I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 164 - With All Of That The Members Of The Literature Club Are Completed?

When Nana suddenly asked a question whether she liked Shishio or not, Saki was startled, and it was the reason why she had lost calm before. Even though she might look quite aggressive, she didn ’t have an experience with love, and Shishio was her first. Her awkward personality also couldn ’t help her in this situation, so she lost against Nana in the match. However, when Nana suddenly asked her to give up Shishio, she couldn ’t help but start to reminiscence her time with him.

Their first meeting, the time when she treated him as a gyuudon, the time when both of them pretended to be a boyfriend and a girlfriend in the cafe, the time when he told her to stop working at a cafe late at night and worked for him, the time when he saw him fighting, and the time when she stole his lips secretly, their meeting might not be that long. Still, each of their meetings was a very precious memory for her, and she knew that she loved him.​​

Saki knew that she might be dependent on him, but she didn ’t care, or rather, it was alright, that was why she wasn ’t going to give up on him, and she knew that compared to Nana, the memories that she shared with Shishio were deeper, and she also believed in her feelings. She then looked at Nana with a calm smile and said, ”Let ’s have one more match. ”

”….. ”

Looking at Saki ’s calm smile, Nana wasn ’t sure why, but she felt quite uneasy at this moment, but it had never been her style to give up so easily. ”Good, let ’s have one more match. ” She didn ’t hesitate and chose the same character as she chose before and then glanced at Saki secretly.

Saki didn ’t think too much and also chose the same character even though she had lost by using this character before.

”Are you going to choose the same character? ” Nana asked in doubt.

”You win because of some tricks. If we ’re fighting fairly, I won ’t lose, ” Saki said.

”Now that you said that, I would beat you again after this, ” Nana said annoyedly.

”Say that after you have won this round, ” Saki said calmly.

But the calmer Saki was, the more uneasy Nana was, wondering whether Saki had some secret tricks that she didn ’t know.

Then their match started again, and this time, Nana could see how Saki used various more advanced techniques and became more aggressive, which caused her to be in a defensive position and was unable to counter Saki ’s attack.

”Sunohara, do you like Shishio? ” Saki suddenly asked.

Nana wasn ’t Saki, so she wasn ’t nervous and said, ”Yes, I like him. ” She didn ’t have any doubts, and she could say those words several times without feeling embarrassed since she really felt that way. She wondered what Saki ’s trick was, but if this was her trick, she thought that Saki was too innocent!

”You like him, but I also like him, but you should know that my feeling toward him is deeper than yours, ” Saki said.

”What do you mean? ” Nana asked with a frown, wondering whether Saki wanted to compare how big their feeling toward Shishio was.

”How did you start to like him? ” Saki asked.

Nana didn ’t look away from the screen and answered Saki ’s question. ”At first, I wanted to challenge him since he ’s better at him at a grade, but slowly, after I have known him, my feelings start to change, and I start to fall for him. ” She then glanced at Saki, who didn ’t show much change in her expression, and asked, ”How about you? ” She was also quite curious how Saki and Shishio met each other and at how Saki started to fall for Shishio since she could see that Saki ’s feeling toward Shishio was very strong.

”He saved me, ” Saki said without hesitation.

”…He has saved you? ” Nana was stunned.

”Um. ” Saki nodded, but somehow she felt a bit regretful when she said this since she didn ’t really want to share her experience. Her experience wasn ’t a good experience, and she felt that it was quite shameful to tell her story to Nana. Still, because of this chance, she saw an opening on Nana ’s character and directly blasted Nana ’s character in one go, defeating her in an instant!

”I won, ” Saki said, but Nana didn ’t care much and asked, ”Senpai, tell how Shishio saved you. ”

Saki looked at Nana, who closed the distance between them and felt a bit embarrassed, but then she gritted her teeth and said, ”Just don ’t tell anyone, alright? ”

”Un. ” Nana nodded without hesitation.

Saki looked at Nana ’s facial expression for a bit. After she confirmed that Nana wouldn ’t be lying and also started to show a serious expression on her face, she nodded and started to tell Nana how she met Shishio.

