I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 162 - Fighting Game 1

The time was moving fast, and before long, it was time for the break. The girls in the class, who had been stealing a glance at Shishio from time to time, couldn ’t wait anymore and stared at him directly when the teacher had gone. After all, they had to admit that with his short hair, he was so handsome at that moment. Unfortunately, they couldn ’t come closer and only watched him from a distance. After all, besides him, someone was already there.

”Hmm… I have heard that you have cut your hair, but I didn ’t expect that you would cut your hair so short, ” Mea said.​​

”Was it bad? ” Shishio asked.

”No, you ’re very handsome, ” Mea said with some blush on her face, but because her long hair covered most of her face, it wasn ’t noticeable.

”It was all thanks to Maiko ’s father, ” Shishio said.

”Shishio, you ’re going to make me embarrassed if you praise my father that much, ” Maiko said, but she was also very happy since she had to admit that this guy was simply a walking advertisement for her family shop.

”Oga, have you cut your hair at Osonoi-san ’s house? ” Tagami asked curiously since he had heard their conversation and was looking at Shishio ’s haircut. He was wondering whether he should cut his hair similarly since that way, he might become popular.

”Un, if you want to cut your hair, you should visit her house. Her father ’s skill is amazing, ” Shishio said and didn ’t hesitate to promote Maiko ’s family ’s shop.

”Really? Then I might go there, ” Tagami said while touching his long hair. He wanted to cut it, but somehow, he felt a bit reluctant since his long hair was his trademark. Without it, then he wouldn ’t be called Tagami.

”Well, enough of that now, let ’s go, Shishio! ” Nana said and pulled Shishio ’s hand directly and also held Shishio ’s bag that she had borrowed before. She might not have had time to play with him at her big sister ’s house before, so she thought to play with him at school since today was Monday, and there was no club activity, which meant both of them could stay in the clubroom together alone. She had also told Mea and Maiko about this matter and hoped for them not to interrupt them, and if the mood was good, she might as well confess to him directly and steal a kiss from him since she wanted to get him as soon as possible.

”Yes, yes, you don ’t need to be so impatient, ” Shishio said helplessly, looking at Nana ’s eyes. He could see how eager this girl was and knew that she must be planning to do something, but he didn ’t think too much. After all, even if he was attacked, he didn ’t lose anything. ”Oh, right, Usa. ”

”Huh? What ’s wrong, Oga? ” Usa asked when his name was called.

”You don ’t have anything to do after school, right? ” Shishio asked.

”Um, no. ” Usa was speechless, but he really didn ’t have anything to do later since after school, he would spend most of his days at the regular dorm.

”There ’s club activity later, so don ’t go home immediately, ” Shishio said.

”Yes. ” Usa nodded and didn ’t think too much, but when he knew where they would go on their club activity later, he would have never thought that he was so glad that he had joined the literature club.

”Well, you too, Mea, Maiko, don ’t forget later, but for now, I have to go with Shishio. See you later! ” Nana said and pulled Shishio ’s hand.

”Bye, everyone! ” Shishio said, then left with Nana.

”… ” Tagami, Usa, Mea, and Maiko.

Tagami smiled, looking at Mea and Maiko, coughed several times, and asked, ”Say, why don ’t we— ” But before he finished his words, both Mea and Maiko left directly with a sigh, since they felt quite jealous of Nana at this moment.

”….. ” Tagami was standing there in silence until his shoulder was patted. He turned his head and saw Usa was there. ”Usa… ” His eyes were brimming in tears at this moment, looking at his friend, no, a brother!

”Don ’t worry, ” Usa said since that was the only word he could say at the time.

When Shishio and Nana left, they happened to meet Nanami, who was about to enter the class.

”Oh, Aoyama-san, are you alright? ” Nana quickly asked.

”Ah, yes, thank you for asking. ” Nanami quickly nodded since she knew that she needed to pretend to be sick or else she might be called by the teacher. She then glanced at Nana, who was holding Shishio ’s hand, and somehow there was a hint of bitterness in her heart.

Nana patted Nanami ’s shoulder and whispered, ”It is your time at a month, right? You should rest since I know that it is very uncomfortable. ”

”Um… ” Nanami blushed and glared lightly at Shishio, who had made such a lie for her.

Shishio only shrugged his shoulders and didn ’t say much since he knew that he was also partly at fault. ”Then Aoyama-san, we ’ll go now. You should rest for a bit. ”

”Um… ” Nanami could only nod, but there was a hint of grudge on her face when she looked at Shishio.

