I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 163 - Fighting Game 2

”Saki. ”

Shishio looked at Saki, who seemed to be in mixed pain and anger when she saw him, watching him, whose arm was being hugged by Nana. He had expected this problem, and in truth, he wanted to introduce Saki too to the literature club slowly so she could become closer with everyone. Still, at the same time, he also had prepared for the worse situation where Saki saw him, was so close with another girl, like Nana did now.​​

Shishio glanced at Nana, then looked at Saki. Even though both of them weren ’t his girlfriends, their relationship was more than a mere friend, and since he had decided to become a scumbag and made everyone happy, he couldn ’t be partial.

His face was very calm at that moment, but his mind was moving very fast. ”Saki, how about you follow us to play a game now? ” If both Saki and Nana knew each other, then this situation wouldn ’t be difficult. Unfortunately, both of them were strangers.

”Game? ” Saki frowned when she heard Shishio ’s words since she just wanted to know who was the girl beside him. She also wanted to tear Nana ’s hand away from Shishio, and she was also furious at Shishio since he had never told her that he had a girlfriend. Still, she didn ’t feel surprised since, with Shishio ’s quality, it was very easy for him to get a girlfriend, and she also had expected this problem before.

’But why does my heart hurt? ’

Saki knew she wasn ’t his girlfriend, and Shishio was also her boss. Even though she knew that it was wrong, she just couldn ’t help but fall for him and depended on him, especially what he had done to her, which was why she didn ’t want to lose him, even though he might have a girlfriend. Still, even if she had a girlfriend, she would also try to steal him from that girlfriend. As for the kiss that she had done before, she was going to keep it a secret since she knew that it was wrong.

Saki then looked at Nana, and Nana also looked at Saki.

Nana had never seen Saki, so she didn ’t know who this girl was, but considering Saki ’s reaction and the way Shishio called her, she could pretty much tell that they knew each other. ’Girlfriend? ’ She then quickly shook her head since, unless Shishio was lying for what he had said before, she was sure that Saki wasn ’t his girlfriend. Still, she wasn ’t sure about their relationship, and that was why she wanted to know, but even if he had a girlfriend, she was going to steal him from this girlfriend.

”Yes, come on. ” Shishio took Saki ’s and held it naturally like the first time they met each other.

Saki didn ’t want to blush since her mood wasn ’t good, but she failed to control her emotion after all. ”Shishio! ” She wanted to resist, but in the end, she didn ’t have the power, and she also didn ’t want to be separated from him, after all.

Nana raised her eyebrows and was clearly unhappy when she saw Shishio holding Saki ’s hand, but then, she was stunned when he tried to force his hand to get away from her.

’No…! ’

Nana wasn ’t sure why, but she felt scared at that moment, thinking that she was rejected, but unlike her imagination, suddenly her hand was also being held by him.

”…. ” Saki and Nana were lost for words, staring at Shishio, who were holding their hands together.

”Let ’s go to the literature clubroom first. I ’ll start to introduce you two there, ” Shishio said calmly.

Looking into his eyes, Saki and Nana nodded since this wasn ’t the place for them to talk and decided to move to the literature clubroom. This time, they were going to tolerate him for holding their hands together, and at the same time, both of them then looked at each other and started to frown, thinking who they were.

Shishio had to admit that a girl was very troublesome and knew that it would be very easy to just date one of them, but if he did that, he would make other girls became sad, so what he needed to do was to date all of them, right?

Leading both of them on the literature club, Shishio then started to introduce both Saki and Nana to each other.

”Let me introduce you two. ” Shishio looked at Nana and said, ”Nana, this is Kawasaki Saki. ” Then he looked at Saki and said, ”Saki, this is Sunohara Nana. ”

”Hello, Kawasaki-san, ” Nana said with a smile.

Saki also nodded, but she didn ’t say much.

Nana and Saki then looked at each other then looked at Shishio, and they wanted to ask him what their relationship was with him, but…

”Well, how about we play a game first? I know that you have a lot of things that you want to ask me, but the break is very short. ” Shishio looked at Nana and asked, ”So what kind of game is inside your game console, Nana? ” He had a feeling what they wanted to ask him, so he wanted to avoid this question, especially about the question that was related to a relationship. Both of them weren ’t his girlfriends, but their relationship was more than a mere friend, but if he introduced them as his friend, he was sure that it would hurt them, and if he said that both of them were very important to him, then without a doubt, he would be punched directly by both of them, so the best way to avoid this problem first and delayed this problem until he could talk with each of them alone.

However, Shishio felt that this problem was really troublesome and just wanted to kiss their lips directly and told them that both of them were his girls, but it was unrealistic, and to do that, he needed to set up the mood.

Shishio knew that the mood was at its worst at the moment, and rather than doing something stupid, it was better to delay this matter first.

