I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 151 - Hold Me So I Wont Kill Him

”Hello, I ’m Chihiro ’s friend. She ’s drunk. Can I trouble you to pick her up? Well, yes, the location is… ” After a short communication, Hiratsuka put down the phone in her hand on the table.

”Shizuka-chan, is he handsome? ” Satomi asked curiously.​​

”You ’re drunk. It ’s just a voice. How do I know whether he ’s handsome or not? ” Hiratsuka gave Satomi helplessly, but she had to admit that Shishio ’s voice was nice. It was deep but somehow soothed her.

”You ’re the teacher at Suimei, right? Why haven ’t you seen him? ” Aina asked.

”He ’s in the 1st year, I ’m a 2nd year teacher, and I have been busy, you know? ” Hiratsuka sighed when she thought about marriage or her future. Sipping her beer, she also rubbed her temple since everything was just too confusing.

Aina looked at Hiratsuka and sighed since she also understood her trouble was since she was also the same.

”Um… Shishio… delicious… ”

”…. ” Everyone looked at the drunk Chihiro with a weird expression. The heavy atmosphere just changed to quite weird…

”Shizuka-chan, you think that Chihiro isn ’t going to grab Oga-kun with me, right? ” Satomi looked at Hiratsuka with tearful eyes.

”Chihiro… ” Aina looked at the drool from the corner of Chihiro ’s mouth with a frown, wondering what this woman dreamed about.

”Satomi, are you kidding? Chihiro is Oga-kun ’s aunt. Have you forgotten? ” Hiratsuka gave Satomi a helpless expression. After all, there was no way for an aunt and nephew to be together, right?

”Oh yes, they ’re relatives. ” Satomi nodded with a smile before she drank her ”sake ” again.

”… ” Hiratsuka shook her head and didn ’t want to talk with this idiot again. Well, Satomi wasn ’t an idiot, but when she drank, the level of her IQ was lowered to zero.

”Boss Yamazaki, your business is good! ”

Suddenly the breeze entered the store from the door, and Hiratsuka, Satomi, and Aina looked at a group of people with various colors of suits and cigarettes on their mouths rushed into the store with bad smiles.

”Yakuza? ” Hiratsuka guessed the identities of the group of people.

”Oh.. it is Hiroshi-san, hello, it is quite late, why are you here, Hiroshi-san…? ” Boss Yamazaki was flustered when he saw the appearance of the group of people, and he didn ’t understand why they suddenly came to his store.

”What? Are we not welcome here? ” Hiroshi squinted his eyes at Boss Yamazaki in front of him, asking that question, while tapping his fingers at the counter table rhythmically.

”Of – of course not, how can that be? You are always welcome here, Hiroshi-san, but it is very late, and my shop will be closed soon… ” Boss Yamazaki looked at Hiroshi with a nervous smile, and sweat dripped from his forehead. He looked awkwardly at the customers in the store who hadn ’t finished eating and were still inside the store, hoping that nothing would happen.

”Hehe, since Boss Yamazaki seems happy with us, then it is all good. Our business will be easier. ” Hiroshi smiled, not caring about the obvious panic on the other party, or rather. He clearly enjoyed Yamazaki ’s fearful eyes.

”Haha… ” Yamazaki nodded and bowed, feeling very flustered. He couldn ’t understand Hiroshi ’s purpose and only hoped that they could leave here as soon as possible.

”Boss Yamazaki, have you settled this month ’s cleaning fee? ” Hiroshi looked at the decoration on the store playfully.

”This… this, Hiroshi-san, I have already handed it in last week, right? ” Yamazaki told the other party with a bow with some fear and panic on his face since he really had paid the cleaning fee of his store last week.

”Last week, I ’d handed the money to Minami, but that guy should be swimming in Tokyo Bay at this moment, and my current boss is Ibuki-san. My boss is different now, so Boss Yamazaki, your cleaning fee needs to be paid again, ” Hiroshi said and didn ’t care about the other ’s party ’s ugly expression.

”This… this, Hiroshi-san, you can ’t do this. I have already paid for it! ” Yamazaki looked at Hiroshi weepingly, and he probably understood what this guy had said to him. That Hiroshi ’s previous boss, Minami, should be dead, and now Ibuki should have just taken the position, so this guy couldn ’t wait to collect this cleaning fee or simply extortion money in a different form.

”Haha, Boss Yamazaki, this isn ’t what I want, but this is our new boss ’s order. ” Hiroshi didn ’t care about Yamazaki at all but took a bottle of beer directly from the counter and drank it by himself.

”Hiroshi-san, please, I beg you, this isn ’t. I can ’t earn that much if I need to pay you again… ” Yamazaki ’s tears almost flowed out and turned red at that moment.

