I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 174 - Why Romance?


Kamikaze was part of the Japanese Special Attack Units of military aviators who flew suicide attacks in WWII.​​

Shishio had always maintained a healthy lifestyle, but this time, it was an exception. He stayed quite late, and he was also quite lazy to work out, but he forced himself to work out.

After his workout session, Shishio took a bath while thinking about what he had written last night. The story that he wrote consisted of three segments, and out of three, he had written one segment. If his body wasn ’t 1.5 stronger than normal humans, it would be impossible for him to write one segment in a night since each segment had more than tens of thousands of words.

If it was a normal human, they wouldn ’t be able to write that much. After all, their energy was limited. Unless they stayed up all night, then they might do so, but by doing that, their entire body would be fatigued.

Shishio felt warm water on his body and couldn ’t help but remember what he had talked about with Rui about last night. She had asked him for a favor again, but this time, it was different from the last time since she really asked for his help.

’But Thursday, huh? ’

On Thursday, Shishio had a club, but he thought to skip it since he felt it necessary to help Rui.

After he thought of Rui, Shishio thought about Saki. He confessed to her yesterday, but then, what was he going to do with the other girls?

’Nana then Mashiro… ’

As for Miu, Shishio thought it was better to solve both Nana and Shiina first before he solved Miu ’s matter since both Nana and Shiina were more important and needed to be solved as soon as possible. He rubbed his face and thought that opening a harem was really difficult, and it would have been easier if he dated each of them secretly. Still, he wouldn ’t do so since if he did so, he would hurt them. This relationship wouldn ’t be good in the long term since sooner or later, even if he kept his relationship a secret, it would be known in the future. It would also lead to a very troublesome matter someday, so it was better to date all of them openly, create a harem so everyone could become good sisters to each other, right?

But how?

’Well, if it ’s happening, then it happens. ’

Shishio knew that thinking too much wouldn ’t get him anywhere, so all he needed to do was face them with sincere feelings with some strategy here and there so his percentage of success would be higher.

Shishio then ended his shower, dried his body, and went to his room to change into his uniform since he needed to go to school soon.

Shishio had promised Shiro-san to make him breakfast since Shiro-san had helped him last night, even though that help wasn ’t that particularly useful. He looked at the time and saw that it was still quite early, so he went to the dining room on the first floor to prepare breakfast.

”Good morning, Oga-kun. ”

Shishio entered and heard Mitaka greet him. ”Good morning, Mitaka-senpai. Hmm? What are you guys doing? ” As soon as he entered, he saw Mitaka with his back leaning on the kitchen counter, and Sorata sat quietly at the dining table with a magazine in his hands. He glanced at Mitaka, whose complexion was worse than before, and he could see dark circles hidden behind the frame of his glasses, thinking that this guy might be working hard to write Misaki ’s anime script.

”Oh, Oga-kun, good morning. ” Sorata, who was in a daze, finally reacted and greeted Shishio, who had just walked in. Then he seemed to remember something, which caused him to show a complicated expression again, especially when he looked at the picture in the magazine on his hands.

Usually, Sorata ’s mood toward Shishio was complicated, but that matter was pushed aside because of the magazine on his hands.

”Good morning, Kanda-kun. What are you looking at? ” Shishio looked at Sorata curiously, wondering whether this kid had eaten hallucinogenic mushroom in the morning again.

”Oga-kun, look at this page. ” Sorata handed the magazine in his hands to Shishio, who came over bitterly. When he saw the magazine, his expression was complicated, and he just couldn ’t believe it, and at the same time, he felt that he was the clown among Sakurasou. Still, he wondered about Shishio ’s reaction after Shishio saw what was inside the magazine, wondering whether Shishio would feel the same as him. If so, then he might be saved and feel that this place wasn ’t as unbearable as he had thought.

”Oh, a painting? It is a very good painting, the colors and the message that the painter conveys are so deep. ” Shishio flipped through the magazine in his hands and thought that it should be a magazine covering Shiina ’s information on the world of art. He was wondering where this magazine came from since he didn ’t see it last night.

”Thank you. ” Shiina ’s voice came from the door.

”Good morning Mashiro, How did you sleep last night? Did Kawai-Senpai or Roberta pull you out under the table again? ” Shishio looked at Shiina, who had messy hair, and couldn ’t help but smile.

”No! ” Shiina shook her head at Shishio, then looked at the magazine in his hands.

”Is this your magazine? Why did you put it here? ” Shishio handed the magazine in his hand to Shiina.

”Ritsu borrowed it to see it last night, and I forgot to take it back last night. ” Shiina nodded at Shishio and held the magazine in her hands.

