Shishio stopped then looked at his PE teacher. ”Should I stop now, Nishikata-sensei? ”

”Yes, come here. They ’re not at your level. You ’re bullying them, ” Nishikata said bitterly.​​

Shishio shrugged his shoulders, didn ’t think too much, and walked out from the field relaxedly. ”Well, Tagami, Usa, good luck. ” He was sure that the boys from the 1-2 class would attack them aggressively when he left.

Tagami and Usa nodded, but they didn ’t think that they would lose, considering they had won three goals because of Shishio. So with three different points, they wouldn ’t lose, right?

Shishio walked to Nishikata and said helplessly, ”Sensei, I just want to play. What do you mean by bullying? I ’m only a single-player, after all. How can I bully them? ”

”….. ” Nishikata.

”Well, just sit down and rest. I ’ll give you a perfect mark on your PE class later, ” Nishikata said with a sigh.

”Thanks, Sensei. ” Shishio nodded with a smile, then asked, ”Nishikata-sensei, are you married? ”

”Un, I ’m married. What ’s wrong? ” Nishikita asked in wonder.

Shishio looked at Nishikata and somehow remembered who this guy was, and at the same time, he was wondering whether he could see his wife in the future. ”Well, you ’ve told me to stop playing, the girls are doing an exercise, and I don ’t have someone to talk to, so accompany me to talk with, Sensei. ”

”…. ” Nishikata had never seen such a brazen student in his entire experience as a teacher, but well, it wasn ’t a bad idea to talk with him. ”Say, Oga-kun, where have you learned football? Brazil? ”

”…. ” Shishio.

While Shishio and Nishikata talked to each other, the 1-1 class players were being attacked aggressively by the players from the 1-2 class. Without Shishio, the students from the 1-1 class couldn ’t do anything since they didn ’t have much experience in football. Even Sorata, who had some share of experience in a football club during his middle school, was being abused directly by players from the 1-2 class.

After all, even though Sorata had experience, he was only a reserve player. He also stopped in the middle because he couldn ’t become better and couldn ’t see the future, which led him to lose a passion for it, so even if he had some experience, his skill was also so-so. He was far from good, adding to the fact that his body was quite rusty since he hadn ’t moved it for a while. He was simply being toyed directly with all the players from the 1-2 class team.

”Kanda, how many times have you lost the ball! ”

”Score the ball, Kanda! ”

Looking at Sorata, who had lost his ball several times, the 1-1 class players became annoyed and shouted angrily.

Sorata could only grit his teeth and felt regret for playing the forward position, but there was nothing he could do besides endure the abuse.

The 1-2 class players didn ’t care what the players from the 1-1 class were thinking. Shishio had abused them, and when Shishio wasn ’t on the field, it was their time to abuse them, so after a moment of confrontation, they had scored a goal!

”Goal!!! ”

The players from the 1-2 class were so happy when they scored a goal and even did a huge celebration since the feeling of being abused by Shishio was excruciating, so when they could abuse the players from the 1-1 class, they were thrilled so happily that they danced together.

Even Sakuta, who was a loner, also happily hugged his teammate since he felt happy when he saw that his team had scored the goal. Shishio ’s terror scared him to death, including the rest of the teams, so they were full of happiness when they scored the goal.

Sport has always been the best way to develop friendship, even if everyone is on bad terms as long as they can achieve something, they ’ll be delighted and become friendly.

Yesterday ’s enemy is today ’s friend.

Facing the common enemy was the best way for everyone to work together, so at this moment, the players from the 1-2 class were working hard to abuse the 1-1 class who had abused them earlier, especially when the demon wasn ’t here.

”KANDA!!! ”

Everyone was furious.

Sorata really regretted choosing the forward position now. He glanced at Shishio, who talked with Nishikata-sensei happily, and couldn ’t help but grit his teeth, wondering why there was such a huge difference between them?

Shishio knew that the 1-2 class was abusing his classmates, but he didn ’t think too much. It was better to close his relationship with Nishikata-sensei since he might be able to meet both his wife and daughter in the future. Still, he didn ’t have a bad intention since what he wanted to do was just to get a reward since he was sure that both Nishikata ’s wife and daughter would give him a reward.

Even though Shishio said that he couldn ’t be dependent on the system, he had a system, so it would be too stupid if he didn ’t use it well, right?

”My daughter is so cute, right? See? ” Nishikata said happily, showing the photo of her daughter.

”Yes, I can see a lot of similarities between you and your daughter, Sensei. Her cuteness might be inherited by your handsomeness, Sensei, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”Really? Haha! ” Nishikata laughed happily, hearing Shishio ’s praise.

Looking at Nishikata, Shishio thought that this guy was too simple, right?

Somehow Shishio understood why Nishikata had always been teased by his wife now.

The football match between the 1-1 class and the 1-2 class continued, and the 1-2 had scored three goals, turning the match into a draw.

The cheerful mood of players in the 1-1 class had long disappeared, and there was only desperation and shame since the three scores difference had disappeared, and they could do nothing besides being beaten up by the players in the 1-2 class.

Some of the girls also ended their exercise and came to the side of the field to watch the football match between the two classes.

Shishio also stopped talking with Nishikata and talked with Nanami and her friends. He had to admit that Nanami ’s friends were quite cute, and all of them were good girls. Unfortunately, they couldn ’t trigger his system.

