I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 143 - When Shishio Sleeps A Lot Of Things Happen

Saki looked at Togo, who hugged Shishio and wasn ’t sure how to describe her emotion. She wanted to separate both of them directly, but when she thought about Togo ’s identity…

”…. ”​​

”Tomari-san, can you let me go? ” Shishio asked since he felt tired, and he didn ’t have the energy to carry this woman in his arms, and it was also hard to breathe. As for the gaze of the crowd, he didn ’t care much since they were just background characters.

Togo snorted and looked at Roberta and Saki, who were looking at her, and as for the crowd around her, she didn ’t care much since, in her mind, they weren ’t much different from a piece of meat. ”Well, you ’re tired now. You should go back and rest. I ’ll take care of the rest. ”

”Then I ’ll accept your offer. ” Shishio was really tired. After all, even though he didn ’t have any injuries, it took a toll on his body, and his nerves had been high when he fought Kanoh since he couldn ’t let go of his guard. ”Let ’s go back, Saki, Roberta. ”

”Un. ” Saki and Roberta nodded and also followed Shishio to go back.

”Oh, my, you ’re going back immediately? ”

Shishio turned his head and saw a beautiful young woman with long fair hair that fell past her neck to her sizeable chest, an hourglass figure, and full lips neatly painted with lipstick. He raised his eyebrow and didn ’t doubt that this woman was coming from the night leisure industry, from her dress and temperament alone.

Shishio raised his eyebrow since he didn ’t expect that he would get such an ability from this woman.

”Back down, bitch! Don ’t talk to him! ” Togo barked directly at this woman, standing in front of Shishio as if trying to protect him.

”Oh my, is that how you treat your only friend, Tomari-san? ” The woman seemed to cry.

Togo felt a lot of goosebumps on her body and shouted, ”Don ’t talk disgustingly like that, Rino! ”

Shishio and Saki looked at Togo ’s reaction and thought it was quite interesting, considering how she had been quite wild.

”Well, I want to talk to your fighter for a bit, Tomari-san. ” The young woman then looked at Shishio, bowed her head slightly, with both of her hands in front as if squeezing her bountiful breasts, and showed her cleavage through the gap of her dress. ”Nice to meet you, Oga-kun. My name is Kurayoshi Rino. ”

’Bitch! ’ 2x

Togo and Saki thought at the woman in front of them at this moment. After all, they could see this woman deliberately showing her cleavage in front of Shishio.

”Um, nice to meet you too. ” Shishio frowned since he felt that there was a strange force that tried to make him fall for this woman, but he directly rejected it. After all, even though he might have decided to become a scumbag, he wasn ’t a casual man since he didn ’t want to get sick.

”You ’re so powerful. If I have a match in the future, can I ask you to become my fighter? ” Rino asked with a charming smile.

”Rino! ” Togo frowned at this woman, but then she looked at Shishio worriedly. After all, she knew how charming this woman was and knew that there was no male that could refuse her request.

Saki and Roberta also looked at Shishio with worry since both of them couldn ’t affect his decision, and even if he agreed, they could only stay beside him. Still, if possible, they wanted him to refuse. After all, the same as Togo, they also felt uncomfortable toward Rino.

”I refuse, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”Huh? ” Rino was surprised.

”You got rejected, Rino, ” Togo said with a laugh.

”I ’m sorry, Kurayoshi-san. Unfortunately, I have to reject your offer, ” Shishio said, trying to be polite since he knew that Rino was someone with power.

”….. ” Rino.

Rino kept maintaining her smile, and from the beginning to the end, her smile had never broken, staring at Shishio and asked, ”Can I ask you why? If you ’re worried about the compensation, you don ’t need to worry. ”

Togo snorted when she heard Rino ’s words since did Shishio lack money?

”I don ’t lack money, Kuroyoshi-san. ” Shishio shook his head.

”So what do you want? My body? ” Rino asked with a smile.

Togo, Saki, and Roberta frowned toward Rino.

Shishio raised his eyebrow and shook his head. ”Sorry, you ’re a very beautiful Kuroyoshi-san, but please respect yourself. ” In truth, he really wanted to beat himself when he said this, considering how beautiful Rino was, but when he thought that there was Togo, Saki, and Roberta beside him, he knew that he would disappoint them if he gave Rino a nod and he was also sure that if he accepted her offer, his image on their minds would be destroyed, so he could only bite his tongue and reject her.

Rino looked at Shishio thoughtfully and asked, ”Then what can I do to make you my fighter? ” She wanted to hug him and pressed her chest, but there were three women that had been staring at her cautiously, so she didn ’t do anything.

”If you have an interesting deal, then I might agree, but well, I might not be coming to this place again as a fighter in the future. ” Shishio shook his head and thought that the ”Kengan Association ” was a bit shabby, considering how Kanoh was their strongest fighter.

”Hahaha, you heard that Katahara, he said that your ”Kengan Association ” was shabby. ”

”… ” Shishio didn ’t say anything.

”Can you quiet down, Tokugawa? ”

Shishio only wanted to go back, but he didn ’t expect that someone would stop him again. He then looked at two elderly men in front of him, one sharp feature, and the other one had a very soft feature and quite short. He raised his eyebrow and asked, ”Um, Katahara Metsudo-san, and… ”

”Tokugawa. ” The small elderly man smiled and said, ”My name is Mitsunari Tokugawa. It is nice to meet you, Oga-kun. By the way, my relationship with your grandfather is very good, but this is my first time meeting you, Oga-kun. ”

”Yes, nice to meet you too, Tokugawa-san, ” Shishio said with a nod.

