I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 161 - Just One After Another

After he returned the flyers to Sorata, Shishio quickly chased after Nanami, but he had to admit that her speed was very fast. However, he could chase after her and didn ’t lose her, especially when he had ”Enhanced Vision, ” but then while chasing after her, he was thinking about the cause of what had happened earlier.

Shishio had been talking with Yukinoshita, after all, so of course, he missed seeing what had happened before, but even if he didn ’t see what was happening, he could guess what had happened.​​

Shishio could tell that Sorata was mostly jealous. After all, he was sure that Sorata was watching him, talking intimately with Nanami, so when Nanami came to Sorata and offered her help, Sorata directly rejected and said that he didn ’t need her help, but with her personality, Nanami must have offered her help again to Sorata, but the more she talked, the more annoyed Sorata was, which caused Sorata subconsciously lash out his emotion to Nanami.

However, when Shishio thought about Sorata ’s personality and how Sorata lashed out his emotion to Shiina in the story, he felt that it was quite normal for Sorata to do that. He didn ’t even feel surprised, but he was just thinking that Sorata was quite stupid for getting angry at the school entrance.

If it was on a private or the place where there was no one that Shishio might beat Sorata, but Sorata got angry at the public in front of a lot of people, he didn ’t need to do anything, and he was sure that a lot of people might talk about him and created a rumor or so, but still, even though he didn ’t like Sorata, it didn ’t mean that he was going to drive him insane until Sorata decided to commit suicide since it would give a bitter taste to his mouth and he wasn ’t that ruthless unless Sorata really did something that he couldn ’t forgive as the yakuza group did to his aunt and her friends, so if possible, he wanted to make the relationship between Sorata and Nanami returned back to normal, just a normal classmate like that, but as for whether both of them could become together, he wasn ’t sure whether it was possible and he was sure that there would be a rift between them from now on.

Shishio walked to the rooftop, where he had talked with a lot of people before. He hadn ’t entered, but he could hear a sob voice from there. He then didn ’t hesitate and opened the door. ”Aoyama-san. ”

”Ah! ”

Nanami was startled, quickly wiped the tears from her eyes, and put on a forced smile. ”Oga-kun, what are you doing here? The class has almost started to, you know, you should go back. ”

Shishio really wanted to curse Sorata at this moment to make such a cute girl cry like this. He then walked closer and said, ”I ’m worried about you. You suddenly ran away like that after all. ”

Nanami saw that Shishio moved closer and couldn ’t help but move backward subconsciously since she really didn ’t want anyone to see her like this. ”It ’s nothing. You should go back to the class you know. I ’m really alright. Just— ” She hadn ’t finished her words, and suddenly she was hugged.

When the girls said that she was alright, it was without a doubt the girl wasn ’t alright.

Shishio just couldn ’t leave Nanami like this and let her emotion be bottled up, and when she returned, she would act like nothing had happened and talk like usual with Sorata and everyone in the class. Even if Sorata was happy, and everyone was happy, he wasn ’t happy, and he was sure that Nanami wouldn ’t be happy, after all, she was just a girl who was living in Tokyo alone without anyone that she could rely upon, chasing after a dream that no one really knew whether it could be achieved or not so acting as if nothing happened was her way to live. Even though he didn ’t really want to admit it, Sorata was also her pillar of support.

Without a pillar of support or someone that could support her, Nanami might break anytime, which was why at this moment, Shishio needed her to cry, let out all of the bottled-up emotion that she had kept, and, if possible, be her pillar of support.

When Shishio suddenly hugged her, Nanami was stunned, and she felt a sense of security that she had never felt after she had a huge fight with her father. She was scared about her future and tired of the hard work that she needed to do to achieve her dream, but in his arms, she just could forget everything, but then she quickly woke up and knew that it wasn ’t appropriate. ”O – Oga-kun, what – what are you doing? ” Her face was covered in blush, and the shyness that she felt at this moment was mixed with the sadness that she felt, which made her emotion become so complex that it made her head blank for a moment.