Nanami and her friends talked with Shishio happily since it was enjoyable to talk with him. They talked about many things, from random things to the match football match between the 1-1 and 1-2 class since they could see that their class was at a disadvantage.

The girls wondered how they could lose, even though Shishio had given them three goals before, which made them feel a bit helpless.

Shishio didn ’t talk with Nana, Mea, and Maiko. After all, they would ignore him, so he didn ’t bother to talk with them. In his mind, trying to get a girl was like fishing.

Fishing a fish wasn ’t as simple as throwing the bait into the sea, then pulling the string, and you would get the fish. There were many techniques included, including letting loose the string to let the fish tire out the fish. What he was doing now was letting Nana ’s emotions brew and tiring her out before he pulled her and caught her in the net in one swoop like fishing.

Shishio knew Nana ’s feelings toward him, and he knew that even though she felt betrayed when she knew that he had confessed to Saki, it was still far from hate, but even if she hated him, he knew how to make her love him again after all, love and hate were one side of the same coin, and being hated was also several times better than being forgotten.

It was also the reason why bad men were very popular among girls, even if they had hit the girl and some of them had an abusive relationship, the girl would still stick to the man, even if there was a kind and good man who would be with her.

There had never been a case of bad men being dumped by girls because of a good guy. Rather they were being dumped by girls because other bad men stole those girls.

In girls ’ physiology, they thought those bad men might be bad toward the rest, but they were the only kind toward them. That ’s what made them crazy. It was also the reason why the good guy had never been popular since what the good guy had always been doing was an ass-kisser. But, of course, an ass-kisser had never been popular with a girl. Rather, most girls would use the good guy as their wallet, making the good guys buy and treat them with various things.

Girls loved someone who could shake their emotions from happy, sad, longing, hate, and various other emotions rather than someone who would give them plain happiness.

Of course, there had always been an exception, but the number of this exception was quite small, and even if there was one, they might not be beautiful.

Shishio knew this, and that was why he talked with Nanami since it was useless to talk with Nana now, but he kept glancing at Nana from time to time and could see that Nana was gritting her teeth.

Shishio knew what he was doing might be bad, but he wouldn ’t talk to Nana for now since he really didn ’t know why they were talking about the matter of confession so suddenly?

Shishio didn ’t understand what was happening, so before that, he needed to confirm this matter to Saki first.

When Sorata was being abused by the 1-2 class players, he saw Shishio, who was talking happily with Nanami, which made his stomach become more uncomfortable. He was so jealous at that moment, and his emotions were very hard to control, but he didn ’t dare to do anything to Shishio, nor dared to ask Nanami about the relationship between them since he was afraid to know the truth.

”Kanda! Go score the goal! ”

Sorata was passed the ball suddenly by his teammate, but he, who was in deep thought, was startled and couldn ’t focus, so he kicked the ball directly toward the Shishio and Nanami, but…

”Kanda, are you stupid!? ”

Sorata ’s teammates were furious when they saw Sorata shoot the ball randomly.

Sorata didn ’t hear their complaint, but his heart skipped, and his heartbeat moved so fast since he was afraid that the ball would hit Shishio or Nanami, or rather, he wanted it to hit Shishio. Still, his shooting skill deteriorated, and it was terrible, so the ball that he kicked turned to the side toward the group of girls.

”Be careful! ”

The guys quickly shouted toward the group of girls who gathered together, and the ball was about to hit one of the girls among the group!

”Kyaaa! ”

The girl couldn ’t react when they saw a ball that was about to hit her!


Suddenly someone appeared in front of the girl, caught the ball with his feet, juggling it a bit on his feet, before he kicked the ball directly toward the goal!


”… ”

The ball entered the 1-2 class ’s goal directly.

Shishio was talking nearby with Nanami and her friends, but he stopped when he saw Sorata kicking the ball toward the group of girls. He quickly stopped the ball and scored another goal, even though he knew that this goal wouldn ’t be counted. He then turned and asked, ”Are you alright? ” He looked at a girl with shoulder-length reddish-brown hair and gold eyes, who seemed to be a bit scared since the ball almost hit her.

”Ah, yes, thank you, Oga-kun, ” the girl said softly with a blush on her face.

Shishio was quite surprised and observed the girl closely and remembered that this girl should be Saki Kamisato, the girlfriend of Yuuma Kunimi.

If some of you were clueless about Yuuma Kunimi, then he was the only male friend of the main character of Seishun Buta Yarou.

”It ’s good that you ’re alright, ” Shishio said and didn ’t stare at her for a long time since it was too rude, but even if he stared at her for a long time, he felt that it should be alright. He then looked at Sorata and shouted, ”Kanda-kun, you should watch where you shot the ball next time, or you would hurt someone! ”

Hearing Shishio ’s words, the group of girls who consoled Saki Kamisato, who was scared because of almost being hit by the ball, glared at Sorata together. Still, they then didn ’t care about Sorata that much since they knew that it was their chance to talk with Shishio.

”….. ” Sorata.

Shishio saw the situation had become troublesome, so he quickly escaped. ”Sorry, my friends are waiting for me. ” He quickly returned to Nanami ’s side, but suddenly she heard a loud cry from Mea and Maiko from the tennis field.

”Nana! ” 2x

Shishio quickly turned and walked away from Nanami, quickly running toward Nana since Nana was more important.

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