I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 212 - Unexpected Favor

Saki was in her class and was about to go to Shishio ’s class immediately. However, when she was about to walk, someone called out her name.

”Saki-senpai! ”

”Huh? ” Saki turned her head and saw Nana, who was outside of her class.

Not only Saki, who turned, but all the people in her class also turned since Saki ’s presence was quite mysterious and tough, so when someone called out her name, they felt a bit surprised. However, they had never expected it to be Nana, one of the famous beauties in the first year. But, unfortunately, they knew that Nana was particularly close to Shishio, who was also famous in the first year, or rather he might be the most famous one.

”What ’s wrong, Nana? ” Saki walked toward Nana and asked curiously. She ignored her classmates since they weren ’t particularly close, or rather, she had never talked much with them either.

”Let ’s have lunch, ” Nana said with a smile.

”Where ’s Shishio? ” Saki asked, but the moment she called out that name, the girls in her class raised their eyebrows, but they quickly shook their heads since there was no way, right?

Yumiko crossed her arms, staring at Saki, but she didn ’t say much since she thought that she might have heard the wrong name, but Hina looked at Saki ’s back thoughtfully.

As for Hikigaya, he was dumbfounded, and he wasn ’t sure why. He had a feeling that he might see Shishio appear in his class sooner or later.

”She ’s talking with my friends in the clubroom. Let ’s buy some bread before we go there, ” Nana said and hooked Saki ’s arm.

”… ”

Saki looked at Nana for a moment and asked, ”You ’ve told your friends? ”

”Um. ” Nana nodded and said, ”Don ’t worry, you can trust both of them, and I still want to befriend them, so I need to tell them the truth. ” She cared about Maiko and Mea, and she still wanted the three of them to befriend each other. As for her classmates or the people in the school, she wouldn ’t bother to tell them since they wouldn ’t meet each other in three years and what was the use of telling them?

”Well, if you say so. ” Saki nodded. If it was someone that she cared about and trusted, then she might tell them about her relationship, but she didn ’t have someone like that at this school, so she didn ’t care much. ”Right, I ’ll go on a date with Shishio on Sunday. ”

Nana was a bit jealous and nodded. ”Yes, I ’ve heard it from Shishio. ”

”So, do you want to come with us? ” Saki suddenly asked.

”Huh? ” Nana was dumbfounded and asked, ”Is that okay?

”Um. ” Saki nodded and said, ”We have decided to date him together. After all, so I think this is fair. ”

”Fair, huh? ” Nana looked at Saki for a moment, then hugged her arm tighter. ”You ’re so cute, Senpai. I feel a bit jealous of Shishio now. ”

”You ’re his too. ” Saki was speechless and said, ”And why did you keep hugging my arm? People will think that our relationship is weird?! ”

”It ’s alright, it ’s alright, you don ’t need to think too much, ” Nana said with a smile.

Saki looked at Nana and let out a helpless sigh.

Both of them then walked toward the food truck that sold the bread, and they really anticipated their date on Sunday.

As Nana and Saki were together to buy bread, Shishio, Mea, and Maiko were in the clubroom of the literature club. He got a copy of the key for this clubroom so he could enter anytime, and as to how he could get the copy, it didn ’t really matter since he needed to face two girls in front of him.

”You ’ve heard everything from Nana? ” Shishio asked first since he didn ’t want to lose his momentum. Commonly, a couple was formed with one man and one woman, but he dated two girls at the same time. He might not care about the public ’s eyes on them since he could shut them up, but it was different from Mea and Maiko since both of them were Nana ’s best friends.

”Um. ” Mea nodded and said, ”We ’ve heard everything from Nana. ”

Maiko frowned and said, ”You have hurt Nana, you know! ”

When Mea and Maiko heard from Nana that she was dating Shishio, they were a bit dumbfounded, but at the same time, they also felt quite depressed in their hearts. However, they didn ’t say anything since they knew that they should be happy for the happiness between the two until they heard that he didn ’t only date Nana alone, but he also dated Saki too, which made them dumbfounded.

If Shishio dated both secretly, they would disappoint him and lash him out while telling Nana to break up with him since it was better to leave such a scumbag. However, not only did he date Nana and Saki, but he dated both of them openly without hiding that fact between the two girls!

”…. ”

Mea and Maiko were really dumbfounded when they heard it, and they asked whether Nana ’s sanity was alright, but they knew that she was all clear and she was sane when she accepted that relationship.

After a moment of loss, Mea and Maiko were in deep thought, and at the same time, they became curious about what made Nana dare to date him together with Saki, but both of them had a different kind of reactions.

If Maiko was emotional and got quite angry at Shishio, who dated both Saki and Nana, then Mea was wondering whether Shishio was ready to have such a responsibility to take care of two women at the same time since it wasn ’t something easy and there were a lot of things that they needed to face in the future.

”Well, calm down, Maiko. Let me talk with him. ” Mea patted Maiko ’s shoulder, and Maiko could only sulk since she knew that she just wanted to get angry at him. It might be because she was frustrated, or she might be angry because of other reasons such as why it was Saki? Why wasn ’t someone else, such as…

Maiko quickly shook her head and stared at Shishio with a deep stare.

Mea shook her head and said, ”Well, Shishio. Let me ask you first, have you dated both Saki-senpai and Nana together? Is that true, Shishio? ”

Looking at the two girls, Shishio nodded calmly and said, ”Yes. ”

”…. ” Maiko and Mea.

