I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 209 - Lets Enjoy "now"

When Misaki didn ’t eat Shishio ’s food, she felt like the world was about to end, so when she saw him in the kitchen, she couldn ’t help but become excited, asking what kind of breakfast he would cook. But…

”Huh? Since when have I become your cook? ” Shishio asked with a confused expression.

”… ” Misaki was stunned there. Her body trembled as she grasped Shishio ’s hand and asked with a pitiful voice and tears in her eyes. ”Sh – Shishio-kun, you ’re joking, right? You ’re going to make me breakfast, right? ”

Shishio let out a sigh and said, ”Senpai, I ’ve realized that it is very troublesome to cook for everyone in the early morning, and you should know that before I come here, everyone is preparing their food on their own, right? ”

”…. ” Misaki.

Shishio looked at Misaki and asked, ”Now that you mention it, how did you manage your food in the past? ”

Being asked so suddenly, Misaki was stunned then started to recall how she managed her food in the past. ”Hmm… I either buy or cook something by myself. ” She wasn ’t sure since she mostly thought of eating Shishio ’s food now.

”Well, then, if you can cook me a breakfast, then I ’ll prepare you tomorrow, ” Shishio said.

”Huh? ”Misaki was surprised and asked, ”You want to cook your breakfast? ”

”Can you? ” Shishio asked.

”Why not? Let me show you that I have good cooking skills! We can even marry right away if you want! ” Misaki said without hesitation and decided to show her cooking skills.

”Sorry, I refused. ” Shishio refused as usual and asked, ”What are you going to cook? ”

”You ’ve cooked miso soup and rice, right? Then I ’ll cook the main dish, ” Misaki said without hesitation, patting her chest, causing it to undulate up and down.

”Then I ’ll be waiting here, ” Shishio said, then sat on the chair, watching Misaki, who was preparing their breakfast. He looked at her back and asked, ”What are you going to make? ”

”Well, just something simple, a sausage and a fried egg. ” Misaki looked at Shishio and asked, ”Is that alright? ”

”Um, thank you. ” Shishio nodded.

”No problem. ” Misaki smiled and said, ”Now that you mention it, you ’re not my cook or my husband, so it is normal for you to complain, after all. ”

”No, I ’m alright with cooking since I like it, but sometimes, there ’s a time when I don ’t really want to do anything, ” Shishio said.

”Like now? ”Misaki asked.

”Well, like now. ” Shishio nodded.

Misaki patted her chest again and showed a proud expression. ”Don ’t worry, leave your breakfast to me! ”

”Well, once again, thank you, Misaki-senpai, ” Shishio said.

”Yeah, I should say thank you to you too since you ’ve often cooked me both breakfast and dinner, ” Misaki said with a smile.

Shishio looked at Misaki and wondered why this girl became cuter all of a sudden?

Misaki was about to prepare breakfast for the two of them, but suddenly she noticed that there was someone beside Shishio in this place. She was surprised and then exclaimed. ”Huh? Dragon (Ryuu is a dragon in English)! You ’re here? ”

”…… ”

Ryuunosuke only realized that this girl hadn ’t noticed his presence from the beginning to the end.

”Do you want me to cook you breakfast too? ” Misaki asked.

”No, it is alright. I ’ve eaten tomatoes, ” Ryuunosuke said subconsciously since Misaki was a girl.

”It is so rare for you to come out in the morning like this suddenly, ” Misaki said with a confused expression.

Even though Ryuunosuke might be a ”shut-in, ” it didn ’t mean that he was staying in his room all the time. He also came out from his room to eat, take a bath, and poop.

”Well, stay here. I ’ll cook you breakfast, or rather, I ’ll cook for everyone! ” Misaki said without hesitation.

Ryuunosuke looked at Misaki for a bit and nodded. ”Well, I ’ll do that. ” He sipped his cafe au lait and wondered how the relationship between Misaki and Shishio could be so close since he remembered that Misaki was pretty close to Mitaka, right?

While cooking, Misaki asked, ”Right, Shishio, have you gotten an idea what kind of story that you ’re planning to write? ” After all, Shishio had told her that he would write a script for her first romance anime, which was why she was quite anticipating what kind of story he was going to write.

”I have some ideas in my head, ” Shishio said.

”Really? ” Misaki looked at Shishio excitedly.

