”Is it only me, or are there a lot of people who are looking at us? ” Misaki asked while looking around curiously.

”No, it isn ’t your imagination, Senpai. There are a lot of people who are looking at us, ” Ritsu said and looked at Shishio with a sigh. She knew that this guy was very handsome, and it was quite common for them to be a center of attention, but she had never cared much about people ’s gaze, so she simply ignored it.​​

”I mean, isn ’t that normal? There are a lot of beautiful girls here, of course, and our group will attract attention, ” Shishio said simply, ignoring the fact that he was also the cause of this attention too.

They blushed lightly when they heard Shishio ’s words, but Chihiro sighed and said, ”I wonder how many girls that you have seduced with this mouth? ” She stared at Shishio, and even though she was happy with his praise, this nonchalant praise had an area-of-effect, so the one who was affected wasn ’t only her, but the girls in their group too were caught by his attack.

Sorata had a very hard time maintaining his expression so he wouldn ’t show his jealousy on his face. At that moment, he knew that the one who was being stared at by a lot of girls wasn ’t him, but rather, Shishio, which somehow made his face become uglier even though his face was already ugly at that moment.

Mitaka was quite popular. After all, his soft contour, giving him an image of a handsome young man, but compared to Shishio, he realized that his popularity was simply minuscule.

”By the way, Sorata, is the phone number on the flyer yours? ” Shishio suddenly asked.

”Ah, yeah! That ’s mine…. ” Sorata nodded quickly while trying to maintain his expression.

”Ok, then. ” Shishio nodded.

”Now that you mention it, what flyers are on your hands? ” Ritsu asked curiously.

”It ’s Kanda-kun ’s flyers. He wants to search for someone to adopt his cat so he can move out from Sakurasou, so I have decided to help him, ” Shishio said.

”Hmm…. ” Ritsu nodded and didn ’t say much since her relationship with Sorata wasn ’t that close, and she didn ’t care much if Sorata moved out or not. After all, Sorata was only living in Sakurasou for a week.

”….. ” Sorata looked at everyone whose reaction was quite flat when they heard that he was going to move out. He might have clamored that he would escape from Sakurasou and moved out from that place, but when he saw everyone ’s reaction was so flat, and no one stopped him, he felt very complex at that moment, thinking that no one cared about him. His thought was very contradictory, he wanted to move out, yet he wanted someone to stop him too, but with just a week of living, there was no way for him to create a good relationship with everyone. After all, he wasn ’t Shishio, who had a high EQ and was very good at talking to people.

Sorata was just a normal boy who thought the world revolved around him when he just picked up a stray cat on the street.

”Well, Kanda-kun, don ’t enter the class first. Stay with me at the entrance of the school, and we ’ll distribute the flyers there, ” Shishio said.

”Huh? ” Sorata was dumbfounded.

”You want to move out quickly, right? Then I ’ll help you, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”You should go with Shishio. This guy is very good at talking to people. I ’m sure that you might be able to find the owners of those cats easily with him around, ” Chihiro said and thought that there would be a lot of girls who were going to take care of the cats that had been picked by Sorata with Shishio around.

”…. ” Sorata felt very complex at that moment, wondering whether everyone wanted him to move out as soon as possible, forgetting the fact that he was the one who wanted to move out as soon as possible.

Human nature is just like that. They ’re full of contradictions.

”Shishio, I ’ll help, ” Shiina said, looking at Shishio, hoping to help him.

”Shiina-san… ” When Sorata heard Shiina ’s words, he quickly became happy, thinking that he might have a chance to talk with her when they distributed the flyers, but…

”It ’s alright. You don ’t need to worry. ” Shishio patted Shiina ’s head gently, then looked at Sorata with a smile and said, ”We ’ll do well by ourselves, right, Kanda-kun? ” There was no way he would let Sorata be with Shiina, especially when this guy was about to move out, so it was better for Sorata not to have any relationship with Shiina at all. He was also quite worried about letting Shiina distribute the flyers, especially when he thought about how ignorant she was.

”Ah, yes… ” Looking at Shishio, who gave him such a response, Sorata could only give the nod, but his heart was bleeding at that moment. He wasn ’t someone who was decisive and brave. After all, in his brain, he thought what would happen if he was the one who asked Shiina ’s help? He was sure that everyone would look at him in doubt since everyone knew very well about Shiina ’s condition.

Shishio looked at Sorata and knew that this guy would move out sooner or later, so he thought to give him a surprise.

’What kind of surprise should I give? ’

Then before long, they arrived at Suimei, and as they had said before, Shishio and Sorata didn ’t enter the school immediately but stood at the entrance of the school to distribute the flyers.

”Well, see you later, Oga-kun, ” Ritsu said.

”Bye, bye, Shishio-kun! ”

”Don ’t be late to enter the school later. ”

Shiina, Misaki, Ritsu, Chihiro, and Hiratsuka said goodbye to Shishio then entered the class.

”Well, see you later, Oga-kun, Kanda-kun, ” Mitaka said.

”Un, see you later, Senpai. ” Shishio nodded.

”Yes, Senpai. ” Sorata nodded, but he wanted to complain since the girls didn ’t say anything toward him, was his presence so low that no one noticed him?

”Come on, Kanda-kun. Let ’s distribute the flyers as soon as possible, ” Shishio said.

