When someone was staying beside someone that they could trust, they would be able to relax, and that was what Shishio felt at this moment when Saki and Roberta were beside him. He really wanted to sleep somehow, but he felt quite uncomfortable when he thought that he hadn ’t washed his body.

Shishio and Saki were sitting on the back, while Roberta was the one who drove the car.​​

”Are you sure you ’re staying at my house? Is it alright with your siblings and parents? ” Shishio asked since he knew that Saki cared about her siblings so much.

Saki nodded and said, ”It ’s alright, my siblings are big enough to take care of themselves, and my parents are working as usual. You have just finished your fight. You should just rest up. ” Her tone was quite strict, as if trying to reprimand him, but in truth, she really reprimanded him. After all, she was really worried about him. Fortunately, he was alright, he had won, and he didn ’t receive a single injury, but then she noticed some parts of his arms and hands became blue and purple. ”Shishio, your arms! ”

”It ’s alright. It ’ll get better after I have rested, ” Shishio said simply since it was just a bruise.

”Shishio-sama, do we need to stop by the hospital? ” Roberta asked worriedly.

”No, it ’s alright, let ’s just go back to my apartment. I ’ll sleep there tonight, ” Shishio said and felt a drowsy feeling hit him again.

”Yes. ” Roberta nodded and didn ’t ask him again, but she slowed down the car when she saw him close his eyes slightly.

Saki wanted to tell him something, but she saw he had already slept and rested his head on her shoulder. She was surprised and wanted to say something, but stopped when she saw him sleeping. She let out a sigh, then patted his head gently since she knew that he had worked really hard before.

Looking at his sleeping face, Saki somehow felt relief. After all, he had always been strong, facing many people, and even protected her from anything, but when he slept, he was like other people, which made her want to take care of him somehow.

Saki then thought about his words and was glad to know that Shishio might not fight again, but when she thought about Tokugawa ’s words, she felt worried, wondering whether he would be fighting again. If possible, she didn ’t want to, but if he really was going to fight, then she could only be there with him and take care of him when he had won his match.

”Shishio, wake up. We have arrived at your home, ” Saki said while shaking his shoulder.

Shishio opened his eyes and wiped his eyes lightly. ”Oh? Have we arrived? ” He looked around and could see that his car was parked in the parking park in the basement area of his apartment building probably.

Why probably? It was because it was his first time coming here.

”Well, let ’s go. ” Shishio took his katana and said, ”Roberta, Saki, sleep here tonight. ”

”Yes, Shishio-sama. ” Roberta nodded and she sounded quite pleased. After all, she wanted to stay with him.

”Ah, um… ” Saki nodded while blushing, but then she had to admit that this apartment building was very amazing from the outside before, which somehow made her quite nervous when she was inside.

The three of them walked together inside and saw the guards who guarded this place. When the guards saw Shishio holding a katana, they didn ’t say much, only bowed their heads.

Shishio gave them a nod then left.

”….. ” Saki.

Even though it was his first time here, Shishio was familiar with his luxurious apartment building since he received the information from the system.

When they arrived at the lift, Roberta took out a card, and the door of the lift was opened. They entered together, then Roberta pressed the highest floor of the apartment. The door was closed, then the lift started to move, but Saki couldn ’t help but ask, ”Is this… Is this your house? ” She knew that this guy was rich, but this was too rich, right?

”Not exactly. My house is in Kyoto, ” Shishio said.

”Then this place? ” Saki asked.

”Well, rather than a house, this place is more like a business, ” Shishio said.

”Business? ” Saki raised her eyebrow.

”I ’m a landlord, and I have gotten my money by renting a room in this building, ” Shishio said simply.

”….. ” Saki.

Saki took a deep breath and said, ”Are you really a high school student? ”

Shishio smiled and said, ”I ’m really a high school student, but I ’m just slightly richer than the majority of people. ”

”…. ” Saki.

Then the door of the lift opened, and they could see a huge room with a mixed style between Japanese and Western. It had wooden ground and huge glass that made them able to see the panoramic view of the entire Tokyo through this room.

”….. ” Saki.

”Come in. There is a lot of room here. You can choose whichever you want, ” Shishio said while holding Saki ’s hand.

”Ah, um. ” Saki blushed, and somehow she felt that she was a heroine of the TV drama where she was a poor girl who happened to meet a rich guy by coincidence at that moment.

”I ’ll take a bath first. You can choose your room with Roberta, ” Shishio said and left while yawning.

”…. ”

Saki and Roberta looked at Shishio, who had left, then looked at each other.

”Um, please take care of me, Roberta-san, ” Saki said while bowing her head. After all, even though she often frowned and blunt toward the people, she couldn ’t do something like that in this place. She was also working under Shishio, which meant Roberta would be her colleague.