”It ’s a fighting game, ” Nana said without hesitation, then she looked at Saki. ”Kawasaki-san, can you play a fighting game? ”

Saki raised her eyebrow and could feel that Nana tried to provoke her, and it had never been her style to back down, so she said, ”I ’m very good at it. ”

Nana raised her eyebrows then smiled. ”It ’s great. Then why don ’t we have a match then? ”

”Good, I don ’t mind. ” Saki nodded without hesitation.

”….. ” Shishio.

”Shishio, I know that it might trouble you, but I ’ll have a match with Kawasaki-san, so can you help us to buy lunch? ” Nana asked since she didn ’t think that she could take her hands off this matter, and she was about to have a decisive match with Saki.

Saki looked at Nana in surprise, but then she nodded and looked at Shishio. ”Um, I know that it is quite rude to ask you this, but can you? ”

Shishio looked at both of them for a while and nodded. ”Is bread alright with you two? ”

”Un. ” 2x

Saki and Nana nodded at the same time.

”Well, I ’ll go buy the bread after I have set up the game console on the television so you can play together, ” Shishio said and started to set up the game console on the television inside the clubroom.

Saki and Nana looked at Shishio, who set up the game console very smoothly, then stood up.

Shishio looked at the two girls again and said, ”Then I ’ll go out to buy bread now. ” He wasn ’t sure what kind of conversation that both of them had, but he knew that this was the best solution that he could come up with. He came out the door and hated his inability to just hug both of them directly, then confessed to both of them that he wanted both of them to be his and kissed their lips. Still, since he had made up his decision to write a book to say goodbye to his past, even though it might sound stupid and troublesome, he needed to follow through.

Shishio knew that no matter what was the result of their conversation that both Nana and Saki had in the clubroom, he knew that he couldn ’t delay his matter anymore.

When Shishio left, Nana and Saki asked the same question.

”Are you his girlfriend? ” 2x

”….. ”

Nana and Saki were speechless when they asked this question at the same time before they quickly realized that both of them weren ’t his girlfriend, which somehow made them relieved.

”So, what do you want to do? ” Saki asked since she was wondering about Nana ’s intention, asking Shishio to go out.

”My intention? Of course, it is to play a game, ” Nana said without hesitation.

”Huh? ” Saki was dumbfounded.

Nana held the game stick and gave the second one to Saki. ”Let ’s play a fighting game. You have said that you ’re very good at it, right? ”

”… ” Saki looked at Nana for a bit and asked, ”Are you serious? ”

”Of course, I ’m serious. If we hadn ’t met you before, then we might be playing a game now and having fun together, but since you had come, that plan was a failure, so you needed to play a game with me, ” Nana said.

Saki looked at Nana for a while, then nodded. ”Alright, let ’s do it. ” She took the game stick from Nana ’s hand and sat down right next to her.

Both of them sat next to each other while facing the television screen together and started the game. Both of them were quite familiar with this game, so they didn ’t say anything when the game was played and chose the game ’s characters directly.

Saki chose her favorite character directly, which was a ”military man, ” then looked at Nana, who was still choosing before she asked, ”By the way, what grade are you in? ”

”I ’m a freshman. Are you the same? ” Nana asked.

”No, I ’m in my second year, ” Saki said.

”Should I call you Senpai? ” Nana asked.

”No, you don ’t need to. I don ’t care much about it, ” Saki said.

”Then I ’ll do that. ” Nana nodded and didn ’t think too much and chose her character for the game, which was a ”karate boy. ”

After choosing a random battlefield for their battle, the game quickly started, and they quickly started to fight!

Nana and Saki were veterans of the fighting game, and the moment the game started, they started to fight with various combos and techniques that could only be done by someone who had played this game for a long hour.

”You ’re good, Senpai, ” Nana said with a smile since it was her first time to have a girl who was able to match her on this game.

”You ’re the same. ” Saki raised her eyebrow since she didn ’t expect Nana would be so good.

Both of their characters kept fighting, and somehow there was a deadlock between them, showing that their skill was similar to each other.

Nana frowned and knew that if this continued, the result of the battle would become a draw. She quickly used a different strategy then and asked Saki this question.

”Say, Senpai, do you like Shishio? ”

”Wh–?! ” Saki was startled, and her face quickly turned red, but there was a mistake in her movement at that very moment, and Nana used that chance to attack her!

Nana sent out a combo one after another and quickly defeated Saki in one go!

”… ” Saki.

Nana smiled and looked at Saki, then said, ”Senpai, if you don ’t like him, then why don ’t you just give up? Give him to me. ” In the first confrontation, she had won, and at the same time, she wanted to take down Saki so there wouldn ’t be any more competitors.

”….. ”

Saki felt that her body was trembling when she heard those words, but then she took a deep breath, trying to calm her mind, recalling the days that she spent with him, which somehow made her smile. She then looked at Nana calmly and said, ”Let ’s have one more match. ”

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