”Ah, yes. ” Sorata nodded, but somehow, he just wanted to throw the flyers in his hands at this moment. It might be his imagination, but when he saw Shishio smiling at him, it was like Shishio was mocking him or playing him, or something like that. He wasn ’t sure, but he might have paranoia about Shishio.

If Shishio knew what Sorata was thinking, he would say that this guy was thinking too much, but that was the truth since he just wanted to laugh at this guy. He didn ’t like Sorata, that was the fact, so it was better to kick him out from Sakurasou, and he was sure that Sorata would be happy that way. After all, in the regular dorm, Sorata wouldn ’t be pressured like when he was living in Sakurasou.

Sorata could easily spend his normal and happy high school life when he was living in a regular dorm, rather than living in Sakurasou, where his mind was constantly tortured by the people around him.

Then without waiting anymore, Shishio started to distribute the flyers. ”Excuse me. We ’re looking for someone who can adopt a cat. ”

Sorata looked at Shishio, who distributed flyers without hesitation in the crowd, and even though he was slightly nervous, in the end, he moved forward and also started to distribute the flyers. ”Excuse me. We ’re looking for someone who can adopt a cat. ” He had made up his mind, and he had decided to move out from Sakurasou.

Shishio was very tall, and in the eyes of people, he was simply like a model that Sorata hired to distribute flyers. It could be said that the number of his flyers decreased at a very fast speed. After all, with just standing, many people would come toward him, but he also approached them, so his speed to distribute the flyers was very fast. He also didn ’t forget to explain and gave them a service smile, which made many girls blush and some guys too, but he ignored the guys who blushed at him.

Looking at the group of people that he had talked with, he was sure that among the people that he had distributed the flyers with, there would be a lot of them who would take Sorata ’s cats, and that way, Sorata would move out from Sakurasou as soon as possible.

Sorata was also distributing the flyers, but somehow the number was still a lot at the moment. He glanced at Shishio, who was talking with a group of males and females happily, and somehow, he felt that this guy was amazing, right? After all, with Shishio standing there, many people were quickly attracted by him, which made him feel that he was inferior again. Their ages were similar. They were in the same class, but why was there such a huge difference between them?

Shishio didn ’t know what Sorata was thinking nor did he care much about him. He was distributing his flyers, but then he heard a familiar voice, asking him a question.

”Hey, what are you doing? ”

Shishio turned and saw two girls that he had seen before. He didn ’t answer their question immediately but asked, ”Hmm… I have seen you two before, right? ”

”That ’s right! ” The glasses girl smiled and said, ”If I ’m not wrong, you ’re Shishio Oga, right? You have cut your hair that I almost do not recognize you. ” She looked up from up and down and thought that this guy was really a ”Seme ” (attacker on BL).

”Yes, my name is Shishio Oga. Nice to meet you two, ” Shishio said politely.

”My name is Yumiko Miura. Nice to meet you too, by the way. I ’m your senior, ” Yumiko said and observed Shishio secretly since this guy was more handsome than Hayato, right? Though she wouldn ’t admit it, after all, she felt that she would betray Hayato, and she wasn ’t an easy girl who would move to a different guy because someone was more handsome than her crush. But it wouldn ’t hurt to talk with him and glance at him secretly, right?

”Hello, hello, I ’m Hina Ebina, ” Ebina said with a smile.

”Hello, Miura-senpai, Ebina-senpai, if you don ’t mind, how about you take this flyer? I ’m searching for someone to adopt a cat, so if you know someone who wants to adopt a cat or you two want to adopt a cat, please call the number on that flyer, ” Shishio said and gave a flyer to Yumiko and Ebina.

Yumiko looked at the flyers and asked, ”Is the phone number on the flyer yours? ”

”No, that is my classmate ’s phone number, ” Shishio said, but then he looked at Yumiko for a while, and there was an impulse somehow. ”But if you want, we can exchange our contact info. ”

”Wha–?! ” Yumiko was stunned, and her face was quickly covered in blush since she didn ’t expect that this guy would be so proactive!

”I was joking, but you ’re so cute when you ’re blushing, Senpai, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”Don ’t tease your senior! ” Yumiko roared. Her face was so red, but she still stared at Shishio, folding her arms, showing that she was unhappy that she was being teased, but in truth, her heartbeat was moving so fast. ”Anyway, I ’ll take this. I ’ll tell you if someone wants to adopt a cat. Let ’s go, Ebina! ” She couldn ’t stay here any longer since if she stayed here, her heart might be shaken.

Ebina smiled, looking at Yumiko ’s reaction, then patted Shishio ’s shoulder. ”If you want to chase after her, I ’ll support you. Call me anytime, alright? ” She then gave Shishio a piece of paper before chasing after Yumiko. ”Wait for me, Yumiko! ”

Shishio looked at the piece of paper and raised his eyebrow when he saw that it was a phone number and an email. He looked at it for a while and decided to keep it since he didn ’t see the harm in it. He then continued but noticed a student with dead fish-eyes that he often met, so he didn ’t hesitate to approach him and also gave him a flyer, ”Excuse me, we ’re looking for someone to adopt a cat, if you don ’t mind, please take care of this flyer. ”

”Ah, yes. ” The dead fish-eye student subconsciously thanked Shishio, but then he looked at him with a complex expression. After all, he had seen how the famous queen in his class showed such a cute reaction to Shishio. He then looked at Shishio with a complex expression. Then he made up his mind to not let this guy meet his little sister, or else…

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