I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 194 - I Want A House

Ritsu, who had left both Shishio and Shiina, sat on her seat with a depressed expression. She took her book and was about to read it, but she couldn ’t concentrate no matter what. It was like there was something stuck in her throat that it felt so uncomfortable at that moment. She thought about the day that they spent together that was enough to bring her a smile, but somehow she might have a feeling that such a day would change.

’Date… ’​​

Ritsu knew that they were only going on a date together, but somehow, it made her so uncomfortable. While she was in deep thought, someone suddenly called out her name.

”Kawai-san. ”

Ritsu was startled and almost threw the book in her hand, but she stopped quickly and looked at Miu, who called her out. ”Wh – What ’s wrong, Ashihara-san? ”

Miu looked at Ritsu for a while and asked worriedly, ”Are you alright? ”

’Are you alright? ’ Ritsu thought for a while, then nodded. ”I ’m alright. Thank you for asking, Ashihara-san. ” Even though their relationship might have become quite close, she didn ’t think that it was good to talk about her problem to Miu.

Before, they might not have talked to each other that much. Still, after Ritsu had joined the literature club, both of them often talked together, and Miu also knew that the reason why Ritsu had this cold expression on her face was because of her quite awkward personality.

”It ’s alright. ” Miu shook her head and asked, ”So what ’s wrong? ” She was quite curious at why Ritsu showed such an expression. After all, most of the time, Ritsu had always shown a cold expression.

Ritsu looked at Miu for a while, and after a moment of hesitation, she looked around cautiously, then asked in a whisper, ”Ashihara-san, have you been on a date? ”

”Da – Date?! ” Miu was startled, and her face blushed.

”Shhh!! ” Ritsu quickly told Miu to keep quiet.

Miu looked around and sighed in relief when no one seemed to pay attention to them. She then looked at Ritsu with a smile and asked, ”Has someone invited you on a date? Was it Usa-kun? ” She thought that Usa was really bold for asking Ritsu on a date, but she supported them anyway.

”Huh? Why did you mention Usa-kun here? ” Ritsu looked at Miu with a confused expression.

”….. ”

Miu sighed and felt quite sympathetic toward Usa, but she quickly threw Usa ’s matter away then asked Ritsu since she didn ’t think too much of Usa and cared more about Ritsu ’s problem. ”So, who has invited you on a date? ”

”Achoo! ”

Usa suddenly felt his body was very cold at that moment.

”What ’s wrong, Usa? ” Tagami asked.

”Nothing. ” Usa shook his head and he didn ’t know why he felt a bit uncomfortable all of a sudden, but it might have been because of his part-time job yesterday. ’I ’ll have to talk with Oga-kun when he arrives! ’ He thought the moment he accepted the job ’s offer from Shishio, he was fooled by him for some reason.

”No, it isn ’t me who is going on a date, but someone I know, ” Ritsu said in a low mood.

”So, what ’s the problem? ” Miu asked since she really didn ’t understand what Ritsu wanted to say.

”In your mind, what kind of activity do people usually do on a date? ” Ritsu asked.

”Hmm… ” Miu thought for a while and said, ”Probably having fun together. That ’s how a date usually is, right? ”

”Have fun together, huh? ” Ritsu nodded and thought that it fit with what Haru had told her before. ”So if a couple has a date, will they do that? ” Her face was red when she asked this question.

”What? ” Miu tilted her head and felt confused.

Ritsu ’s face was burning red, but she made a gesture with her hand to make Miu move closer.

Miu looked at Ritsu for a while before she moved her ear closer before she heard what Ritsu was saying right in her ear. ”Eh? Eh?! ” Her face turned red, and she raised her voice quite loudly since she was startled.

Ritsu started to feel the gaze of her classmates, which caused her to panic. ”Shh! Shh! ”

Miu also noticed the gaze of her classmates too, which made her uncomfortable. She quickly apologized for the commotion that she had caused before she continued to talk with Ritsu. ”Well… Well… it depends, isn ’t it? If they ’re dating, then they might ki – kiss each other, but if they ’re not and it is only a practice, then they might just be having fun before they go home, right? ”

”I – I see… ” Somehow Ritsu felt quite comfortable when she heard Miu ’s words. After all, she knew that the date between Shishio and Shiina was just for Shiina ’s manga, and even if they went on a date together, they might not date each other, right?

