I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 147 - I Am Fool...

Shishio didn ’t seem surprised by Mayumi ’s voice, but only calmly took off his cardigan and put it on Shiina ’s body, covering her wet body, then said, ”You ’ll catch a cold this way, hurry up, dry your body, and change your clothes. ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded and felt warm when Shiship put his cardigan on her, but then she noticed the bruises on Shishio ’s arms. She wanted to ask something, but…​​

”Mayumi-san, Kawai-senpai, I have gone back. Where is Chihiro-nee? ” Shishio gave them a calm response and didn ’t even show a panic on his face, even after they were staring at him, changing the topic of conversation smoothly, so they wouldn ’t talk about his action who stared at Shiina ’s body, but Mayumi didn ’t let him go.

”You pervert! If I don ’t call you, how long do you plan to stare at Mashiro? Do you like her body that much? ” Mayumi then wrapped Shiina with a towel while snorting at him since she could see his tactic, and she wouldn ’t go along his way.

”It was an accident, Mayumi-san, ” Shishio said helplessly, but he had to admit that he didn ’t expect to encounter this situation when he just came back.

”Shishio, what ’s wrong with your arms? ” Shiina asked, looking at him worriedly since she could tell that it was a bruise.

”Nothing, I ’m just learning martial arts from someone, it ’ll be okay in a day or so, ” Shishio said, then patted Shiina ’s head to not worry.

”Hey, your arms are all blue and purple! How could your arms become like this?! ” Mayumi was dumbfounded, looking at Shishio ’s arms that were full of bruises. She forgot that she wanted to scold him for being a pervert and quickly looked at his arms in worry.

”Oga-kun, are you really alright? ” Ritsu asked worriedly.

”I ’m a man. You don ’t need to worry about this kind of small thing, anyway, can you tell me what is happening? Why are Mayumi-san and Mashiro wet? ” Shishio asked.

Hearing Shishio ’s question, Mayumi said, ”Just now, I was cleaning the bathroom, and then Mashio suddenly broke in, picked up a shower, and started spraying water on her body, saying that she lacked inspiration. She then sprayed my body with water too. ” She touched her wet hair and said helplessly. ”Anyway, what were you doing that you had such a bruise on your arms? And who is this maid who has been standing behind you? ” There were a lot of questions on her mind, but those two were the most important questions.

”I see, that ’s what has happened. I ’m sorry, Mayumi-san. ” Shishio nodded and understood that Shiina was looking for inspiration for her manga.

”It ’s okay. We all like Mashiro, except for her occasional random action… ” Mayumi rested her head on the wall, showing a tired face and seemingly very tired.

”Well, how about you dry up your body first? I ’ve brought you all a cake, you can eat it later when you have changed your clothes, and I ’ll cook you food too, ” Shishio said and could only do this, after all, he knew very well Shiina ’s character from the original story, her purpose simple, but no normal people would understand her, after all.

”Wait a moment, I ’ll hurry up and dry my body, ” Mayumi said, then pulled Shiina too. ”Let ’s go, Mashiro. Change your clothes first, then let ’s have dinner. ”

Shiina still wanted to ask Shishio, but in the end, she could only follow Mayumi.

”Shishio-kun… ” Ritsu didn ’t go and looked at Shishio then Roberta. Her eyes kept darting between the two wondering what the relationship between the two was.

”Well, Senpai, let ’s wait for them first before I— ”

”Shishio! You have come back! Cook me food, please! Or I ’ll die from hunger! ” Misaki suddenly leaped and latched toward Shishio ’s body. She hugged him tightly, shook her body around, and cried out. ”I ’m so hungry! Look, I have become so thin! My breasts have become smaller! You can check it here! ” She then raised her breasts toward Shishio, showing how her size had become smaller.

”Misaki-senpai!!! ” Ritsu almost exploded when she saw Misaki ’s action.

Shishio looked at Misaki ’s chest and let out a sigh, but somehow, he felt that it was quite a relief when he saw everyone in this place. This place might be old, but when a lot of people gathered, it was very nice.

Mayumi, Ritsu, Shiina, Misaki, Shishio, and Roberta gathered together while eating the cakes that Shishio brought in the living room.

”The cake is quite good. Where did you buy it? ” Misaki asked while eating the cake. Even though it wasn ’t as good as Shishio ’s food, it was alright.

”Miyamura Cakery. This store is a bit far from here, ” Shishio said, and he told the truth since he needed to ride on a motorcycle if he wanted to go there. ”Well, it seems that you want to ask me a question, but can you tell me where Chihiro-nee is first? ”

”I ’m not sure, but it seems that she is going out with her friends, ” Ritsu said.

”Well, you can call her later, but what ’s wrong with your arms? ” Mayumi asked.

”Huh? Shishio-kun, your arms are blue and purple! ” Misaki was dumbfounded and then looked at him worried, wondering whether Shishio had walked into the path of the delinquent. He had just returned from his conquest over the Kanto region. If so, what could she do? Should she bring him to the right path? Should she make an anime about him? She really wasn ’t sure what to do.

”Shishio… ” Shiina looked at Shishio, worried, wondering what was happening.

”It ’s nothing serious. ” Shishi patted Shiina ’s head and said, ”Last night, I met a powerful martial artist at the party, so I came to his dojo this afternoon and had a spar with him. ”

”…. ” Mayumi, Ritsu, and Misaki.

”I ’m serious. Kawai-senpai, Misaki-senpai, don ’t you two know that I have learned martial arts? ” Shishio asked.