Shishio nodded and didn ’t think too much, but…

”Wait! Wait! Oga-kun, how did you know that magazine is from Shiina-san? Didn ’t you feel surprised?! ” Sorata looked at Shishio, who had been very calm from the beginning to the end, and he didn ’t even see a surprise on his face when Shishio saw the magazine that covered Shiina ’s information.

”Surprised? Why? ” Shishio asked weirdly at Sorata, who seemed to be stimulated by a drug.

”Shiina-san painted the painting in the magazine! Did you see the signature? Just now, Mitaka-senpai said that Shiina-san is a famous world-class painter! She even appeared on TV and in magazines when she was only 15 years old! A lot of people also appraised her as a genius girl who is coming from the sky! ” Sorata said all of them excitedly, looking at Shishio, who didn ’t change his expression again from the beginning to the end.

”I know, so? ” Shishio looked at Sorata even weirdly, wondering whether this guy had eaten something weird in the morning? Or did this guy finally lose it? He then looked at Mitaka, who seemed to be watching the interaction between them, wondering whether he should NTR this guy.

Jokes aside, Shishio was wondering when this guy was going to say something.

”Um, in fact, it is like this. I ran into Kanda-kun when we came out from the room in the morning, and then the two of us came to the dining room together. Then Kanda-kun found this magazine on the table, and he became like this after seeing Shiina-san ’s name on it. I thought that he knew it a long time ago, but… ” Mitaka spread his hands and explained what happened before Shishio came to the dining room.

Shishio nodded and understood why Sorata showed such a big reaction since Sorata only found out about Shiina ’s background today.

Except for geniuses like Mitaka, Misaki, Ryuunosuke, and even Shishio, Sorata had always thought that Shiina was worse than him since she couldn ’t even take care of herself, which was why when he knew that she was the real big boss among everyone in Sakurasou, he became like this.

In truth, if Sorata knew about Shishio ’s assets, then his mind might not be able to handle it anymore. Of course, Sorata might not believe it either, thinking that everything was Shishio ’s parents ’ assets, though Shishio had never thought to talk much about his assets since he didn ’t need to show it to this guy, right?

However, Shishio had to admit that watching Sorata, who couldn ’t accept reality, was quite amusing.

”…Oga-kun, did you know about this matter a long time ago? ” Sorata looked at Shishio with a depressed expression, wondering whether Shiina had told Shishio about this matter.

”Well, I ’ve seen a magazine that covered Mashiro ’s painting before, so I recognized her right away when I saw her, ” Shishio said some bullshit and didn ’t care whether they believed him or not since there was no way that he said that he was coming from a different world, right?

”Ricchan and I were in the living room a few days ago, and Chihiro-sensei told us about Shiina, so we only found out about her a few days ago. ” Misaki also walked into the dining room with a yawn. Ritsu and Roberta also followed behind, but when Mitaka saw Misaki, his expression slightly cramped as if trying to escape from her.

Misaki, of course, noticed Mitaka ’s expression, but she didn ’t say anything for a while since she was still sleepy and she wasn ’t in the mood to ask about the matter of her script anime.

”Good morning, Oga-kun. ” Ritsu nodded.

”Good morning, Shishio-sama. ” Roberta also followed up.

”Good morning, Kawai-senpai, Roberta. ” Shishio nodded, but then Misaki continued the talk about Shiina. ”I was shocked at that time since I didn ’t expect Mashiron would be so famous! ”

Misaki then hugged Shiina, who was in a daze.

”That ’s true. ” Ritsu also nodded, confirming that Shiina was really a world-class painter.

”Eh? In Sakusaou? A few days ago? Chihiro-sensei did? ” Sorata looked at a few people in a puzzled manner. He also had been on Sakurasou, but why didn ’t he know about this matter? And why should Chihiro-sensei tell the matter of Shiina to both Ritsu and Shishio? If it was Misaki, he didn ’t feel surprised since Misaki was a student from the art department, but Ritsu and Shishio were from the general department, but more importantly, why was he being left out?

”Yes, a few days ago, we were in the living room with Shishio-kun, Ricchan, Shiro-san, and Mashiron, talking about her background, until now I was still shocked, ” Misaki recalled what had happened a few days ago and couldn ’t help but amazed at Shishio.

”Huh? Oga-kun too? ” Mitaka also knew that Misaki didn ’t tell him about this matter when they were together, and he had always wondered why Misaki had always called Shishio by his name, not with ”Kouhai-kun ”?