”So, who is going on a date? ” Miu asked curiously.

Ritsu looked at Miu for a while, then when she was about to say something…

”Hey, hey, what are you talking about? ”

Miu and Ritsu turned and saw a random guy who suddenly approached them and talked with them. The young man ’s action couldn ’t be blamed, after all, both of them were very cute, and when both of them suddenly talked intimately, he couldn ’t help but want to approach them, but…

Ritsu ’s expression quickly turned cold. As for Miu, her face was smiling, but her voice was very cold. ”Can you not bother us? ”

”….. ”

When the two girls were talking to each other about love, they didn ’t want someone to bother them, especially someone who tried to act close even though they weren ’t.

In the morning, when Nana came to the school and entered the class, she was quite restless. She looked at the empty seat right next to her and couldn ’t help but sigh. She looked like a puppy who hadn ’t met her master for a while. If she had a tail, then she would crazily wag her tail at this moment.

Sometimes, Nana wondered whether what had happened yesterday was just a dream, but she knew it was real when she traced her lips again.

”Nana, what ’s wrong? ”

”Did something good happen? ”

Mea and Maiko quickly came to Nana and looked at her curiously since they could see a variety of emotions on her face.

Nana looked at her two friends and wanted to say that she had dated Shishio, but she knew that she didn ’t date him alone, which caused her a bit hesitant to tell them about her relationship with Shishio. ’Ugh… ’ In truth, she wanted to tell the world directly about their relationship, but somehow, she wasn ’t sure. However, she knew that she could trust both of them, so she said, ”Well, don ’t tell anyone. ”

Maiko and Mea looked at each other then nodded at Nana.

”So, what ’s wrong? ”

”Is it related to Shishio? ”

Maiko and Mea thought about what had happened yesterday and wondered what was happening, but when Nana was about to say something, they heard his voice.

”Good morning. ”

Nana, Mea, and Maiko quickly turned, and they saw Shishio walking toward them.

Nana blushed and didn ’t dare to look at him.

Shishio smiled and walked toward Nana. ”What are you embarrassed about? ” They had kissed each other after all, so he couldn ’t understand the reason why she was embarrassed.

Nana ’s face was red, but somehow she wanted to hug him and kiss him. However, she knew that this wasn ’t the place. ”It was your fault!

”Hmm? My fault? What did I do? ” Shishio asked with a confused expression and a slight smile on his face.

”…. ” Nana somehow realized how shameless her boyfriend was.

Looking at Shishio, who had sat in his seat and talked with Nana intimately, Mea and Maiko wanted to say something, but…

”Shishio! ”

Usa shouted and ran toward Shishio ’s direction. His face was almost crying as if someone had bullied him.

”…. ” Mea, Nana, and Maiko wanted to beat up Usa for some reason.

Shishio looked at Usa and asked calmly, ”Usa, what ’s wrong? ”

”You… ” Looking at Shishio ’s calm expression, Usa sighed and asked, ”What kind of place did you introduce to me? ”

”What ’s wrong? The salary is good, right? ” Shishio said.

”Well, the salary is good, but I have to wear a weird costume, I have to use a weird nickname, and my colleagues are…. ” Usa sighed when he thought about yesterday and wanted to cry without tears. The salary was good, but his colleagues were pretty unique.

”What ’s wrong with your colleagues? ” Shishio asked curiously.

”Ugh… one of my colleagues loves to create a background story for himself and everyone in the store, and the other one loves to tell about everyone ’s guardian spirit… ” Usa then told his grievance, working on the cafe where Shishio introduced him.

”Well, it sounds fun, ” Shishio said calmly.

”What ’s so fun about it?! ” Usa was almost mad at that moment.

”Well, well, Usa, even though you ’re full of complaints, it seems that you have gotten used to taking care of those individual characters, ” Shishio said.

”Ugh…! ” Usa quickly shut his mouth since he was afraid that his dark history would be uncovered at this moment.

”Well, if you want to stop, then you can stop. After all, it is only a part-time job. As long as you have enough money, you can stop anytime, right? ” Shishio said calmly.

