I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 178 - In Front Of A Common Enemy Everyone Will Work Together

Even though Nana didn ’t want to talk with Shishio, she still looked at him from time to time, and her teeth felt quite itchy when she saw him talking with Nanami chummily, but she noticed him smiling at her so suddenly, which made her blush and look away.

Once again, Nana knew that she was being teased at this moment, which somehow made her both annoyed and jumpy at the same time, feeling slightly nostalgic for what they often did for the past week together.​​

But such a day…

’It might not happen again… ’

Mea and Maiko looked at Nana and couldn ’t help but sigh. They hadn ’t fallen in love with someone, but they knew how troublesome it was. If Nana was falling for an average guy, then it might be easy for Nana to make this guy fall, but the one who Nana had fallen with was a demon king, who even almost slain both of them too.

Mea and Maiko also looked at him, who talked with Nanami chummily and couldn ’t help but grit their teeth since this guy was working differently from how normal men were. If it was normal men, then they would be confused and would do anything to make the girl forgive them, but this guy didn ’t even apologize and even talked with a beautiful girl chummily as if nothing happened.

Still, they didn ’t really know what was happening between Nana and Shishio and what made Nana ignore him.

”So, Nana, why don ’t you tell us what is happening? ” Mea asked.

”Yeah, I ’m not even sure why you ’re annoyed, ” Maiko also asked with wonder.

Nana looked at her two friends and knew that they were worried about her, but… ”Let me calm down a bit. I ’ll talk with you two tomorrow. ” She only heard the news yesterday, and she still just couldn ’t believe it since yesterday they were talking happily, and she even talked to take him together. Still, suddenly that partner had left her behind the dust and betrayed her directly. It made her depressed when she thought about it, and at the same time, she also felt that he was betraying her.

’You told me to wait… ’

Nana hugged her own thigh and hid her face there since she didn ’t want anyone to see her face at that moment.

Mea and Maiko looked at each other and nodded. They didn ’t really know what had happened, but they could wait for tomorrow since they cared more about their friend ’s condition.

Sorata looked at Nanami and Shishio, who talked happily to each other and felt that his teeth were very itchy at that moment. Even though he knew that his relationship with Nanami was only a friend, seeing her close with a guy chummily made him very uncomfortable at that moment.

”Alright, alright, everyone gathers together! The guy will have a football match! Hurry up! ” Suddenly the PE teacher shouted, calling everyone to gather together, and organized the football match between the two classes.

’Football? ’

When Sorata heard that the PE class would do a football match, he couldn ’t help but feel quite excited. he knew that, unlike everyone in his class, he was the only one with football experience since he had joined the football club in middle school. So even though his skill wasn ’t good, he still had experience, and he felt that he should be better than most of his classmates, especially Shishio.

”Football, huh? ” Shishio didn ’t expect to have a football match in PE class. He then thought about the ”Football Mastery ” that he had gotten a few days ago. With this ability, he could do various football techniques, whether it was shooting, tackling, blocking, passing, dribbling, receiving, etc., and directly became the best football player in this world.

Shishio looked at his opponents and couldn ’t help but feel a bit sorry for them since he felt like he was bullying a group of children.

All guys in Shishio ’s class gathered together to discuss what position they would be in the football match, but before that…

”Oga, what position do you want? ” Tagami asked.

”Forward, ” Shishio said without hesitation and talked with everyone about their position.

They nodded and talked about their positions one by one. After all, they weren ’t that knowledgeable about football besides the rules, so they didn ’t think too much about their positions.

As for Shishio, who chose a forward, they also didn ’t think too much and didn ’t complain, or rather, it might be because of the reserved nature of the people in this country. They didn ’t really want the forward position since that position was the center of attention. It might also be because of his leadership position in the class that they followed him unconditionally.

”Kanda-kun, what about you? ” Shishio asked.

”I…. ” Even though Sorata was eager to show his skill, he started to become indecisive again.

”Kanda has experience in the football club in middle school, so it ’s better to give him the forward position, ” Daichi, who was Sorata ’s friend, said.

”Oh? ” Shishio was surprised, then looked at Sorata and asked, ”Is that alright, Kanda-kun? ”

”…Yes. ” In the end, Sorata nodded and agreed but felt slightly uncomfortable.

Looking at the indecisive Sorata, Shishiso didn ’t think too much about whether there was Sorata or not since their class would win as long as there was him. ”Then everything has been decided. Let ’s go, ” Shishio said.


Everyone cheered loudly.

When the boys had a football match, the girls were on their own doing tennis in a group, but they couldn ’t focus when they saw Shishio was on the field. Unlike the 1-1 class where they could see Shishio every day, the 1-2 class couldn ’t see him every day, which was why when they saw him standing on the field, they couldn ’t focus on their exercise, watching him from the side.

As for the PE teacher, he also didn ’t think too much since he was more focused on the football match between the boys.

Looking at the girls ’ reaction, the boys from the 1-2 class couldn ’t help but grit their teeth since Shishio had stolen the attention of all the girls in their class.

”Damn! ”

”I have heard it before, but I didn ’t expect that his popularity would be this high! ”

”Is this guy really a human?! ”

Some of the guys were very annoyed since their girlfriends seemingly also gawk at Shishio.

”Hey, let ’s teach him in this match. ” Suddenly one guy proposed, but everyone who heard his words nodded without hesitation.

