I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 154 - If The Wall Isnt Thin Then I Might Go For It

”See you later, Shishio-kun! ” Satomi said with a smile while waving her hand.

”Bye, Shishio. ” Aina nodded with a smile.​​

Both of them left together, but in their minds, they thought that Shishio was becoming more mysterious, which made them wonder who he was, and at the same time, they knew that Shishio was a perfect husband candidate.

”See you later, Satomi-nee, Aina-nee. ” Shishio waved his hand with a smile, looking at two charming women, then he turned, looking at the other two women again. ”Well, Chihiro-nee, Hiratasuka-sensei, should we go back? ”

Inside the store, Chihiro looked at Shishio with a complicated expression, and her nephew became more and more mysterious. Still, she suddenly remembered her big sister ’s words telling her that Shishio loved to gamble. ’Don ’t tell me? ’

Hiratsuka didn ’t think too much about the money. After all, when she heard that Shishio was the grandson of the general in JSDF, she knew that he didn ’t lack money, but she felt that it was a bit too much since this guy could take out two million yen without blinking, which made her more curious about him.

”Well, I want to go back, but I can ’t carry Shizuka, ” Chihiro said helplessly while supporting Hiratsuka ’s body.

”Hey? You can ’t carry me? Then what should I do? ” Hiratsuka quickly asked since she couldn ’t move her body at this moment.

”I ’m just a weak woman. What do you want me to do? Even though I have said the distance between this restaurant and Sakurasou isn ’t far, I can ’t carry you that long, ” Chihiro said, but that was the truth. After all, she was just a weak woman, and unlike Hiratsuka, she didn ’t practice martial arts.

”Ugh… ” Hiratsuka also wasn ’t sure what to do.

”Then do you want me to carry you, Hiratsuka-sensei? ” Shishio asked.

”Eh? ” 2x

Chihiro was surprised, but Hiratsuka ’s cheeks were flushed.

”Chihiro, you can carry me, right? ” Hiratsuka begged, after all, if Shishio carried her, their skin would touch each other, and their distance would be so close, she was very nervous when she thought about it.

Chihiro didn ’t answer Hiratsuka, but even though she didn ’t like the idea of Shishio carrying another woman, Hiratsuka was her good friend, and she even thought of her as a sister, with Hiratsuka ’s condition, it was also impossible to bring her back by herself so…

Chihiro nodded and said, ”Shishio, carry her back to Sakurasou, can you? ”

”Sure. ” Shishio nodded.

”Huh? ” Hiratsuka was dumbfounded. ”Chihiro… Chihiro, I… I can go by myself! ” She was extremely fragile at that moment, and she had lost her usual strength. She was more like a shy little girl, struggling to stand up, but her legs were soft and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Shishio quickly supported her.

”Sensei, do you hate me? ” Shishio asked directly.

”No… no, I don ’t hate you… but… ” Hiratsuka was very nervous at this moment, resting on his chest, struggling to get up. Still, she didn ’t have strength, so she could only lay on his chest weakly, which somehow made her become even more nervous, but she had to admit that he smelled really good, and she could feel that his body was strong.

”So let me help you, alright? ” Shishio then didn ’t hesitate and carried Hiratsuka in his arms directly.

”Huh? ” Shizuka thought that she would be carried piggyback, but she didn ’t expect that she would be carried in princess carry style!

”Wh – Why are you carrying me this way?! ” Hiratsuka was so flustered!

”It ’s easier this way, ” Shishio said simply, but in truth, he was afraid that if he piggybacked her, his dick might get hard, considering how her chest might be pressed into his back later. ”Chihiro-nee, let ’s go back. ”

”Ah, um… ” Chihiro frowned, but she didn ’t say much. Looking at Hiratsuka, who acted like a shy little girl, she let out a sigh, but as her good friend, she knew that even though Hiratsuka might have a strong attack, her defense was simply zero, she thought for a bit and looked at Hiratsuka and Shishio for a while. She felt that it might be good to match them up.

The night breeze was quite cold, and the moon was quite beautiful, but the woman in his arms was more beautiful.

Hiratsuka felt very relaxed in his arms and felt that it was great on his arms, but at the same time, she was very shy at this moment and didn ’t dare to say anything, especially when Chihiro was right beside her since she was afraid that Chihiro might tease her later, but she had to admit that Shishio was very handsome, especially when she could see him from a close distance.

Shishio somehow wanted to hug Hiratsuka tighter, but he knew that he couldn ’t do that. He looked at Chihiro and asked, ”Chihiro-nee, you have been walking strangely. Are you alright? ”

”I ’m alright. You don ’t need to worry too much, ” Chihiro said while holding her head. She put her hand on the wall on the side and pressed her temple lightly. Still, even though she had said that she might support both Hiratsuka and Shishio, she felt quite bitter and wasn ’t in a good mood since she was quite jealous of Hiratsuka, who was carried in his arms.

”If you want, I can carry you too, ” Shishio said.

”Huh? ” 2x

Hiratsuka and Chihiro were dumbfounded.

”Excuse me. ” Shishio changed Hiratsuka ’s position and carried her with one arm, and his other hand also tried to reach Chihiro and carried her with his other arm. This process was so sudden and so smooth that Chihiro was dumbfounded, and suddenly she was resting on his arm at this moment while staring at Hiratsuka, who was also being carried on his other arm.

”….. ” Hiratsuka and Chihiro looked at each other and thought that Shishio was too strong, right?

In truth, with his strength, it was quite a workout to carry both Hiratsuka and Chihiro at the same time. Still, with his ”Balance Mastery, ” it was very easy for him. After all, he could know which angle and the part were the easiest to carry with this ability.

