I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 197 - Fleeting Happiness

It was time for a break. Ritsu felt a bit awkward, considering she had left so early and left Shiina away. Even though she felt quite uncomfortable when she saw Shiina had invited Shishio on a date, she felt quite worried about Shiina since Shiina ’s situation was quite special. She wanted to visit Shiina, but somehow, she wasn ’t sure whether it was alright to meet her so suddenly, but suddenly, Miu called her out.

”Kawai-san, Mashiro-chan is right outside. ”​​

Ritsu quickly turned her head and saw Shiina, who looked at her with a worried expression, and on Shiina ’s hands, there was a Baumkuchen that Shishio had bought in the morning.

”Ritsu, ” Shiina called out Ritsu ’s name softly.

”…. ” Ritsu looked at Shiina for a bit, then let out a sigh. She stood up and walked toward Shiina. ”Let ’s eat together. ”

”Um. ” Shiina nodded with a bright smile.

”Ashihara-san, do you want to come with us too? ” Ritsu asked.

”Sure. ” Miu nodded with a smile, then asked, ”Should we call everyone too? ”

Ritsu and Shiina looked at each other then nodded without hesitation.

However, the three of them didn ’t know that at that moment Nana, Shishio, and Saki were together, having a lunch date on their own.

After Shishio met Saki and Nana, the two of them quickly brought him to the location where Shishio and Saki had lunch yesterday, and they arrived.

Shishio quickly said to both of them, so he didn ’t lose his momentum. ”You must have a lot of things to ask, so ask away, but ask me one by one, so I can answer them. ”

Saki and Nana looked at each other and nodded.

”Why are you so close with Yukinoshita-senpai? ” Nana asked.

Shishio looked at Nana strangely and asked, ”You know her? ”

”I think that everyone in this school knows about her, and she ’s also the famous ”Ice Queen, ” for you able to talk with her so chummily…. ” Nana had a headache, thinking that her boyfriend was to talk with the famous ”Ice Queen ” so chummily.

”You think too much. You know when I have distributed a pamphlet in the past, right? ” Shishio said.

Saki and Nana nodded since they remembered that Shishio had disturbed a pamphlet for a cat a few days ago.

”So she has adopted a cat? ” Saki asked.

”No, she loves cats, and I showed her a photo of a cat that I had taken, ” Shishio said.

”What kind of photo? ” Nana asked.

Shishio didn ’t say much and showed the pictures of cats that he had taken on his phone.

Saki and Nana sat on his sides, looked at the pictures on his phones, and couldn ’t help but exclaim.

”The photo is good! ”

”You… can you do photography too? ”

Saki and Nana quickly said, but then they noticed Shishio ’s expression was a bit weird.

”What ’s wrong? ”

Shishio, whose arms were being pressed by something soft, was very helpless at that moment. He was happy, but he knew that this couldn ’t be continued since he was afraid that the beast on his pants would scare them. ”Sorry, you two are too close, and I ’m afraid that you might awaken something you shouldn ’t. ”

”Awaken something you shouldn ’t? ” 2x

Saki and Nana were dumbfounded, but then their faces blushed, and they knew what this guy was talking about.

Shishio looked at their expressions and sighed. ”Don ’t blame me too much. You two are so charming, isn ’t it normal for me to get excited? ”

”…. ” Saki and Nana.

Saki let out a sigh and said, ”You ’re too honest sometimes. ”

”So you want to do a dirty thing on us, Shishio? ” Nana asked with a smile.

Saki looked at Nana with a dumbfounded expression, but then she looked at Shishio. After all, if he really wanted to do it, she didn ’t really hate it, considering she had often imagined it before.

Not only guys who were perverted, but girls who were also perverted.

Saki and Nana had their first boyfriends, and of course, they imagined the stuff that a couple would do together, especially when the spec of their boyfriend was really amazing.

”Cough! Cough! We can talk about that matter later, and don ’t you have something more important to ask? ” Shishio asked.

”Well, that ’s true. ” Saki nodded and asked, ”So that Yukinoshita-san is a cat lover? ” She could see the photo that her boyfriend took was really good and thought that Yukinoshita came to Shishio because of this reason.

”That ’s right. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”It seems that she ’s a big cat lover, so she wants the photo that I have taken. ”

”I see… ” 2x

Saki and Nana nodded.

”Still, you ’re not interested in her? ” Nana asked.