Nana listened to Saki ’s story and didn ’t expect to hear that Shishio would have such a wild side, and she also didn ’t expect that he would be good at fighting, which made her heartbeat move very fast at this moment. Even though she didn ’t see what was happening, she could imagine how wild he was when he beat up the scoundrel that was about to do something that would give Saki a scar in her entire life, which also made her realize why Saki ’s feeling toward Shishio was so strong.

If Nana was in Saki ’s position, then, without doubt, she would also feel the same as Saki, and she would also fall for Shishio instantly since being saved in a very dire moment and being protected was very lethal for a girl, and anyone could instantly fall in love with that guy, especially when Shishio ’s face was so handsome.

Nana then also realized that not only Shishio was good at his grade and also had an amazing talent in music, but he was also very good at fighting, which made her quite dumbfounded.

”That ’s how it is, I like him, so can you give up on him? ” Saki asked and also did the same as Nana did before. She knew that Nana liked Shishio, but their relationship wasn ’t a lover, so she didn ’t need to worry that much, but what made her worried was Nana was sitting right next to Shishio, which made her quite jealous, wondering why she wasn ’t a freshman, but a 2nd year, if she was a freshman, she might be able to enjoy her high school life more, sitting next to him, but everything had happened so there was nothing that she could do and all she wanted was to be with him now.

”… ”

Hearing Saki ’s words, Nana frowned, and she felt very uncomfortable at this moment since she knew that Saki ’s feeling toward Shishio was bigger than her. For a moment, she couldn ’t say anything to refute Saki ’s words.

’Can I give him up? ’

Nana started to question herself whether she could let Shishio to Saki and let her have him, but when such a thought appeared, she quickly shook her head and knew about her answer. ”No, I can ’t. ” She had fallen so deep for him and to give up for him so easily. She didn ’t want that.

”I see. ” Saki nodded and didn ’t say much.

Nana looked at Saki, but at the same time, she realized something. ”How about we play one more match? ”

”Yes. ” Saki nodded.

Both of them chose the same characters again and also started to fight again, and at the beginning of the fight, Nana suddenly asked, ”Say, have we thought about his feelings? ”

”Shishio ’s feeling? ” Saki was stunned when Nana suddenly asked this question.

”You know, we might have forced our feelings too much on him, but when in truth, we don ’t really know whether he really has a feeling for us, ” Nana said without hesitation.

”….. ” Saki couldn ’t say anything in refuting this time, and her fingers that had been pressing on the buttons on the game stick also stopped, looking at Nana. She knew that Nana was right, and she might be forcing her feelings toward Shishio without knowing whether he loved her or not.

Nana also did the same and looked at Saki. ”You know, it is just my guess, but I feel like he has a feeling toward Miu-senpai. ”

”Miu-senpai? ” Saki raised her eyebrow since she had never heard this name before.

”She should be in the same grade as Senpai, and she ’s also the president of the literature club, ” Nana said since she had always thought that Shishio had a feeling toward Miu. It was also the reason why she had always been in a hurry to confess. After all, if she was late, she was sure that Miu and Shishio would be together, considering Shishio ’s personality.

Unlike most of the high school who were herbivores and didn ’t dare to move, Shishio was a carnivore, and he was at the top of the food chain. Miu, who was such a cute, shy, and polite girl, would be eaten by Shishio without leaving any bones behind.

”…What kind of girl is she? ” Saki asked shakily. Her voice was trembling since she felt a sense of crisis at that moment.

Nana looked at Saki for a while, and she had to admit that it was quite cute to see her acting like this, but she wasn ’t going to tease her and tell her what kind of girl Miu was.

When Saki listened to Nana ’s words, she probably understood why Shishio seemed to be in love with this Miu, after all, unlike her who dressed quite sloppily, Miu, who was coming from Nana ’s description, was a quiet, girly, and very proper girl, which was very much different from her.