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”You want to add an element of mecha to your romance anime, right? ”

”That ’s right! ” Misaki nodded and asked, ”So how are you going to mix both mecha and romance anime together? By the way, I ’m making an OVA, which means I only make one anime video with around 20 to 30 minutes, not the regular one with 12 episodes, alright? ”

”I know. ” Shishio nodded since he knew that Misaki was only making an OVA anime. ”This isn ’t a very long anime, and it is a romance with a mecha element mixed in the story. ”

”Really? What kind of story is it? ” Misaki asked curiously since it was only one night that they were talking about this matter, but in the morning, Shishio had already an idea what kind of story that he would write for her, which made her very excited and at the same time, she couldn ’t help but compare him to Mitaka, which made her sigh for a moment, but she quickly cheered herself up, cooked the breakfast, while listening to his words.

”Be careful with the food, Senpai. I don ’t want to eat something burnt, alright? ” Shishio said before he stood up and walked next to Misaki. ”Well, I ’ll tell you the story while I supervise you so you won ’t burn the breakfast. ”

”Aye, aye, sir! ” Misaki said with a smile.

”Well, it is a bit similar to my 5 Cm Per Second that you ’ve read before since the theme of this story is a distance and a time, ” Shishio said.

”Hmm… Distance and time, huh? ” Misaki remembered Shishio ’s 5 Cm Per Second and knew that it was a love story that was being hurdled by a distance.

While looking at the eggs and the sausages that Misaki fried, Shishio said, ”The story is about a heroine who is chosen as a pilot of mecha to fight against an alien on Mars. She has a childhood friend that she loves, but she needs to be separated from her childhood friend because she ’s chosen to pilot the mecha. Still, they promise to keep communicating with each other across space using e-mail facilities on their mobile telephones. However… ”

”However…? ” Misaki was already hooked on Shishio ’s story, and somehow she could tell that this story would be very amazing!

Ryuunosuke also didn ’t say anything, listening to Shishio ’s story while wondering whether there was something that Shishio couldn ’t do.

”As the heroine travels deeper into space, messages take increasingly longer to reach the male character on Earth, and the time-lag of their correspondence eventually spans years. As for the rest, we can talk about it later when the script is ready, ” Shishio said.

Misaki nodded and asked, ”So what ’s the theme of this story is? ”

”The theme of this story is communication between people. ” Shishio rubbed his chin and said. ”Communication from the heart is ever-lastingly important wherever you are, and that ’s what I want to express in this script. ”

”It ’s great! It ’s great! ” Holding the spatula in her hand, raising both of her hands to the sky, Misaki was very excited, and somehow she wanted to hug him immediately, but she held her urge and said, ”Hurry up and write the script, Shishio-kun! I want to read it as soon as possible! ”

”Calm down, calm down, and don ’t forget the eggs and the sausages! ” Shishio quickly turned off the fire since he had to admit that letting this girl cook might be a mistake. Still, she was several times better than Shiina.

”Oh, right! I almost forgot! ” Misaki smiled, then stuck out her tongue cutely. ”Te-he~~. ”

”… ”

Shishio really couldn ’t laugh at that moment.

”Right, how is the end? Is it going to be a happy ending, or…? ” Misaki glanced at Shishio nervously.

”Well, Misaki-senpai, do you want this story to be remembered forever, or just being thought as ”it is pretty good, that ’s all? ”, which one do you want? ” Shishio asked.

”Of course, I want this anime to be remembered forever! ” Misaki said without hesitation.

”Then you should know the answer, right? ” Shishio said.

Misaki let out a long sigh and nodded.

”What are you talking about? ” Ryuunosuke asked.

”Well, Ryuunosuke, for a love story to be remembered forever, then the ending without a doubt is going to be a tragedy, ” Shishio said. It was the number one rule that every romance story needed a tragic ending so it could be remembered forever. This was, of course, with an example, such as Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Me Before You, etc., all of them were without a doubt famous romance movies with a tragic ending, and of course, all of them were remembered forever.

”…. ” Ryuunosuke somehow understood why Misaki let out a long sigh.

”Well, I can also do an open ending. However, I haven ’t written the script yet, so I ’ll adapt according to the flow, ” Shishio said.

”Alright, I ’ll be waiting for the story next week! ” Misaki nodded with an excited smile since she could imagine that the script that Shishio wrote would be very exciting that she wanted to make it as soon as possible!

”Shishio, I ’m a bit hungry, ” Chihiro said as she entered the dining room, but then she was dumbfounded when she saw Ryuunosuke. ”Huh? Ryunosuke, what are you doing here?! ”

”….. ” Ryuunosuke.

Chihiro then realized something and nodded. ”So you want to eat Shishio ’s food, huh? ”

”Sorry, Chihiro-nee, the one who is making the breakfast is Misaki-senpai, ” Shishio said.