”I have the two of you. Should I glance at other girls? ” Shishio asked.

”You say that, but I can tell that you ’re interested in every girl in the literature club, right? ” Nana said while squinting her eyes.

Shishio looked at Nana, then Saki, who stared at him. He then put on a gentle smile and held their hands at the same time. ”That ’s true. They ’re all beautiful… ”

”See? ”

”But you two are the ones who I have dated now, and they ’re not, right? ” Shishio spoke with full conviction.

Saki and Nana blushed, looking at him shyly.

Looking at their shy expression, Shishio was wondering how their expression was when he had another girlfriend in the future, but he might have been prepared to be punched or slapped by both of them.

”So, is there anything that you want to ask again? ” Shishio asked.

”Right, why did you get called by the teacher before? It has become a talk, you know, ” Nana quickly said.

”Oh, that one, it should be alright to talk about this matter to Saki, but I ’m not sure to talk about this matter to you, Nana, ” Shishio said.

”Huh? What ’s wrong? Why did you exclude me? ” Nana frowned and was clearly unhappy.

Saki raised her eyebrow and asked, ”What ’s wrong, Shishio? ”

”Do you remember old man Tokugawa? ” Shishio asked.

Saki was surprised and asked, ”You mean the one that you have told me before? ”

”Un. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”He is coming to invite me. ”

”…. ” Saki ’s expression was quite serious, and she showed a worried expression.

”Don ’t leave me behind! I want to know too! ” Nana was annoyed and unhappy at that moment.

Shishio looked at Nana and said, ”Well, I don ’t mind telling you, but just don ’t tell anyone, alright? ”

Nana patted her chest, which caused her chest to undulate up and down. ”Don ’t worry. I won ’t tell anyone. You can believe me, alright? ”

Shishio looked at Nana for a bit, then nodded since he knew that he could trust her. ”Well, I ’ll explain to you slowly while we eat. Just don ’t interrupt me so suddenly and think what I have said is a lie since there ’s really such a thing in this world. ”

”Huh? ” Nana was dumbfounded, but before she could react, Shishio started to tell her about the story of underground fighting and his experience fighting with someone.

Saki looked at Nana ’s expression and nodded since she also understood how Nana felt at that moment.

When the story ended, Nana stared at Shishio and asked, ”Like seriously? ”

”Seriously. ” Shishio nodded.

”So you can do martial arts? And a strong one at that? ” Nana asked.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded, then said, ”You can ask Saki too. ”

Nana looked at Saki, and Saki also gave her a nod. ”I have seen him fighting, but you have said before that Tokugawa-san ’s arena is different from the Kengan Match, right? ”

”Un. ” Shishio nodded and explained. ”In the Kengan Match, you can get prize money, and at that time, I have decided to become a fighter so I can get half of the contract for a business deal, but Tokugawa ’s arena is a bit different, the one who fights there is wanted to prove that they ’re the strongest and they won ’t get a penny. ”

”So it is just a matter of acknowledgment? ” Saki frowned and asked, ”You don ’t agree, right? You won ’t get anything after all. ” She wasn ’t sure what kind of deal that Shishio had made with Tomari before, but she knew that Shishio had gotten a lot of things, but Tokugawa was different. She felt that this old guy only wanted to see Shishio fighting. She didn ’t want to see him hurt after all and felt that he shouldn ’t fight anymore, but she knew that she couldn ’t control him.

”Wait! Wait! I can ’t follow this conversation! What do you mean by the deal? Ugh… I ’m so confused! ” Nana looked at Shishio and Saki, and somehow she understood why he dated him first, considering they had known each other better. She started to get depressed, but then he gently held her hand.

”Don ’t worry, Nana. ” Shishio looked at Nana ’s eyes with a gentle expression and said, ”We have a lot of time, we can learn from each other better, you ’ll tell me more about you, and I ’ll you more about me, that way. We can understand each other better. ”

”….. ”

Nana blinked her eyes for a moment before she directly took Shishio ’s lips.

”…. ” Saki and Shishio.

Shishio was alright since they had kissed each other several times, but Saki was dumbfounded!

”You – you!!! ” Saki couldn ’t help but point her finger at Nana.

Nana quickly parted her lips with a smile, then looked at Saki with a cheeky smile. ”You want to do it too, Senpai? ”

”….. ”

Saki opened her mouth before she closed it again. She had only kissed him once, and she also did it secretly, but Shishio and Nana had kissed each other several times. ’Ugh… ’ Somehow, she felt that her heart was tight, and it felt quite uncomfortable.

