I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 196 - Someone Might See Us

Shishio and Tokugawa talked for a bit, but somehow their conversation was a bit longer than they had thought that it was already time for a break.

”Well, I need to go out first. My girlfriends are waiting for me, ” Shishio said.​​

”….. ” Tokugawa looked at Shishio and thought that this guy really knew how to enjoy his life. ”Well, you can come to his dojo anytime, and as for the match, are you alright with next week? ”

”Yeah, let ’s do it on the weekday at night, ” Shishio said.

”Weekdays? Not on the weekend? ” Tokugawa asked with confused expressions since he knew that Shishio was a student, so he knew that Shishio only had free time on the weekend.

”On the weekend, I ’ll use that time for a date, ” Shishio said simply.

”….. ” Tokugawa.

Tokugawa smiled and said, ”Oh, you ’re confident that you ’ll win, aren ’t you? ”

”Well, the only one who can make me serious is probably Yuujiro Hanma, but if possible, I don ’t really want to fight him, ” Shishio said with a bitter smile.

”Oh? Why? ” Tokugawa didn ’t think too much that Shishio knew about Yuujiro Hanma, or rather it would be weird if Shishio didn ’t know about that name. He was wondering whether Shishio knew that his power was weaker and didn ’t dare to fight Yuujiro Hanma, but…

”If we fight each other, we can only kill each other, ” Shishio said calmly.

However, Tokugawa, who heard those words, shuddered and felt his entire body was covered in a cold sweat since he had a feeling that both Shishio and Yuujiro Hanma would try to kill each other if they were really fighting with each other.

Somehow, Tokugawa wanted to meet both of them, but at the same time, he was also scared when he thought that he might be killed directly by one of them before he was able to see the match between them. He wasn ’t scared of dying, but he was scared that he wouldn ’t be able to see their fight. Finally, he let out a sigh and said, ”Well, you don ’t need to worry, that person always walks around the world randomly, and you might be able to see him a few years later. ”

Shishio nodded and ignored Tokugawa ’s words since he knew that he might have a feeling that he would meet Yuujiro Hanma this year, probably when Yuujiro Hanma heard that he had defeated his son.

Shishio didn ’t doubt that he would fight against Baki. After all, once he had defeated Kaiou Retsu, more and more people would appear and ask him for a fight. Still, he wouldn ’t show mercy toward them.

’Should I make some poison? ’

Shishio thought for a while and shook his head. ”Well, I ’ll go out first. ”

”Okay. ” Tokugawa nodded without looking away from Shishio and if Shishio didn ’t come, then he would try to come again.

Shishio nodded then left the principal room, but when he was about to leave, he stopped, and his eyes suddenly changed, looking at Tokugawa. ”Tokugawa-san, do you know the feeling of being cut? ” It might be his first time to do this, but he knew that he could do it.

”Huh? ” Tokugawa was dumbfounded, wondering what Shishio was talking about, but…

As if holding a katana in his hand, Shishio swung his hand, cutting Tokugawa in half.

”….. ”

Shishio ’s action was so fast, and it ended in just a blink of an eye, but in that very moment, Tokugawa ’s eyes were wide open, and from up to down, he felt that his body was cut in half, and he knew that at that moment, he had died.

Looking at Tokugawa ’s reaction, Shishio knew that he could project his attack with his mind, which was pretty handy. He then turned around and said calmly, ”I ’ll tolerate it this time. This is the last time. You shouldn ’t come to this school again to meet me, or else I ’m not sure what I ’m going to do to you. If you want to contact me, just message me, and I ’ll answer you. You might get arrogant of yourself since you ’re born from the Tokugawa family, but I ’m not one of your toys that you can play around with like everyone else. ” He then left and closed the door quietly. As for whether Tokugawa would ignore his warning or not, he didn ’t care since his action in the future would answer.


Tokugawa plopped to the ground. His feet were shaky. His entire body was trembling. His face was so pale, showing how scared he was. He couldn ’t stand up for a while, showing how shocked he was, but after that, he tried to touch his body, wondering whether he was alright. After confirming that he was alright, he sighed in relief and there was only one word on his mind at this moment.

”Amazing… ”

Tokugawa wanted to see it. He wanted to see Shishio fight!

Shishio walked out of the principal room and was about to go back to his classroom, but somehow he wanted to wander a bit since he hadn ’t fully known the entire area of this school. As for the matter of Tokugawa, he directly threw this matter aside since he often met this kind of thing in his previous life, but if possible, he didn ’t want to kill. It wasn ’t that he was afraid of killing, but he felt that killing someone would make him lazy.