”Just call me Grandpa or something. You don ’t need to be so reserved, ” Tokugawa said with a smile. Looking at Shishio ’s expression didn ’t change when Shishio heard his name, which made him even more interested in Shishio. After all, he was sure that Shishio knew about him.

If Shishio knew what Tokugawa was thinking, then he could only say that he had really never put his eyes on everyone in this place. After all, they were all normal humans, and they were old. So even if their achievement was something that everyone would envy and could make everyone feel pressured by them, he didn ’t care since sooner or later, they would bite the dust.

”No, I ’ll call you Tokugawa-san. ” Shishio looked at the two of them and asked, ”So is there something that you want to ask or tell me, Katahara-san, Tokugawa-san. ”

Katahara looked at Shishio and said, ”This time, you have won, Oga-kun, but you should know that Kanoh Agito will become even stronger. ”

Shishio nodded and said, ”Yes, but I ’ll become even stronger, but I might not join the ”Kengan Match, ” so I might not be able to see Kanoh again in the future. ” He felt that Kanoh Agito wasn ’t bad, and Kanoh Agito could become stronger, but he believed that he could defeat Kanoh again, so what was the point of fighting him?

Katahara raised his eyebrow and said, ”There ’s still a lot of strong fighters in ”Kengan Association. ” He could clearly see that Shishio didn ’t have an interest in the ”Kengan Match, ” but he didn ’t give up. After all, such a powerful fighter was very rare.

”Yes, but I don ’t really have much interest in fighting, and I might be busy with my school, so I might not have time to come here, ” Shishio said. In other words, he didn ’t really have an intention to fight small fry, and his polite words became sharp words that were clearly understood by Katahara. ”Still, I ’m interested in gambling, so I might visit from time to time. ” There were still a lot of girls in this Kengan Association. It would be stupid for him not to come to this place in the future, though, he really didn ’t have an intention to fight on the ”Kengan Match ” again since he felt that it was a bit troublesome and the fighters in this organization couldn ’t arouse his interest.

”Is that so? Then you can play anytime. ”

Katahara couldn ’t say anything. After all, the fact was right in front of him, and he knew that the strongest fighter in this ”Kengan Association ” had been defeated by Shishio, and the rest, they were only small fries, and it wasn ’t worth his time.

”Hahaha, then how about you come to visit my place? ” Tokugawa suddenly interrupted.

”Your place? ” Shishio looked at Tokugawa weirdly.

”I ’ll give you my phone number. If you ’re interested in fighting with all of your might, without rules, betting yourselves to become stronger, then call me, alright? ” Tokugawa said.

Shishio looked at Tokugawa for a while and nodded. ”Well, I don ’t mind. ” It didn ’t hurt to expand his channel anyway.

Both of them then exchanged their contact info, and after that, Shishio decided to say goodbye. ”Then I ’ll excuse myself. ” He waved his hand and left together with Saki and Roberta, but before that…

”Wait, Shishio! ”

”What ’s wrong, Tomari-san? ’ Shishio stopped and looked at Togo.

”Fusae, give him the sword, ” Togo said.

Fusae nodded and brought a katana to Shishio. ”Oga-kun, this is the katana that you have asked for. ”

Shishio looked at the katana on Fusae ’s hands. It had a black scabbard, a black handle, and a handheld with a shape of circular shape with four slight indentations, with a black center and a golden border. He took the katana and nodded. ”Well, I ’ll take a rest first, see you, Tomari-san, Fusae-san. ” He wasn ’t sure whether he would meet them again shortly in the future, but he knew that he would meet them again. He then put on his face mask again and covered half of his face.

”Shishio, here ’s a towel and a bottle of water, ” Saki said and gave both items to Shishio.

”Thanks, Saki, it seems that I have made the right decision to hire you, ” Shishio said with a smile under his facemask.

Saki also nodded and thought that it was great for him to hire her. After all, she knew how popular this guy was, and by staying by his side, she could watch over him, so there wouldn ’t be any vixen that tried to seduce him in the future.

When Shishio left with both Saki and Roberta, no one stopped him, or rather they created a path for him while looking at him in awe, after all, the strong had always been respected, and he was the one who had defeated the ”Champion of the Kengan Match, ” which made everyone feel even amazed at him, especially when he was very young. They knew that his potential would be even more amazing in the future.

But when they left, Rino couldn ’t help but ask Togo, ”By the way, Tomari-san, is that katana his payment? ”

Togo looked at Rino and asked, ”Do you want him to become your fighter? ”

”Of course. ” Rino nodded.

”I ’m also curious, what kind of deal that made him agree to become your fighter, Miss Tomari, ” Tokugawa asked.

”Nothing, just half of the contract and that katana, ” Togo said.

”….. ” Rino, Katahara, and Tokugawa.

Tokugawa then patted Katahara ’s shoulder and said, ”His price is very expensive, just give up. With his background, a JSDF might come to visit your house if you cause trouble. ”

”I know… ” Katahara let out a sigh, but what could he do? In the end, the position of the ”Kengan Association ” was just like that. Even though he could control some business in this country, he was just a CEO of a bank, and he was a businessman. So he didn ’t see that it was worth it to cause a fuss or make an enemy of the general of JSDF.

”Oh, right, Katahara-san, you can send my money later, ” Shishio suddenly said, then left.

”Money? ” Katahara raised his eyebrow, but when he learned that Shishio had bet himself with 500 million yen.

”….. ”

Tokugawa, who was standing beside Katahara, could only pat Katahara ’s shoulder while looking at the youngest billionaire who was walking away with two girls on his side, living a chic life.

Inside the car, Shishio looked at Saki and asked, ”Do you want to stay at my house tonight? ”

”…. ”

Saki blushed and wondered whether she would lose her first time soon.

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