Sakuta, who was at the defender position, could only shake his head when everyone seemingly wanted to teach Shishio a lesson in this football match, feeling childish by their act. He then looked at his only male friend in the class and asked, ”How about you, Kunimi? ”

Yuuma Kunimi was Sakuta ’s only friend and the only person who didn ’t care about the rumor regarding Sakuta ’s matter. ”Well, I don ’t think too much, but I don ’t want to lose in this match. ”

”Well, that ’s true. ” Sakuta nodded. Even though he felt that everyone was a bit childish, he also didn ’t want his class to lose.

”Sakuta, how about you use this chance to join a sports club? ” Yuuma asked.

”No way, I don ’t like being in sweat. ” Sakuta refused without hesitation.

Yuuma only laughed then patted Sakuta ’s back. ”Well, protect the goal. I ’ll score for our class later. ”

”Alright, do your best, striker, ” Sakuta said with a smile.

Yuuma nodded, then looked at Shishio, and somehow he didn ’t want to lose.

Shishio and Sorata were in the middle position since they were in the forward position.

Shishio could see that the boys in the opposite class seemed to look at him, and he couldn ’t help but feel amused by them. He then looked at Sorata, who was nervous and couldn ’t help but shake his head. ”Kanda-kun, just pass the ball to me. ”

”Eh? ” Sorata was startled, but he nodded regardless. After all, he could see the hostile expression of the boys from the opposite class, which made him very nervous.

Then without waiting anymore, the PE class blew the whistle and started the match.

Sorata quickly passed the ball to Shishio, and when it happened, three guys from the opposite team quickly ran toward Shishio ’s direction.

When it happened, the girls in the 1-1 class couldn ’t help but feel nervous, and they wanted to curse the guys on the opposite team for being shameless, ganging Shishio alone.

Even Nana, Mea, and Maiko forgot that they were angry at him and quickly forgot about that matter since they were worried about Shishio at that moment.

The guys from the opposite team wanted to make Shishio look lame in front of everyone, so they had decided to gang on him. Still, when they were about to gang him up, they saw him kick the ball up and could only see a ball that was shot on parabola trajectory on the top of their heads. When they saw the ball landed on the ground, Shishio quickly dribbled the ball alone toward the opposite team area!

Shishio ’s movement was very smooth, and he was very fast!

When everyone was dumbfounded, Shishio had already left the three players behind!

”Stop him! ”

”Hurry up and stop him! ”

Kunimi, who saw Shishio that had escaped, quickly ran after him to stop him. He didn ’t hesitate to give him a tackle, but he was dumbfounded when he saw Shishio jump and smoothly escape from his tackle. ”What?! ”

Shishio continued to run toward the goal, and when a group of defenders gathered in front of him, he didn ’t hesitate to shoot the ball!

Sakuta was also among them, but he opened his eyes wide when he saw a ball was moving closer toward him. Luckily, the ball didn ’t hit him and moved sideway.


When the ball was shot, the group of defenders could only stop and watch the ball that entered the penalty area and seemingly moved away from the goal. Everyone felt relieved, but suddenly someone noticed the change in the trajectory of the ball.

The ball spun, and it made a boomerang-like movement, moving toward the direction of the goal!

”Curl ball! ”

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw the ”Curl Ball ” in this PE class. If it was a professional match, then without a doubt, it would receive a lot of cheers, and they wouldn ’t feel surprised, but it happened in the match between students!

Then everyone could only stand there, watching the ball enter the goal, without being able to do anything.


The ball entered the goal and spun into the net for a while before landing on the ground.

”… ”

Everyone quickly turned toward Shishio, who had turned and walked away as if this result were inevitable.

”Oga-kun! ”

”Amazing! ”

The girls were very excited and cheered his name loudly.

Hearing the girls ’ cheers, Nana, Maiko, and Mea, the three of them had to admit that even though they were a bit angry at this guy, Shishio was very handsome.

Nanami was also amazed and also felt happy when she saw him score the goal.

”… ” The guys from the 1-2 class could only lower their heads at this moment.

”Amazing, Oga-kun! ” Tagami, Usa, and the rest of his classmates were dumbfounded, but then they also cheered since they had scored one goal.

Sorata ’s expression was very complex at that moment, and his stomach felt hurt. Once again, he felt the jealousy swirling on his stomach again.

Then the game started once again, and it started from the opposite team, but Shishio easily intercepted it, and he moved once again, scoring the goal again alone.

If it happened once, then they didn ’t think too much, but it happened thrice. After that, the 1-2 class team couldn ’t fight back, and their goal had been scored three times by Shishio. His third goal was also very special. He did a bicycle kick by missing his target deliberately, caused it to hit the goalpost, bounce it back, and then score a goal.

”…… ”

The girls were crazy, and as for the guys, they knew that they weren ’t on the same level now.

The 1-2 class team had lost their will to fight, and the PE teacher quickly stopped Shishio. ”Stop! Stop! Oga-kun, stop! Don ’t play anymore! Don ’t hurt them any more than this! ” He shouted loudly, afraid that Shishio wouldn ’t hear him. Looking at the team of the 1-2 class, then looked at Shishio, he couldn ’t help but sigh and knew that If he didn ’t stop Shishio, then he had a feeling that the hearts of the team from the 1-2 class would be shattered at this moment and they might not be able to stand up anymore.

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