I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 172 - Convenience Store 2

Shishio walked out of his room, and he happened to meet Shiro-san. ”Oh, Shiro-san. ”

Shiro-san smiled at Shishio and said, ”Good night, Shishio. ”​​

”Where have you been before, Shiro-san? ” Shishio was wondering where this pervert went since he didn ’t see him in the dining room before.

”I ’m on my research for my novel. ” Shiro-san answered, but then he remembered something and asked, ”How is your novel? Have you written it? ”

Shishio ’s expression was quite bitter, and he said, ”Not yet. ”

Shiro-san looked at Shishio curiously and asked, ”What happened? ”

Shishio thought for a while, looking at Shiro-san.

Even though Shiro-san might be a pervert, he was still a professional writer.

Even if Shishio knew that writing was just like that and knew the cause of his inability to write, he wanted to ask Shiro-san whether Shiro-san had a similar experience. ”Well, the truth is… ”

Shishio didn ’t tell how his head was blank, and his fingers couldn ’t move, even though the idea was just right on his head. He had decided what kind of story to write, but when he wanted to put that into reality, there was something that made him unable to write. Still, even so, he wasn ’t the type of someone who could rely on someone so easily unless he trusted them very much. After all, relying on someone meant that he would expose his weakness. He would be naked right in front of these people, and the thought of being naked in front of Shiro-san crept him out, even though both of them had taken a bath together in the past (chapter 20).

”Hmm… ” Listening to Shishio ’s words, Shiro-san couldn ’t help but smile inwardly, thinking that this superman was cuter than he had thought. Even though Shishio didn ’t tell him the details of his problem and only asked him whether he had a similar situation, he could guess more or else what was happening to him. ”Of course, I have had such an experience. ”

Shishio nodded and didn ’t seem that surprised.

”However, even if I have such an experience, my way to solve this problem might not be able to solve your problem, Oga-kun, ” Shiro-san said calmly with a smile.

”Then how did you solve your problem before, Shiro-san? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”Well… ” Shiro-san started to breathe heavily when he remembered his experience to solve his problem. ”In my case, I have someone slap me. ”

”….. ” Shishio.

”You might feel it was weird, right? ” Shiro-san said with a smile.

”No. ” Shishio shook his head and wouldn ’t comment on Shiro-san ’s hobby. ”So, how were you being slapped? ”

”It was when I was about to help someone, but because I breathed heavily in the summer, she might have crept out then slapped me directly. ” Shiro-san smiled and said, ”Thinking back, it might be the reason why I have continued to become a writer and a masochist. ”

”… Shishio.

”But that was an incident, right? ” Shishio asked since Shiro-san ’s method to solve his problem was by accident.

”That ’s true. In my case, it was an accident, but whatever method that you ’re going to use, it doesn ’t really matter as long as you solve your problem, right? ” Shiro-san looked at Shihio with a gentle smile and said, ”It seems that you have a method to solve your problem, so all you need to do is to follow this method without hesitation, and I ’m sure that you ’ll be alright, Oga-kun. ”

”…If you ’re not a pervert, I ’m sure that you ’ll be popular, Shiro-san, ” Shishio said.

”Hehehe, as long as I ’m being abused, I ’m alright, ” Shiro-san said with a smile.

”….. ” Shishio.

”So, are you going somewhere now? ” Shiro-san asked.

”Yeah, I ’m going to the place where everything starts, ” Shishio said.

”Hehe, somehow, I feel like a mentor-like character in the RPG game who watches the main character when on his journey, ” Shiro-san said with a smile.

Shishio smiled and said, ”Well, I ’ll go now, Shiro-san. Bye. ”

Looking at his smile, Shiro-san also nodded, but before Shishio walked away, he called him out. ”Oga-kun! ”

”Yes? ” Shishio stopped and looked at Shiro-san.

”Do you want to write? ” Shiro-san asked.

Shishio was stunned by this question, it was so simple, but at the same time, the writing was just like that. He needed to sit down and put his idea into a paper. It was as simple as that, and what made it complicated was his state of mind and physiology. He took a breath and looked at Shiro-san without hesitation. ”Yes. ” He knew that he needed to solve this problem on his mind, but even if it hadn ’t been solved this problem, he felt that his steps were lighter than before.

