I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 204 - Have You Ever Kissed?

Walking out, Shishio rode on his motorcycle before he drove it away. When he left, he glanced for the last time and saw Miu, who was standing, watching him, holding the handrail, which was located on the edge of the stairs area of the apartment building. He gave her a smile for the last time before he turned his head to focus on the street.

Shishio didn ’t immediately go back to Sakurasou, but rather, he drove randomly around before he arrived at the bridge near the neighborhood area. He didn ’t care much where he was since he just wanted to be alone for a moment.

Shishio parked his motorcycle on the side before leaning on the bridge ’s handrail, letting out a long sigh.

The cold wind caused his hot body to feel slightly cool, and somehow he felt better.

Staring at the clear river that reflected the night sky absentmindedly, Shishio knew that what he was doing wasn ’t right, but at the same time, it also wasn ’t wrong either. He knew that having a harem was a very enjoyable thing, but at the same time, his heart was quite heavy since he couldn ’t say, ”I love you.

It was such a simple sentence, but it couldn ’t come out of his mouth.

Shishio opened his mouth and closed it again. He had thought that Miu might be able to help him, but…

”Having happy and beautiful memories won ’t always bring you salvation. On the contrary, the more beautiful a memory is, the more painful it can become. It can even become terrifying. Both for the one who ’s leaving… And for the one left behind… ”

Shishio closed his eyes, and somehow he wanted to jump directly to the river to cool himself, but in the end, he didn ’t do so since he felt a bit dumb to do that. He didn ’t want to get sick, but well, the reason why he thought something so randomly might be because he didn ’t want to think at this moment.

Even though Shishio had confessed to three girls now, he still couldn ’t forget her, which made him very guilty toward Saki, Nana, and Miu. Even though Miu ’s answer might not be clear right now, he knew that it was only a time before she accepted his relationship, which meant he had three girls that had sacrificed themselves for him, staying with him, and supported him. Yet, he was still being caught by his past, which made him realize how pathetic he was.

’I need to be strong! ’

Shishio slapped his cheeks several times until he could feel the pain and the numbness on his cheeks, which made him quite comfortable. He might not be able to solve his problem now, but it didn ’t mean he couldn ’t solve it in the future.

Shishio wasn ’t a ”Superman, ” he wasn ’t perfect, and the matter of the emotion really tired him at this moment. He just wanted to sleep, but he knew that when he returned to Sakurasou, there were a lot of problems that he needed to solve, and he couldn ’t run away, so he decided to accept his rewards first since he had gained a lot of rewards today before he returned.

Shishio then checked all the rewards that he had received from today ’s adventure.

”63% shares of Kewpie ”, ”Zone ”, ”Enhanced Recovery ”; and ”Disease Immunity ”.

Shishio had to admit that his rewards were amazing, so without hesitation, he accepted his rewards, starting from the assets.

The moment Shishio accepted the 63% shares of Kewpie, he had to admit that it was quite an interesting company since it was a mayonnaise company. This company sold the best-selling mayonnaise in Japan and also sold in other countries.

Shishio looked at Kewpie, then checked his assets, and couldn ’t help but think that most of his assets were a food-related company. Still, it was alright since he knew that a food company was a very good thing, and with his ”Cooking Mastery, ” it was simply an easy thing for him to enhance the taste of all of the products in his company.

After checking it for a while, Shishio accepted his other reward, and he accepted the ”Zone ” without hesitation. The moment he accepted it, he couldn ’t help but raise his eyebrow and thought of one work that he had read in the past, thinking that it was quite a good reward.

The ”Zone ” is the ability to fully use 100% of one ’s concentration.

Shishio could utilize 100% of his concentration, allowing him to push his physical and mental capabilities to their maximum potential, allowing the mind to perceive and respond without any distraction. Obstacles became minor problems while objectives grew significantly easier to accomplish.

Since concentration was the learning cornerstone, his mind also became quicker to assimilate thoughts and information. He was now able to process information at an instant speed. The information became instantly recorded on the user ’s memory, freeing the mind from its boundaries and making the stored knowledge accessible even when he was without his power.

Shishio then tried to use the ”Zone, ” and somehow, he felt that the world was working in slow motion, and he had to admit that it was an amazing feeling. In the past, when he fought against Kanoh Agito, he remembered that he had this kind of feeling before, but it was a bit hard to enter that state, but now, with this reward, he could get into that state anytime he wanted.

Shishio thought that the ”Zone ” was a good ability since and it was very useful for fighting and other things such as sports and sex? He was sure about the former, but he wasn ’t sure about the latter since he hadn ’t tried it.

Shishio then thought to use his ”Breathing Technique, ” ”Zone, ” and also his ”Ninjutsu Mastery, ” then he directly disappeared out of nowhere before he appeared on the other side of the bridge. He then deactivated the ”Breathing Technique ” and the ”Zone ” before returning to his previous spot.

Shishio was doing before to move to the other side of the bridge from the bottom of the bridge by using his ”Ninjutsu Mastery ” since this ability gave him a gymnastic and acrobatic beyond ordinary feat. But, unfortunately, his body was only 1.5 times stronger than normal. If he was stronger, then he could do more incredible feats in the future.

Shishio didn ’t try anything strange again since he was afraid that he might become hungry and decided to accept two of his rewards directly, and somehow he could feel the slight change on his body. He had mastered ”Seimei Kikan, ” and he could feel and control his muscles, bones, veins, neurons, etc., and also noticed the change in them.