”I… I see… ” Usa, who was full of complaints at that moment, was dumbfounded and realized that this was only a part-time job. If he wanted to stop then, he could stop anytime.

”Cough! Cough! Usa, can you go away for a bit? The four of us have something to talk about now, ” Maiko suddenly said.

”Yeah, go away for a bit, ” Mea said.

”…. ” Usa somehow wanted to cry at this moment, but the stare of the three girls was too painful on him.

”Alright, now, there ’s no one who is going to bother us. ” Maiko looked at Shishio and asked, ”So Shishio-kun, can you answer our question? ”

”Are you two dating? ” Mea asked.

”…. ” Maiko stared at Mea speechlessly since she wanted to build her momentum, but her friend destroyed it.

Shishio looked at Maiko and Mea, then looked at Nana, who showed a nervous expression. He then gently held her hand and nodded. ”Yes. ”

”…. ”

It was a simple word, but that was enough to bring a smile to Nana, but strangely enough, both Maiko and Mea couldn ’t smile at this moment.

Nana smiled happily then looked at Maiko and Mea, then said, ”Well, we ’re dating, but I hope that you can keep this a secret. ”

”Huh? Why? ” Maiko asked.

”You know, his popularity, it ’ll be troublesome if I get bothered by his fans, right? ” Nana said.

Mea and Maiko thought for a bit and nodded.

”Well, you don ’t need to worry. ” Maiko nodded.

”Yeah, just enjoy your youth while we ’re going to stare at a group of little boys, ” Mea said.

”…. ”

Shishio and Nana looked at both of them, who sadly walked back to their seats with a speechless expression.

Shishio then looked at Nana again and asked, ”Are you sure? ”

”What? ” Nana asked.

”I mean about not telling everyone about our relationship, ” Shishio said.

”Well, it doesn ’t really matter since I don ’t care whether everyone knows about our relationship or not since what ’s important is that I ’m now yours, right? ” Nana said with a smile.

Shishio looked at Nana for a while, felt his teeth were a bit itchy since he felt that he wouldn ’t be a man this way, so he quickly called Maiko and Mea again. ”Maiko! Mea! ”

”Huh? ” 2x

Mea and Maiko turned and looked at Shishio curiously.

”You can ignore Nana ’s words before, and you can tell everyone that we ’re dating, ” Shishio said while holding Nana ’s hand without hesitation.

”….. ”

”Huhhhh…..?! ”

Not only Mea and Maiko, but the entire class, who also heard Shishio ’s words, felt dumbfounded.

”Shi – Shishio? ” Nana ’s face was red at this moment, staring at Shishio in surprise, but there was also happiness in her heart.

”You ’re my woman, there ’s no way that I ’ll pretend that you ’re not in front of everyone, ” Shishio said without hesitation, after all, he had dated two girls at the same time, and he had let them sacrifice for himself, so he wouldn ’t let them sacrifice for him anymore. He needed to be a man and acknowledged their relationship in front of everyone.

”Shishio… ” Nana was full of smiles and happiness. If they weren ’t in the class, then she would jump into him and kiss him at this moment.

”Huh? What ’s wrong? ” Nanami, who entered the class, was confused when she saw everyone was in silence and stared at Nana and Shishio. Somehow she learned what had happened, and even though she had expected this, she felt quite bitter at that moment.

However, even if all the girls seemed to be bitter, the class wouldn ’t stop, especially when the teacher came.

Shishio was reading his book as usual in the class while also teaching Nana if this girl didn ’t understand.

It was almost a break, but all the girls seemed to be very sad, and the guys were very happy since this way, they didn ’t need to worry that Shishio would steal their crush.

As for Shishio, he didn ’t think too much and thought to bring both Nana and Saki to talk together, but then the door of the class was knocked on, and Hiratsuka entered the class while looking around.

”Sorry for bothering the class, but Oga Shishio, can you come with me for a bit? ” Hiratsuka asked.

Everyone looked at Hiratsuka then looked at Shishio curiously, wondering what was happening.

Shishio raised his eyebrow and also wondered what was happening, but then when he turned his eye toward the window, his mouth twitched when he noticed a luxurious car had parked outside of the entrance of his school.

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