I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 182 - Lets Be Truthful To Each Other

When the bell rang, Shishio knew that it was time for the break, and he thought to meet Saki, but he didn ’t expect her to come to his class. He was about to approach her, but…

”Um, Oga-kun. ”​​

”Hmm? ” Shishio, who hadn ’t moved from his seat, looked at Nanami, who called him out. ”What ’s wrong, Aoyama-san. ”

Even though Nana didn ’t talk to Shishio, she still cared about him, so when she saw Nanami suddenly call him out, she felt curious and wondered what was happening.

Nanami was a bit embarrassed and said, ”Thank you for the onigiris before. After I have washed the bento box, I ’ll return it to you. ”

Nana raised her eyebrow.

”You don ’t need to think too much. I ’m only doing what everyone will do in that situation. ” Shishio shook his head and said, ”You can return the bento box to me directly without washing it, though. ”

”No, no, I can ’t do that. ” Nanami shook her head and felt that it was too rude if she didn ’t wash the bento box.

”Well, if you say so. However, what do you think of onigiri? The taste isn ’t that bad, right? ” Shishio asked.

”Um, it ’s delicious. ” Nanami had to admit that the taste of the onigiri was so good that it made her wonder whether Shishio aimed to become a chef in the future. Still, her tears made the taste of the onigiri slightly salty, not that she was going to say it, though. ”But I ’ve eaten your bento. What will you eat later? ”

”Well, I ’ll buy bread or go to the cafeteria, ” Shishio said simply and glanced at Saki, who was outside of the class. He smiled when she saw her expression and wanted to tease her more, acting as if he didn ’t see her there.

”Um, if you don ’t mind, how about if I treat you? ” Nanami suddenly asked.

”What? ” Shishio was surprised.

Nanami was a bit embarrassed, and her face was red. ”I – I mean that you don ’t have anything to eat right now, right? I feel bad for taking your lunch, so if you don ’t mind, how about I treat you? ”

”Are you sure? ” Even though Shishio loved something free, and he also didn ’t mean being treated by a girl, he knew how hard Nanami was to get her money from various part-time jobs, so it really surprised him when he heard that she was going to treat him.

”Um. ” Nanami nodded without hesitation and said, ”You have also bought me bread before, at least, let me treat you to lunch or something since it feels a bit uncomfortable that I have always been on the receiving end. ”

”Aoyama-san, you don ’t need to think too much. I never thought to help you with that kind of intention before, ” Shishio said while shaking his head.

”I know. ” Nanami nodded with a smile and said, ”But I want to. ”

”… ”

Shishio looked at Nanami for a while and wondered whether this girl didn ’t love Sorata anymore. He thought for a while, but suddenly his name was called out.

”Shishio! ”

Shishio turned and saw Saki calling out his name.

”C – Can you come here? ” Saki asked with a red face since she felt embarrassed to call him out so suddenly. It was a first experience for her to do something like this, but when she saw Shishio talking with Nanami, she just couldn ’t help it, and somehow she had a feeling that this guy was teasing her!

Saki then quickly changed her expression into a cold expression, which caused everyone who looked at her curiously to look away since they felt that she was terrifying!

Shishio looked at Saki with a smile, then looked at Nanami again. ”Well, Aoyama-san, someone is calling me now. Let ’s talk about your treat in the future, but I ’m really anticipating it. ”

”Um. ” Nanami nodded with a smile, but inwardly, she felt sad. Watching him stand up and walk toward Saki, she had an urge to grab his shirt to stop him, but she was just his classmate. What right did she have to stop him?

Nana didn ’t look at Nanami again and looked at Saki and Shishio, who walked out together.

”Is that okay, Nana? ” Mea asked.

”Does Kawasaki-senpai have a relationship with Shishio? ” Maiko asked curiously. After all, the image of Saki on her mind was quite a cold yet kind girl since even though Saki might seem to show a cold expression, she had been helped by Saki when she almost choked by drinking a soda on the arcade before. Moreover, Saki patted her back and caressed her back, which made her impression of Saki was quite good.

”Well, it ’s okay, they might have something to talk about with each other, probably… ” Nana said, but then her face blushed when she thought about her conversation with Saki before when she thought to date Shishio together. Touching her lips, she recalled the feeling when Shishio took her first kiss. She could still feel her heart race, and it was so exciting and comfortable at the same time. She wanted to do it again, but when she thought about the problem between the two of them…

”Why did you touch your lips? ” Mea asked with a confused expression.

”Are you sexually frustrated? ” Maiko asked with some confusion.

”….. ” Nana thought that she really wanted to slap her friends ’ butts at that moment. She then glanced at Nanami and raised her eyebrow. ’She can show such an expression, huh? ’

Shishio walked to Saki and asked with a hint of tease, ”Did you miss me that much? ”

Saki snorted and swung her head away, almost slapping her ponytail to Shishio.

When her ponytail happened to be near his nose, Shishio had always been wondering why girls always smelled really nice. ”Saki? ”

”…I – I have brought you lunch, ” Saki said with a blush and felt a bit embarrassed, showing the two bento boxes in her hands.

”You cooked me lunch? ” Shishio was surprised.

”Um. ” Saki nodded and said, ”I have promised you before, right? I ’m your secretary, after all. ”

”Not a girlfriend? ” Shishio asked.