”Well, sorry, Aoyama-san, we need to go to the teacher ’s room first. Let ’s go, Nana, ” Shishio said.

”Oh! ” Nana said and pulled Shishio ’s hand again with a smile. ”Bye, Aoyama! ” She didn ’t forget to say goodbye to Nanami, then left with Shishio.

”Bye… ” Nanami looked at both of them from the back and looked at their hands that were holding each other. She then shook her head and walked back to her class, and the moment she entered, her friends quickly came toward her, asking about her condition.

”Are you alright, Nanami? ”

”I heard that you ’re sick? Is it alright for you to walk now? ”

Nanami smiled and nodded. ”I feel a bit better now. You don ’t need to worry. ” She then continued to talk with her friends, but then, suddenly, she heard a familiar voice.

”A – Aoyama. ”

Nanami turned her head and saw Sorata was there. ”Is there something wrong, Kanda-kun? ”

Nanami ’s friends who saw Sorata came, looked at each other before they retreated silently, and smiled thoughtfully since they knew that Nanami had a feeling toward Sorata. They didn ’t really know what was happening at the entrance school before since it happened so short. In truth, no one really talked about Sorata. After all, he wasn ’t very noticeable at school. The people who saw the accident only talked about the matter of Sorata getting angry at Nanami before they forgot it. After all, it wasn ’t a very important matter. However, if Nanami ’s friends knew what was happening, they might push Sorata directly and tell him not to get close to Nanami since this guy was too ridiculous, right?

Sorata came towards Nanami nervously to apologize, thinking that she might ignore him or even get angry at him, but her response was quite unexpected. Her response was quite normal, as if what had happened before didn ’t really happen, or rather, she didn ’t care?

Sorata didn ’t think too much at this moment, and at the same time, he sighed in relief since Nanami didn ’t ignore or got angry at him, thinking that she might have forgiven him, then asked, ”Are – Are you alright? I have heard that you ’re sick. ”

”It ’s alright. You don ’t need to worry, ” Nanami said simply.

”I see. ” Sorata nodded with a relieved smile on his face.

Nanami didn ’t say much and only stared at Sorata. Somehow before, when she saw his smile, she had always felt saved, but as for now, she didn ’t really know. It was just annoying somehow.

”If you ’re alright, then it ’s good, ” Sorata said with a smile.

”Un. ” Nanami nodded, wondering what this guy wanted to do.

”I will go back now. I know that you might feel better now, but you should take a rest, ” Sorata said, then left Nanami with a smile, thinking that his relationship with Nanami had returned back to normal.

Nanami nodded, looking at Sorata ’s back, and could only shake her head. She let out a sigh, then looked at the cloudless sky, then looked at Shishio ’s desk behind her, and couldn ’t help but smile when she recalled their talk on the infirmary before. Unfortunately, the infirmary teacher came before and told Shishio directly to go back, which cut their conversation short.

During their conversation, Nanami didn ’t ask why Sorata had changed, or rather, she didn ’t need to, after all, when she saw him at that moment, she knew that Sorata didn ’t change, but rather, it was his true personality, which was why she was glad that she could see that personality now. She was glad that she didn ’t follow her impulse to confess to him at that time. In her heart, Sorata ’s image slowly became vague, and it was replaced by someone slowly.

Unfortunately, Sorata didn ’t realize it at that moment and was caught in the thought that Nanami had forgiven him, which made him feel very happy. Suppose at this moment, he tried to apologize and brought some bread and juice, trying to make Nanami feel happy. In that case, there might be a chance for their relationship to return back, but Sorata wasn ’t only a young man who was full of an inferiority complex. Still, he was also very dense and low EQ level, which made him lose that chance to amend his relationship with Nanami.

It wasn ’t that Sorata didn ’t care about Nanami, but he saw Shiina and Ritsu who came to his class. When he compared the existence of both Nanami and Shiina, he couldn ’t help but lean toward Shiina, especially when her hair was so beautiful today, so even though he knew that Shiina might not come to him, but someone else, but even so, there was a small chance that she was looking for him, right?

’But… But… there is a maybe, right? ’ Sorata thought, full of optimism.

However, Ritsu, who saw Sorata ’s eagerness and full of obsession face toward Shiina, quickly stood in front of Shiina since she really felt that this guy was quite creepy.

Sorata was about to go forward, but someone was faster than him.

”Senpai, what ’s wrong? ” Usa asked Ritsu with an eager smile, and his eyes couldn ’t look away from her since her new hairstyle made her look cuter than ever.

