I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 149 - Unmarried Women

In the living room, everyone was quiet. Even Shiina couldn ’t focus on drawing her manga. Everyone had wiped their nosebleeds, and somehow the atmosphere was in an awkward situation.

Not only Shiina, but everyone also couldn ’t think straight at this moment, when they thought about what they had seen before.​​

’So big… ’

Misaki and Ritsu couldn ’t think straight and weren ’t sure what to say, but Mayumi was different, she was an old hooligan, and she had seen a lot of guys, but she had to admit that Shishio ’s was the biggest and the shape was also very good, especially when she saw it, standing proudly, pointing upward, which made her flush.

Mayumi was in deep thought and wondering how it felt when his dick pounded her hole, but her thought was broken by Shiina came closer. ”What ’s wrong, Mashiro? ”

”Mayumi, why – why is Shishio ’s hard…? ” Shiina said nervously, even though she didn ’t know the reason, but when she thought about his big dick that she had seen from a close distance, she started to wonder how his thing could be so big and standing so tall. She looked at her thin arm and couldn ’t help but compare it, but she had to admit that she was curious, which was why she asked Mayumi, who had a lot of experience.

”…. ” Misaki, Ritsu, and Roberta.

”…. ” Mayumi was also speechless when Shiina asked this question to her, but well, she didn ’t think too much and said, ”Mashiro, you should know that a dick has both soft and hard shape and before Shishio is very hard. ”

”Is that alright? His situation isn ’t bad, right? ” Shiina asked worriedly.

”Well, he might need help, ” Mayumi said with some unnaturalness and said, ”But you don ’t need to worry, I ’ll help him. ”

”Huh? Mayumi-san, why you ’re the one who needs to help him?! ” Ritsu grasped the problem and directly countered Mayumi.

”So Ricchan, do you want to help with Oga? If so, then why don ’t you go to his room now? Well, most guys at his age are like monkeys, they ’re always horny all the time, and they need to release it time from time, but I can ’t imagine that Oga isn ’t the type who does it by himself, or rather, I can ’t imagine him to do that. ” Mayumi pushed the frame of her glasses and said that it as a matter of course, ”That ’s why I ’ll help him, so he won ’t have trouble ag– ”

Not only Ritsu ’s face, but Misaki ’s face also became red when they heard Mayumi ’s words, but before Mayumi finished her words, she was interrupted.

”No, I ’ll help Shishio, ” Shiina said without hesitation.

”… ” Mayumi looked at Shiina in surprise, shook her head, and said, ”Mashiro, you don ’t have any experience, if you don ’t be careful, you might make his condition worse. ” She knew that Shiina didn ’t mean much, and only wanted to help Shishio, but Shishio ’s condition could only be solved by a professional such as her, after all, having Shishio ’s size on the first time might be quite tough for a virgin like Shiina, and Shishio was also a virgin. In other words, Shishio needed someone to teach him so he could gain more experience, and no one was more perfect than her in this situation.

”…. ” The face of Misaki and Ritsu were already red, and they couldn ’t handle this situation since they hadn ’t tasted the forbidden fruit, but at this moment, even though they wanted Mayumi to stop talking, they also wanted to continue to hear her, which made them very contradictory at this moment.

”Then teach me Mayumi-sensei, ” Shiina said, and it was as if she was ready to kowtow in front of Mayumi, asking her to teach her knowledge to help Shishio.

”….. ” Roberta, Misaki, and Ritsu.

Shiina ’s figure was like a martial artist novel protagonist who asked for an apprenticeship from a master. She might even say, ”A teacher for a day is a father for life, ” once her apprenticeship was accepted.

Mayumi felt a bit complex, but when she saw the pureness in Shiina ’s eyes without any taint or dirtiness like her, she felt like she was purified somehow, but at the same time, she also thought that it might be good to have an apprentice. She then patted Shiina ’s shoulder and said, ”Don ’t worry, I ’ll teach you a lot of things. ”

”Thank you, Sensei, ” Shiina said.