Hiratsuka and Chihiro put their hands on Shishio ’s shoulders, and somehow their cheeks were flushed at that moment.

”Oh, right, Chihiro-nee, I have brought a new tenant, ” Shishio suddenly said.

”New tenant? Who? ” Chihiro asked with a frown.

”You know about Mashiro ’s condition, right, Chihiro-nee? So I have asked their family, and when we discuss with each other, we have decided to send her a maid, she ’s at Sakurasou now, I ’ll introduce you to her later, ” Shishio said.

”Maid, huh? ” Chihiro nodded and also knew that it was necessary to send a maid to Shiina. She then looked at Shishio and asked, ”Shishio, are you going out gambling again? ”

”Huh? Gamble? ” Hiratsuka was dumbfounded, looking at Shishio before she was thinking about Chihiro ’s cousin whose condition was like a toddler, after all, Chihiro had told Shiina ’s story to her, so she didn ’t feel that much surprised if there was a maid to take care of her, but when she heard about a gamble, she frowned. She was the guidance counselor of Shishio ’s school, and she couldn ’t allow her student to do something bad. Staring at Shishio, she looked at him, waiting for his answer.

Shishio looked at Chihiro weirdly and asked, ”Why do you think that I have gambled? ”

”Because you ’ve taken out 2 million yen without hesitation, tell me did you stay out last night to gamble or something? ” Chihiro asked while starting at Shishio.

Shishio looked at Chihiro for a bit and said, ”In truth, I have stopped gambling now. ”

”Then? Where did you go last night? ” Chihiro asked.

”I have really gone out to meet various people in business circles. I might stop gambling, but I ’m doing something else now, Chihiro-nee, which is why I don ’t lack money, ” Shishio said.

”What did you do? ” Hiratsuka asked curiously.

”I do stock, trading, investment, and a lot more, ” Shishio said simply.

”….. ” Chihiro and Hiratsuka.

”But… ”

Shishio quickly interrupted and said, ”I know that you ’re worried about it, I know it is very risky, but it is very rewarding. ”

Chihiro and Hiratsuka looked at Shishio, and there was no hesitation, very confident, which made their heartbeat move so fast.

”Just how much do you have now? ” Chihiro asked curiously.

”It ’s enough for me to marry someone and live with her forever without worrying about anything, ” Shishio said simply.

”… ” Chihiro and Hiratsuka thought that this guy was simply their dream husband.

”Say, with your net worth, is it possible to take care of the four of us? ” Chihiro suddenly asked.

”Huh? ” 2x

Hiratsuka and Shishio were dumbfounded.

”You mean, Chihiro-nee, Hiratsuka-sensei, Satomi-nee, and Aina-nee too? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” Chihiro nodded and asked, ”Can you? ”

Shishio was surprised, but then he nodded without hesitation. ”Can. ”

”Then can you marry us together? ” Chihiro asked with a smile.

”What are you talking about, Chihiro?! ” Hiratsuka couldn ’t comprehend what her friend was thinking. She roared with a flushed face.

”If you want, how about we register our marriage directly to the government office, Chihiro-nee, Hiratsuka-sensei, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”…. ” Hiratsuka couldn ’t say anything and stared at Shishio with a blush on her face, but at the same time, this guy was a bastard, right?

Chihiro snorted but laid her chest lazily on his face, giving him a burst of fragrance from her body. ”I was just joking, don ’t take it seriously. ”

”I was joking too, ” Shishio said with a smile and rubbed his head slightly since it felt nice when her chest was on his face.

Chihiro looked at Shishio and knew that this guy wasn ’t a good guy, but she didn ’t say much when she saw him rubbing his face on her chest since she was the one who gave him a chance. Still, why was he her nephew? If their relationship wasn ’t with an aunt or nephew, then without hesitation, she was going to eat him. After all, he was simply her dream husband.

Hiratsuka somehow sighed in relief when she heard that both of them were joking.

”You ’re not tired? ” Chihiro asked.

”I was tired before, but now, I ’m full of energy, ” Shishio said cheekily, rubbing his face on Chihiro ’s chest.

Chihiro snorted while looking at him amusedly. ”Thank you, and think of that as your reward. ”

Shishio looked at his aunt, and somehow she was so beautiful tonight. ”No problem. ”

”…. ” Hiratsuka looked at the two of them, and she had to admit that she was quite jealous since she could see how close the relationship between the two was. Still, she didn ’t notice Shishio, who was rubbing his face on Chihiro ’s chest at that moment. If she knew that, she might knock his head directly.

It didn ’t take a long time before they arrived at Sakurasou, and as expected, Shishio arrived quite late because of that incident. ”Can you help me to open the door? ” Both of his hands were preoccupied, and he couldn ’t open the door after all.

”Un. ” Chihiro nodded and opened the door, but someone opened the door first before she opened the door.

”Shishio-sama. ”

In front of them, Roberta seemed to be very worried, staring at Shishio, and asked, ”Where have you been? ” She was very worried when she didn ’t receive his call and thought that someone had happened.

”Well, there ’s a problem earlier. You don ’t need to worry since it has been resolved, Roberta, ” Haru said.

”That ’s good. ” Roberta nodded, but then she noticed the two women in Shishio ’s arms.

Chihiro and Hiratsuka also looked at Roberta, staring at her curiously. After all, they didn ’t expect that the maid that Shishio told them before would be wearing a maid uniform.

The three of them stared at each other, and they weren ’t sure what to say.

”How about we enter first? It ’s quite cold outside, ” Shishio said, and somehow he felt that his arms were a bit numb since he had carried the two all the time, but he had to admit that it was a quite good and rewarding experience since he could touch their butts along the way before. Still, looking at two beautiful women in his arms, he was wondering why the two of them hadn ’t married until now?

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