”I have heard that there are only two places where you can cry, one is in the bathroom, and the other one is in someone ’s arms. ” Shishio looked at Nanami, who buried her head on his chest and said, ”Unfortunately, you ’re not crying in the bathroom, and all I can do is to hug you so you can cry in my arms. ”

”What was that? That ’s so stupid… ” Nanami laughed with choke voices, tears dripped from the corner of her eyes, letting him hug him, and said, ”I wonder what was so wrong. I wonder what has made him change. I just wanted to help him, but that ’s his response? I was so tired with my part-time job, audition, and school, and I wanted to help him so he could feel better, but why did he get angry at me? ” She kept complaining about a choke voice and sob that were mixed together, resting her head on Shishio ’s chest and resisted herself to hug him.

”I ’ll hear everything. You don ’t need to hold back, ” Shishio said while patting Nanami ’s head.

Hearing his gentle words, Nanami just couldn ’t handle it anymore and let out all of her emotions, hugging him tightly. ”Stupid, Kanda-kun stupid! Stupid! Stupid! ” She kept screaming with a Kansai dialect, showing how frustrated she was with Sorata.

Shishio looked at Nanami and sighed. He had to admit that this girl was very kind since he could see that even though she kept cursing Sorata, she didn ’t really hate him, but he didn ’t think too much. He only listened to Nanami ’s complaint, hugging her while patting her, but he didn ’t feel that it was very troublesome. After all, she smelled very nice, and her body was so soft that it was comfortable to hug her.

Nanami let out all of her emotions, but when the sound of the bell was heard, she was stunned since she didn ’t expect that she would cry for so long. She wanted to part from him but somehow felt quite reluctant. ”Oga-kun, we need to go to class. ”

”Let ’s just skip today, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”Huh? ” Nanami was stunned and looked at Shishio with a surprised expression.

”Looking at your condition right now, someone might have misunderstood that I have messed you up, so let ’s just skip the class, ” Shishio said.

Nanami blushed, then murmured, ”Well, that ’s true, you have taken advantage of me, after all. ” When she thought about it calmly what she had done, she felt that her entire face and body were so hot. After all, she had been hugging her classmate, who wasn ’t even her boyfriend. Even though she had to admit that it was comfortable, she knew that it was wrong, and she didn ’t have any experience of this matter, so she became very shy, but she had to admit that this new experience wasn ’t bad.

”But well, let ’s go to the infirmary. That way, we can have an excuse for not coming to the class, ” Shishio said and reluctantly let go of Nanami ’s body.

Nanami looked at Shishio ’s reluctant expression and couldn ’t help but laugh, but she didn ’t really hate it since she enjoyed being hugged by him, and at the same time, she realized that this guy was really bad. ”So, what are we doing on the infirmary? ”

”Well, just talk there, ” Shishio said.

Nanami nodded and asked, ”Still, if I ’m asked, why am I in the infirmary, what should I answer? ”

”Just say that you know, a girl ’s special condition, ” Shishio said.

Nanami blushed and wanted to smack Shishio ’s head at this moment, but she had to admit that this guy was very smart. ”Then let ’s go there. ” She just didn ’t really want to go back to the class now, so she agreed with Shishio ’s invitation, and at the same time, she had to admit that it was great to stay beside him.

”Wait a moment, ” Shishio quickly said.

”What ’s wrong? ” Nanami asked.

Shishio then wiped the tears on her face with his thumb gently and said, ”Now, it is better. Let ’s go. ”

”…. ” Nanami was stunned, then her face was gradually covered in blush, but she didn ’t say much and nodded at his words, following him to the infirmary.

Nana, who was inside the class, was in quite a bad mood. After all, the first person that she wanted to see at this moment wasn ’t in class. She didn ’t know what had happened at the school entrance before, nor did she know about the conflict between Nanami and Sorata since all in her head was Shishio.

