I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 142 - I Just Want To Go Home But...

The moment the champion of the Kengan Match was thrown away, everyone, whether they were male, female, old, young, etc., shouted loudly in excitement since they thought that finally the champion would be brought down!

Kanoh Agito had become an unbeatable champion. In the mind of everyone, whether it was a fighter with brute strength, a high technical ability, strike master, grappling master, etc., all of them had been defeated by him. Everyone thought that no one could defeat him, but this time, history was being written by this young man!​​

”Great! ”

Togo raised her hand in excitement, raised her middle finger at Katahara, and shouted, ”Fuck you! ” She was delighted Shishio could win easily without an extra fight, and she was very grateful that she had chosen him as her fighter since she knew that she had won!

But before that…

”Wait, are you standing there? Beat the shit of him already, Shishio! ”

Watching Kanoh stuck on the wall, Togo felt that it was better for Shishio to beat Kanoh several times until he was sure of their victory since she had a feeling that Kanoh couldn ’t be brought down this easily.

”….. ”

Katahara and his group ignored Togo. After all, all of them were looking at Shishio in shock. In the past, it was unthinkable for someone to defeat Kanoh, but this time, Kanoh was defeated by Shishio!

Then they looked at Katahara ’s reaction, thinking that the chairman of the Kengan Match would be depressed or angry, but unlike what they thought, Katahara was laughing very hard. ”Hahaha! ”

”….. ”

The people around Katahara didn ’t dare to say anything, and they were looking at him nervously. After all, even though Kanoh had lost, he was still the chairman of the ”Kengan Association. ”

”It seems that your Fang is broken, Katahara. ”

Katahara turned his head and smiled. ”Erioh, you think that I have lost? ”

”Isn ’t it? ” Kure Erioh, the elderly man that talked in the previous chapter and the patriarch of the Kure Clan, said to Katahara.

If someone said those rude words to Katahara, then they might not see the sun tomorrow. Still, the one who said it was Kure Erioh, who happened to be his best friend and partner, and the 1st ”Fang of Metsudo, ” or the first fighter of Katahara, the relationship between them was very close.

”Well, you underestimate Kanoh too much. ” Katahara waved his hand and said, ”Still, do you know what martial art that little bastard uses? ”

”Little bastard? ” Erioh looked at Shishio and suddenly remembered someone and asked, ”Is he grandson that has— ” He stopped since he could see that Katahara was staring at him. He coughed and said, ”Well, from what I can see, that young man has practiced Bajiquan. ”

”Bajiquan? ”

Everyone was surprised when they heard Erioh ’s words.

”Bajiquan, huh? It is going to be an interesting match for Kanoh. ” Katahara had never doubted Kanoh ’s strength after all.

Erioh shook his head at Katahara and said, ”Don ’t you underestimate the young man too much? I know that you hate his grandfather, but this young man is strong. ”

”You ’re the one who underestimates Kanoh, ” Katahara said.

”Let me explain to you what that young man has done before… ” Erioh then explained the technique that was used by Shishio before.

The first technique that Shishio used was an ”Earthquake Foot, ” which was a common movement technique in many schools of Chinese martial arts that involved stomping the ground on the ground.

”It is said that when performed by a master, it can split the ground and send tremors through the air. ” Erioh ’s eyes turned sharp at Shishio and said, ”Not only that, the second technique that he used to close the distance between him and Kanoh is called Jianjibu. It is a stepping method for covering great distances, and this young man is a master at this stepping technique. And lastly, when he punched Kanoh, I could see that he might be able to use ”Inner Energy. ”

”Inner Energy? ”

Everyone looked at Erioh doubtfully.

Erioh sighed and knew why they looked at him in doubt. After all, an ”Inner Energy ” could be called a ”Chi, ” ”Qigong, ” or even ”Qi. ” Some people thought that it was only a myth, but in truth, it existed in reality.

