I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 198 - The Place Id Taken For Granted

Eating lunch together with Nana and Saki, Shishio had to admit that it was enjoyable school life. Still, such an enjoyable time passed very quickly since the bell rang, telling everyone the next lesson was about to start.

The three of them could go out together anytime, but they still felt reluctant to part, especially Saki, who was in the 2nd grade, unlike Nana, who was in the same class as Shishio.​​

”Well, we can go home together later, ” Shishio said.

”Um. ” Saki nodded, and her complexion got better. After all, even though she couldn ’t stay with him in the same class, she could go home together with him.

”….. ”

Nana somehow wanted to move right from her house so she could walk back with Shishio after school.

”Come on, it ’ll be bad if we ’re late, ” Shishio said.

They nodded and went back to their own class.

When Shishio and Nana returned to the class, they could feel that everyone ’s gaze was on them, but both of them had a good communication ability. Their hierarchy in class was at the highest, so even if they became a couple, no one would say something bad about them, though the girls were crying bitterly and felt jealous of Nana.


Looking at Nana ’s huge boobs, beautiful face, and good grades, somehow they understood why Shishio decided to date Nana.

Shishio calmly gave a light nod with a light smile, and everyone who saw him subconsciously also nodded docile. He knew that everyone here was only a normal student without any experience in society, so when they saw someone with a lot of authority or rich people, they would lower their heads subconsciously. His classmates might not know about his net worth, but he didn ’t lose his temperament even after he became Shishio Oga. The temperament of a businessman who had met many important people gained a lot of huge success and faced death and life confrontation, he still had it, and he knew that he needed to do this since he didn ’t want Nana being targeted by the girls.

Shishio knew how vicious girls ’ relationships were. He also knew that sometimes they were even more troublesome than guys ’ relationships, considering many of them often put their masks on and then talked to each other behind their backs. Even though it might sound narcissistic, he knew that he was handsome and there were a lot of girls who fell for him, but because of that, it might cause pressure on the girl that he had dated, considering there would be a lot of girls who might be jealous of Nana.

Shishio didn ’t want Nana to be bullied, after all. He needed to protect her, which was why he released this temperament directly, which caused the guys to lower their heads, and the girls were also the same. Still, as for the girls, they also were blushing, especially when they saw the guys lowered their heads subconsciously, showing that he was at the dominant position and he was at the top of everyone.

It was already girls ’ instinct to search for the best man out there if they were in the prehistoric period, then they would search for the strongest man who could protect them and hunt an animal to eat. But, in the modern world, even though the girls didn ’t search for the strongest man, they sought after a man with a good mind, a handsome face, or a lot of wealth, even if the three of them were impossible, one of the three was good enough for a guy being chased by a girl.

As for the average man, who was surrounded by a lot of beautiful girls, it only happened on the harem light novel story, and in reality, such a thing wouldn ’t happen, even if it happened, the chance was very small, and the beautiful girls were a rare commodity. Of course, those beautiful girls would be targeted by someone like him or Mitaka, right?

When Shishio gave a light nod with a light smile on his face, the sleeve of his blazer was tucked.

”You don ’t need to worry too much, ” Nana said with a smile since she knew that Shishio was worried about her.

Shishio looked at Nana for a bit and nodded. If the one that he dated was a normal girl, then it might bring pressure to the girl, and it was better to date secretly, but the one that he dated was Nana, who was known as the social queen. She was at the highest hierarchy, and both of them monopolized the top place of the school ranking in the 1st year. He thought for a while and felt that it might be hard for Nana to get the 2nd rank, considering Futaba, who was also known as one of the smartest students in this school.

Shishio then shook his head and thought that he might be thinking too much. After all, everyone was in high school, and it was normal for someone to go out to each other.

”Nana! ” 2x

Mea and Maiko ran quickly toward Nana then hugged her directly before they glared at Shishio.

”…. ” Shishio.

”Dammit, even if you ’re dating, don ’t leave us alone! ” Maiko complained.

”Yeah, don ’t you forget about us! ” Mea was also quite lonely without Nana.

Nana looked at her two friends and thought that it might not be good to spend her time with Shishio all the time. After all, distance caused a beauty, but they had only dated each other yesterday, and she wanted to stay with him all the time. She even wanted to move to his house, if possible, living together, but when she thought about her parents…

”Well, let ’s stay at the literature club tomorrow to eat lunch together, ” Nana said.

”Oh! ” 2x

Mea and Maiko nodded happily, then looked at Shishio while sticking out their tongue.