Saki then became quite disheartened when she heard about the description of Miu from Nana. If it was Nana, she wouldn ’t care much. After all, both of them weren ’t that different since they dressed like a gyaru, but Miu was different since Miu was a different type of girl from both her and Nana. She then looked at Nana and asked, ”Knowing all of that, what are you going to do? ”

Nana knew that Shishio had a feeling toward Miu, then what would Nana do? Saki wanted to know the answer.

”I won ’t give up, ” Nana said without hesitation.

”Is that okay? ” Saki asked with a frown.

”Yes, it is also the reason why I have always attacked him. After all, he ’s a boy, and without a doubt, he has an interest in my body, ” Nana said without hesitation.

”… ” Saki looked at Nana ’s body and had to admit that this girl ’s body was very good, but then there was a real problem. ”But what if your body isn ’t his type? From your description, this Miu has a petite body, but yours… ” She didn ’t need to finish her words, but at the same time, she was quite surprised when she knew that Shishio might have an interest in a petite body.

”Achoo! ”

Shishio felt that his nose was very itchy all of a sudden, which made him a bit bewildered, but he didn ’t think too much.

”….. ” Nana couldn ’t say anything to refute. Her eyes were slightly red, and she asked, ”Then what should I do? ”

”… ” Saki also wasn ’t sure what to say in this situation.

Nana then looked at Saki and asked, ”What about you? What will you do? ”

”I won ’t give up, ” Saki said without hesitation. ”He ’s different from any other man, and I know that he ’s the best. I want him, and I don ’t want anyone else. ”

”Even if he has a girlfriend? ’ Nana asked.

Saki gritted her teeth and nodded. ”Yes. ” She knew that Shishio might not love her, but she also had fallen so deep for him, and she didn ’t want any other guys other than him.

”… ” Nana looked at Saki, and she wasn ’t sure what was inside her mind at that moment, but then she said, ”Say, Senpai, how about we date him together? ” It might be because she believed in him, or it might be because she was quite desperate, but she said those words without hesitation.

”Huh? ” Those words dumbfounded Saki.

”Like what you have said, I think that it is impossible to search for someone like him again in the future, no, in this entire country or the world, there won ’t be any second guy like him, so how about we date him together? If we ’re together, I think that Miu-senpai won ’t be our opponent, ” Nana said with some excitement.

”….. ” Saki ’s mind was blank at that moment, but she also felt that Nana ’s words were also reasonable since she also knew that Shishio ’s quality was too good and she was sure that there would be a lot of girls that would fall toward him, and even though she had confidence in her beauty and intelligence, she knew that her family ’s economic condition wasn ’t good and it was also the reason why she decided to work on that late-night cafe, and it was also her complex.

Saki knew that Shishio ’s economic condition was very good, and sometimes, she also thought about the plot on the tv drama where Shishio might have a fiancee in the future, so even if they were together in the future, they might be separated because of the existence of this fiancee.

’But… ’

Saki looked at Nana in front of her and wondered if they were together?

Sometimes when someone was so good, it would bring pressure to their partner, but what if their partner had a helper? What if they took him down together? One question after another poured into Saki ’s mind instantly, thinking about this possibility.

”What do you think, Senpai? ” Nana asked, staring at Saki with a serious expression. After all, if Saki agreed, then both of them would board on the same ship to take down Shishio together.

”… ” Saki looked at Nana, who extended her hand toward her. She could only look at her hand and couldn ’t make her decision for a while.

”Senpai, we ’re only dating him together, we ’re not married him together, if it goes well, we will be together, but if it doesn ’t work, then we ’ll drift apart. Let ’s try and see this through together, ” Nana said.

Hearing Nana ’s words, Saki looked at Nana in surprise for a while and said, ”You said something good. ”

”It was something that Shishio had said before. ” Nana smiled and said, ”He is very good at words, after all. ”

”I see… ” Saki smiled then reached Nana ’s hand. ”I don ’t know much about you, but for now, let ’s see if we can get this through together. ”

Nana also smiled, and somehow she could talk very well with Saki even though they had only met each other for a while.

Both of them then started to talk to each other, talking about the information that they knew about Shishio, ignoring the fact that the result of their last match in the fighting game was a draw.

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