”What the hell are you doing? ” Shishio asked while staring at them, and somehow he was lost for words. His eyes were blank, staring at the girls, who had peeked at him. If he was a girl, he would slap them without hesitation or even call the police directly since they had peeked at him and stared at his naked body.

”!!!! ”

”Shi – Shishio-kun! ”

The girls startled, and they looked at him nervously, wondering whether he was angry.

”Don ’t you have something to say to me? ” Shishio asked while staring at them.

”WE ’RE SORRY!!!! ” They said at the same time since they knew that no matter what, they were at fault since they were peeking at him.

Shishio then looked at Roberta and asked, ”Roberta, with your skill, it isn ’t possible to stop them, right? Why don ’t you do so? ”

”I ’m sorry, Shishio-sama! Please forgive me! ” Roberta was scared since she didn ’t want to be fired and separated from Shishio!

”No, it isn ’t Roberta ’s fault. It is my fault, Shishio, ” Shiina said and stood in front of Shishio.

”Mashiro… ” Shiina ’s words moved roberta.

Shishio let out a sigh and patted Shiina ’s head. ”You don ’t need to worry, I ’m not angry, but if you want to search for inspiration, I have to always tell you to ask me first, right? If you want something or someone to do something, then you need to ask them first to see whether they agree or not. Don ’t suddenly barge into the bathroom like that. ”

”But Shishio seemed to be very sad when he sang the song, ” Shiina said worriedly.

”Right, what song is that? Who ’s the singer? And what ’s the title of the song? ” Mayumi asked directly since she really liked the song.

”I see… thank you for worrying about me, but don ’t worry, I just sing a song, nothing so serious, ” Shishio said with a smile, then patted Shiina ’s head gently.

”Um… ” Shiina nodded with a smile, feeling happy when he patted her head.

”Hey, don ’t ignore me! ” Mayumi was annoyed and thought that she should push this virgin on the bed, so he would respect her more.

”The singer is me, it is my original, and the title is ”Bakamitai, ” Shishio said simply.

”Eh? ” 2x

The surprised ones were Mayumi and Misaki, as Shiina and Ritsu had pretty much guessed it on their minds.

”Shishio-kun, can you make a song? ” Misaki looked at Shishio as if treasure trove. After all, in the anime, it was necessary to have music such as BGM, an Opening song, an Ending song, even an Insert song, or rather, music was a very important element in the anime, and if Shishio was able to help her, then it would be great!

”Really? Can you make a song? ” Mayumi was surprised.

Ritsu nodded and said, ”Yes, he has made one song before, at school. It was a great song. ” But her eyes darted at Shishio and Shiina, feeling bitter and jealous at this moment, even though she didn ’t know the reason.

”Un, I like that song too. ” Shiina nodded.

”Can you sing it? ” Mayumi wanted to hear Shishio ’s song since she was curious.

”I want to hear it! I want to hear it! ” Misaki quickly raised her hand high.

”Well, I don ’t mind, but there isn ’t any guitar, ” Shishio said.

”It ’s alright. I just want to hear it. Can you just sing it without a guitar? ” Mayumi asked.

Shishio looked at Mayumi for a while and wondered why her eyes had been very dangerous lately. ”Well, I ’ll sing. ” He coughed then started to sing, and Mayumi and Misaki knew that this guy simply could do anything.

Then along with all of that, the udon was ready, and Shishio continued with his cooking. ”Gradually flatten it out using a rolling pin, then fold and slice it thinly. ”

”That ’s udon! ” Misaki exclaimed since she didn ’t expect this guy to be able to cook udon.

”Shishio, is there something that you can ’t cook? ” Ritsu asked.

”I can cook pretty much anything, ” Shishio said.

”Baumkuchen? ” Shiina suddenly asked.

Shishio nodded and said, ”I can cook it. ”

”Shishio… ” Shiina ’s eyes were lit up, and there was an excitement that was clearly shown in her eyes.