Shishio looked at both of them and wondered whether he should give them a huge sausage so they could lick it. He decided to leave the three girls alone and returned to his seat, but Nanami turned her body and asked, ”Oga-kun, why were you being called by Hiratsuka-sensei before? ”

”Do you know Hiratsuka-sensei? ” Shishio asked in surprise.

Nanami smiled and said, ”Everyone in the Suimei knows about her. She ’s very famous, after all. ”

Shishio was a bit surprised, but then he said, ”Well, my parents ’ acquaintance called me before. ”

”I see… ” Nanami nodded and wondered what had happened to him before since she was quite worried, but then there was another question that she wanted to ask him. ”Um, Oga-kun, are you really dating Sunohara-san? ” It was a question that she had always wanted to ask, but she could only have had a chance to ask him now, considering he hadn ’t been in the class for a while.

”Yes. ” Shishio nodded without hesitation, but then he let out a sigh when he saw her expression.

Nanami tried to hide her emotions very well, but it was still impossible for her to do that. Finally, her calm smile was broken, but she quickly forced herself to smile and said, ”I see… Sunohara-san is a great match for you. Congratulations, Oga-kun. ”

”Thank you, Aoyama-san, ” Shishio said with a smile.

Nanami nodded then turned her body, facing the front again.

”….. ” Shishio felt that it would be great if he could date a lot of girls at the same time, but he was afraid that he might be stabbed by someone sooner or later, so he couldn ’t say much in this situation. Jokes aside, he realized that his mindset also became a scumbag now. Even though he had two girlfriends, he wanted more, which made him slightly depressed, but no man was perfect, and he was too lustful.

Nanami, who had faced forward, tried to control her emotion. After all, she had expected this problem before, but it still saddened her. In her heart, she knew that she was content to talk with him and saw his smile every day, but deep inside, she knew that she was quite greedy and wanted to have that smile alone.

’But it might be good… ’

Nanami knew that she wasn ’t in a position to have a romance. She needed to show her father as soon as possible that she could become a popular voice actress so that way she could show him that she could really achieve her dream without her parents ’ help. She was very content right now to see his smile every day from a very close distance. She tried to think positively, but the more, she thought, the saddened she was.

Nanami was sitting right in front of him. It could be said that she was the closest among everyone in this class. Even Nana, who was his girlfriend, wasn ’t as close as her. Still, she knew that even if they were very close, there was an invisible wall that separated both of them, and no matter how close they were, it was impossible to break this wall since she wasn ’t his girlfriend.

Shishio observed Nanami ’s back tremble slightly, and somehow even though he didn ’t have thought to date her, he felt that he needed to help her. After all, he was the one who had changed her, so he felt a bit responsible since he had destroyed her previous light.

Shishio thought employee Nanami liked what he did to Saki. Still, then he also thought to make her appearance as a surprise, especially when he could see Sorata ’s annoying happy face from his position. He shook his head and didn ’t think too much about Sorata, took out his phone, and sent a message to Miu that he would go to her house after he had solved his matter. He also told her to send her a living address so he wouldn ’t lose his way later.

If someone asked who was the happiest when they learned that Shishio and Nana had dated to each other, then it should be Sorata.

The moment Sorata knew that Shishio and Nana dated to each other, he was full of happiness and thought that Nanami and Shiina wouldn ’t entangle with Shishio again. Even if they were entangled with each other, he could stop them by saying Shishio and Nana were dating each other. He then thought about how Shishio and Shiina were going on a date on Saturday and couldn ’t help but snort, thinking that he could stop them by saying that Shishio had dated Nana.

Sorata might be scared of Shishio, and he might not be able to say something directly in front of him, so he wouldn ’t say anything. Still, if Shishio and Shiina went on a date directly, he might drop the bomb directly in front of both of them by saying that Shishio wasn ’t a good man and it was better to leave him. He couldn ’t wait to say all of that to Shiina when he had a chance later.

If Shishio knew what Sorata was thinking, he could only look at him in disdain, thinking that small people really had a narrow-minded mind. Even if he was known as a playboy, he knew that he wouldn ’t lack a girl. After all, the girl was like a moth. Even if they knew that they were flying toward a fire, they wouldn ’t hesitate since the brightness of fire was more attractive than the dullness of the small pebble on the street.

As for who was the small pebble on the street, there was no need to explain, right?

With all of that, the lesson started, and everyone continued to study until it was their time to go home.

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