”What?! ” Chihiro was dumbfounded, then looked at Misaki, who was in the kitchen.

”Shishio is too lazy to make breakfast! So I ’m the one who is making them today! ” Misaki said proudly, but she also reported Shishio to Chihiro, which made him speechless.

Chihiro looked at Shishio for a moment and knew that even though his food was very delicious, it didn ’t mean that he was a cook in this dorm. ”Well, that ’s true. You don ’t have to cook if you don ’t want to, Shishio. ”

”Thank you, Chihiro-nee. ” Shishio nodded with a smile.

Looking at his smile, Chihiro wanted to say something, but she closed her mouth in the end.

”Shishio, I want to eat your food! ”

”Wait, Mayumi-san! ”

Then both Mayumi and Sayaka entered the dining room together, but then Mayumi realized that Shishio wasn ’t the one who cooked. ”Huh? Shishio, you ’re not cooking? ”

”No, the one who is cooking is Misaki-senpai, ” Shishio said while looking at Misaki.

As expected, the moment Mayumi and Misaki met each other. But, somehow, the atmosphere became quite awkward.

Mayumi ’s lips twitched and said, ”I ’m sorry for being quite harsh last night, Misaki. ” After all, she was an adult, so it didn ’t really matter even if she apologized first.

”It ’s alright, Mayumi-san! ” Misaki nodded with a smile.

Looking at Misaki ’s smile, Mayumi somehow couldn ’t bear it and said, ”But I still think that you should make up with Mitaka since you ’ll be unhappy. ”

”Mayumi! ” Chihiro quickly glared at Mayumi since this woman kept causing trouble. She knew about the relationship between Misaki and Mitaka, but it wasn ’t something that they should force, right?

”I know! I know! ” Mayumi quickly raised her hands and stopped talking.

Ryuunosuke didn ’t say anything and only thought that an interpersonal matter was very troublesome.

As for Sayaka, she didn ’t say anything, only smiling, wondering what would happen next.

Misaki, who heard Mayumi ’s words, frowned since what her happiness had something to do with Mitaka? If Mitaka was here, would she be unhappy? Who decided that? She wanted to refute Mayumi, but…

”Mayumi-san, I don ’t agree with that, ” Shishio suddenly said.

Roberta, Ritsu, and Roberta, who happened to enter the dining room, stopped when they happened to hear Mayumi ’s words, which somehow made them silent. Still, they were surprised when they heard Shishio had refuted Mayumi ’s words.

”Huh? Why do you think so?? ” Mayumi frowned since she knew that Misaki and Mitaka were in love with each other, then wasn ’t it just better for them to be together rather than having a fight like this?

”Mayumi-san, I know that you ’re worried about Misaki-senpai, but this is the matter between Misaki-senpai and Mitaka-senpai. Sometimes acting isn ’t necessarily compassion. True compassion sometimes comes from inaction rather than saying something without understanding the entire situation. So isn ’t it better to believe in Misaki-senpai? ” Shishio said.

”So what do you think we should do? Is it alright to leave it like this? ” Mayumi asked with a frown.

”We don ’t need to do anything. We just need to stand by her side as she solves her trouble, right? ” Shishio said while looking at Misaki with a smile.

Misaki ’s smile was so lovely at that moment when someone understood her, so she nodded without hesitation. ”Mayumi-san, you don ’t need to worry! I can solve this problem myself! ”

Mayumi looked at Misaki for a moment and nodded. ”Well, if you say so. ” She started to think that she might need to reflect on her actions, but then she noticed that the relationship between Misaki and Shishio was quite close, right?

’Was it my imagination? ’ Mayumi thought with a frown.

Shishio then looked at Sayaka, giving her a wink, telling her to do something to lighten up the mood.

Sayaka, of course, noticed Shishio ’s signal and nodded with a smile. ”Well, Mayumi-san, as someone who has been two-timing, three-timing, and even being four-timing, I don ’t think that you can give a proper love advice, right? ”

”What did you say?! Do you want me to wash your make-up now, Sayaka!! ” Mayumi was furious at that moment.

With the fight between the two, Sakurasou returned as usual, and everyone had never thought that it would be so peaceful to watch the fight of both Mayumi and Sayaka as they were now.

”What is it? What is it? You guys seem to do something interesting, ” Shiro-san said while entering the dining room.

”Shut up, pervert! ” 2x

Mayumi and Sayaka shouted at the same time.

”Thank you very much! ” Shiro-san flushed in happiness.

”…….. ”

Sakurasou is very peaceful today, right?

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