I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 152 - Chihiro Your Nephew Is Too Amazing Right?

The scene in front of them shocked them, especially Hiroshi ’s subordinates. They had been looking at their boss with a smile, so they didn ’t realize that this young man suddenly appeared and kicked their boss until his face deformed.

”It hurts! ” Hiroshi ’s voice suddenly reverberated through the store. He was crying and screaming in pain like a girl. After all, he didn ’t pass out directly, so he felt all the pain from his broken nose and teeth. Holding his deformed face, he cried out, couldn ’t handle the pain.​​

There was a young man who stood there with an expressionless expression in the middle of the shop.

”Shishio! ” Chihiro felt relieved when she saw the young man who appeared and kicked Hiroshi. She ignored Hiroshi and even felt that it was good her nephew was beating that guy up.

Hiratsuka, Aina, and Satomi, who heard Chihiro ’s voice, didn ’t expect that the one who had shown such a beautiful kick to Hiroshi before was Chihiro ’s nephew, who they had just discussed before.

’So handsome…. ’

On the mind of the three women quickly thought when they saw Shishio ’s face, then they remembered that they were wondering whether they should get him, but when the real person appeared, they couldn ’t help but blush.

Chihiro didn ’t notice the abnormality of her three girlfriends. Even if she found out, she didn ’t know what was going on. After all, when her three girlfriends were secretly considering eating her nephew, she was already drunk and fell asleep. She wanted to ask Shishio, but…

”You bastard! ”

”You dare to beat our Kitakata family?! ”

”Do you want to die?! ”

Hiroshi ’s subordinates quickly became furious when they saw their boss was beaten. Well, they had to admit that it felt comfortable when they saw their boss was beaten, but their organization needed a face, so they quickly surrounded Shishio to beat him up.

Some of them directly took out their knife, and some of them directly wanted to beat him up. And when they saw Shishio ’s face, they couldn ’t help but feel jealous, thinking that they should make one or two scars.

”Shishio! ” Chihiro quickly panicked when she saw that there were still also people there.

Shishio didn ’t say much. Instead, he grabbed the stool on the ground and directly smashed it on one of the yakuza.


When the stool smashed his head, he directly passed out and collapsed on the ground.

”Bastard! ”

”Die! ”

Shishio threw the stool toward the guy holding the knife, and that stool directly hit the guy ’s face and broke some of his teeth.

”It hurts! ”

As for the last one, Shishio directly punched this guy ’s face, then grabbed his hair before he slammed into the table inside the store.


The table cracked into two, but Shishio didn ’t stop until this guy ’s face smashed into the ground.

The guy passed out directly with a bloody head.

Shishio then stood up and clapped his hands, but then, he looked at the last guy who tried to hurt his aunt.

”Bastard! Don ’t you think that I ’ll let you stay alive! Once I get back, I ’ll call everyone, beat you up, and let **** all of those — ” Hiroshi, whose face was bloody and deformed, had already gone crazy and couldn ’t think straight. All on his head was only revenge, and he wanted to see him in despair, then threw him to the Tokyo Bay, but he forgot whether he could get out of this place or not.

Hiroshi didn ’t finish his words, but his nuts were kicked directly by Shishio!

”!!! ” Yamazaki, who saw this scene, became pale quickly and held his nether region with an ugly expression.

Hiroshi wanted to scream, but Shishio punched his face.

Shishio grabbed his collar and said, ”You want to kill me? Then **** them? However, before that, how about I send you to Yama (King of Hell in Japan)? ” With his ”Bajiaquan Mastery ” and ”Orthopaedics Mastery, ” he directly made this guy ’s face become even deformed and gave him many hidden injuries inside his body, slowly tutoring him without letting him pass out.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*

Only the sound of his fist met Hiroshi ’s flesh was heard, which made everyone nervous and scared.

”Shishio, stop! Stop! You ’re going to kill him! ” Chihiro ignored her dizzy head and quickly hugged Shishio to stop him.

When Chihiro hugged him, Shishio also stopped and let go of Hiroshi. He threw him on the ground, and his breath was quite heavy. His eyes were red. His state was very wrong at that moment. He was just furious when he thought that this guy dared to threaten him. He then kicked this guy ’s body for the last time and said, ”You ’re just trash, but you dare to threaten me? ”

”Stop! Stop, alright! You ’re going to kill him! ” Chihiro didn ’t want Shishio to become a criminal and lost his future because of those trashes, so she needed to stop him.

Shishio tried to calm himself and said, ”I have stopped. ”

”Really? You won ’t beat them again? ” Chihiro asked.

”I won ’t, but don ’t let go of me since I might beat him up again, ” Shishio said since he might really kill this guy directly here if Chihiro really let him go.

”… ” Chihiro nodded and hugged him so tightly that this guy wouldn ’t do anything stupid. Still, it felt very comfortable to hug him.

”Boss, can you make me sour or something? ” Shishio asked since he needed a drink to calm down.

”You bastard! You are underage! How can you ask for alcohol?! ” Chihiro directly scolded Shishio.

”Then Calpis, do you have Calpis? ” Shishio asked.

”Ah, yes, I have it, wait a moment, ” Yamasaki quickly said since he was terrified of Shishio!