”….. ” Sorata.

Shishio and Nana moved very fast, and they went to the teacher ’s office to get the key from Kiriya. Still, the moment they entered the teacher ’s office, his name was Koharu Shirayama, who was Shishio and Nana ’s homeroom teacher.

”Oga-kun, can you come here for a second? ” Koharu asked.

Shishio looked at Koharu, then looked at Nana. ”Well, Nana, can you ask for a key from Kiriya-sensei? I ’ll talk with Shirayama-sensei first. ”

”Un. ” Nana nodded and thought that Shishio might be called because of his absence in the morning class before.

”What ’s wrong, Shirayama-sensei? ” Shishio asked, but then someone suddenly interjected.

”Koharu, is this kid causing you trouble? ” Hiratsuka directly asked, looking at Shishio, thinking that this guy was causing trouble, but in truth, she just wanted to know who was the girl that came with Shishio in the teacher ’s office.

”No, he ’s a very good student. You don ’t need to worry, Shizuka, ” Koharu said with a smile. Even though Shishio often ignored the lesson, he was fairly quiet, and he also helped some of the students with the lesson. Hence, she felt that he was a good student. After all, with his level, he could directly graduate from high school without trouble, but more importantly, his impression of Shishio was very good, so she was quite partial toward him.

”Hear that? ” Shishio said with a smile.

”….. ” Hiratsuka looked at Shishio and somehow wanted to beat him.

”I had heard from Kitayama-sensei that you are helping Aoyama-san before, so you didn ’t enter the class in the morning? ” Koharu asked curiously.

”Yes. ”

”So, how is Aoyama-san ’s health? Is she alright? ” Koharu asked worriedly.

”She had a cramp in her stomach before, and now she should be alright, ” Shishio said.

”Her stomach is on cramp, huh? ” 2x

Koharu and Hiratsuka nodded and quickly thought that Nanami should be at her menstruation now.

”Hey, Oga-kun, what are you doing here? Are you being called by your teacher for doing something bad? ”

Suddenly someone joined their conversation again. Hina came toward Shishio, looking at him with a smile, thinking that he had caused trouble.

”Tachibana-sensei, I ’m a good student. There ’s no way I ’ll cause trouble, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”… ” Koharu and Hiratsuka had never seen such a shameless person before.

”Still, you know Hina? ” Hiratsuka asked.

”Yes, how did you know Shizuka-nee, Shishio? ” Hina asked curiously.

The relationship between Hiratsuka and Hina was very good, after all, Hiratsuka was very gentle, and she had taught a lot of things to Hina during Hina ’s first year working at school, so their relationship had always been very good.

”Oh? Shishio, why are you here? ” Chihiro also came and joined, wondering why a lot of female teachers were surrounding Shishio.

”Here ’s the key, ” Kiriya said and gave the clubroom key to Nana.

”Thank you, Kiriya-sensei, ” Nana said, but her eyes had been focussed on Shishio, who had been surrounded by a lot of beautiful female teachers. Looking at those teachers, she hoped that no one would seduce him later.

Kiriya also realized Nana ’s focus and looked at Shishio, who was surrounded by a lot of female teachers. He smiled and said, ”That guy is very popular. You should get him if you don ’t want to lose him since I might be tempted to date him too. ”

”… ” Nana.

Shishio wondered why there were many beautiful teachers in this school, which made him speechless somehow, but well, it was all good, and he didn ’t complain about it, so he just enjoyed it, but there was one person who couldn ’t enjoy it. ”Come on, Nana. Don ’t sulk. Let ’s go to the clubroom and play that game now. Didn ’t you say that you ’re going to pretend to be a dog after we play? ”

”Who said that?! You ’ll definitely be the one who becomes a dog later! Come on! ” Being challenged, Nana ’s spirit was raised once again. She quickly pulled Shishio ’s hand and rushed toward the literature club, but someone called out his name again.

”Shishio! ”

Shishio and Nana turned their heads and saw a female student, and her expression was very bad at that moment.

Nana looked at the girl and wondered who this person was, but then she was going to ask. She looked at Shishio and saw his expression and didn ’t change much and greeted the girl calmly.

”Saki. ”

”….. ”

Nana thought about Kiriya ’s words and thought that she needed to get him fast, or else someone might steal him from her. In front of Saki, she didn ’t hesitate and hugged Shishio ’s arm tightly and asked, ”Shishio, who is this? ” She had never been afraid of challenges, or rather, letting them all come since she believed that she would win!

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