I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 195 - Dont Be Shy I Know What You Want

Shishio walked out of the class then looked at Hiratsuka curiously. ”So what ’s wrong, Sensei? ”

Hiratsuka kept walking and didn ’t say anything for a moment, but she couldn ’t help but stare at Shishio again. She couldn ’t help but recall their conversation when he helped her at that time, and she remembered that he was an investor or something. ”You know, I thought that you were just a small investor or something, considering your age, but I didn ’t expect you to be so amazing. ” When she thought about the person who wanted to meet Shishio, she couldn ’t help but sigh.​​

Shishio smiled and said, ”So you know that I was serious at that time, right? If you want, we can get married right away, Sensei. ”

Hiratsuka was blushing and quickly restored. ”You bastard, how could you say something like that to your teacher?! ”

”So if I ’m not a student, I can say those words again, Sensei? ” Shishio stopped and stared straight into Hiratsuka ’s eyes.

Hiratsuka was stunned, and her heart was racing at that moment. She wanted to look away from him, but his gaze somehow locked her, which caused her unable to look away.

”Sensei, you ’re so cute, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”Wh –?! ” Hiratsuka ’s face was burning red at that moment.

”Shishio-kun… I ’m waiting for you, but you ’re flirting with your teacher? ”

”…. ”

Shishio and Hiratsuka were dumbfounded, but they quickly turned their heads, but they didn ’t see anyone until he looked below and saw someone he had expected to see. ”Tokugawa-san? ”

”Yo! ” Tokugawa smiled and waved his hand with a smile toward Shishio. ”You haven ’t called me, so I came to your school. Did you feel surprised? ”

”….. ”

Shishio rubbed his temple and felt a headache. He then looked at Hiratsuka and said, ”Hiratsuka-sensei, can you leave us alone? ”

”Well, just be careful, and don ’t tell such a joke again, ” Hiratsuka said with a serious expression before she left very quickly since she was very embarrassed at this moment!

”That little girl is from Hiratsuka ’s family, right? ” Tokugawa said curiously.

’Little girl? ’ Shishio was a bit speechless, but if he compared Tokugawa ’s age with Hiratsuka, he understood why Togukawa called her a little girl. ”Well, let ’s talk in the room inside, Tokugawa-san. ”

”It ’s weird for you to call me Tokugawa-san. ” Tokugawa pouted and said, ”Just call me Jii-chan, alright? ”

”….. ”

Shishio somehow wanted to puke when he saw a grandpa would pout at him.

Both Tokugawa and Shishio then entered the principal room, which was the best room in the school after the principal talked with Tokugawa for a bit and talked with Shishio for a bit since Shishio was the best student among all the first year.

In truth, the principal was curious about the relationship between Shishio and Tokugawa. Still, with his standing, it was better not to ask much, and he thought that he should care more about Shishio in the future.

It was his first time in the principal ’s room. Shishio walked to the pantry area inside the principal ’s room and asked, ”Do you want some tea, Tokugawa-jii? ”

”Oh? Are you calling me Tokugawa-jii now? ” Tokugawa asked with a smile.

”You don ’t want to? ” Shishio asked.

”It ’s good! That ’s good. You can call me whatever you want. Even Tokugawa-chan is alright, ” Tokugawa said with a full smile.

”…. ”

Even Shishio was brazen. He wouldn ’t call an elderly with the ”-chan ” suffix, alright?

Shishio didn ’t think too much and started to prepare tea for both of them.

Tokugawa, who saw Shishio preparing tea for him, was smiling and didn ’t think too much, but when the smell of the tea permeated through the room, he was dumbfounded since the smell was so good!

”Shishio-kun, is that Da-Hong Pao tea? ” Tokugawa asked with a dumbfounded expression since the smell of this tea was similar to the smell of the Da-Hong Pao tea, the national treasure tea from China, which was why he could only stare at Shishio with amazement.

Shishio was speechless and said, ”If I have such an expensive tea, I should consume it myself rather than letting you drink it. ”

”Then? What tea is that? The smell is so good! ” Tokugawa couldn ’t help but exclaim.