”Don ’t tell me. You haven ’t kissed each other yet? ” Nana asked in surprise.

”….. ” Saki.

Nana then looked at Shishio with a dumbfounded expression. ”You don ’t want to kiss her, Shishio? ” But at the same time, she was quite proud, after all, Saki hadn ’t been kissed by Shishio, but she had done it several times!

”I want to, but the mood isn ’t right, and just don ’t kiss me so suddenly, we ’re at school. What if someone sees us? ” Shishio said speechlessly and flicked Nana ’s forehead gently.

However, when Nana ’s head was flicked, she only laughed happily.

”….. ”

Shishio was helpless then looked at Saki.

”How long have you been kissing Nana? ” Saki asked, and she was a bit gloomy.

”Yesterday. ” Shishio looked at Saki and said, ”You know, even if I want to kiss you, the mood isn ’t right, and you haven ’t agreed to my confession after all. ”

”Well, that ’s true… ” Saki also felt weird if she was kissed so suddenly in this situation since the mood wasn ’t right and she also hadn ’t agreed to his confession yet, but well, they would go on a date on Sunday, so they could get a lot of chances to kiss each other.

In truth, Shishio wanted to live directly with both Saki and Nana, but when he knew that, it was a bit hard, considering their status. Besides, it was too early, and at least, he needed to wait for them to graduate from high school before he could ask them to live together.

”Wait, you haven ’t agreed to his confession? ” Nana was dumbfounded.

”…….. ” Saki.

”Well, Nana, let ’s not talk about this matter, ” Shishio said.

Nana looked at Shishio and nodded. Somehow she understood Saki ’s feeling. After all, it took a lot of courage, self-sacrifice, and love to accept the relationship of the man that they loved to date other girls too, but hearing that, she was very happy since that meant she was his first girlfriend!

Saki wasn ’t sure what to say in this awkward situation until she felt her hand being held gently. Then, she felt calm and asked, ”The matter of Tokugawa-san, you don ’t agree with his request, right? ” She knew that it was only a matter of time that she accepted his feeling since she knew what her feeling toward him was.

”No, I agree, ” Shishio said.

”Huh?! ” 2x

Nana and Saki were dumbfounded.

Saki knew Shishio very well and asked, ”So what did you get? ”

”I asked him to introduce me to aikido teacher, ” Shishio said.

”You want to learn aikido? ” Nana looked at Shishio curiously.

”Yes, I ’m quite interested in this martial art. ” Shishio nodded. The ”Enhanced Balance ” that he received before was more amazing than he had thought since with this ability, once he combined it with his ”Enhanced Vision, ” he could find the center balance of people easily, which was pretty much a scary thing.

The center of the balance was something that maintained someone ’s balance, and if he pushed them or caused a slight change on it, then this person would be dropped, thrown, or fell easily to the ground.

In truth, Shishio was thinking of either learning Jujutsu or Judo. Still, when he thought about it calmly, he felt that it was better to learn Aikido, considering it was harder to learn than both Jiujutsu and Judo. He also knew that there was an Aikido master in this world, as for Jiujitsu and Judo, he didn ’t know them. There might be some, but they weren ’t as famous as the Aikido master in this world.

”Just that? ” Saki asked.

”Oh, I got a house, ” Shishio said.

”…..House? ” 2x

Saki and Nana were dumbfounded.

”Yes, a house. ” Shishio nodded.

”…. ”

Saki and Nana would have never thought that Shishio would get a house just by fighting.

”Where? ” Saki asked.

Shishio looked at Saki and Nana and said, ”I can get them anywhere. Just let me know where you want it to be. That way, we might be able to live together. ”

Nana and Saki then blushed and started to imagine what they might be doing once they were living together.

”Wait, then what about your apartment? ” Saki suddenly asked.

”Wait, wait, what kind of apartment, do you mean? And did you lie about your programming job? ” Nana asked.

”… ”

Shishio looked at two girls and then looked at his surrounding area. Even though he could see that this place was quiet, he somehow wanted a place where they could stay alone without any disruption. After all, even though this place was very quiet and there were only three of them in this place, some people might see them flirting with each other in this place by accident.

’Should I start another club? ’ Shishio thought at that moment, but before that, he knew that he needed to explain many things to both of his girlfriends at that moment.

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