Nana was wondering whether the reason why Shishio didn ’t come was because of what had happened last Saturday. She tried to send him a text, but he didn ’t even answer her, which made her become more and more worried, wondering whether her advance was a bit too much. She couldn ’t concentrate on her lesson, and she looked at his bag that she had borrowed to bring a game console, then looked at his empty seat, which made her so lonely and distressed at this moment.

In class, it wasn ’t just Nana who couldn ’t concentrate on her lesson. Sorata also couldn ’t concentrate. After all, he didn ’t know where both Shishio and Nanami were. In his mind, there was a picture where Nanami was stolen by Shishio, which made his chest become so stuffy and made him regret that he lashed out his emotion to Nanami before.

When Sorata returned to class, he wanted to apologize quickly, but he didn ’t see Nanami, and he didn ’t see Shishio, which made him wary. Even with the class starting, both of them hadn ’t returned, which made his heart become more and more irritated.

As for the girls in the class, they also couldn ’t concentrate. After all, without Shishio there, their spirits were quite lacking, especially when they had heard that Shishio had cut his hair, they wanted to see it when he came to the class, but he didn ’t come, which made them very sad.

Everyone was listening to the lesson, and it wasn ’t until the second lesson that the door was knocked on, and Shishio entered the class. Everyone was surprised when they saw Shishio had just entered.

”Sorry, teacher, I ’m a bit late, ” Shishio quickly apologized.

The teacher nodded when he saw Shishio quickly apologized and asked, ”It ’s alright, but can I ask you why you ’re late? ”

”I was helping Aoyama-san since she was a bit sick before, ” Shishio said without changing his face.

”I see… then you should sit down first, and I ’ll help explain to your homeroom teacher later, ” the teacher said since he could see Shishio ’s serious expression. He could see that Shishio wasn ’t the type of person who would lie, so he quickly accepted Shishio ’s reason.

”Thank you, teacher, ” Shishio said with a polite smile and thought this teacher was very easily deceived. He then looked at Nana, who had been looking at him, he saw Nana smiling and showed a relieved expression, but then she snorted. He smiled and walked toward her, then patted her back gently and whispered, ”Did you feel lonely without me? ” He then calmly walked to his seat that was located next to Nana.

”Wh – Who is lonely?! ” Nana was annoyed by Shishio ’s words and said in a low voice to him, but then, she asked, ”What ’s wrong with Nanami? ” When she saw him there, all her previous worries had disappeared, and she felt so complete with him beside her.

”I ’m not sure. She said that she had a cramp on her stomach, and there wasn ’t any infirmary teacher before, so all I could do was to stay beside her until the teacher came, ” Shishio said.

Nana nodded and wondered whether Nanami was on her menstruation, but she didn ’t think too much and said in a low voice, ”Well, once we ’re on break, let ’s go to the clubroom immediately, don ’t forget about our match, if you lose, you need to pretend to be a dog! ”

”…. ” Shishio looked at Nana and wondered why she didn ’t forget about their bet a few days ago.

While Shishio and Nana were talking to each other in a low voice, Sorata cast a glance at both of them secretly, and there were many questions on his mind at this moment, but one thing for sure, he was surprised to hear that Nanami was sick.

’So the reason she seemed unwell before was that she was sick? ’

Sorata thought Nanami ’s complexion was bad before because she was sick, which somehow made him feel relieved since he wasn ’t the cause of what had happened before. He thought about whether he should visit Nanami later and asked whether she was alright or not. Then he also thought to apologize later since he felt regret for what he had done before, and frankly, he didn ’t want to lose Nanami, even though their relationship was just a normal friend. It might be because of Shishio ’s influence that made him realize how lucky he was with Nanami around. Still, he didn ’t realize that in Nanami ’s heart, his figure slowly became vague, and soon, it might disappear since a certain someone had slowly replaced him at this moment.

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