”With that feeling, I ’m sure that you ’ll be alright. I ’m anticipating what kind of story that you ’ll write soon, ” Shiro-san said with a smile.

”You ’ll see it soon, Shiro-san, ” Shishio said, then left. ”By the way, I ’ll cook you breakfast tomorrow. ” Then, leaving such words, he strode toward the convenience store.

”I can ’t wait for it! ” Shiro-san looked at Shishio ’s back, and somehow he also wanted to write something.

Shishio was about to go out and open the door of Sakurasou, but someone opened the door first. ”Oh, Mitaka-senpai. ”

Mitaka opened the door of Sakurasou with a slightly pale expression. When he saw Shishio, he nodded with a tired face and greeted him. ”Good evening, Oga-kun. ” He then yawned and seemed to be quite sleepy.

Shishio did a quick observation on Mitaka, and he was able to see a hickey on his neck. He could also see Mitaka ’s complexion wasn ’t good, or rather, Mitaka seemed to be exhausted. He didn ’t need to guess what this guy had been doing and could only shake his head inwardly, especially when he thought about Misaki. He wondered whether Misaki ’s effort was worth it for this guy. ”Good evening, Mitaka-senpai. Did you just come back? ”

”Yeah… I have played several rounds with Rumi-san before… ” Mitaka was very tired now, especially when he just played three rounds with this Rumi, but he also observed Shishio ’s expression when he said this. Unfortunately, he didn ’t see anyone on Shishio ’s expression since it didn ’t change much, which made him wonder whether a young man like Shishio had an interest in sex. Still, he thought that might not be the case since, unlike Sorata, he knew that Shishio didn ’t lack a girl.

If Shishio knew what Mitaka was thinking, he could only snort since, unlike Mitaka, who would plunge his dick anywhere, he was a man with a class. He didn ’t want to get sick.

Mitaka noticed Shishio was about to go out and asked, ”Are you going out somewhere, Oga-kun? ”

”Yeah, I ’m going to a convenience store. ” Shisho stood up and didn ’t really want to waste his time here. ”Then I ’ll go out first, Senpai. ” He then walked out from Sakurasou, but suddenly Mitaka called his name.

”Oga-kun! ”

Shishio stopped and looked at Mitaka. ”What ’s wrong, Senpai? ”

”….. ” Mitaka wanted to ask Shishio what Shishio thought about what Shishio thought about talentless and talented people, but those words stuck in his mouth. So he then changed his question and asked, ”You ’re not asking me how to become a playboy? ”

”Why should I? ” Shishio asked weirdly at Mitaka.

Mitaka wasn ’t sure why, but he felt that his face was burning at that moment. ”No, I ’m just curious why you didn ’t ask me anything when you knew that I had several rounds with a girl. ”

Shishio was wondering what this guy wanted to do, but he didn ’t care much and asked, ”Senpai, am I your mother? ”

Shishio ’s answer dumbfounded Mitaka, but then he shook his head. ”…No. ”

”I ’m not your mother. I don ’t have the right to control you, nor do I intend to since I ’m sure that you won ’t like it either, right? Everything is your responsibility. If you want to date a nurse, then do it. If you want to date a housewife, then do it, you can do whatever you want, but you should be careful how to treat people since what you do to others has a funny way of coming back on you, ” Shishio said simply.

”….. ” Mitaka.

”Well, I ’ll go out first. Bye, Senpai, ” Shishio said, then walked out from Sakurasou after he closed the door.

’Funny way to get back on you, huh? ’

Mitaka ’s expression was quite complex, but then he shook his head and understood that not all guys in this world would appreciate his action, which somehow made him feel very ashamed when he thought that he could be better than Shishio by having more women.

Mitaka then thought about Misaki and how he didn ’t want to be swallowed up in Misaki ’s shadow due to the gap that existed between them…

”….. ”

Mitaka shook his head and felt that he wasn ’t good enough. He thought about sleeping first since he was drained, but when he thought about how he had promised to write the script for Misaki ’s first romance anime, he knew that he couldn ’t do that and needed to work hard!

