I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 148 - The Moon Is Beautiful Tonight

When they heard that Shishio was going to cook the dinner, their mouths were full of saliva, but when they were asked what kind of food they would eat, they weren ’t sure how to answer.

”Roberta, is there something that you want to eat? ” Shishio asked.​​

”Eh? ” Roberta was startled, but then she was wondering whether Shishio could cook something. ”Anything is alright, Shishio-sama. ”

”Anything, huh? ” Shishio was thinking for a while and said, ”Then why don ’t I make udon? ”

”Udon?! ” Misaki, Mayumi, and Ritsu were dumbfounded.

”Can we do that at home? ” Misaki asked.

”Yeah, it ’s pretty easy, and it takes quite some time so you can burn all the calories that you have gotten from the cakes before, ” Shishio said with a smile, but when the girls saw this smile, the cake that they had eaten, then their stomachs…

”Shishio!!! ” They were wondering whether his intention to bring the cake for them was to fatten them up!

Shishio smiled, then looked at Roberta, and asked, ”Roberta, is udon alright? ”

”Yes, I don ’t mind. ” Roberta nodded and somehow anticipated the udon.

Udon is a thick noodle made from wheat flour, used in Japanese cuisine.

If an Italian eats pasta, then a Japanese eat udon. It showed how popular udon was for the people in this country.

”The ingredients are very simple. All you need is flour, salt, and water, then you can make udon, ” Shishio said and put some salt on the water, stirring it, then combined it with the flour slowly. He didn ’t put all the water, but slowly, gently, breaking up the lumps that were formed and mixed it evenly so the flour would evenly absorb the water.

”Once the water and flour are mixed together, make it into a big piece and start kneading it on the board. ” Shishio then kneaded the dough on the board and let it rest for 30 minutes so the flour and water would bond together. It might be quite long, but it was necessary.

Then after 30 minutes, they were quite curious about what Shishio would do.

”Okay, that ’s 30 minutes, ” Shishio said and took out the dough from the fridge.

Misaki looked at the big dough with a confused expression and asked, ”That ’s nothing like udon. How are you going to turn it into udon? ”

”Well, first, I ’ll shape it into a ball, then put it on the plastic bag before I… ” Shishio then put the plastic bag on the ground that he had covered with newspaper and said, ”I ’ll step on it. ”

”Eh?! ” Everyone was dumbfounded.

”Is that alright? That ’s food, right? ” Ritsu was dumbfounded.

”It ’s fine. Stepping on it will improve the gluten that gives udon its bite, ” Shishio said, then looked at everyone. ”Do any of you want to try it? ”

”Eh? ”

With Shishio ’s instruction, they decided to try and step on the udon dough.

”What do you think? ” Shishio asked.

”It feels really soft and weird… ” Shiina stepped on the udon dough with her hands being held by Shishio. She then looked at him and said, ”But I like it. ”

”Is that so? ” Shishio smiled and felt that it was great he could see her smile.

Looking at Shiina, Misaki, Mayumi, Ritsu, and Roberta also wanted to try to step on the dough.

”Shishio, I want to try! ”

”Me too! ”

”Well, it is a rare chance. Let me try it. ”

”Shishio-sama, can I do it too? ”

”One by one, alright? ”

After everyone stepped on the udon dough, Shishio said, ”After we let it rest for 2 hours, it is ready. For now, I ’ll take a bath, so you can use this time to talk or work or something. ” In this cold temperature, he somehow wanted to take a warm bath.

They nodded and let him take a bath, but Mayumi ’s eyes suddenly darted toward Shiina, who suddenly walked to her room. Mayumi smiled and thought that the time she had been waiting would come soon.

Roberta looked at Mayumi and somehow felt that this woman was quite strange. After Mayumi heard that Shishio was going to take a bath, she thought that she needed to watch Mayumi over, wondering what Mayumi would do, but suddenly someone disturbed her.

”By the way, Roberta-san, where are you from? Can you also lend me your maid uniform? ” Misaki asked with a smile.

”…. ”

In the bathroom, Shishio was alone and took a bath alone. He turned on the shower and let the warm water hit his body. He had to admit that the warm water that hit his body felt really great, but somehow he suddenly recalled many things.

It might be the effect of the warm water, but when someone took a bath in the warm water, it was very easy for them to be caught on the thought or something.

Shishio closed his eyes and thought that he should write his book tonight since the faster he wrote it, the faster he let go of his past. In truth, it might sound dumb for him not to accept the girls who had thrown themselves at him because of his past, but it was alright. He had always been a fool, after all.

’Fool, huh? ’

Shishio somehow recalled one song when he thought how foolish he was. He then couldn ’t help but sing this song under the shower that poured into his body.

”What a fool; how childish

I went chasing a dream and got hurt

Poorly disguised behind a joyless smile. ”

Shishio was a fool, but it was alright. He just wanted to be a fool for now.

Shishio had told everyone that it would take 2 hours for the udon to be ready, so they spent their time on their own.