”Hehe, you dare to say that you can ’t earn that much? I have been watching outside for a long time, and there are always customers coming in and out, boss Yamazaki, do you dare to lie to me?! ” Hiroshi ’s face gradually turned ugly, and he raised his voice loudly.

”This… this… I really didn ’t lie to you, Hiroshi-san. Most of the guests are just coming to order a few beets. The business isn ’t as good as you said! ” Yamazaki wanted to kneel down at that moment so Hiroshi would forgive him.

”Hehe, that ’s not my problem. Besides, the current cleaning fee will be twice what it used to be. This is the order from Ibuki-san. Boss Yamazaki, you won ’t embarrass me, right? You can pay for it, right? ” Hiroshi stared at Yamazaki with a grim expression, glaring at the panic-stricken Yamazaki.

”What?! Twice? Boss Yamazaki… How is this possible? Please stop joking! ” Yamazaki was about to cry.

”Kidding? Do you think that I ’m kidding?! ” Hiroshi grabbed Yamazaki ’s collar and stared at him viciously.

”Hiroshi-san, let alone twice the cleaning fee. I can ’t even pay you again. I really don ’t have money, so please let me go! ” Yamazaki was really scared at that moment.

In addition to the monthly cleaning fee, there was also the protection fee, the utility fee, and there was also an ingredient, all of which was a cost. In addition, these yakuza members often came to his store to eat and drink for free, and what was left was only so much. It was also the reason that he took care of everything by himself in the store, from big to small, buying and washing ingredients, cutting the ingredients, preparing the ingredients, and throwing the garbage. He didn ’t even have the money to hire people to help him!

Now, Hiroshi forced him to pay the cleaning fee again, even twice the original amount. This guy was simply killing him!

Yamazaki collapsed to the ground in despair.

”What? Dare you say that there ’s no money, haha! Brothers, smash all of them for me! I don ’t believe that he doesn ’t have money here! ” Hiroshi smashed the bottle of beer to the ground with anger.

”Stop! What are you going to do! ” Hiratsuka, who couldn ’t look at this scene any further, stood up and directly yelled at the group of yakuza in front of her.

”Huh? ” Hiroshi was taken aback and didn ’t expect that someone dared to intervene, but when he turned his head, he didn ’t expect that it would be his favorite long straight black-haired beauty since that was the case, then this matter could be done easily.

”Hey, beauty, I don ’t know what your relationship is with this Boss Yamazaki? ” Hiroshi stopped the boys who wanted to smash the store and walked to Hiratsuka with a smile but found that besides this long straight black-haired woman, there were three additional women with the same beauty, which made him think that it was his lucky night.

”You don ’t need to care! ” Hiratsuka shook her head and didn ’t see Yamazaki, who told her to leave since he didn ’t want those women to be hurt by those yakuza members.

”If that ’s the case, then how about you go with me? I ’ll teach you the warmth of a man tonight. ” Hiroshi wanted to reach out to catch Hiratsuka with a smile, but…


Hiratsuka slapped the other party ’s hand that wanted to reach her out, and her expression became colder and colder. It might be because she loved to read shonen manga that she began to learn martial arts, and basically, no one was her opponent.

Hiratsuka ’s situation was quite different from Chihiro ’s. It wasn ’t because there weren ’t any men around her, but it was because there was no man that could enter her eyes, and she also had no idea to find one at random, so along with the three women, they hadn ’t been able to marry until now.

Well, Hiratsuka became quite panicked now since she wasn ’t able to find her partner until now.

Still, even if Hiratsuka was panicked because she couldn ’t get a partner to marry, she didn ’t panic when she saw the group of yakuza whose body seemed to be very weak from alcohol, stayed up late, and excessive indulgence. She believed that she could defeat all of them.

”Haha! ” Hiroshi glanced at his hand that was slapped by Hiratsuka and didn ’t care since, in his mind, such a woman was better. That way, her expression of despair would be even more beautiful.

”This beauty, what ’s your name? Are you interested in having a drink with me? ” Hiroshi ignored the cold and disgust from the other party ’s eyes, but instead sat down on the stool next to Hiratsuka, and took the bottle of ”sake ” from the counter, two ”sake ” cups, and poured them there.

”Leave and get out of here and promise me not to bother the boss in this place again! ” Hiratsuka ignored the other party ’s words but sternly told him to get out.

”Hehe, don ’t be too excited, come, sit down, and have a drink with me. Maybe if I ’m happy, I might just leave like this. ” Hiroshi didn ’t care about the other party ’s words and pushed one of the cups to Hiratsuka.

