I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 150 - Edamame Size

Some time ago, in the ramen food stall on the side of the street, four women gathered around the table and poured their ”sake ” quietly. A few empty bowls and bottles were on the table, showing that they had been here for a long time.

”Why! Why are we all being left out! Those guys don ’t have eyes! Uwaa~~ ” One of the women with chin-length black hair with parted bangs and mole under her right eye cried out while holding the glass that was filled with ”sake ” before she drank in one gulp!​​

”Hey, Satomi, don ’t drink too much! ” The beautiful woman with long black hair that fell over her shoulders quickly stopped the woman who drank very fast.

”Yeah, those bastards are blind! Don ’t they see a beautiful woman in front of them? ” Another beauty with long blonde hair snorted and drank her beer.

”Hey, Aina, don ’t drink too fast, bastard! Who the hell is going to take you back if you ’re drunk! ” The beautiful woman with long black hair tried to stop another girl who tried to become drunk

”I have a kept a number of several successful people before. Do you want me to give you their contact info? ” The woman with short purple hair took out her mobile phone from her pocket, looking at it for a while, wondering whether there was a notification before she snorted and put it on the table with dim eyes.

”I want it. I want it. Give it to me! ” The woman with chin-length black hair instantly became energetic or drunk and was about to grab the phone directly.

”Stop, stop, don ’t you know that those on Chihiro ’s phone are all married men? Even if they have a successful career, what can you do with them? Do you want to become their mistress? ” The woman with long black hair quickly grabbed the phone before the chin-length-haired woman.

That ’s right, the woman with short purple hair was Shishio ’s aunt, Chihiro Sengoku.

”Uwaa~~ Shizuka-chan is bullying me! ” Tachibana Satomi, the chin-length-haired woman, cried out, showing how drunk she was, rolling around, moving around, without caring about everything.

”Satomi, even if you want to get married, you shouldn ’t choose those married men or those who have children! ” Shizuka Hiratsuka, the woman with long black hair, looked at her friend with a frown on her face.

”Shizuka, don ’t blame her too much, don ’t you know that Satomi was almost driver crazy by her parents, plus she just attended a wedding of her friend before, it is normal for her to be so sad, ” Aina Rumika, the long blonde-haired woman, said while eating her ramen.

”Wooo~~ Aina, I know that you understand me! ” Satomi looked at Aina, who sat next to her with tearful eyes, really moved by her friendship.

”Huh? You ’re also the same, Satomi? I ’m also going to be crazy because of my aunt… It ’s just why? Why we ’re all like this…? ” Hiratsuka quietly took up her cup and drank it.

All four of them were studying in the same university and roommates in the same dorm. Satomi and Aina had the best relationship since they were working in the same school. Chihiro had the best relationship with Hiratsuka since they were also working in the same school. The relationship between the four of them was very good since their situation was quite similar to each other.

Hiratsuka let out a long sigh, helplessly looking at the three drunk women around her. They had graduated several years ago, and it seemed that when they were meeting each other, the four of them would go drunk and cry out at how unfair the world was for them, a single woman who was almost in their 30s and in their 30s.

Therefore, the four of them who had been abused by relatives only came to the ramen stall near the street and drowned their sorrows with alcohol.

The four of them had the best careers. They were teachers at prestigious schools. If both Satomi and Aina were teachers at the Koyo Girl ’s Academy, Hiratsuka and Chihiro were teachers at the Suimei University of the Arts. Even if they were working at such a prestigious school, they weren ’t that busy with their job. Their salary was quite good, so they could help their family financially without affecting their family time. More importantly, the four of them were also very beautiful, but why couldn ’t they find a husband?

Unlike Hiratsuka, Satomi, and Aina, Chihiro kept glancing at her phone from time to time, which somehow attracted their attention.

”What ’s wrong, Chihiro? Why have you been looking at your phone? ” Hiratsuka asked curiously

”Don ’t tell me that you have a boyfriend now?! ” Satomi became excited and quickly asked Chihiro that question.

”…If I have a boyfriend, do I need to drink with all of you now? ” Chihiro let out a long sigh then drank a huge mug of beer in one gulp.

”… ” Satomi, Aina, and Hiratsuka were speechless, but they also nodded. After all, if they had a boyfriend, it was better to spend their time with their boyfriend rather than licking each other wounds like this.