Misaki was asking a lot of questions to Roberta and Roberta answered some of the questions and didn ’t answer some of the questions. After all, even though Roberta was a bit clumsy in some places, she wasn ’t stupid, and she knew that a thing could be said and something that couldn ’t be said.

Ritsu, as usual, spent her time reading a book quietly, but then her eyes glanced at Mayumi from time to time, wondering what this woman was planning to do. Still, then she thought about Shiina, who had gone out and thought that she should go out to bring a drawing book and a pencil, but suddenly she recalled what had happened before and Shishio was in the bath…

’Wait, don ’t tell me?! ’ Ritsu then observed Mayumi better, and somehow, she could see she seemed to be breathing a bit heavily. She raised her eyebrow, starring at Mayumi, but she knew that she didn ’t have any evidence, so what she could do was to wait for Mayumi to move so she could catch her on the crime scene.

On the other hand, Mayumi was very patient like a female cougar, waiting for her prey. She waited for a while, then she saw Shiina, who had walked out from the girls ’ area, and walked to the male bathroom.

’Bingo! ’

Mayumi pushed the frame of her glasses and thought to start her move, but then she raised her eyebrow since she might hear someone singing, but Misaki ’s voice made it hard to hear it. ”Misaki, can you keep quiet a bit? ”

”What? What ’s wrong– ” Misaki wanted to ask why she was told to keep quiet, but she heard the voice of someone singing.

”I love you is something you never say

I couldn ’t get it out, always just pulled away

So then why, please won ’t you tell me why

You could find the words to say goodbye. ”

When Mayumi, Ritsu, Misaki, and Roberta heard this song, they were dumbfounded since it sounded so beautiful, and at the same time, it was so sad. In their minds, they could see that Shishio was sitting on the bar, drinking alcohol quietly, while looking down at the table. They didn ’t look at each other and moved directly closer to the bathroom so they could hear the song better.

Shiina, who had entered the male bathroom, stopped when she was about to open the bathroom door. In the bathroom, there were two doors. The first door was the door that connected the corridor and the changing room along with the washing room. Then the second door was the door that connected the changing room and the bathroom.

Shiina, who lacked inspiration, thought to see Shishio ’s body again. After all, unlike before, she could see his naked body directly inside the bathroom. It seemed that the dry and wet body was quite different, so she wanted to see it, but when she was about to open the second door in the bathroom, she stopped when she heard his song.

Shiina knew that Shishio was a very talented singer and knew that he could create a lot of songs, but in her mind, she thought that he would always make a cheerful song that could make everyone feel happy and spirited, but she could never expect to hear such a sad song.

Mayumi, Ritsu, Misaki, and Roberta, who had gotten closer to the bathroom, also saw Shiina, who wanted to open the bathroom door, and they wanted to stop them. Still, Shishio ’s song was just so sad somehow.

”I ’m such a mess. I ’m lost. I ’m no good at this.

I ’m still in love, still in love, still in love with you

As hard as I try, I can ’t even drink this pain away

Memories of you, twisting my view, I ’ve been a fool. ”

Somehow everyone was choked in tears when they heard those lines. With ”Music Mastery, ” everyone could feel the emotion, and they could also resonate with the song, so they couldn ’t help but cry out, especially Mayumi, who had a lot of unfortunate experiences with a scumbag.

Mayumi felt that this song was so amazing that she wanted to ask Shishio where he heard this song or who the singer was since it somehow described her feeling very well.

The love song has always been the most popular song in the world, especially the heartbreaking song. It was even more popular since many people sometimes couldn ’t forget their love and just wanted to be drowned by those feelings.

Shishio was about to continue to sing but stopped when he noticed that his dick became hard. So he stopped singing before he continued to sing. After all, such a random erection was quite normal, considering how he hadn ’t released all the fire inside his body. Usually, to calm it down, he would work out until he felt tired before he slept. Still, Shiina, who was on the outside, couldn ’t handle it anymore and wanted to hug him, so she directly opened the door and exposed Shishio ’s naked body to everyone.

”!!! ”

The sudden noise startled him, and Shishio, who was immersed in the song, didn ’t even notice that someone was right outside the door, so he turned his body subconsciously when the door was opened. Still, he was dumbfounded when he saw that everyone was there, from Shiina, Mayumi, Misaki, Ritsu, and even Roberta.

”Huh? What the hell are you doing here?! ” Shishio was startled when he saw everyone, but none of them seemed to hear him.

Shiina, Mayumi, Misaki, Ritsu, and Roberta looked at his drenched body from his neck, shoulder, chest, abs, showing how good his muscle was before they looked at the huge thing between his legs that stood hard.


The gulping sounds from the girls were the only noise that could be heard besides the noise of the shower, and they felt that there was something warm that started to drip from their noses, but they ignored all of them at this moment, watching the naked body in front of them.

Shishio moved very fast. He quickly threw Shiina out and closed the door. ”Can all of you get out of there? ” He let out a long sigh, and somehow he didn ’t expect that his maid would betray him. ’It seems I have been a fool all along… ’ He wanted to cry at this moment since he just couldn ’t marry anyone when many girls had seen his naked body. ’I have been soiled… ’

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