I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 205 - Love Is Trust

how made her uncomfortable, even though she didn ’t know the reason.

”Senpai, love has many forms, so depending on the shape and the people who feel it, they ’ll have different interpretations about it, but my girlfriend has said that love is trust, ” Shishio said.

”Love is trust…? ” Misaki looked at Shishio in doubt and confused, wondering why love could be interpreted as a trust.

”She has said that loving someone doesn ’t mean that you ’re not okay with them changing, but it doesn ’t mean you have to be okay with however they may change. It ’s the confidence that the person will stay true to what made you fall in love with them in the first place. Love is an expression of trust. That ’s what my girlfriend said, but each person is different, after all, ” Shishio explained.

Misaki looked at Shishio and said in a low voice, ”Your girlfriend really loves you. ” She then looked at him and asked, ”What about you? What do you think love is? ”

”Me? ” Shishio thought for a bit and said, ”I guess… love is when you feel that you want with this person forever and ever, no matter what happens… ” Which was why it was so painful when he knew that he couldn ’t meet her again.

Misaki suddenly saw Shishio become sad, and somehow she wanted to say something, but she didn ’t know what to say. It somehow made her frustrated that she couldn ’t say anything in this situation.

Shishio quickly shook his head and asked, ”So how about you, Senpai? Have you ever felt that feeling toward Mitaka-senpai? ”

”Me? ” Misaki was a bit surprised by this sudden question, but then she started to think about this matter seriously. ”…I ’m not sure. ”

”You ’re not sure? ” Shishio was surprised.

”You know… the reason why I felt like I ’d fallen in love with Jin was that he dated my sister at that time. It was so lonely, and I felt like I was alone, so maybe I thought that emotion was love, even though I wasn ’t sure what kind of emotion that I felt at that moment, ” Misaki said, feeling lonely. ”I want to be with him, but when I ’d thought about all the girls that he ’d dated after we came to Tokyo… and at how he might have a lingering feeling toward my sister… ”

”Don ’t you trust him? Trust that he ’s able to make a script that is able to excite you? Trust that he ’s able to break up with all of his girls, including your sister, so he can be with you? ” Shishio asked.

”I… ” Misaki couldn ’t answer Shishio ’s question, or rather, she knew exactly that she couldn ’t trust Jin. She knew about Jin ’s ability, and she knew about his personality. After all, they had stayed with each other for a long time, so it was hard to have that trust in him.

”Senpai, when you ’re confused, you shouldn ’t use your head, ” Shishio said.

Misaki was startled and asked, ”Then what should I use? ”

”Your heart. ” Shishio pointed his heart and said, ”If you feel happy to be with Mitaka-senpai, then you can ’t give up, but if you don ’t feel happy, then it might be better to take a break from your relationship. ”

”My heart… ” Misaki touched her chest where her heart was located, but it might be because her boobs were so big that it felt like she was rubbing her boobs from Shishio ’s perspective, but he didn ’t say much.

Misaki thought about the day that she spent with Mitaka, and rather than feeling happy, she felt so desperate, she was so desperate to make him fall in love, and sometimes she also needed to lie that his script was interesting, which tired her out. ’Am I happy? ’ She could tell this answer clearly, and she couldn ’t help but compare the time she spent with Mitaka and Shishio. Even though she only met Shishio for a week or so, she felt very comfortable with Shishio, and it was so fun, which was why…

”I know my answer, so how about we try to kiss each other now, Shishio-kun? ” Misaki asked while looking at Shishio.

Shishio raised his eyebrow and also looked into Misaki ’s eyes, facing her directly, and said, ”Senpai, you should realize that once we have kissed each other, our relationship will change. ”

Misaki was dumbfounded and asked, ”Our relationship will change? ”

Shishio nodded and said, ”We won ’t be a senior and junior again, and we ’ll be both a man and a woman. There ’s a chance for both of us to fall in love, so are you ready for that? ”

”I… ” Misaki couldn ’t answer Shishio ’s question immediately.

Shishio smiled and patted Misaki ’s head. ”If you still have a hesitation, it is better for us not to kiss each other. How about we rest for now? I ’m a bit sleepy. ” He was really tired at that moment and wanted to sleep.

Misaki looked at Shishio with complex emotion and nodded. She then walked out of his room while thinking about what they had talked about in his room. She walked downstairs then toward her room, but her mind was preoccupied with many things that she didn ’t realize that someone walked past her.

Misaki had to admit that it was very enjoyable and fun with Shishio, but that was because they were both a senior and a junior and if their relationship changed…?

’Trust! ’

Misaki suddenly thought about the meaning of love from Shishio and knew that love was a symbol of trust. She then thought about Shishio and the time that they spent together.

Could she trust him that their relationship wouldn ’t change when they kissed each other?


Misaki didn ’t have doubt again, but when she was about to return to Shishio ’s room, she saw Shiina, who was about to enter Shishio ’s room. Somehow she could only stand there, staring at them, then walked back to her room since she knew compared to Shiina, her feeling toward him wasn ’t as much as Shiina. She tried to smile, but…

”….. ”

Misaki felt that she couldn ’t say here any longer and quickly ran to her room, feeling very uncomfortable at this moment.

At this moment, Shishio, who wanted to sleep, after a long talk with Misaki, opened his door again, looking at Shiina, who came to his room.

”Shishio, let ’s kiss. ”

Shiina was about to kiss Shishio, but…

”Wait, what? ” Shishio was stunned since it was so suddenly subconsciously stopped Shiina, but…

Shiina showed a sad expression, her eyes were red, and tears were dripped from her eyes when she was stopped. She looked at Shishio, and she asked, ”Shishio, are you going to leave me? ”

”… ”

Shishio knew that his night was still very long at this moment.

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