Shishio took two cups of tea and sat on the sofa while giving one of the cups to Tokugawa. ”It ’s just normal instant tea, but a slightly better one. ” After all, if the principal had a very expensive tea, then it would be counted as corruption, so it was normal for the principal to only own a normal tea. Well, maybe slightly expensive, but it wasn ’t as expensive as Da-Hong Pao Tea which cost 1.2 million dollar pet kilo.

”…….. ”

Tokugawa didn ’t believe Shishio ’s words that much and then sipped the tea on his hand.


Tokugawa felt that his body was rejuvenated and felt his hakama was blown away at that moment. ”Ohhhh!!!! ” His face flushed, and he was very happy since he could taste such an amazing tea. He was, after all, someone with a lot of experience and knew that this wasn ’t the matter of the ingredients, but it was the matter of Shishio ’s skill. He then looked at Shishio with amazement and sighed. ”Fighting, learning, then tea brewing, I wonder whether there ’s something that you can ’t do. ”

Luckily, Tokuga ’s hakama wasn ’t really blown away, but if it really happened, then Shishio ’s ”Enhanced Vision ” would go blind at this moment.

”Well, can you tell me why you ’re here, Tokugawa-jii? ” Shishio asked while sipping his tea.

”Well, impatient, are we? ” Tokugawa smiled, put the cup of tea on the table, and folded his arms inside the sleeve of his hakama. ”Did you know, after you have defeated ”Fang of Metsudo, ” you have become very famous? ”

”I guess that ’s normal. After all, Kanoh Agito is the undefeatable champion of Kengan Match, ” Shishio said calmly as if their conversation had nothing to do with him.

”You ’re not surprised? ” Tokugawa asked.

”Not really, it ’s normal, isn ’t it? I ’m strong, so isn ’t it normal for those fighters to want to fight me, especially those who have been defeated by Kanoh, right? ” Shishio said calmly. He knew that those martial arts only wanted to become the strongest, so it was normal for them to want to fight him, considering he had defeated Kanoh Agito. He also knew that Kanoh Agito had defeated many people, and those people were working hard to defeat Kanoh Agito, but he defeated this Kanoh Agito. Therefore, their target had been defeated by him, so wasn ’t it normal for their target to be changed toward him?

However, there was no way for them to fight him. After all, his identity and notoriety were known.

Shishio was the grandchildren of the general of JSDF, and the price of his fight was just too much. Even if some of those fighters wanted to fight him, there was no way for them to get a lot of money or make an enemy of the general of JSDF, right? They weren ’t stupid after all, but well, some of those fighters were stupid people who just wanted to prove that they were the strongest.

’And even if they want to cause me trouble… ’ Shishio thought that he could send them to hell directly. He then looked at Tokugawa and asked, ”So has someone wanted to fight me or something? ”

”Um. ” Tokugawa nodded and said, ”One of the champions in my Underground Arena, he ’s a master of Chinese martial art, his name is Kaiou Retsu. ” Then, he smiled and asked, ”Are you interested in fighting him? ” He knew that all martial artists shared the same trait, and they wanted to be the strongest, so he thought that Shishio would be interested in fighting against Kaiou Retsu, considering both of them learned Chinese martial art, but…

”I refuse, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”….. ”

Tokugawa showed a dumbfounded expression.

”Well, if that ’s the end, then I ’ll go out now since it is almost time for a break. ” Shishio stood up and was about to go out, but Tokugawa quickly stopped him.

”Wait! Wait! ” Tokugawa held Shishio ’s hand and asked, ”Are you not interested? Are you not interested in becoming the strongest? ”

”Not really. ” Shishio shook his head calmly.

”Why? ” Tokugawa asked with a confused expression and asked, ”Don ’t you martial artist wants to become the strongest? ”

”That ’s true, but I have a feeling after I have defeated Kaiou Retsu, then another fighter is going to ask me for a fight, then such a repetition is going to continue until I have defeated all of them, and some of them might even want for a rematch. It ’s too troublesome, and I like my life to be peaceful, ” Shishio said calmly.