The moment he accepted both ”Enhanced Recovery ” and ”Disease Immunity, ” he had to admit that he was very excited.

On ”Enhanced Recovery, ” Shishio knew that he possessed the ability to recover faster than the average person, recovering from negative effects such as stunning, fazing, poison, sleep, pain, flinching, being knocked down, losing balance, fatigue, overstretching, being knocked unconscious, etc. at vastly enhanced speed.

But of course, there was a limitation, such as if his limb was missing, then it would be impossible to recover it. But, still, if he connected his missing limb back, then the time he would recover would be very fast, and if he died, then this power didn ’t work, which was pretty much something normal, right?

Then after he had enough, Shishio checked his ”Disease Immunity, ” and he could only say that it was amazing. His immunity, digestive, and other organ systems were enhanced or evolved far beyond that of a normal human. They were completely immune to every form of the disease brought on by bacteria, viruses, or even parasites.

Shishio knew that if he wanted to eat rotten food, he would be alright, and he also didn ’t need to be afraid of STDs. Still, even though he wouldn ’t think that he would have sex with someone who had an STDs, it wouldn ’t hurt to have this ability, right?

However, even though this ability was very powerful, there was still a limitation since he was still vulnerable to poisons or toxins.

’Well, I might get poison immunity in the future, ’ Shishio thought.

Shishio, who had received all of his rewards, felt a bit better, and somehow he also had recovered. He might have been a bit depressed before, but he knew that he couldn ’t waste his time depressed since there were many problems that he needed to solve first. The faster he solved them, the better it was, and it was his first step.

Shishio knew that the first step had always been the hardest, but things would get easier from now on once he had taken his first step. He needed to think positively and thought to go back, but then his phone vibrated. He took his phone and raised his eyebrow when he saw the one who had called him. He then, without hesitation, accepted the call and asked, ”Senpai? ”

”Sorry for calling you at night. I want to ask what kind of camera and video recorder is suitable for personal use, ” Yukinoshita asked calmly.

”…. ”

”…You ’re calling me now to ask what kind of camera and video recorder that you should buy for your personal use? ” Shishio asked speechlessly.

”Yes, ” Yukinoshita said without hesitation and somehow felt satisfied with Shishio ’s way of asking questions since he didn ’t mention anything about a cat.

Shishio couldn ’t help but let out a long sigh when Yukinoshita asked him to ask this kind of question.

”What ’s wrong? Why did you let out a sigh? ” Yukinoshita asked with a frown.

”Nothing, I ’m just a bit tired, ” Shishio said simply.

”If you need help, then you can come to my clubroom, ” Yukinoshita said.

”Your clubroom? ” Shishio raised his eyebrow.

”I ’m the president of the Service Club, ” Yukinoshita said.

”Service club? ” Shishio was just wondering why this girl suddenly wanted to help him.

”The one who possesses skills shall grace those without them. Those people are called ’volunteers. ’ They reach out with a helping hand to those in need. And that ’s what this club does. Welcome to the Service Club. I will fulfill the task given to me by fixing all your problems, ” Yukinoshita said eloquently.

”….. ”

”Why are you not saying anything? ” Yukinoshita asked with some displeasure.

”No, I ’m just not sure what kind of reaction I should take now, ” Shishio said.

”How about you tell me your problems, then I ’ll help you to fix them, ” Yukinoshita said.

”Well, I have a senior who is so obsessed with cats that she is so obsessed that she wants to buy the most advanced camera and video recorder for her personal hobby — ” Shishio hadn ’t finished his words but, Yukinoshita quickly cut him and said, ”Oga-kun, how about you meet me tomorrow at the clubroom? Let me educate you that you need to respect your senior more, or else you won ’t be able to live from now on. ” Her voice was extremely cold, and she thought that she needed to teach him a lesson, or else she felt that he would make fun of her all the time!

”… ”

Shishio had to admit that it was quite enjoyable to spend his break time with a beautiful senior, but…

”Sorry, Senpai, I spent my break time with my girlfriend, ” Shishio said.

”… ” Yukinoshita.

”Well, if you ’re alright, I ’ll visit you on Monday, ” Shishio said.

”Why not tomorrow or two days later? ” Yukinoshita asked, feeling a bit unhappy. She was a beautiful girl, and many guys had confessed to her, but this guy simply rejected her.

”I have a lot of things to do on both days, sorry. ” Shishio apologized and said, ”By the way, I ’ll send you a text about the information about the camera and the video recorder for personal use later. Then I won ’t say much. I have to go home now. Bye, Senpai. ”

’Go home? ’ Yukinoshita somehow could the sound of his footsteps, the river, and then the sound of his motorcycle, which somehow made her raise her eyebrow. ”Oga-kun, did you ride on a motorcycle? ” She knew that Shishio was only a freshman and for him to ride on a motorcycle meant that he was doing something that only a delinquent would do

”….. ”

Shishio looked at his motorcycle for a moment and said, ”Senpai, please don ’t tell the teacher. ”

Somehow under that cold expression, a warm smile formed on Yukinoshita ’s face, and she said, ”Well, I ’ll see you in my clubroom on Friday at the break. ” She left those words before she hung up the call since she didn ’t want to hear his rejection.

”… ”

Shishio looked at his phone, and the corner of his lips twitched. Somehow, he didn ’t expect that he would entangle with Yukinoshita, even if he didn ’t plan to. However, he wasn ’t someone who liked being forced, so he decided to ignore her and didn ’t think too much. He shook his head and put on his helmet before he rode his motorcycle back to Sakurasou.

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