”Sorry, I can ’t cook it now, ” Shishio said and felt apologetic toward Shiina.

”Why? ” Shiina was disappointed.

”I don ’t have the ingredients. Well, if the store is open, let ’s buy the ingredients after we have gone back from the outing with everyone, ” Shishio said.

”Um. ” Shiina nodded.

”Oga, are you going out somewhere tomorrow? ” Mayumi asked.

”Well, I ’ll go out with Shiina and Mayumi as a part of the literature club, ” Shishio said.

”What? Ricchan, have you joined a club? ” Mayumi asked in surprise.

Ritsu was quite shy, but she nodded and said, ”Yes, Oga-kun has invited me. ”

Mayumi looked at Shishio and wondered why this guy wasn ’t born 10 years earlier and became her classmate that way. She wouldn ’t need to meet her scumbag boyfriend who had cursed her to have more and more scumbag boyfriends, though if she met Shishio 10 years ago, she would still meet a scumbag, however, this scumbag had a very high quality that even though he was a scumbag, she didn ’t want to let him go.

”Cook for 10 minutes in boiling water, then add your soup, and done, ” Shishio said.

”Wow… ”

Everyone could smell a gentle and delicious smell that permeated the entire room.

”Wait a moment, since the moon is beautiful today, I ’ll make it into a Tsukimi Udon (Moon Udon), ” Shishio said and cracked an egg on each bowl of udon.

”….. ” They looked at the bowl of udon with the egg and could help but thought about the beautiful full moon in the sky.

”Alright, let ’s eat, ” Shishio said.

”Yes. ”

Everyone then started to eat the udon and opened their eyes wide!

Roberta suddenly saw that she was sitting on the lawn with a beautiful lake in front of her. She looked up and saw a beautiful moon that was so far away, but she couldn ’t appreciate it, and what she appreciated was…

Roberta looked at the hand that was holding her hand and looked at him, smiling gently at her.

”The moon is beautiful tonight. ”

Roberta wasn ’t sure, she knew that she might not be worthy of this happiness with all of the things that she had done in the past, but at this moment, right now, she just wanted the time to stop and stare at the moon with him tonight. It might be because there was no Natsume Souseki in this world, that even though those words seemed very poetic, she couldn ’t translate them to ”I love you. ”

Shiina, Mayumi, Misaki, and Ritsu also got similar illusions, but in Misaki ’s case, she suddenly saw Shishio ’s image rather than Mitaka, which made her confused, but the reason why she was confused wasn ’t because of Shishio ’s appearance, but rather how she felt happy when Shishio was just there beside her, but Misaki didn ’t say anything, only ate like usual with her happy smile, so no one noticed the change on her.

Shishio, who was eating, suddenly felt his phone vibrate and took his phone. He raised his eyebrow when he saw the one who had called her Chihiro. He stopped eating and then accepted the call. ”Chihiro-nee, where are you? I ’ve been looking for you. ”

They stopped eating and looked at Shishio curiously.

”I see… you ’re Chihiro-nee ’s friend? ”

”… ”

”Yes, thank you for taking care of her. ”

”… ”

”Do you want me to go there? Alright, wait a moment. I ’ll go there shortly. ” Shishio talked for a while and then ended the call.

”Who is that? ” Mayumi asked.

”Chihiro-nee ’s friend, I ’m not sure who she is, but Chihiro-nee is drunk, so I have to get here, ” Shishio said.

”Do you need my help, Shishio-sama? ” Roberta asked.

”Just stay here. The location isn ’t too far from here. You can also talk to Mashiro since you ’ll help me to take care of her, ” Shishio said.

”Yes… ” Roberta nodded, but somehow he felt disappointed. ”But if you have trouble, then please call me. I ’ll come as soon as possible. ”

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded, then quickly ate his food and washed the dishes. ”Well, I ’ll pick Chihiro-nee first. ” He then walked to his room to wear a hoodie and change his pants before walking out to pick up Chihiro while wondering who the woman that talked with him before was.

’Who is she? ’

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