”Oh, right, I almost forgot. ” Misaki patted her head and asked, ”How was the result? Did you win? Did you lose? ”

”But do you really have to have a spar? You ’ll hurt yourself, ” Ritsu said worriedly. After all, she didn ’t expect that Shishio would be in the fight.

”I won, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”That ’s great! ” Misaki chirped happily while patting Shishio ’s back.

”Misaki-senpai! Shishio! ” Ritsu felt annoyed when she saw how Shishio and Misaki seemed to disregard how dangerous fighting was.

”Kawai-senpai, as a girl, you might not understand, but we, as a man, have a pursuit, we always want to be the strongest, it might sound dumb, and it is also dangerous, but I don ’t regret it, ” Shishio said simply.

”…. ”

”But do you really have a fight? ” Ritsu asked.

”Probably not now, but anyway, you don ’t need to worry too much, ” Shishio said.

Ritsu wanted to ask again, but she was cut by Mayumi.

”Well, Ricchan, if he said that it was alright, then it was alright, ” Mayumi said simply, somehow. She felt that if she was 10 years younger, she might really fall for him.

”….. ” Ritsu pouted and looked away, seemingly annoyed since Shishio didn ’t understand her feelings.

”Well, Oga, the next question is, who is she? Why is she wearing a maid uniform? ” Mayumi asked while looking at Roberta.

”Now that you mention it, who are you? ” Misaki also looked at Roberta.

Roberta didn ’t say anything since she had been told that Shishio would explain everything to everyone.

”Oh, right, let me introduce you, her name is Roberta, and she ’ll be the new tenant of Sakurasou, ” Shishio said.

”Eh? ” 3x

Mayumi, Misaki, and Ritsu were surprised.

”My name is Roberta. Nice to meet you, everyone, ” Roberta introduced herself to everyone politely.

”Hello, Roberta, my name is Kamigusa Misaki, ” Misaki said with a smile.

”Shiina Mashiro, ” Shiina said.

”My name is Kawai Ritsu, ” Ritsu said.

”I ’m Mayumi Nishikino. Nice to meet you too, and by the way, there are still many people here, and I ’ll introduce you later, but can I ask you why you wear a maid uniform? Do you work at a maid cafe? ” Mayumi asked since she knew that it wasn ’t uncommon for a girl to work at the maid cafe since the popularity of the maid cafe was quite high and the salary was quite high too, even though they needed to serve a disgusting otaku.

”No, I work for Shishio-sama, ” Roberta said.

”What?! Shishio-sama?! ” 3x

Ritsu, Mayumi, and Misaki became dumbfounded, and in the mind of the three of them, they were looking at Shishio with a different kind of gaze while thinking that this guy might be a hidden young master who was sent by his family to learn about the world of commoners, then somehow he was also going to search for a bride along the way, except for the last part both Ritsu and Misaki thought similar to Mayumi.

Shiina was only looking at Roberta and Shishio in a daze, then ate her cake, and no one really knew what was inside her head.

”You three are watching too much tv drama. I ’m not a hidden young master who is sent by his family to learn about the world of commoners, ” Shishio said helplessly.

”…. ” Ritsu, Mayumi, and Misaki somehow felt embarrassed when Shishio easily saw their thoughts.

”Roberta ’s case is a bit special, my family and Mashiro ’s family send her, after all, you should know Mashiro ’s situation, and after I ’ve talked with them, we have decided to send her a maid, ” Shishio said.

”My family? And Shishio ’s family? ” Shiina looked at Roberta curiously, and Roberta also looked at Shiina curiously. As for Shiina, she was just curious about Roberta, and as for Roberta, she was curious why Shishio told him to take care of this girl, but she didn ’t question his decision, and as long as she could stay with him, then it was alright.

”Hey, is your family and Mashiro ’s family rich? ” Mayumi asked curiously since their family could prepare a maid for Shiina. She was coming from a normal family after all, and it was her first time to see a real maid, not the cosplay one, but she also thought that it was also necessary, considering Shiina ’s situation.

”Well, it is quite okay, ” Shishio said and didn ’t tell the details very much.

Mayumi looked at Shishio and knew that this guy was a rich guy, and she knew that as long as she could catch him, she would become the winner in life, but she wasn ’t a virgin after all, and she was also twice her age, and when she compared herself to Ritsu, Shiina, and Misaki. She looked at three girls, and somehow she could see that Shiina and Ritsu were interested in Shishio. As for Misaki, she wasn ’t sure about this girl since Misaki had always been in love with Mitaka. She let out a sigh and felt that if she was 10 years younger and was still a virgin, then it might be very good. However, suddenly a thought crossed her mind.

’Should I become his mistress? ’ Mayumi ’s eyes gleamed under her glasses, staring at Shishio ’s body unscrupulously. She could see his strong muscles, handsome face, manly aura, and his lower body, wondering how big it was. Still, she was sure that it should be very big, which somehow made her bite her lower lip, staring at him longingly. She then thought of Shiina, who suddenly entered the bathroom, showered her with water to search for inspiration, and wondered whether she could use Shiina to see Shishio ’s junk?

Misaki and Ritsu didn ’t think too much. Still, they became more interested in Shishio and wondered about his identity since he was really mysterious, and at the same time, they felt weird about Chihiro.

Chihiro was, after all, a normal teacher, but her niece was a world-class painter, and her nephew seemed to be coming from a wealthy family, but why was that woman so sloppy and lived in Sakurasou? It wasn ’t that they were talking bad about Sakurasou, but Sakurasou ’s building was very old, but in the end, they didn ’t think too much since his next words caused their mouth to salivate.

”Well, I ’ll cook dinner, is there something that you want to eat? ” Shishio asked, but he didn ’t know that a dangerous woman had targeted him.

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