However, Mitaka didn ’t know that Misaki might have already given up on him…

Shishio felt slightly cold because of the night temperature, so he couldn ’t help but think about Mitaka. However, he felt that Mitaka was just making an excuse for himself since when someone was together, they wouldn ’t care whether that person had a talent.

When a couple was formed, they become one because they wanted to be together with that person. It was as simple as that, but the human heart was very complicated. Mitaka was a chicken who didn ’t dare to face his emotion and made an excuse for his philanderer activity by saying that he wasn ’t good enough for Misaki.

With that excuse, Mitaka dated various girls and harmed them, including Misaki and her sister too.

If you love someone, then just say it. If you don ’t like someone, just say it, since hanging someone with a half-assed feeling is the most painful thing.

Shishio thought about the relationship between Mitaka and Misaki and felt that, unlike Mitaka, who was in love with Misaki. He felt that Misaki ’s feeling toward Mitaka was different, and rather than love, it might be because she didn ’t want to be alone.

The first time Misaki realized her feeling was when Mitaka dated her sister. The three of them had been together since childhood. So when suddenly Mitaka and her sister left her alone and decided to date together, she felt that she was being left out and since she didn ’t have an experience with love. She also didn ’t understand that feeling very well, considering her way of thing was different from a normal human, which caused her to think her feeling toward Mitaka was love.

In addition, among Misaki ’s circle, there was no better man than Mitaka. Even though Mitaka might not be talented, he was handsome, and his interpersonal skill was also quite high. If his interpersonal skill wasn ’t high and his face wasn ’t handsome, then there was no way for him to be able to become a playboy and make a lot of girls fall in love with him.

Originally, there was only Mitaka, Ryuunosuke, and Sorata around Misaki in the original story.

Ryuunosuke might be handsome and had a girl-like feature, but he was shut-in and anti-social. He also hated a girl and felt that love was simply a bug in the human neural circuit.

As for Sorata? There was no need to explain why Misaki wouldn ’t fall for this guy, right?

So out of the three males, even though Mitaka had a philandering hobby, he was several times better than Ryuunosuke and Sorata, so Misaki ’s answer was quite obvious, right?

Mitaka also had a special place in Misaki ’s heart since both of them were childhood friends, but the feelings toward childhood friends and love were different. However, Misaki might not think too much and thought of it as love.

Lastly, in the story, if Misaki was really in love with Mitaka, then she would accept him when he confessed to her some arc in the story, but she rejected him. Still, Shishio felt that it might not be bad if they weren ’t together since Mitaka wouldn ’t be hurt by Misaki, and Misaki might be able to meet a better man. But, unfortunately, Sorata was there.

If Sorata didn ’t intervene in both Misaki and Mitaka by forcing them together, then both of them might not be together, which in his opinion was a very good thing.

Shishio shook his head and understood that the self-esteem of the man in this country was very high. They wanted to be better than their woman. It was also why he also had heard an interview where a female student from Tokyo University (The best university in Japan) might have trouble searching for a husband.

Still, with all of that, what if Misaki found someone better than Mitaka? What would happen to their love?

Shishio didn ’t think too much since it was better to think about his problem first rather than thinking about someone else ’s problem.

”Welcome. ”

The moment Shishio entered the convenience store, he was greeted by the usual lifeless staff. He didn ’t think too much and walked toward the magazine area. He looked around and found a new gravure magazine with a maid theme. He took it without hesitation and looked at it slowly.

Unlike the usual open maid uniform, the one in the magazine was a victorian maid uniform, which was quite similar to Roberta ’s uniform. However, it had quite a reserve design, hiding most of the girl ’s skin, which somehow made it slightly erotic since it showed the body line of the girl perfectly.

”Welcome. ”

When he read the magazine, he heard another lifeless greeting, but he didn ’t think too much until he smelled a familiar smell from behind, which made him stunned.

”You really love a maid, huh? ”

Hearing this voice, Shishio was dumbfounded, turned his head, and couldn ’t help but exclaim. ”Rui-nee? ” He had expected that he might meet Rui in this place, but it was too fast, right?

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