end! ” Miya was surprised and couldn ’t help but exclaim.

”Shh!! ” Haruma quickly closed his little sister ’s mouth, but then he saw that his older sister suddenly stood up when he turned his head.

”Miya, Haruma, I ’ll go out for a bit. ” Leaving such words, Miu left both of her siblings outside while holding her phone.

Haruma and Miya looked at each other, and somehow they felt curious what kind of boy their big sister was going to bring.

When Miu received a text from Shishio, she quickly came out of her apartment and strode over the stairs since she didn ’t want to make him wait too long, then when she arrived at the first floor, she quickly saw him and couldn ’t help but feel a bit dumbfounded.

The first thing that made her dumbfounded was Shishio ’s casual clothes. It was her first time seeing him in his casual clothes, which somehow made her blush.

Shishio was wearing a black t-shirt, navy blue-colored stretch type skinny jeans, a pair of brown-colored boots, and a jeans jacket. When he sat on his motorcycle, Miu felt like she saw a knight riding on the top of the horse, and somehow she couldn ’t help but blush. However, there was a bit of a problem, and that problem was that he was surrounded by many housewives, chatting to each other happily.

Miu wanted to call him over, but somehow she felt a bit nervous and hesitant. However, Shishio noticed her and quickly called her.

”Miu-senpai! ”

When her name was being called, Miu smiled and also started to approach him. ”Shishio-kun. ”

Shishio, who had parked his motorcycle right outside of the apartment building, looked at the group of young housewives that he had talked to and said, ”My senior has come, thank you for before Onee-san. ”

”Oh my, Onee-san? ”

”My, my, you can come anytime! ”

”Oh, you ’re Ashihara-san ’s daughter? How lucky of you to have a boyfriend like him. ”

”……. ”

Miu ’s face was as red as a tomato when the group of housewives started to target her. She wasn ’t good at communication, after all, and when she was being teased, she could only stand nervously there.

Shishio had to admit that Miu was very cute, but he was the only one who could bully her. ”Sorry, Onee-san, we ’ll have to go first. If we have a chance, then let ’s talk later. ” He directly grabbed Miu ’s hand and said, ”Let ’s go, Senpai. ”

”……… ”

Miu was very shy at this moment, but she nodded regardless since she wasn ’t good with the group of housewives. ”Un. ”

Shishio and Miu then walked next to each other while holding hands, leaving a group of housewives, who looked at Miu enviously.

’If I ’m 10 years younger… ’

Everyone thought at that moment.

”Um, um… ” When they had left, Miu wasn ’t sure what to say and couldn ’t only mutter some words, especially when her hand was being held!

”Sorry, Senpai, I just couldn ’t help it before, ” Shishio said and let go of Miu ’s hand in a hurry, showing a bit flustered expression, but in truth, he just pretended.

Miu ’s face was still very red, but she quickly shook her head and said, ”No, no, it ’s thanks to you. I ’ve never been very good with a crowd, after all. ” When she looked at Shishio, she felt like she was the heroine in the storybook where she met the prince by chance.

”By the way, I have bought you a cake, Senpai. You can eat it with your siblings later, ” Shishio said and showed the box of cakes that he had bought before.

”Shishio-kun, you don ’t need to do so, ” Miu quickly said since she didn ’t want to trouble him like this every time that he was going to visit her house. Subconsciously, she thought that he would visit her house from time to time.

”If you don ’t take it, then no one is going to take it, Senpai. ” Shishio looked at Miu with a troubled expression and said, ”Do you want to see me waste those cakes? ”

Miu looked at Shishio and pouted. ”Shishio-kun, you ’re always like that! You always treat me like a child! I ’m your senior, you know? ”

”It can ’t be helped. Who makes Senpai so cute? ” Shishio said with a smile.

”…… ” Miu felt that her face was burning at that moment. ”An – Anyway, my house is a bit small. I hope that you don ’t feel uncomfortable by it, Shishio-kun. ”

”It ’s alright. You should know that I ’m also living in Sakurasou, right? ” Shishio said simply.

Miu wasn ’t surprised when Shishio told her that he was living in Sakurasou, but she was more curious about his home in Kyoto. ”Then what about your family in Kyoto? ”

”Well, my family is living at the house… ”

They talked to each other until they arrived at Miu ’s apartment.

”My mom isn ’t here because of a part-time job, but both of my siblings are inside. They ’re a bit noisy, but please don ’t mind them, ” Miu quickly said.

”It ’s alright, Senpai, you don ’t need to worry too much, ” Shishio said and knew that it was quite often for a housewife to work a part-time job in the supermarket, considering they could get a discount or free ingredients from their jobs. It was also the reason why the supermarket was a popular place for housewives to work.

”Then please enter, ” Miu said, and somehow she felt a bit nervous about bringing him inside her apartment.

”Then I ’ll enter. ” Shishio entered by following Miu. He then took off his boots at the entrance of her apartment.

Miu looked at Shishio when he took off his shoes and felt that his image on the school and outside was quite different. He was like an elite student in school, but when he was outside, he gave off a manly aura, which made her blush all the time, especially when she smelled his subtle masculine and warm smell, and she had to admit that she loved it.

While Miu was waiting for Shishio to take off his boots, the sound of footsteps was heard, and then one boy and one little girl quickly appeared at the entrance of the apartment.

”Nee-chan, you have brought your boyfriend — ”

Both of Miu ’s siblings were curious about their older sister ’s boyfriend, but they didn ’t expect that her boyfriend would be so handsome.

Shishio also looked at the boy and the little girl, and he felt a bit conflicted since…

”………… ”

Shishio realized that the system was more degenerate than he had thought at that moment.

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