I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 154 - If The Wall Isnt Thin Then I Might Go For It

ss and said, ”Do you need to change your clothes first? If so, then I ’ll go out. ”

”No, it is alright, you can stay, Shishio-sama, ” Roberta said.

”… ” Shishio looked at Roberta, who didn ’t show much of a change in expression when she uttered those words. ”Is that okay? ”

”Why not? Or do you have an interest in me? ” Roberta asked.

”Um, Roberta, you should realize that you ’re a beautiful woman, and I ’m a healthy young man. Something might happen between us, just by staying in the same room together, ” Shishio said.

”What kind of thing? ” Roberta simply asked.

”….. ” Shishio.

”Well, let ’s just change our clothes together, I won ’t lose anything even if I see you naked, and you have seen me naked after all, ” Shishio said. He knew that this woman knew what he meant but pretended didn ’t know. He sighed and was wondering why he had a feeling that he might be attacked tonight.

”Un. ” Roberta simply nodded and put down her suitcase on the side, taking off her rosary and her other attires gently on the side.

Shishio shook his head and also took off his clothes while facing the opposite of Roberta ’s direction.

Roberta let loose of her braided hair, then turned her head to see Shishio ’s body from behind. She had to admit that no matter how many times that she had seen it, his body was so good. She wanted to touch it, but she knew that she couldn ’t. After all, he was her master.

Shishio, who had changed his clothes, took off the futon from his wardrobe, then said, ”Roberta, you sleep on the bed, I ’ll sleep on the futon since you might not get used to the futon. ”

”No, how can I let you sleep on the futon, Shishio-sama? ” Roberta quickly rejected.

”I ’m your master. Just follow my words, alright? ” Shishio said directly.

Roberta wanted to say something, but in the end, she could only nod. ”Um. ” If Shishio saw her face at this moment, then he would realize that she was pouting at this moment.

”Then go to my bed and sleep, and have you changed your clothes? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” Roberta nodded.

Shishio turned his head and was dumbfounded when he saw Roberta was only wearing her underwear. ”You…! ” He quickly turned his head and tried to calm himself, but he quickly squatted down since his dick became hard. He took a deep breath and asked quietly, ”Why the hell aren ’t you wearing anything? ”

”I don ’t wear clothes when I sleep, ” Roberta said with a smile when she saw Shishio ’s reaction.

’This succubus… ’ Shishio was wondering whether Roberta ’s intention to sleep in his room was to seduce him. ”Go to my bed and cover yourself with a blanket. ”

Regardless, Shishio was thankful for Roberta now.

”Un. ” Roberta nodded and went to Shishio ’s bed, taking off her bra, and laid on it while covering herself with a blanket, smelling it deeply and secretly, feeling very comfortable.

Shishio looked at Roberta and sighed. ”You ’re lucky that we ’re at Sakursou. If you show me this at my apartment or hotel, then I might attack you. ” The wall on the Sakurasou was very thin, and his room was between Sorata and Ryuunosuke. He was sure that if he really fucked Roberta, both of them, no, entire Sakurasou might have heard it. After all, he was quite wild on the bed.

”I don ’t mind if you attack me now. ” Roberta turned and looked at Shishio with a smile.

Shishio was stunned when he saw Roberta ’s smile. After all, he had only seen her indifference and calm expression before, so this smile was very refreshing to see, and it was so beautiful. ”Just sleep. ”

”Un. ” Roberta nodded and closed the curtain on Shishio ’s room.

Shishio also locked the door before he slept on the futon since he didn ’t want someone to suddenly enter his room.

”By the way, Shishio-sama. ”

”Hmm? ”

”Is the reason why you stay here is because of your aunt? ” Roberta asked.

”Why do you ask? ” Shishio turned and looked at Roberta.

”It ’s just that your apartment building is better, right? ” Roberta asked.

”That place is indeed several times better than this old building, but I feel this place is more comfortable now, ” Shishio said.

”Why is that? ” Roberta asked.

”It should be because I ’m not alone here, I have a lot of precious people around me in this place, and while it is true that I don ’t like some people who are living here, this place is like home for me now, ” Shishio said, then looked at the ceiling. ”Well, if I have someone who can accompany me to live together in my apartment building, then I will move there. ” For now, he just didn ’t want to be alone even though he tried to hide his loneliness by saying that he wanted to be the strongest or the richest when in truth, he might just want someone to accompany him in this world.

”I ’ll always be with you, Shishio-sama, ” Roberta said.

”….. ” Shishio looked at Roberta, and his expression was quite complex. In the past, he tried not to become a scumbag so he wouldn ’t make a girl feel sad, then when he saw a lot of girls, their smiles, how fun it was to be together with them, and knowing their feelings toward him. If he only chose one, then he would make the others sad, so he needed to become a scumbag if he wanted to make all of them happy. He knew that it was bad, but he would be responsible for them.

Shishio closed his eyes for a while, then made up his mind. ”I ’ll be with you too, Roberta. ”

Roberta ’s smile bloomed at that moment, then she asked, ”Should we sleep together? ”

”Just sleep, alright? ” Shishio was speechless.

Roberta nodded, smiling, still looking at his face before she closed her eyes to sleep and knew that she had a very good sleep tonight.

”…. ” Shishio was wondering whether he would be attacked again tonight. He shook his head and looked at the rewards that he had received before. ’Well, let ’s just accept it. ’ He closed his eyes and accepted all the rewards that he had gotten and had to admit that he had won many things tonight.

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