Hiratsuka didn ’t speak or drink but quietly looked at Hiroshi and clenched her fists, ready to teach him a lesson that he shouldn ’t underestimate her.

”Beauty, don ’t be so excited. My name is Hiroshi Ota, a leader of the Kitakata family. Since it is our first meeting, how about we go out after this so we can get to know each other? ” Hiroshi smiled and looked at Hiratsuka, thinking that she would be amazed by his identity, but the result disappointed him. Even if she knew his identity, she didn ’t even have any reaction, this made him, who had always been respected, feel gloomy inside, and his face also started to get ugly. He looked at the subordinates that he had brought behind him and looked at Hiratsuka with an ugly expression.

”Haha, beauty, have you ever thought that if I leave today, my little brothers are going to come again? You might be able to protect boss Yamazaki once, but can you protect him every time? ” Hiroshi asked with a smile.

”….. ” It was also because of this reason that Hiratsuka didn ’t directly beat him.

”Also, your three friends are good. They all look gorgeous, ” Hiroshi said while looking at Satomi, Aina, and Chihiro.

”….. ” Hiratsuka ’s expression became ugly, and she didn ’t expect this man to threaten her directly.

”Beauty, my hand was really hurt before. You might be strong, and even if you can beat me with many of my younger brothers, can you really protect the three of them safely? ” Hiroshi touched the back of his hand that had been slapped by Hiratsuka, and he could see that it turned blue, showing how powerful Hiratsuka was.

”… ” Hiratsuka ’s expression became even more ugly.

”Shizuka, you don ’t need to care about us, ” Satomi said weakly.

”… ” Aina ’s expression also became ugly.

In fact, the four of them had encountered similar situations several times. Still, each time they were quickly resolved by Hiratsuka, so for a long time, they had been very confident with Hiratsuka ’s power, so they thought that this time would be the same, but they didn ’t expect that this time would be so difficult.

”Beauty, you drink this cup of ”sake, ” then I ’ll leave immediately, and I won ’t even come here again this month, alright? If you drink this, the cleaning fee for Boss Yamazaki will be paid this month. What do you think? ” Hiroshi showed a kind smile and pushed the cup of ”sake ” to Hiratsuka again.

”Shizuka, you can ’t drink! ” Chihiro, who had woken up, stood up swayingly, her eyes dim, and she still hadn ’t come out from her drunk state.

Hiratsuka glanced at the three of them and gave them a relief expression, then grabbed the cup of ”sake ” on the table and drank it directly.

”Okay, haha! Great! ” Hiroshi clapped his hands and laughed happily when he saw Hiratsuka drinking it.

”Get out! ” Hiratsuka glared at the other party.

Hiroshi smiled, didn ’t speak, or express anything, just looked at her quietly.

Hiratsuka frowned, wondering what this guy wanted to do?

”You…. ” When Hiratsuka wanted to beat this guy up, suddenly she felt her legs weaken and fell directly on the chair next to the store.

”Shizuka! ” Satomi ’s face became pale.

”Shizuka! ” Aina rushed over quickly and directly supported Hiratsuka, who was about to fall from behind.

”Shizuka! ” Chihiro ’s expression also became ugly.

Hiratsuka struggled to stand up, but she was so helpless that she could only do nothing.

”Haha! ” Hiroshi, who saw this scene, laughed again.

Faced with this sudden change, Hiratsuka couldn ’t react to what had happened. Then after a while, she looked at the cup of ”sake ” that she had just drunk. ”When is this.. when? ” She couldn ’t understand what was happening, the ”sake ” that the yakuza had brought was a new bottle from the counter, and it was just being opened, so it was new…

”Are you saying when there is something more in the ”sake ”? ” Hiroshi ’s smile became brighter, and he was very satisfied with his work.

”Shizuka! ” Chihiro, who was still very dizzy, struggled to stand up, blocking in the middle between Hiroshi and Hiratsuka.

”Beauty, although you ’re also very beautiful, I prefer the long straight black-haired beauty behind you, but if you really like me so much, I don ’t mind you joining my bed is very big! ” Hiroshi looked at Chihiro in front of him and Hiratsuka behind her with a smile on his face, as if he had eaten them.

”With your edamame bean size dick, how can you satisfy them? Give them to me. ”

”…. ”

Suddenly the tense atmosphere became awkward, and some of them couldn ’t help but laugh, but Hiroshi, who was being insulted, was furious and turned his head. ”What did you say, ba– ” Before he finished his words, he saw the sole of the shoes right in front of him became closer and closer, before it hit his face, broke his nose, and broke a lot of his teeth.


Hiroshi was thrown and fell to the ground.

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