I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 180 - Im Not Impatience

The more Nana saw Shishio talking with Nanami while ignoring her, the more annoyed she was. Even though she was the one who didn ’t want to talk with him before, when she saw him didn ’t seem to care about her, she couldn ’t help but grit her teeth. Her feelings were very contradictory, and it was also the reason why she released all of her frustration by hitting the tennis wall with a ball.

*Baam!* *Baam!* *Baam!*​​

The ball that was hit on the wall became stronger and stronger, causing a deafening sound, which caused both Mea and Maiko to be speechless and had already given up on becoming Nana ’s opponents since they knew that it was impossible to defeat Nana, considering her athletic ability was very good.

”Nana, calm down! ”

”Yeah, we can go to karaoke later and sing all the songs you want. ”

Mea and Maiko tried to calm Nana down, but Nana didn ’t seem to hear their voices and kept glancing at Shishio until she saw him save a girl from the 1-2 class. Of course, Mea and Maiko also saw it, and they were speechless when another girl seemed to fall for that bastard again.

The corner of Nana ’s mouth twitched, and it might be because she lost her focus that when she chased after the ball, the position on one of her feet was quite weird before…

”It hurts! ”

Nana fell down on the ground, letting go of the racket in her hand, holding her ankle in pain.

”Nana! ” 2x

Mea and Maiko quickly helped Nana, but they were at a loss what to do since they didn ’t really have experience at first aid.

”Let me check her foot for a bit. ”

”Huh? ” 2x

Mea and Maiko quickly turned and looked at Shishio, who appeared beside them.

Shishio didn ’t wait for them to respond and checked Nana ’s foot and ankle. Checking her feet and ankle, he knew instantly what had happened to her since he had ”Orthopaedic Mastery. ”

Looking at Shishio, who had a serious expression, Mea and Maiko stopped their mouths and didn ’t say anything. After all, the image of Shishio on their minds was someone who could do many things, so they knew that he might have knowledge regarding first-aid. Still, they had to admit that his serious expression was so handsome…

’What the hell are you thinking about?! ’

Mea and Maiko quickly shook their heads and remembered that this guy had made their best friend feel sad, so they needed to ignore him, but they could do that later since they were worried about their best friend.

”What ’s wrong? ” Nishikata, who heard the scream, also quickly came, feeling worried and wondering what was happening.

”She has sprained her ankle, ” Shishio said with a frown.

Nana looked at Shishio and couldn ’t help but feel warm when she saw him showing care toward her, but then she remembered that he had confessed to Saki, so she quickly ignored him again, looking away, feeling depressed again. However…

”Sensei, I ’ll bring her to the infirmary, ” Shishio said and smoothly carried Nana in his arms.

”Wha–?! ” Nana was startled, and her tan skin quickly turned red when she was suddenly being carried on his arms. ”Wh – What are you doing!? Let me — Ouch! Ouch! It hurts! ” When she tried to move away from Shishio, she moved her legs wildly, which caused her to feel the pain in her sprained ankle.

”What? You don ’t want me to carry you this way? Do you want me to carry you like a rice sack? ” Shishio asked and was about to move Nana ’s position, but she quickly stopped him and glared at him since she didn ’t want to be carried like a rice sack!

Looking at Nana, Shishio smiled and said, ”Just stay still, alright? ”

”Un. ” This time Nana became docile and lowered her head shyly since the damage that was caused by Shishio ’s smile was too lethal for her.

”Then Sensei, I ’ll bring her to the infirmary first, ” Shishio said and left.

”Oh, oh… ” Nishikita was startled and quickly nodded. Then, somehow when he was looking at Shishio and Nana, he recalled his relationship with his wife when he often teased her (on his dream). ”Oh, youth… ” He shook his head, then looked at everyone who seemed to stop and stared at Shishio and Nana, especially the girls, staring at Nana enviously. ”What are you doing?! Hurry up and continue your class! ”.

If Nishikata was single, then he might be jealous of Shishio ’s popularity, but he had a lovely wife and daughter, so what should he be jealous about?

However, Nishikata didn ’t know that Shishio had targeted both his daughter and wife before they even met each other.

Nana, who was being carried by Shishio in his arms at that moment, felt that her heartbeat was moving very fast, and her face was flushed. Still, she was annoyed when she saw that she was so calm and what made her even more annoyed was that this guy had never said anything!

”Wh – Why didn ’t you say anything? ” Nana asked while looking away, trying to hide her blush.

”Didn ’t you say that you don ’t want to talk with me? ” Shishio asked.

”…. ” Nana.

Nana then snorted at him and looked away. She was still under the campaign of ignoring him, so she decided not to say anything to whatever he would say from now on!

But Nana might forget about her decision later.