”We, the people in the East, have a weaker strength compared to the people in the West, so how can we match them and defeat them? The answer is that we need to seek power more than the body, which is spiritual. ” Erioh looked at Kanoh, shook his head, and said, ”Then the answer of this power is known as Inner Energy, but this Inner Energy isn ’t a myth like or use magic or something, but rather the way one concentrates the power of their entire body into one single point. ” He pointed his finger at Kanoh and said, ”If someone struck directly with it, they would have their internal organs and nerves temporarily collapsing following the blow. So you can see why Kanoh hasn ’t woken up n— ” He stopped since Kanoh had woken up.

”What did you say? ” Katahara asked with a smile since he believed that Kanoh wouldn ’t disappoint him.

Saki was amazed since she didn ’t expect that Shishio would be so strong, and at the same time, she was also thrilled. ”Fusae-san, Roberta-san, has Shishio become the winner? ” If possible, she wanted to end this match as soon as possible without him being hurt.

”Yes. ” Fusae was also happy that Shishio could become the winner of the match easily without any trouble.


”It isn ’t over yet, ” Roberta said, and her glasses seemed to gleam for a moment, staring at the match in front of them.

Fusae and Saki looked at Roberta with some confusion, but when they saw Kanoh, who slowly got up and showed an expression that made their bodies tremble. The two of them couldn ’t talk nor moved, but there was only one thought that crossed their minds.

’T… That ’s not a human face… ’

Shishio didn ’t move from his spot and raised his eyebrow, staring at Kanoh, who was stuck on the building pillar, and understood somehow why this guy was being called a champion.

When Kanoh was thrown, the referee walked directly toward Kanoh and checked his condition so the match could be concluded.

”Kanoh, are you alright? ” The referee asked, but…

Kanoh stood up directly from and somehow, unlike before when he saw a very calm and blank expression, at this moment, he showed a maniacal expression and creepy grin.

Shishio put his horse stance and breathed softly. ”Come. ”

Kanoh charged directly toward Shishio and raised his fist!

Shishio saw Kanoh, who was about to reach him and was about to punch him but suddenly changed his position to grapple with him. He only snorted inwardly and thought that this guy really underestimated him. ’Well, let ’s finish this. ’

Kanoh was about to grab Shishio, but his hand was being parried, and his face was directly punched!

Shishio directly launched a barrage of fists toward Kanoh ’s face, and when he was about to slam his fist right onto Kanoh ’s top of the head, Kanoh grabbed his wrist!

Kanoh turned and was about to slam him to the ground, but the back of his head was being stomped directly by Shishio ’s feet and caused his head to smash on the ground!


Kanoh ’s nose was bloody since his head was stomped on the ground, but it wasn ’t enough to defeat him. He directly turned his body to sweep Shishio ’s feet on the ground, but Shishio directly stomped his right leg ’s joint!

Kanoh directly flinched even though it wasn ’t broken, he could see that there was some change on his feet, but when he was about to chase him, Shishio had already distanced himself from him. He had become a fighting machine in this state, but he wasn ’t stupid since he knew that Shishio wasn ’t weak, so he didn ’t move and stared at him, trying to find an opening.

In truth, Kanoh ’s body was still hurt, even though he had jumped back to reduce Shishio ’s strike before, but he felt that his organs were jumbling around, and it was tough for him to move. Luckily, his reaction speed was very fast, so he jumped and lessened the damage caused by Shishio ’s strike before, or else, he would lose instantly before.

”…. ”

There was only silence in the arena, and no one said anything. The only noise that they could hear was the sound of their breathing and their heartbeat since no one expected the situation would develop into such a match!

But then that silence was being broken by Shishio.

”It seems that you have finally gotten serious? ” Shishio asked.

”Allow ”us ” to apologize, Shishio Oga. ” Kanoh showed his maniacal expression again and said, ”Allow me to use this ”me. ” His shoulders started to weave around, creating a pattern similar to the shape of a sideways figure eight.