Tokugawa looked at Shishio for a bit and asked, ”What do you want? ”

Shishio looked at Tokugawa with a weird expression and asked, ”Do you really want to see me fight? ”

”Yes. ” Tokugawa nodded and said, ”I can see that you ’re very strong, so strong that I want to see your limit, but at the same time, I also know that you ’re like a businessman who sees something in both profit and loss. So you ’re not a pure martial artist. ”

Shishio nodded and didn ’t think too much about Tokugawa ’s opinion since this kind of old man would die sooner in a few years later, so what did Tokugawa ’s opinion matter to him?

Tokugawa might have an influence, but in business, the influence of someone could be destroyed by anyone as long as there was enough interest and Shishio didn ’t fear Tokugawa.

”But I don ’t care about that, and what I want is to see you fighting, ” Tokugawa said.

”You can ’t force me, though, ” Shishio said.

”That ’s true. ” Tokugawa nodded and said, ”I don ’t have the power to force you to fight, so I want to ask you what do you want so you can fight on my Underground Arena? Is it money? Or is it a woman? ”

Shishio looked at Tokugawa and said, ”You really love to see someone fighting, huh? ”

”Yes. ” Tokugawa nodded with a smile.

”House, ” Shishio said.

”What? ” Tokugawa was a bit surprised.

Shishio wasn ’t serious, but if he was given a house, he didn ’t really mind, and personally, he was quite curious about this Kaiou Retsu. ”You have a lot of houses, right? I want a traditional Japanese house, a huge one, give me one, ” he said. ”If you — ” Before he finished his words…

”Deal! ” Tokugawa said without hesitation.

”Are you sure? ” Shishio asked.

Tokugawa patted his chest and said, ”Don ’t worry, I ’ll prepare one for you. Is it for your girlfriend? ”

”Well… ” Shishio didn ’t say much but sighed, thinking that the Tokugawa clan was wealthy. Even though he didn ’t know how much Tokugawa ’s net worth was, he knew that this old man had many hidden treasures.

”Just let me know which area you want? Tokyo? Izu? Kyoto? If you don ’t want any of them, then I can build you a new one. Just choose any land that you want. I can build your house anywhere, ” Tokugawa said with a smile.

”I ’ll tell you later after I have won the match, ” Shishio said.

Tokugawa nodded with a smile and asked, ”So that ’s all? Is there something that you want to ask me again? I can give you the Da-Hong Pao tea if you want, but share it with me since I ’m curious about the taste of the tea that you brew with the most expensive tea in the world. ”

”Well, I don ’t mind since I ’m also curious about the taste of this tea, but still, I have two more requests, ” Shishio said.

”What? ” Tokugawa asked.

”Can you introduce me to the strongest aikido user? ” Shishio asked calmly.

”Aikido? ” Tokugawa was dumbfounded and looked at Shishio for a bit before he showed a bright smile. ”Of course! ” His body was somehow trembling, and he wasn ’t sure why he had this feeling, but he knew that this young man might be able to match against the strongest human on earth, Yuujiro Hanma.

’Right now, he ’s still rough, but soon… ’

Tokugawa was full of excitement when he thought that he was in the process of making a monster. However, calling him a monster would be too rude. Rather he should call him a God!

”Haha, I ’ll introduce you to the strongest Aikido user! Or do you want to visit him now? I ’m sure now that he ’s free! No, I ’ll make sure that he ’s free! ” Tokugawa said without hesitation.

”No, it ’s alright, I can go there myself later, ” Shishio said and wanted to stay away from this elderly man for a bit since he realized that this elderly man was a bit crazy.

”What about the next request? ” Tokugawa asked curiously.

”I want you to promise me a favor, ” Shishio said.

”Deal. ” Tokugawa nodded without hesitation.

”Are you sure? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow.

”Yes. ” Tokugawa nodded again without hesitation. ”You can ask me a favor, as long as it is within my power. ”

Shishio really thought that this elderly man was really crazy.

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