His trip took quite a while for him to arrive at his private parking building, but Shishio has arrived now. He didn ’t hesitate to enter and saw the guard of the building greet him with a smile. He nodded and moved towards the direction of the workshop area where his new motorcycle was being kept. Walking for a while, he saw his new motorcycle and couldn ’t help but whistle since it really matched what he had designed.

When Shishio asked Roberta to buy him something, he also asked her to buy her this motorcycle and modified it according to his request. Looking at the result, he had to admit that the power of money was amazing. It only took two days, and the motorcycle was right in front of him, but he felt that it was quite normal since he had splurged his money a bit to get this motorcycle.​​

Around the motorcycle, some parts of the engines, tires, and several items could be used to modify his motorcycle according to his wish.

Shishio took off his blazer, rolled his shirt sleeves, and started to check and modified his motorcycle again. After all, he had ”Machinery Mastery, ” so it would be wasteful if he didn ’t modify his motorcycle to his best.

The motorcycle that he had bought was a Honda Virago. It was an old motorcycle since it was sold in 1981. In other words, it had been 24 years since this motorcycle had been manufactured, and he bought the newest one, which was released in 1999. It might be an old motorcycle, and its model was a bit exaggerated, but he bought this motorcycle because he wanted to modify it to cafe racer style.

Cafe Racers is a genre of sport motorcycles that originated among British motorcycle enthusiasts of the early 1960s in London. Cafe racers were standard production bikes that were modified by their owners and optimized for speed and handling for quick rides over short distances.

It was also because he modified his motorcycle that he didn ’t care much that his motorcycle was old. It might be old, but once it was modified, it would become a very cool motorcycle.

There were several things that had been modified from his motorcycle, from the seat, handle, tires, machine, and frame, or rather, most of the things on this motorcycle were changed.

The most special one would be both the gas tank since he changed the color of the gas tank into yellow color with a black stripe.

Shishio was satisfied with this result, but he wanted to tune the engine a bit. So, while he modified his motorcycle, he decided to accept four rewards that he had received today.

’Enhanced Teeth, Ninjutsu Mastery, Seimei Kikan, and Metallurgy Mastery, huh? ’

Shishio had to admit that his reward was quite interesting, but then he decided to accept the ”Metallurgy Mastery ” first.

The moment Shishio accepted it, he felt the knowledge of metallurgy entered his head.

Metallurgy is a domain of materials science and engineering that studies metallic elements ’ physical and chemical behavior, their inter-metallic compounds, and their mixtures, which are called alloys.

Shishio felt that this ability was very good since it could help him create the best sword, and at the same time, he thought it would be great if he had a steel company in the future. He then shook his head and decided to accept his next reward.

Shishio then felt the knowledge, and the experience of Ninjutsu entered his brain and ingrained into his body. He had to admit that this ”Ninjutsu Mastery ” was quite interesting since he knew that he had become a master ninja after he received this reward.

Ninjutsu is the strategy and tactics of unconventional warfare, guerrilla warfare, and espionage purportedly practiced by the ninja.

By accepting this reward, Shishio possessed an understanding of Ninjutsu, the historic style of martial arts, tactics, strategy, and espionage of unconventional and guerrilla warfare. There were several schools in Ninjutsu, but he mastered all of them, including the 20 disciplines, which were spiritual refinement, unarmed combat, sword techniques, stick and staff techniques, spear techniques, naginata techniques, kusarigama techniques, throwing weapons techniques, pyrotechnics, disguise and impersonation, stealth and entering methods, horsemanship, water training, tactics, espionage, escaping and concealment, meteorology, geography, esoteric hand-seal practice, and rope techniques.

Unlike in the anime, where a ninja could use magic where they could use magic, this ”Ninjutsu Mastery ” didn ’t give him such a fantasy ability. Still, Shishio had to admit that this knowledge was very dangerous. For example, with this ability, if he wanted to kill someone, no one would know that it was him who did it.

Shishio also knew that a lot of his ability could be combined with this ”Ninjutsu Mastery, ” but enough of that, since he might not use this ability that much. However, if he had to, he might probably use this ability to sneak into his girlfriend ’s home.

Shishio wasn ’t sure, but he knew that unlike his ”Bajiquan Mastery ” that gave him the ability to fight directly to his opponent, even though ”Ninjutsu Mastery ” could do the same, it was better to use it to do a sneak attack.

However, Shishio felt that there was something deeper about this ability and he knew that this ability was stronger than he had thought.

Shishio checked this ability for a while before he looked at his next reward. Even though there were only two rewards, he had to admit that each of them was very amazing, especially this one.

’Seimei Kikan, huh? ”

Shishio somehow quite anticipated this ability and quickly accepted it. The moment he accepted, he also got the knowledge and experience of how to use it.

”At the sea for a thousand years, and at the mountains for a thousand years, breathing the wind and drinking pure water, he passed the training of a Sennin. Enduring it all, he gained the Life Return. Humans are able to, from the hair on their head to their intestines, their toes, even to their most minute hairs, to concentrate their senses and stretch them to their limits, making it possible to control every part of their bodies. ”

Those sentences show how hard it was to master ”Seimei Kikan, ” and only some people could master it in the world of One Piece.