”Come. ” Shishio put his left foot in front, his right foot behind, and made a circular motion with both of his hands. He inhaled a huge amount of air before he let it out in one go, and along with his breath, everyone seemed to be waiting for this moment!

”…. ”

Kanoh, then without hesitation, charged and lunged toward Shishio. He raised his left fist to smash Shishio!


Shishio directly parried Kanoh ’s fist!


Kanoh didn ’t stop, kept charging, and sent out a fist one after another in an exact and strong manner, trying to take down Shishio, but…

Shishio hadn ’t moved from his spot, his hands kept parried the attacks that Kanoh sent one after another, and when people saw his figure, they felt like they saw a figure of koi fish that fought against the waterfall!

When everyone was amazed by him, in truth, Shishio could see Kanoh ’s every attack, and it was like he saw a slow-motion movie.

’I guess ”Enhanced Vision ” is more amazing than I thought, huh? ’

If Shishio had to describe the power of ”Enhanced Vision, ” then it would be like the eyes of the fly.

To illustrate this, have a look at a clock with a ticking hand. As a human, you see the clock ticking at a particular speed. But for a turtle, it would appear to be ticking at twice that speed. For most fly species, each tick would drag by about four times more slowly.

Shishio ’s eyes were like that, and at this moment, he saw the world in slow motion. If he could describe his eyes more exaggeratedly, then it felt like he could see the future itself, like a precognition type of power, which was why he could parry and deflect all of Kanoh ’s attacks.

Kanoh kept sending out his attack, but slowly, the more he sent out, the more sweat he produced, and because of a long attack, he felt a slight fantigue, and in that very moment, Shishio did his counter!

Shishio used his palm to strick Kanoh ’s chin!

Kanoh, whose chin was struck down, felt his brain shaking, and when he was almost thrown out, his arm was pulled to below, and he could feel his waist was slammed, which caused his bone to shake slightly.

”Gh! ”

Kanoh wasn ’t sure, but each of Shishio ’s strikes felt like it could end him anytime, and it struck him down to his inner organ, which made him wary. Still, when he thought that Shishio ’s attack would be over, he saw Shishio spun his body 360 degrees without leaving his feet from the ground. Watching this scene, he had to admit that this move was very beautifully done, but before he realized what was happening, his chin was kicked!

”…. ”

Kanoh felt very dizzy and couldn ’t hear any noise at that moment. He couldn ’t comprehend anything, and suddenly he saw a shadow that was about to reach his head!

”We won ’t lose! ”

Kanoh screamed loudly, gritting his teeth, and raised his hand to block Shishio ’s hook punch!

”Nice, but… ”

Kanoh then saw Shishio ’s right fist was just an inch away from his liver, and before he could react, he felt an indescribable pain that he had never felt before. Still, in that moment of pain, another hook punch was suddenly struck at his temple, and he directly fell on the ground with a ”plop ” sound.

”….. ”

No one said anything for a moment, they could only see Kanoh, who was lying on the ground, and Shishio, who was still standing with a lot of sweat dripped his body, fatigue in his face, but his eyes were clear, showing the result of the duel.


After a moment of silence…



Shishio let out a breath, smiled, felt grateful toward his opponent, and said, ”Thanks, Kanoh Agito. ” Then, he looked at Saki, and Roberta, who ran toward him, smiled, really wanted to go back, and slept since after the match ended, he felt all of his adrenaline disappear, but before Saki and Roberta reached him, someone was faster than both of them.

”Woohoo!!! ”

Togo jumped directly into him and hugged him tightly!

”…. ”

Shishio stared at Togo and wanted to throw this woman since if he didn ’t have an ”Enhanced Balance, ” then he might fall down, but…

Shishio looked at his reward, then looked at Togo and hugged him tightly with a smile.

’Well, I ’ll forgive her this time. ’

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