Killing people was an easy matter, and it could save him a lot of time to solve his problem. However, it would make him feel too lazy to think of other methods to solve his problems, which was why, if possible, he didn ’t want to use this method, and it was the last method, he thought to solve his problem.

However, in some cases, it might be good to kill people directly, especially for those trashes in society, who couldn ’t be changed no matter what.

Restarting his state of mind very quickly, Shishio suddenly thought of Saki when she introduced him to a quiet spot where they could eat together yesterday, and somehow he wondered whether he could find such a spot.

In the hentai manga, a school had always been the most cliche spot for a couple to have sexual intercourse.

Shishio wasn ’t sure whether there was someone who would have sex at the school, but well, even though he didn ’t want to admit it, he felt that it was a bit interesting to do it at the school, he wouldn ’t have sex, but kissing might be alright.

’Damn! ’

Shishio stopped for a moment, tried to calm himself. He took a deep breath several times, trying to calm himself. He realized that his libido might be stronger than he had thought, especially when he was still young and when his body was strong. He had tasted the forbidden pleasure before and knew that he sought after it, but for the past week, he hadn ’t done anything, and he also calmed himself by tiring himself out by working out. Somehow he felt regret for thinking something lewd when he was walking, but it couldn ’t be helped, right? Even though he was an adult before, he had become an adolescent boy who was full of libido and hormones.

Shishio knew that he had grown so much in the past week, and his mind also became several times stronger. He has also made several connections with many people and even dated two girls at the same time, so at least he needed to do his best so he wouldn ’t disappoint them.

Shishio then squatted down and tried to control himself. He also did this so his standing penis wouldn ’t be noticed since he knew that his size was huge. Even though he had ”Seimei Kikan, ” he felt that it was a bit wrong to use it to make the size of his penis smaller, so he didn ’t do anything, only trying to calm it down naturally, but…

”Are you alright? ”

Shishio was dumbfounded when he heard this voice. He turned his head then saw beautiful legs that were wrapped in black, smooth stockings, which made his lips twitch, and he knew that if he saw it any longer, he couldn ’t look away, so he quickly looked up, ignored the flat chest that was hidden under the uniform, and saw the face of the person who called him out.

”It ’s you! ” Yukinoshita looked at Shishio in surprise. She didn ’t expect to meet Shishio when she was about to go to her clubroom. She had always wanted to meet him, but it was hard, considering how famous he was. If she suddenly talked to him, then she was sure that there would be a lot of rumors about both of them, which was pretty much very troublesome, so she was looking for a chance so they could meet each other alone, but she didn ’t expect to meet him so suddenly.

Shisiho ’s lips twitched, and it couldn ’t be controlled since from his position, he could see Yukinoshita ’s panties, which somehow made his penis harder.

Yukinoshita looked at Shishio, who quickly looked away and didn ’t move from his spot. ”Are you alright? ” Even though she was known as the ”Ice Queen, ” her heart was very kind, and she knew that she needed to help him since she could see that he seemed to be hurt or something.

Shishio didn ’t look up, trying to make himself smaller so his standing penis wouldn ’t be noticed, and said, ”I ’ll be fine, so you can go now. ”

Yukinoshita frowned and quickly said, ”Don ’t act so strong. I ’ll help you to bring you to the infirmary. Let ’s go. ” She then tried to help him to stand up by holding his shoulders, but then she quickly blushed since she realized the distance between them was too close.

Shishio could smell Yukinoshita ’s nice fragrance which made his damn hormone unable to be controlled again. ”Senpai, can you let me go? I ’m alright, just leave me for a while since I ’m afraid that the teacher will call me if you try to help me. ”

”Huh? Why did you need to be called by a teacher? Anyway, just stand up. I ’ll help you. ” Yukinoshita ignored Shishio ’s reminder and helped him to stand up, but he was so heavy. Nevertheless, she didn ’t give up and kept trying until suddenly she slipped. ”Eh? ”

”…. ”

Shishio, who saw Yukinoshita slip and almost dropped to the ground, was speechless and wondering why this had always been his fate, but he quickly helped her so she wouldn ’t fall on the ground, ignoring the fact that his penis was still standing hard. ”Are you alright, Senpai? ”

”Ah, yes… I ’m alright. ” Yukinoshita was also blushing, and she felt embarrassed since the distance between them was so close. If someone took advantage of her, then she would curse that person and even called the police, but she knew that Shishio was helping her, so it couldn ’t be helped that they were hugging each other, but then, she looked below, and she was dumbfounded.