”Good, drink Calpis, calm yourself, ” Chihiro said with a sigh of relief. Still, then she looked at the group of yakuza that had fallen on the ground, wondering what they could do at this moment since she was afraid that Shishio might be charged with excessive self-defense, but then Shishio patted her back, trying to reassure her.

”Don ’t worry, I can take care of myself, ” Shishio said while patting Chihiro ’s head.

Chihiro also calmed down, the dizziness on her head also slowly disappeared, and she also felt comfortable, but then she quickly slapped his hand away. ”I ’m your aunt! How can you pat my head! ”

Shishio ignored Chihiro ’s words, sat down on the stool, and took out his phone to call someone, but at the same time, he felt weird. After all, the area where he was living was quite good. Even though it wasn ’t as good as Chiyoda, Minato, and Chuo, there were still many polices that patrolled around in the surrounding area, but why did he meet those trashes several times?

”Hey, don ’t ignore me! ” Chihiro was annoyed when she saw that Shishio ignored her.

”…. ” Hiratsuka, Satomi, and Aina saw this scene and wondered why it felt like they saw a couple or something, but they had to admit that they were jealous of Chihiro at that moment.

”Hello? I have some trouble, can you help me to clean them up? Yeah, wear a disguise… wait a moment… ” Shishio looked at the store owner and asked, ”Where is the address of this place? ”

”Ah! ” Yamazaki, who prepared the Calpis, was startled, but quickly said, ”It ’s at…. ”

Shishio nodded, then said, ”Did you hear it? ” He then looked at Yamazaki and said, ”By the way, I like my Calpis strong. ”

”Um, don ’t worry, ” Yamazaki said without hesitation.

Shishio then talked for a while then suddenly asked, ”Right, which family does this trash belong to? ”

”Ah, it ’s the Kitakata family, ” Yamazaki said. Still, there was a lot of conspiracy in his mind, wondering who this young man was, wondering whether he was a young master at a bigger yakuza organization or something.

Shishio nodded and talked for a bit before he ended his call.

Chihiro looked at Shishio with some confusion and asked, ”Who is that? ”

”My friends, ” Shishio said simply. ”Don ’t worry about this matter, but are you alright, Chihiro-nee? You ’re not hurt, right? ”

Chihiro also sighed in relief and thought that it might be Shishio ’s grandpa ’s friend, and when he was with him, she also relaxed, feeling secure with him beside her. ”No, I ’m alright. It ’s great that you ’re here. ”

Shishio nodded then looked at Chihiro ’s friends. ”Sorry to scare you before, but are you three alright? ”

”Um, don ’t worry, we ’re alright, thank you, Oga-kun, ” Satomi said with her best smile, forgetting all the things that had happened before and thought of him as her prince in white horse. She looked at Chihiro, who sat next to Shishio and gave her a wink several times, but Chihiro ignored this woman directly.

”But is this matter really alright? ” Aina asked.

”Who did you call? ” Hiratsuka asked.

”It ’s going to be here soon. ” Shishio didn ’t answer their question.

”Young master, this is your Calpis, ” Yamazaki said and quickly served Shishio ’s Calpis respectfully.

”….. ” Shishio.

”I ’m not a young master, but whatever, ” Shishio said and drank the Calpis to calm his nerve. It might not be related, but Calpis is a Japanese uncarbonated soft drink produced by Shishio ’s company too, so he ordered this drink, and it tasted surprisingly good. He drank his cold Calpis, and somehow he felt calm down.

”You alright now? ” Chihiro asked worriedly.

”I ’m alright, ” Shishio said, then suddenly everyone heard the siren of a police car.

”Huh? Police?! ”

Hiratsuka, Satomi, Aina, Chihiro, and Yamazaki were dumbfounded when they heard the siren of the police car, after all, in their minds, they thought that Shishio ’s friend was a yakuza or something, even though it was bad, it was better than police since they were afraid that Shishio might be caught of excessive self-defense.

Everyone was nervous, and it didn ’t take a long time before the police entered the store and saluted toward Shishio.

”Take them, ” Shishio said simply.

”Yes! ”

The police nodded, then grabbed the yakuza there without hesitation, then left directly after giving a salute to Shishio. There was no question. There was no talking. They only took the yakuza and gave a salute to Shishio before they left.

Shishio looked at the work of his ”Private Military Company ” and had to admit that he was very satisfied. As for what they did with that trash, he didn ’t care much, but he needed to teach them that in this world, there was someone that they couldn ’t afford to offend.

”….. ”

Chihiro had a lot of questions on her mind, but one thing for sure, she was glad that this matter had ended. Still, there was one question that she needed to ask no matter what. ”Shishio, why are you here? ” She looked at Shishio in confusion, since she didn ’t know the fact that her friends had just stolen her mobile phone to make a call to him.

”Chihiro-nee, your friend just called me on your phone and said that you were drunk, ” Shishio said.

”Satomi… ” Chihiro looked at Satomi angrily, and since she knew that Satomi was the only one who could do such a thing.

”No… it ’s not me! It ’s Shizuka! ” Satomi quickly blamed everything on Hiratsuka.

”Shizuka? ” Chihiro looked at Hiratsuka, who collapsed on Aina ’s arms in surprise since she didn ’t expect that Hiratsuka would be the one who did it.

”….. ” Hiratsuka.

Hiratsuka only realized what a plastic friend was at that moment.

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