio met him today.

”Has the thought that you would lose today never crossed your mind? ” Shishio asked.

”No. ” Kanoh shook his head and said, ”Not to the opponent who hides his face. ”

”Fighter Shishio Oga, can you open your facemask? ” The referee asked.

Shishio raised his eyebrow, then took off his face mask.


It might sound exaggerated, but some women directly gasped when they saw Shishio ’s face. After all, he was so handsome, and with slicked-back hair, he really gave off a manly aura.

”Oga-kun! ”

”You can do it! ”

”Yes, I ’ll support you! ”

The female guests directly became Shishio ’s fans when they saw him taking off his facemask.

”….. ” The male guests.

The male guests felt that their teeth were quite itchy and quickly shouted for Kanoh Agito.

”Kanoh beat this guy! ”

”Mess with his handsome face! ”

One guy whose lover seemed to become Shishio ’s fans directly became jealous and screamed loudly.

”… ” Shishio and Kanoh.

”I see, he ’s that guy ’s grandson! ” Katahara directly slapped his thigh and felt that his teeth were a bit itchy when he recalled how some of his lovers were taken by Shishio ’s grandpa in the past.

”Do you know him Katahara-sama? ”

”Well, I know him very well. ” Katahara looked at Shishio and said, ”Well, I ’m sure that Kanoh won ’t kill him, but still, it might be good to teach this lion cub a lesson so he won ’t mess around this place. ”

”See? ” Shishio said helplessly at Kanoh.

”You ’re very popular, ” Kanoh said simply, but there was no trace of jealousy or anything. After all, he had never had that much interest in the opposite gender.

”You too, ” Shishio said since Kanoh had a lot of male fans.

”….. ” Kanoh wasn ’t sure, but he felt that Shishio mocked him somehow.

”The match is about to start. Are you two ready? ” The referee suddenly said while looking at Shishio and Kanoh.

”We ’re ready, ” Kanoh said.

Shishio gave the nod and said, ”Yes. ”

The referee nodded then shouted, ”ARE YOU READY?! ”

Everyone became quiet, and suddenly the atmosphere became solemn.


Kanoh put a grappling stance, raising both of his arms above his waist, and put his left foot in front and right foot at the back while staring at Shishio with an expressionless expression.

On the other hand, Shishio put a horse stance and started to breathe. The moment he breathed, everyone could hear the sound of his breathing which caused some of them to feel surprised.

Togo, Saki, Roberta, Fusae, and everyone in this place couldn ’t take away their eyes. They wanted to see the result of the battle in front of them, forgetting that they underestimated Shishio before.

The referee suddenly felt nervous, and he really wanted to see the fight in front of them as soon as possible.

”BEGIN!!! ”

The referee ’s voice reverberated through the venue, but at that moment, there was a loud ”boom ” sound.

Shishio stomped his feet directly to the ground, causing the ground to split and sending the tremor through the air.

At that very moment, everyone lost their balance directly, and the majority of them directly fell on the ground.

Kanoh was quite surprised by the sudden tremor and also lost his balance slightly, but when his eyes blinked, he saw Shishio suddenly appear in front of him!

Kanoh quickly put on his defense and tried to avoid Shishio ’s attack, but…

Shishio, who appeared right in front of Kanoh, concentrated the power of his entire body into his fist before he sent it right into Kanoh ’s body!


Kanoh was thrown directly, and his body crashed into a huge pillar in this venue. ”Kah! ” He coughed up blood from his mouth, stuck on that pillar, and didn ’t move from it.

”…. ”

There was only silence in the venue, and the only thing that could be heard was Shishio ’s breathing sound. Everyone ’s body was trembling at this moment, but then they couldn ’t control their emotion again, ignoring the fact that they were sitting on the ground, and shouted loudly in excitement!


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