”Yeah, Jin, Mashiron is learning to draw manga, so she wants to know how to draw a man ’s body, then Shishio showed… ” Misaki couldn ’t help but blush when she saw Shishio ’s body at that time.

”… ” The expression of Mitaka and Sorata became ugly at this moment.

”…Did Oga-kun show his body for Shiina-san? ” Mitaka looked at Shishio and had a feeling that they were the same, but he had never thought that Misaki would also join them! He wanted to ask whether Misaki had seen Shishio ’s body, but those words stuck in his mouth.

”…. ” Sorata looked at Shishio and Shiina, and his expression was so ugly at that moment.

”Of course not. I didn ’t show my body. I just showed her how to draw a man ’s body to Mashiro, ” Shishio said calmly, ignoring the ugly expression of both Mitaka and Sorata. As for Sorata, he didn ’t care much, but as for Mitaka, it wasn ’t his fault since Misaki was the one who peeked at him. If, in the future, Misaki might not be satisfied with Mitaka, then it wasn ’t his fault, right? Since the one who sought the problem was Misaki. ”Right, Kawai-senpai? ”

”Ah, um… ” Ritsu nodded while lowering her head since she was covered in blush at this moment when she recalled Shishio ’s body at that time.

Mitaka somehow sighed in relief when he heard those words.

”Jin, you didn ’t see Shishio-kun ’s talent in painting is so great! Even Chihiro-sensei said that Shishio-kun talent is also able to match the world-class painter, even Mashiron also admitted that Shishio-kun is better than her! ” Misaki was excited to tell how awesome Shishio was.

”What?! ” Mitaka was in shock, although he knew that Shishio was very knowledgeable about animation, color, and some cinematography when Shiina came to Sakurasou for the first time. He thought Shishio was only good at theory, but he didn ’t expect Chihiro-sensei to evaluate Shishio ’s painting talent as amazing. Even Shiina, a genius recognized by the world of art, also admitted that she was inferior to Shishio.

”Oga-kun… also has a talent for drawing? And is it recognized by Chihiro-sensei and Shiina-san? ” Sorata couldn ’t believe it since if Shishio ’s painting was so great, why didn ’t Shishio have a reputation? Why had no one ever seen Shishio ’s painting? Why did no one know about Shishio ’s existence? He just didn ’t want to believe it!

Sorata looked at Shishio and Shiina, looked at the two people who seemed to be in the same world, and despair on his heart, that made him drown deeper and deeper, while wondering was the gap between them so big?

Sorata felt his body tremble, and he was a little unsteady. The impact of the information that he received just now made his brain suddenly feel dizzy, and his complexion became pale.

”Kanda-kun, are you… okay? ” Mitaka asked in a low voice, looking at Sorata, whose expression wasn ’t so good.

”Oh, no… it ’s okay, Mitaka-senpai. I just feel uncomfortable, so I ’ll go back to my room first. ” Sorata looked at Mitaka and shook his head. He didn ’t say anything but just turned and left the dining room and didn ’t even say anything to the people inside the dining room.

”Eh? Kouhai-kun isn ’t feeling well? What ’s the matter? ” Misaki looked at the back of Sorata in doubt, wondering why Sorata suddenly felt unwell so suddenly since she saw that Sorata was alright before, right?

”Well, probably, Kanda-kun didn ’t sleep well last night, ” Mitaka said while looking at Misaki, then sighed as he looked at Sorata ’s back with a complicated expression on his expression. Although jealousy was wrong, he also felt quite jealous of Shishio after all. If the existence of monster-like Shishio appeared among ordinary people, everyone would feel the same way, right?

”Right, Jin, have you written the script? ” Misaki suddenly asked.

When Misaki asked that question, Mitaka ’s expression became quite unwell, and his eyes were a bit dodgy. ”I ’ll be done soon. ”

”When? I want to make it as soon as possible! ” Misaki said with some excitement.

”Soon. ” Mitaka could only say that and said, ”I ’ll go back to my room first. You ’ll see the finished script soon. ”

Looking at Mitaka, who left, Shishio could only shake his head. He thought that Mitaka and Sorata were similar to each other, their personalities were very similar, and at the same time, they had very low self-esteem. Still, he didn ’t care about them since even though he didn ’t do anything, both of them destroyed themselves.

”Good morning! ” Shiro-san also came with a cheerful mood, but then, he saw both Sorata and Mitaka with an ugly expression and couldn ’t help but ask, ”Eh? What ’s happening? ”

”Nothing. ” Shishio shook his head and looked at everyone. ”Should we eat now? ” Rather than talking about the suicide duo, it was better to eat, right?

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