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Chapter 156 - Sakurasou Is Very Peaceful Today

Mitaka ’s pale face, she knew that it was because of his excessive indulgence, but as long as it didn ’t cause trouble to the school, she didn ’t really bother to say anything, and she was also too lazy to talk with this kind of student.

Sorata also entered the kitchen and saw everyone was there. ”Good morning. ”

”Good morning, ” everyone said at the same time.

When Chihiro saw Sorata, she asked, ”Kanda, you have decided to move out after you have found the owners of your cats? ”

”Ah! ” Sorata was surprised by this question, but then he asked, ”How did you know, Sensei? ”

Chihiro pointed at the flyers on the table and didn ’t say much.

Sorata looked at the flyers on the table then nodded. ”Well, yes, I have always wanted to move out, after all. ” He felt a bit uncomfortable, but he still nodded, after all, he wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible.

”Is that so? ” Chihiro nodded and didn ’t say much. ”Well, you should be able to find the owners of those cats with Shishio helping you. ” She knew that it would happen so she didn ’t react that much.

”I – I see… ” Sorata ’s expression was quite bad when Chihiro mentioned Shishio.

Mitaka looked at Sorata and didn ’t say much. In truth, his condition was quite similar to Sorata, but unlike Sorata, there was no Shishio at his time, and he was coming to Sakurasou because he wanted to chase after Misaki, though he wouldn ’t say that since he felt that he was still unworthy of her.

”By the way, Jin, have you finished it? ” Misaki suddenly asked.

Hearing Misaki ’s question, Jin ’s expression which was quite calm before suddenly became broken, but it quickly returned back to normal. ”Not yet, it ’ll be done soon. ”

Misaki nodded and said, ”Well, don ’t force yourself too much. ”

”Yes, thank you, Misaki. ” Jin smiled and nodded.

Misaki nodded and didn ’t say much, but in truth, she was a bit impatient about her script, but since her childhood friend wanted to be the one who did her anime that much, she would give him a chance. ”Shishio! Shishio! When is breakfast ready? I ’m already very hungry! ” She then looked at Shishio and asked again since the delicious smell from the kitchen was very unbearable for her.

Jin looked at Misaki who returned to her usual state and wondered why she suddenly wanted to create a romance anime, but he didn ’t think too much since he knew that what he needed to do was to create the best script so he could match her. He closed his eyes and started to imagine a romance story that could match Misaki ’s skill and in truth, he felt quite confident at this moment, after all, he had a lot of experience of romance, and he thought that he could create a great script with this theme. He then looked at Misaki, who bothered Shishio, and couldn ’t help but imagine how amazed she was at that time. ’Just wait, Misaki. ’

”Shishio. ”

Then Shiina entered the kitchen and walked toward Shishio, who was in the kitchen.

”Good – Good morning, Oga-kun… ” Ritsu also greeted Shishio, but her face was so red since she remembered what had happened last night. She didn ’t dare to meet his eyes and lowered her head shyly.

Roberta also followed behind and entered the dining room too.

When Roberta appeared, it caused both Mitaka and Sorata to become surprised.

”Maid?! ” 2x

Chihiro saw their expression and said, ”Her name is Roberta. She ’s a maid that is hired to take care of Mashiro. ”

”Huh? ” 2x

Mitaka and Sorata were dumbfounded since it was their first time meeting a real maid, but when they thought about Shiina ’s condition, they felt that it was necessary, but at the same time, they also felt that it was quite exaggerated.

Mitaka might not think too much, after all, he knew about Shiina ’s real identity, but Sorata was confused, wondering whether Shiina was coming from a rich family since her family could hire a maid to take care of her.

Roberta gave a slight nod to Mitaka and Sorata, then walked toward Shishio since she wanted to help him.

”Shishio, Shishio, ” Shiina called out Shishio softly.

”What ’s wrong, Mashiro? ” Shishio looked at Shiina while cooking.

”Can you do my hair? ” Shiina asked.

”Sure. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”Wait a moment, I ’ll help you once I ’m ready with breakfast. ”

”Un. ” Shiina nodded.

”Roberta, can you take Mashiro out of the kitchen? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes, Shishio-sama. ” Roberta stood next to Shiina and said, ”Come on, Mashiro. Let ’s not bother, Shishio-sama. ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded.

Hiratsuka looked at Shiina and frowned, wondering who this girl was, after all, she had asked Shishio to do her hair, but the question that was about to come out stopped when she smelled a delicious smell from the kitchen.

”Breakfast is ready, ” Shishio said and brought various dishes to the dining room.

”Yay! ” Misaki was full of happiness and looked at the salt grilled salmon, white rice, pumpkin miso soup, rolled eggs, cucumber pickles, and a spinach salad with a sesame dressing on the table. She couldn ’t help but gulp her saliva, thinking how delicious that breakfast was.

Mayumi, Chihiro, Ritsu, and Shiina already wanted to eat all the food in front of her.

As for Hiratsuka, she couldn ’t help but cast a gaze at Shishio since one of her criteria for a husband was that he must be good at cooking, and she could see that Shishio was really good at cooking. She blushed and wasn ’t sure what to do now, even though she tried to reject him since the difference between ages, and their status as a student and a teacher, her body was honest and she knew that she wanted him.

”Roberta, sit down and eat too, ” Shishio said.

”Yes, Shishio-sama. ” Roberta nodded and also joined him to eat since Shishio had prepared her breakfast.

Shishio sat down, then looked at Mitaka and Sorata who looked at the breakfast enviously. ”Sorry, Mitaka-senpai, Kanda-kun, there aren ’t many ingredients. ”

”….. ” What could both Mitaka and Sorata say? They could only nod and sigh reluctantly, watching everyone ate Shishio ’s food happily.

Shishio then noticed Shiro-san, who was sitting on the side, and felt surprised since he didn ’t notice him before. ”Huh? Shiro-san? Since when are you here? ”

Shiro-san ’s breathing was very heavy, and his face was flushed in excitement. ”You don ’t need to worry, Shishio-kun, it ’s great that everyone is ignoring me. ”

”….. ”

Everyone did what Shiro-san did and ignored him, then continued to eat, while Shishio thought that Sakurasou was very peaceful today.

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