”Seimei Kikan ” allows the user to completely control all of their body parts, even parts that cannot normally be controlled, such as hair, cell, nail, etc.

Shishio admitted that this technique was amazing, especially when he could control his involuntary functions, such as digestion. For example, if he was hurt, then he could eat a lot of food, then digest all the food and most of his body fat in only a second, turning him super-skinny, then absorb all the nutrients in the food, turning him back to his original size while healing him in process.

Shishio was also able to manipulate his muscle mass, turning it skinny or muscular, but probably for the guy, this technique could be used for… Cough! Cough!

Shishio suddenly thought a dirty thing, but that was something natural. With this technique, he could even control the size of his penis easily, depending on the situation, but since he was satisfied with his size, he probably wouldn ’t do something like that, probably.

Anyway, both rewards were amazing, and Shishio was glad to receive both of them.

Shishio stopped tuning up his motorcycle then tried his ”Seimei Kikan, ” using it to cause his index fingernail to become longer and sharper. Looking at his nail, he raised his eyebrow and returned it back to normal, thinking that the combination of both ”Seimei Kikan ” and ”Ninjutsu Mastery ” was very dangerous. If he combined it again with ”Chemistry Mastery, ” ”Explosive Mastery, ” ”Hypnotic Mastery, ” ”Programming Mastery, ” and ”Machinery Mastery, ” he was simply a walking weapon. Even if he didn ’t have strange magic or strange ability, he believed that he could destroy the world.

Even if some countries had a nuclear bomb, Shishio could also defeat them by using all of his ability, showing how powerful he was, but even with all of that, he knew that there were still some people that we ’re able to cause a danger toward him.

Shishio knew that there was a Baki in this world, so of course, there was also Baki ’s father, who was known as Yuujiro Hanma or the Strongest Creature on Earth.

Shishio had used his ”Programming Mastery ” before to look into data on the United States. Therefore, he was very speechless when he knew that all the United States presidents after the Vietnam War needed to sign and made an oath to the peace agreement with Yuujiro Hanma.

Shishio knew how arrogant this person was, and he was sure that there was no way for him to be able to become friends with Yuujiro Hanma, considering Yuujiro ’s personality, or rather, he had a feeling that the moment they met each other, they would try to kill each other. It was true that his body might be as powerful as Yuujiro Hanma, but he believed he would be able to defeat, no, kill him since he knew that if they really had a battle, there was no way it would end with just a simple defeat.

If possible, Shishio didn ’t want to meet Yuujiro since he felt that it was very troublesome.

When Shishio thought Yuujiro Hanma, he knew that in the end, what was important was the power of oneself. Even if a country had a nuclear weapon, in the end, the one who controlled them was still human. If there was a war between country then if he killed someone who controlled nuclear weapons or just killed the leader of the country, leaders of the various consortiums, politicians, military generals, etc., in the end, that country would fall, and he would be the winner.

Shishio had a feeling that once his power and wealth had reached a certain extent, where he might control the economy of the world, then he believed he would make an enemy. Still, it was normal, considering the law of the jungle was applied to the business competition. If he was weak, he would be eaten. If he was strong, then he would eat them. It was that simple, and in his previous life, he also had a share of experience in that area too.

It wasn ’t a really pleasing talk, but Shishio believed in the Code of Hammurabi, where an eye for an eye. If he was being screwed, then he would screw them back, or else he would be seen as a pushover, and he would be troubled by a lot of trouble.

Shishio thought about his fight with Kanoh Agito and knew that since he had won Kanoh, then he was sure that there would be follow-up trouble. Furthermore, he knew the desire of the martial arts where they wanted to become strong, so he had a feeling that it would cause him trouble in the future.

’Kill the chicken to scare the monkey. ’

Shishio suddenly remembered this idiom and thought it was necessary to resort to this idiom in the future, or there would be a lot of follow-up trouble. Still, at the same time, he also knew that it wouldn ’t be that simple either, considering the aura around him. If he was only a strong martial art, then it might be possible, but with his long identity behind him, he believed that if someone didn ’t want to become a fish pellet, then they needed to keep their mouths shut.

With all of that monologue, Shishio finished his tuning up on his motorcycle. Then, he washed his hands and rode his motorcycle directly after he took two helmets nearby. Then, he put on his helmet, rode back, said goodbye to the guard, and went back to Sakurasou since he knew that someone was waiting for him at this moment. Still, compared to Yuujiro Hanma, he might really become the most dangerous man in this world since, with his power, it was simply a child ’s play to destroy a country, especially destroying the country ’s economy.

Shishio then only remembered that he hadn ’t accepted his last reward, which was ”Enhanced Teeth, ” and the moment, he accepted it. He checked his teeth for a moment before he continued with his work since he didn ’t want to waste his time now.

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