”So what happens? Why are you looking at your phone from time to time? ” Aina asked.

”Well, it ’s my nephew… ” Chihiro sighed.

”Chihiro, don ’t tell me, are you have an ince– ” Satomi was about to say something, but she was interrupted by Chihiro.

”You bastard, don ’t slander me! ” Chihiro roared. If they were at a private place, then it was alright, she didn ’t care much, but they were in public! And Satomi said in a very loud voice, which almost made everyone almost hear their conversation!

”Satomi, you ’re watching too much anime. There ’s no way for an aunt and nephew to be together in real life, ” Aina said and patted Satomi ’s shoulder.

”… ” Chihiro was silent, but she didn ’t say anything.

”What ’s wrong with a nephew? As long as there ’s love, you can do anything! ” Satomi refuted without hesitation.

”…. ” Aina and Hiratsuka knew that this woman was so drunk.

Chihiro looked at Satomi, but she didn ’t say anything, drinking her beer quietly.

”So, what ’s wrong with your nephew? I have heard that he has the highest score on the entrance exam of the Suimei University of the Arts, and from what I have heard from the girls in my class, he ’s very handsome, is that true? ” Hiratsuka asked curiously. Personally, she had never seen Shishio. ”Still, he was just coming to Tokyo, right? Has he become accustomed to staying in Tokyo? Or has he caused trouble for you? ”

”What? Chihiro, is your nephew very handsome? Can you show me his photo? ” Satomi directly asked.

”Shishio… ” Chihiro was stunned when everyone suddenly talked about her nephew since, if possible, she didn ’t really want to talk about him.

”What ’s the matter? Has he become a delinquent? And that honor student is just his disguise or something? ” Aina asked, thinking of some plot on the tv drama that she had just watched. After all, Chihiro ’s expression was quite weird, so she couldn ’t help but ask.

The four of them were teachers, after all, so they were quite accustomed to the trouble of the students, even Aina was also a delinquent in her youth.

Chihiro looked at the three of them, who had an eager expression, then let out a sigh. ”No, he ’s very good, he ’s very helpful, he cooks me food, and it seems that he becomes the leader of his class quickly, but it is also because of this matter that there are too many girls around him… ” The hand that held the mug subconsciously became tighter.

”… ” Satomi, Aina, and Hiratsuka were wondering why they felt that Chihiro seemed to be jealous.

”And somehow, he ’s a bit different from his childhood time, ” Chihiro said with a sigh.

”Isn ’t that normal? He has grown up, after all, and I don ’t see a problem with this, ” Aina said, looking at Chihiro, wondering whether this woman had really fallen for her nephew. Still, she had to admit that she was a bit jealous of Chihiro since someone would cook her food when she usually ate cold food from the convenience store.

Not only Aina but Hiratsuka and Satomi were the same. After all, having warm food that was prepared for them was different from eating food from the convenience store.

”If it ’s just that, then I won ’t be troubled, but Shishio… how to say… ” Chihiro wasn ’t sure how to describe Shishio since she had to admit that this guy was a perfect husband candidate for her, except his status as her nephew, of course.

”Well, let ’s talk about it slowly. I wonder what makes you troubled by him, ” Satomi asked excitedly, wondering about Chihiro ’s nephew.

”Hmm, the situation is like this. Since I picked him up from the station that day, he was like… ” Chihiro told all the things that had happened in the past few days to her three friends, but of course, she didn ’t tell all of them since she didn ’t want them to know that she saw him naked in the bathroom.

”….. ” The three women looked at each other, and suddenly they didn ’t know what to say. If Chihiro wasn ’t the one who told them, then they wouldn ’t believe it. After all, such a man could only come out from the novel, right?

”So, whether it ’s cooking, drawing, learning, and he even learns Bajiquan? Chihiro, are you sure that you ’re not joking around? ” Hiratsuka was really in doubt, wondering whether Chihiro was really telling the truth.

”What ’s Bajiquan? ” Satomi asked curiously.

”Martial arts from China, ” Aina said.

”Oh… ” Satomi nodded.

”If you don ’t believe it, what can I do? ” Chihiro spread her hands indifferently, drank her beer again, and rubbed her dizzy head.