Roberta gave a polite bow to Saki and said, ”Likewise, Kawasaki-san, do you want to tour around this place first? ”

”Yes, please. ” Saki nodded, and in truth, she wanted to see this place more.

Shishio was having a shower, washing his entire body, and couldn ’t help but feel quite surprised when he saw Tokugawa since that meant there would be Baki in this world, and of course, there would be the strongest human in this world too.

’Yuujiro Hanma… ’

Shishio closed his eyes, let the warm water wash over his entire body, and couldn ’t help but shake his head. After all, he knew that the world wasn ’t as peaceful as he had thought, so when he thought about Tokugawa ’s invitation, he felt that it was better to ignore it. After all, he didn ’t want trouble to come toward him.

Shishio didn ’t want to be targeted by Yuujiro Hanma, but he had to admit that he was quite curious about the power of the strongest human on earth, but then he couldn ’t help but sigh. Sometimes, he thought that an ordinary life where he could flirt with any girl was good, but somehow, he couldn ’t help but want to have some thrill in his life.

Washing his entire body, Shishio ended his shower and decided to sleep since he was exhausted. He dried his body, changed his clothes, but before he slept, he decided to go out for a bit since he wanted to look around his apartment for a bit.

Shishio sat on the sofa while watching the town ’s scenery, but before he realized it, he slept on the sofa showing how tired he was.

Saki, who had walked around with Roberta, was satisfied and thought that this place was amazing, and she didn ’t expect that this entire building was his, which made her even dumbfounded at him, but then there was a question on her mind.

’Why me? ’

Saki thought, after all, she didn ’t see that she was quite special, or rather, besides her spunky personality, she was a quite ordinary girl, with quite a beautiful face. Still, if she compared herself to Kuroyashi Rino, then she didn ’t think that she was better, or rather, she felt quite inferior. However, he rejected Rino without hesitation, which made her happy. Thinking back at how he helped her, at how he held her hand, and at how both of them often pretended to be a boyfriend, and a girlfriend, a smile on her face couldn ’t be hidden.

Saki wanted to talk with him again, saying good night and good dreams, before she went to sleep, but then she saw him sleeping on the sofa. She sighed and shook her head. ”Shishio, wake up. You can ’t sleep here. You ’ll catch a cold. ” She shook his body lightly, but he didn ’t wake up. She then looked at him and couldn ’t help but be attracted. After all, he was so handsome. The pomade on his hair had already been washed out, so his forehead was covered in bangs, making him quite cute for some reason.

Saki smiled, then she was attracted to his lips.


Somehow there was an impulse on Saki ’s mind which made her become nervous, and her heartbeat moved so fast. She looked at him again and called his name softly, ”Shishio, wake up. Don ’t sleep here. ”

However, Shishio didn ’t move and slept there so soundly.

Saki saw that Shishio didn ’t wake up and couldn ’t help but move her head closer. She moved closer and closer until there was only a few centimeters distance between them. She could feel his warm breath and the refreshing smell from his body. She wasn ’t sure whether she would regret her action, but just one time, just one time, that she wanted to give him a reward for what he had done to her and show how grateful she was toward him.

Saki tucked her untied hair behind her ear, then kissed Shishio ’s lips. The moment their lips touched each other, she somehow realized that his lips felt so good, and she wanted to try to pry his mouth open with her tongue, but suddenly she heard a noise, which caused her to be startled. She quickly parted her lips, then saw Roberta standing there while holding a blanket in her hand. ”Ro – Roberta-san! ”

”… ” Roberta.

Saki ’s face quickly turned red, and she was so embarrassed. ”Pl – Please don ’t tell, Shishio, Roberta-san. ” She felt that she might be dying if Shishio knew what she was doing.

Roberta didn ’t say much but only nodded when she saw Saki ’s flustered expression.

Saki felt relief and said, ”I – I ’ll go to sleep first, Roberta-san. ” Then, she quickly ran away since she didn ’t dare to stay in this place any longer!

”….. ”

Roberta looked at Saki, who ran away, then walked toward Shishio, who was sleeping on the sofa and seemed unperturbed by Saki ’s kiss. She let out a sigh, then covered his body with a blanket so he wouldn ’t catch a cold, but then she looked at him for a bit and could tell that there was no one around her. She continued to look at Shishio for a bit before moving closer and also kissed his lips. She did it only for a moment, then parted her lips, but she wanted to do it again. However, when she saw him frown and it seemed that he was about to open his eyes, she also quickly ran away, afraid that Shishio might realize what she had done.

After a frown, Shishio ’s expression turned back to normal, and he hadn ’t been awake, but when he woke up, he might have realized that two women had taken advantage of him when he slept, which made him speechless and helpless for some reason, thinking those girls were hornier than he had thought.

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