riod. So as long as you eat them, you ’ll grow as big as me. ”

”Really? ” Haruma, after all, didn ’t really want to become a shorty, so he quickly made a note, then he asked, ”By the way, Oga-san, did you walk to come here? You didn ’t wear your uniform. Do you live nearby? ” He had been curious for a while and wondered why Shishio didn ’t wear his uniform.

”No, I rode a motorcycle, ” Shishio said.

”Motorcycle?! ” Haruma was dumbfounded, but then his eyes shone excitedly. However, he frowned and asked, ”But Oga-san, you ’re Nee-chan ’s junior, right? Can you ride on a motorcycle? You need to have a driving license, right? ”

Miu almost forgot since Shishio was too handsome before, but when she thought about it clearly, wasn ’t it a crime for him to ride on a motorcycle when he was the only freshman in high school.

”Shhh! ” Shishio made a gesture for them to be quiet and said, ”As long as you don ’t report me, then I ’ll be alright. ”

”Shhh! ” Miya laughed and followed Shishio ’s gesture, but Haruma and Miu were dumbfounded since they didn ’t expect Shishio to be a bad boy!

Miu felt complex, but Haruma was excited and asked, ”Oga-san, can I see your motorcycle? ”

”I parked it in front of the apartment building. You can see it there, ” Shishio said.

”I ’ll go there! ” Haruma quickly left and ran to see Shishio ’s motorcycle.

Shishio then looked at Miu and asked, ”Senpai, don ’t tell the school, alright? ”

Miu somehow understood that Shishio wasn ’t as perfect as he seemed. ”Well, I won ’t tell anyone, but careful, alright? You don ’t have a driving license, right? ”

”No, I have one, ” Shishio said and showed his driving license to Miu.

”…. ” Miu.

”I want to see it too! ” Miya also looked at Shishio ’s driving license curiously.

”How did you get one? ” Miu asked.

”It ’s a secret, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”…. ” Miu.

”Well, Senpai, why don ’t we read each other ’s stories first? ” Shishio asked.

”Ah, that ’s true! ” Miu nodded and started to read Shishio ’s story since she was very curious about what kind of romance story he had written.

”Onii-chan, are you writing a story too? ” Miya asked.

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and started to talk with Miya.

While Shishio and Miya talked to each other, Miu was absorbed in Shishio ’s story as if she was one of the characters inside. She could feel the shyness, happiness, and even the ache and painful feeling of the characters inside the story.

They were very harmonious until they heard Haruma ’s voice and a woman ’s voice.

”I ’m back! ”

”Oga-san, can you let me ride on your motorcycle? ” Haruma quickly said and was ready to bow his head, but before Shishio answered, his head was knocked by an older woman whose face was similar to Miu ’s. ”Haruma! What are you saying? You ’re still a middle school student! And can you even ride a motorcycle? ”

”It hurts! ” Haruma held his head and was on the verge of crying.

Shishio looked at this older woman and thought instantly that she was Miu ’s mother.

’Wow, a cutie! ’

Shishio didn ’t expect Miu ’s mother would be so cute, and at the same time…

”….. ” Shishio.

”Oh my, Miu, you have brought a boy home! ” Miu ’s mother was so excited.

”M – Mom… ” Miu ’s face was very red, and she wasn ’t sure what to do.

”What ’s your name? ” Miu ’s mother ignored Miu and looked at Shishio.

”My name is Shishio Oga, aunty, ” Shishio said.

”Oga-kun, how about you have dinner with us, and tell me how you meet Miu? ” Miu ’s mother asked.

”MOM!!!! ”

Shishio looked at Miu, and somehow he couldn ’t wait for her growth.

After an embarrassing dinner moment, Shishio decided to go home, and Miu would also send him back.

”Oga-san, please come again! ” Haruma really wanted Shishio to come again since that way he could ask him to teach him how to ride on a motorcycle.

”Onii-chan, please come again, alright? ” Miya was already very sticky toward Shishio.

”Yes, you can come again to play, Oga-kun, ” Miu ’s mother said.

”….. ” Looking at how eager they were, Shishio wasn ’t sure how to describe his emotion and wondered what would happen if he told them that he had a girlfriend. He just came to let Miu read his story but didn ’t expect the development would turn into this. ”Then I ’ll visit you in the future. ”

Mui ’s face was already burning red, and she said, ”I ’ll send Shishio-kun first. ”

Shishio and Miu then left together, while Miya, Haruma, and Miu ’s mother looked at their backs with a thoughtful expression.

Walking next to each other, they didn ’t hold hands at this moment. Miu was very shy, but she still said, ”Your story is amazing, Shishio-kun. You might be able to publish it directly as long as the development is good. ” She really thought that Shishio ’s story was very amazing. It was so romantic and sad at the same time.

”Thank you. ” Shishio nodded, but then he remembered something and said, ”By the way, Senpai, I might not be able to come to the club tomorrow. ”

”Eh? Why? ” Miu asked in surprise.

”I have something to do tomorrow, so please tell Sensei about it, ” Shishio said since he had a feeling that Kiriya might cause him a lot of trouble if he didn ’t come to the club twice, but he had made a promise with Rui to help her, so there was nothing that he could do.

Miu nodded with a smile and said, ”Don ’t worry, I ’ll tell him. ”

”Thank you. ”

Looking at his expression, Miu looked at Shishio for a bit, and somehow, she wasn ’t sure why, but she remembered his story that she read before. It might not be related, but a writer often wrote stories based on their experience.

’Was that Shishio ’s experience? ’

Miu wondered, but then, she just asked casually, ”Shishio-kun, can I ask something? ”

”Yes? ” Shishio looked at Miu curiously, wondering what question that she wanted to ask.

”Do you have a girlfriend? ” Miu asked, but her heart was beating very fast, and she felt that she was very bold at that moment. Her face flushed in shyness, but she still stared at him shyly at this moment, waiting for his answer. She just felt comfortable with him, and it was very nice to be with him. Her world was bright when she was with him.

Shishio looked at Miu for a moment before he nodded. ”Yes, I have a girlfriend. ”

”…. ”

Miu felt that the world became dim at this moment, and she felt weak all of a sudden.

”Senpai? ” Shishio looked at Miu worriedly.

Hearing Shishio ’s voice, Miu took a deep breath and forced herself to smile. ”Shishio-kun, can you walk by yourself? I feel a bit tired now. ”

Shishio looked at Miu for a moment and also let out a sigh. ”Well, be careful, Senpai. ” He wasn ’t blind since he knew that he had hurt her, but it was something inevitable. He couldn ’t date Miu by pretending that he didn ’t date anyone. He wasn ’t sure whether their relationship would develop further, but the first obstacle between their relationship had been passed, and now, whether they would part or together, it depended on his next action.

Miu looked at Shishio ’s back and slowly walked away. She wanted to reach him, but she knew that she couldn ’t. Standing in the middle of the stairs, she just didn ’t know what to do until she could only squat down, sobbing there quietly.

’Why? ’

Miu thought about that question, and the memory of when they met for the first time, being together until now, appeared on her mind. She wanted to have more memories again with him, but now, it was impossible since they had drifted away, and she couldn ’t stop him.

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