”I – I haven ’t agreed yet! ” Saki suddenly became panicked, and her face was so red.

”Then let ’s eat lunch together, ” Shishio said without hesitation, wondering what kind of lunch that Saki had prepared for him.

”Um, follow me. I know a quiet place, ” Saki said and quickly left while pulling Shishio ’s hand. She wasn ’t good with crowds, and she also wasn ’t good at communication, but even so, she forced herself to come to Shishio ’s class, even though it felt uncomfortable to her. Still, regardless, she knew that she needed to meet him, and she wanted to meet him as soon as possible!

Looking at Saki, who was pulling his hand eagerly, seeing the smile on her face, Shishio felt a bit guilty, but he quickly shook his head and followed her since he knew that he couldn ’t return and he needed to step forward no matter what.

Leading him to the quiet place, Shishio observed the location where Saki had brought him and had to admit that this place was tranquil. Surrounded by a lot of trees, there were many leaves scattered on the ground, and there were several benches that were built around.

”I don ’t know that we have this kind of place at school, ” Shishio said, looking around curiously since he could see that there were only both of them here. Still, he wasn ’t that surprised, considering this place was a bit far from the cafeteria or bread food truck, and most of the students would eat in the class after all.

”Well, you have only been at the school for a week, after all, so it is normal for you not to know this place, ” Saki said and sat on the bench.

Shishio also sat next to her naturally and asked, ”Have you been eating here? ”

”Not really, but sometimes I will stay in the class, ” Saki said simply.

”….. ” Shishio thought that this girl was really a loner and said, ”Let ’s eat together from now on. ”

”Um. ” Saki nodded shyly, especially when he grasped her hand.

”So, should we eat? ” Shishi asked.

”Ok. ” Saki nodded and felt a bit nervous, taking out the bento box that she had prepared. ”Here, I have prepared for you. ”

”Thanks. ” Shishio took the bento box expectantly and opened its cover directly, but he had to admit that the bento box that Saki prepared was very simple and plain somehow.

”…Is it plain, right? ” Saki asked with a sigh.

”No, I ’m happy with it, but isn ’t it trouble for you to make me a bento like this? ” Shishio asked. In his previous life, he had never had this kind of experience. Even if he had a girlfriend before, she was only cooking at home. So during his high school time, he would be eating in the cafeteria since it was convenient.

Shishio had to admit that the tradition of this country where the girl cooked a bento for the boy was pretty unique and novel for him. But, regardless, the plain and simple bento, he was happy that Saki made this for him.

Saki shook her head and said, ”I ’ve gotten used to it, and I ’m not working at the night cafe like before, so I have time to prepare you a bento. ” She looked at him speechlessly and said, ”Still, even though you have hired me, I really haven ’t done anything, which makes me uncomfortable to accept your money, so at least, I want to help you with something simple like this bento. ”

Shishio looked at Saki for a while and asked, ”So this bento is from Saki as my secretary or Saki as my girlfriend? ”

”Wh – what ’s the difference!? And I haven ’t agreed to become your girlfriend! ” Saki ’s face was red once again, and she thought this guy really loved to tease her, right?

”Of course, it is different. If it ’s Saki as my secretary, then you do this because of obligation, if you do this because you ’re my girlfriend, then… I don ’t need to explain, right? ” Shishio asked. Even though he knew the answer, he just wanted to tease her anyway since it was very fun.

”It – It doesn ’t really matter, right? Hurry up and eat! ” Saki was so embarrassed and felt annoyed, wondering why she had always been teased by someone younger than her.

”Yes, yes. ” Shishio smiled and ate the bento that Saki prepared. He had tasted the food that Saki prepared in the past, and of course, the taste was alright, but it might be because he knew Saki ’s feeling toward him that it made the taste of this bento very special.

”How is it? ” Saki asked with a hint of nervousness.

”It ’s delicious, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”That ’s great… ” Saki sighed in relief and also started to eat.

They ate together, enjoying their surroundings while talking about each other ’s classes since Shishio didn ’t know much about Saki when she was at school. She was older than him, after all, and she was in her 2nd year. He wanted to hear the story of Saki in her 1st year, but he could imagine that she would be very haughty.

Regardless, it was a very enjoyable conversation with Saki that exploded from time to time, showing an embarrassment of being teased by Shishio all the time.

Saki looked at Shishio, and even though she was being teased by him all the time, it was very fun, and she thought it was very enjoyable to be with him. As for his confession yesterday, she still felt conflicted since she wouldn ’t be the only one, but right now, she pretended as if those things never happened.

Saki then thought about her conversation with Nana last night and wondered whether Nana didn ’t say anything to Shishio. She was also wondering whether Shishio didn ’t know what had happened. If so, then she was grateful. She knew that she was quite sneaky to do this, and even though she knew that she might not be the one in the future, she wanted to monopolize him alone now, and if possible, it would be in the future.

Shishio put down the bento box when they finished eating and said, ”Thanks, Saki. ”

”Um, no problem. ” Saki shook her head with a helpless expression.

”Well, Saki, we have eaten our lunch, so can I ask you a question? ” Shishio asked.

”What question? ” Saki asked normally and didn ’t think much about what Shishio wanted to ask since he had asked her many questions before.

”Can you tell me why you ’re so close to Nana? ” Shishio asked without hesitation, wondering what was happening between Nana and Saki.

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