”Uh.. ” The three women weren ’t sure what to say, but they still couldn ’t believe it, after their common sense couldn ’t accept it, and they doubted that there was such a monster in this world, but they could see that Chihiro didn ’t seem to tell them lies.

”So what ’s the problem? He ’s so good, right? ” Aina asked.

”Well, I ’m not really sure, but I ’m just a bit worried about him that he has always come out at night then return at midnight, even yesterday, he has decided to stay outside, without even calling me… ” Chihiro let out a sigh, then drank her alcohol. ”He has said that he ’s going to meet his grandpa ’s friend, so I ’m not worried, but he hasn ’t called me after all. ”

”Well, he has become a delinquent, ” Aina said without hesitation.

”Hey, that might not be true. He might really be meeting with his grandpa ’s friend, ” Satomi said.

”Should I talk with him? ” Hiratsuka asked since she was a guidance counselor at Shishio ’s school.

”No, it is alright. I can talk with him by myself, ” Chihiro said.

”By the way, what is his grandpa ’s job? ” Satomi asked curiously.

”General at JSDF, ” Chihiro said simply.

”….. ” Satomi, Aina, and Hiratsuka.

”Ahem, Chihiro, our relationship is very good, right? ” Satomi looked at Chihiro with a sweet smile.

”…If you have something to say, just say it, don ’t be like this. ” Chihiro slapped Satomi ’s hand and shuddered.

”Chihiro, your nephew… Oga-kun, does he have a girlfriend? ” Satomi tried to make her smile look better.

”…. ” The other three women were stunned since they didn ’t expect Satomi to dare to do it!

”Satomi, have you forgotten that you ’re just a few years younger than me? ” Chihiro looked at Satomi speechlessly, she had treated her like a best friend, but this woman wanted to become her niece. She really wanted to flip the table somehow. She wanted to curse a few more words, but she felt her eyes became dizzier and dizzier, and then her consciousness was slowly drifting away. She knew that she had drunk too much, and that was her last night before her eyes went dark.

”I don ’t mind at all. After all, we ’re all good sisters. Isn ’t it better to choose someone you know rather than let him date a random girl? ” Satomi exposed her evil ambition, if she wasn ’t drunk, she might not dare to say it, but she was so drunk at that moment.

”… ” Hirtasuka and Aina looked at each other and suddenly felt that Satomi ’s words made sense. After all, a man like Shishio was simply impossible to appear in reality if they didn ’t grab him, then someone would grab him from them, but…

”Uh! ” The two of them withdrew their gazes with red cheeks, secretly cursing, wondering whether they were crazy or if they might have drunk too much.

”Chihiro, just introduce me to him. What if he likes me by then? Chihiro, Chihiro… eh? ” Satomi called out for a while and suddenly realized that Chihiro was there, lying on the table, sleeping.

”Chihiro? ” After seeing Chihiro lying on the table, Hiratsuka also yelled anxiously and shook her, but Chihiro didn ’t give her a response, only sleeping soundly there like a baby.

”Chihiro is drunk. What should we do? ” Aina looked at the two people.

”How about… let her nephew pick her up? ” Satomi said and quickly became excited.

”What…? ” Hiratsuka and Aina were surprised, but they had to admit that it was a great idea in their heart, but unlike Satomi, who had become a nympho, they just wanted to meet this monster-like young man in Chihiro ’s mouth. Really, they weren ’t lying at all…

”Let me see her phone. ” Satomi grabbed Chihiro ’s phone on the table directly.

”… ” Hiratsuka and Aina.

”Um, let ’s see… ah-ha! I found it, Shishio Oga! ” Satomi directly found Chihiro ’s nephew ’s phone number and called him directly, but then she stopped. ”Shizuku-chan, can you…? ” She handed the phone to Hiratsuka, even though she might be the one who was the most excited before. In fact, she was the timidest among the four, especially when she had a cosplay hobby.

Hiratsuka, who knew Satomi ’s character very well, took the phone in her hand and didn ’t say anything since she knew that it would be like this. After taking a look at his name on the phone address, she dialed directly.

”Hello. ”

It was Hiratsuka ’s first word with Shishio, and somehow, she might not realize that it was the beginning of everything.

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