”… ”

Shishio also noticed Yukinoshita ’s gaze and quickly let go of her, then continued to squat down. ”Senpai, I just hope that you don ’t call the police or the teacher. If you don ’t suddenly approach me and follow my advice to leave me alone, then we won ’t have this kind of awkward meeting. ” He had never thought that he would make such a blunder in his life, and it made him very sad for some reason. He, who had always been in control of everything, showed his hard penis to a girl in public, which somehow made him very sad that he wanted to cry without tears since he had never expected to have such a dumb mistake in his life.

’I ’m not Shiro-san! ’

”Achoo! ”

Shiro-san, who was thinking about a new masochist game, stopped for a moment and somehow felt that he might get a friend in the future.

”….. ”

Looking at Shishio, who seemed seriously depressed, Yukinoshita, whose face was as red as a tomato, also somehow understood why he wanted her to leave as soon as possible, but…

’It ’s big… ’

Yukinoshita quickly shook her head and let out a long sigh. ”If I don ’t know you, then I might really call the police. ”

”You ’re going to call them? ” Shishio was speechless.

”I ’m not. You don ’t need to worry, ” Yukinoshita said calmly.

”I see… ” Shishio sighed, and somehow, because of what had happened before, he also had calmed down, and he quickly stood up. ”Thank you very much. ”

Yukinoshita glanced at Shishio ’s pants secretly and felt a bit dumbfounded, wondering how such a big tent could become so flat in a moment. ”Well, I won ’t tell anyone, but can you give me your phone number? ”

”Huh? Why? ” Shishio was dumbfounded and looked at this girl in warry. He was wondering whether this girl tried to blackmail him.

”Just give me, I ’m afraid that you might cause a disruption to the morale of this school, ” Yukinoshita said with a strong tone.

”Senpai, you sound like a delinquent senior who is trying to extort her junior, ” Shishio said and felt speechless.

”….. ”

”Cough! Cough! I ’m sorry, but can you give me your phone number? ” Yukinoshita asked with a soft tone.

Shishio looked at Yukinoshita for a moment and asked, ”Senpai, if you can be truthful, I can give them to you. ”

”Huh? What do you mean? ” Yukinoshita ’s face was so red at that moment, but she still maintained her strong posture.

”Don ’t act all innocent, Senpai. I know what you want, ” Shishio said and took out something from his phone. He then directly showed her what she wanted. ”You want this, right? ”

Yukinoshita ’s eyes were quickly attracted when she saw the thing on Shishio ’s hands. She gulped and asked, ”How much do you have? ”

”Not much. If you can give me a hard disk and video recorder, I might be able to create something more amazing, ” Shishio said confidently.


”How amazing? ” Yukinoshita asked.

”It ’s so amazing that you can eat three bowls of rice alone, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

Yukinoshita looked at Shishio for a bit and said, ”Oga-kun, right? ”

”Yes, and you ’re Yukinoshita-senpai, right? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” Yukinoshita nodded and said, ”Give me your contact info and tell me what you need through an email. ”

”I don ’t mind, but don ’t tell anyone about the matter earlier, alright? ” Shishio said.

”Don ’t worry, I won ’t tell anyone, ” Yukinoshita said with a red face since there was no way that she would say to anyone that she saw his hard penis.

Then they exchanged contacts with each other, and they looked at each other for a moment. Their meeting was quite awkward, but they had a feeling that they could have a pleasant relationship.

”Should we shake hands? ” Shishio asked.

”Sure. ” Yukinoshita nodded.

Both of them reached each other ’s hands, and somehow a strange relationship was born between them, but then someone called his name.

”Shishio! ”

Shishio and Yukinoshita turned their heads and saw Nana and Saki.

”Your friends? ” Yukinoshita asked and didn ’t feel that surprised if Shishio had a friend, a girl one at that.

”Girlfriends. ” Shishio looked at Yukinoshita, gave a slight nod, and said, ”Well, see you later, Senpai. ”

”…. ”

Looking at Shishio, who walked toward Nana and Saki, the word ”girlfriend ” was still ringing in her heart, and somehow there was a trace of disappointment in Yukinoshita ’s heart. Looking at his number on her phone for a while, she quickly shook her head, and she continued to move forward. She had only seen him twice anyway, and rather than thinking about him, it was better to anticipate a lot of cat pictures and videos that she might see in the future, but still, somehow, she just couldn ’t help recall his words. ’My girlfriend, huh? ’ She turned her head and looked at Nana and Saki, who was talking with him, and the corner of her mouth twitched when she saw Nana ’s huge chest, but then she shook her head and walked again since they were only an acquaintance now.

’Wait?! Girlfriends? ’

Yukinoshita thought about whether she had misheard, so she quickly shook her head and didn ’t think too much.

As for Shishio, it seemed that he needed to explain why he was so close with Yukinoshita to both of his girlfriends.

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