Shishio was amused by Nana ’s reaction and asked, ”So, are you ready to talk with me? ”

Nana became gloomy after she heard Shishio ’s words since it reminded her of her conversation with Saki last night, but then, she was wondering whether what Saki had told her was the truth or not. After all, she still remembered her conversation with Shishio before. When she almost kissed him at that time, he told her to wait, and she decided to wait for him, and she didn ’t think that he would be lying, so she wanted to confirm from his mouth whether he really had confessed to Saki or not.

”Well, for now, your ankle is more important. Let ’s talk after the infirmary teacher gives you first aid, ” Shishio said.

”Um. ” Nana nodded and thought that the infirmary might be a good place to talk since the number of people in that place wasn ’t that much, so she could ask this hard-to-ask question.

The location of the infirmary wasn ’t that far, but there was still a considerable distance. Luckily, everyone was in the class at that moment, or else they would become the center of the attention since Shishio carried her in his arms, but frankly, he didn ’t care much about everyone ’s thoughts. However, being in a quiet or rowdy environment, the choice was quite obvious, right?

Shishio and Nana didn ’t say anything, but this silence wasn ’t bad, they enjoyed this moment, but when they enjoyed their moment, the time always moved so fast since they had arrived at the infirmary.

”Can you help me to open the door, Nana? ” Shishio asked.

Nana opened the door.

Shishio also quickly entered and asked, ”Teacher? ” Then, he looked around and saw that the infirmary was empty.

”…. ”

Shishio let out a sigh and couldn ’t help since he also understood that it was very rare for someone to enter the infirmary, so it was quite normal for the teacher inside not to be in place. So he looked around and saw a curtain that covered one of the beds along with a pair of shoes on below, clearly knowing that there was someone who was resting there and from the shape of the shoes, and thought the gap of the curtain, he could see someone who was resting on one of the beds was a girl, and a beautiful one at that, but it wasn ’t the time to observe that pair of beautiful feet.

His observation was only for a moment, so Nana didn ’t know what Shishio was observing.

”The teacher isn ’t here, ” Shishio said.

”Then what should we do? ” Nana asked with a frown since her ankle was quite hurt.

”I ’ll take care of you. So you don ’t need to worry, ” Shishio said.

”… ” Nana felt complicated, blushing, but sad at the same time, since if Shishio really confessed to Saki, then she might not be able to enjoy this moment again.

Shishio then put Nana on the chair gently and said, ”Wait here. ”

”Um. ” Nana nodded, then looked at Shishio, who was grabbing many things from the infirmary shelf and wondering where he had learned knowledge of the first aid.

Shishio then squatted down, holding Nana ’s ankle gently, and said, ”Bear it for a moment. It ’ll hurt a bit. ”

”Um. ” Nana nodded, but then when her shoes were taken out. She flinched, but then she was dumbfounded when she saw how skillfully Shishio was taking care of her sprained ankle before wrapping that ankle with a bandage. ”Where have you learned this knowledge? ”

”I learned from the orthopedic doctor in my neighborhood in Kyoto, ” Shishio said.

”…You sure learn a lot of things in Kyoto. ” Nana was speechless and wondering how this guy learned a lot of things about Kyoto.

”So, can you tell me? Why are you angry at me? ” Shishio asked sincerely, holding her hands gently, turning his eyes upward, staring at her eyes.

Nana was stunned, but then she bit her lower lips, trying to calm her emotion. ”Did you really confess to Saki-senpai? ”

”…Did you learn it from Saki? ” Shishio asked.

”Did you? ” Nana ’s emotion almost exploded at this moment, feeling betrayed by him.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded without hesitation, but then he saw that Nana was about to slap him. Of course, he wasn ’t surprised by this slap since he was a scumbag, and he needed to be slapped, but he didn ’t want to.

Shishio quickly caught Nana ’s hand and stopped her from slapping him.

Nana ’s eyes were already full of tears, and she used her other hand to slap him again, showing how angry she was.

Shishio quickly caught her hand again and held both of them tightly.

”Bastard! Why did you block it?! You have betrayed me! You have told me to wait, but you betrayed me! Let me slap you! ” Nana roared while crying.

”Calm down. There ’s someone here, ” Shishio said, trying to calm Nana down.

”I don ’t care! Why is it her? Why is it not me! Why did you choose her?! ” Nana ’s emotion couldn ’t be controlled, and it exploded directly. She had been waiting for him, she had been anticipating being together with him, she even sacrificed herself to accept another girl so she could be together with him, but in the end, she was betrayed by him, and he confessed to the other girl.

If possible, Nana wanted to congratulate him and told both of them to be happy, but she couldn ’t. She had fallen so deeply for him, especially when she told him to wait, but…

”It ’s all your fault! Why was it so fun with you? Why do you make me want not to lose you? Just why –?! ” Nana was about to shout, asking him why Shishio had betrayed her, but suddenly her eyes were wide open since her lips were kissed!

Nana wanted to slap him again, but in the end, her hands were loosened, wrapped them around his neck so they could be closer to each other, enjoying this kiss, with tears dripped from her eyes.

’Shishio… ’

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