If Shishio ’s reaction would be so washy, indecisive, hesitant, and afraid of the two of them, then they might show a reaction, but his reaction was so calm and confident, which caused them to be at a loss for a moment.

Looking at Maiko, who seemed to be in a daze, Mea sighed and knew that she needed to be the one who handled this problem. ”You know, dating two girls at the same time isn ’t something easy. It is hard. ”

”I know. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”But it is my responsibility, and I ’m prepared for that. ”

”… ”

Shishio looked at the two girls and said, ”You know, I ’ve been prepared for you to slap me or kick my nuts since that way, I might feel better. ”

Mea shook her head and said, ”That ’s Nana ’s job, and it isn ’t our job. ”

Maiko then looked at Mea with a strange expression as if asking, ”really? ” but in the end, she didn ’t do anything, staring at Shishio, since somehow, she didn ’t feel like doing anything to him.

”What I want to ask you is whether you ’re really ready or not. You should know that two-timing isn ’t easy, especially when the girls will always worry about which one you love the most, ” Maiko said.

”It is, but I ’ll make sure that they are happy, ” Shishio said.

”How can you be so sure? ” Mea asked with a frown.

”Because I ’m a man, ” Shishio said. ”Both of them are my women, so it ’s my responsibility to protect them and love them. ”

Mea took a deep breath and felt a bit pressured, but at the same time, it made her believe in him. However, she knew that she couldn ’t trust him so easily since this related to her friend ’s happiness. She needed to make sure that Nana made the right choice since Nana had decided to sacrifice her youth for him.

What is the most important thing for a woman? Beauty? Money? Etc? Nay, it is their youth.

The youth was the most important part of women, and it was their most beautiful time. There were many things that could be done with youth, which was why if they lost their youth, then it could be said they had lost a lot of things.

Mea wanted Shishio to understand that, and she wanted him to be prepared so he wouldn ’t disappoint her. ”You can only spend half of your time with her, you with either of them! ”

”There ’s a lot of fun that can be done with three people too, ” Shishio said.

Mea raised her eyebrow and asked, ”Can you care for two girls in economics? ”

”I can. ” Shishio nodded, and it was the one that he least worried about.

”….. ”

”What about your parents? Can you tell them? Or can you tell their parents about this? ” Mea asked.

”I can. ” Shishio nodded and asked, ”Do you want me to call them now? ”

”… ”

Maiko looked at Shishio unsurely and asked, ”You ’ve told your and their parents? ”

”No. ” Shishio shook his head.

Somehow Maiko and Mea sighed in relief when they heard Shishio ’s words since they had a feeling that he would really do what he said from his mouth.

”Should I call them now? ” Shishio asked.

”No, you don ’t need to! ” 2x

Mea and Maiko said at the same time.

Mea felt a bit tired and asked, ”More importantly, I have read, based on article 732 of the civil law forbids bigamy. Two-timing is tantamount to a criminal act! ”

Maiko was surprised and exclaimed. ”You ’re so smart, Mea! ”

”Oh, shut up for a moment, ” Mea said helplessly.

Maiko nodded, then made a closing zipper gesture on her mouth.

”We can move to a country that allows polygamy, ” Shishio said, but in truth, two-timing wasn ’t a crime. However, it was too troublesome to deny it so he just followed the flow.

”… ”

Shishio took a deep breath and said, ”If they don ’t want to leave the country, then I ’ll try to change the rule of the country so it ’ll allow polygamy. ”

”… ”

”Is that possible? ” Maiko was dumbfounded.

”If it ’s other men, then it might not be possible, but if it ’s me, I can do it, ” Shishio said without hesitation.

”… ”

”Just how can you be so sure! How can we believe that you can make them happy! ” Mea stood up directly and asked that question.

”Me – Mea… ” Maiko was dumbfounded when she saw who had always been calm would suddenly get angry.

”I don ’t need you to believe me. ” Shishio faced Mea without looking away and said, ”I know what I am doing isn ’t right in your eyes, and I don ’t think that I can change your mind on that. However, you can see whether Nana is happy or not with me. If there ’s a time that she ’s unhappy and sad, then at that time, you tell her to break up with me and come to me to punch me. Love and success. I can achieve all those things. ” His words were without hesitation. It was his confidence since he believed that he could make all of his girls happy.

Mea couldn ’t look away from Shishio now, but it took a moment before she calmed down. She took a deep breath and said, ”Then I ’ll believe in your words from now on. ”

As for Maiko, she had been staring at Shishio and couldn ’t look away now.

”Well, it is over now. Saki, Nana, can you enter now? ” Shishio asked.

”Huh? ” 2x

Mea and Maiko were dumbfounded, especially when the door of the clubroom was opened and they saw both Nana and Saki entered, and both of them had a sweet smile on their faces.

”… ” Mea and Maiko.

”Hehehe… you ’re really worried about me, huh? ” Nana smiled and hugged two of her friends.

”Isn ’t it normal? ” Mea asked helplessly with a blush on her face.

”We won ’t be able to touch each other ’s boobs from now on since someone owns your boobs now, ” Maiko said sadly while hugging Nana ’s body.

”…. ”

Looking at both Maiko and Mea, Shishio had to admit that they were Nana ’s dearest friends, but he was wondering why they were looking at him with those eyes, not the eyes of the friends, but rather the eyes of women. However, this wasn ’t the time to think about that matter now. Watching both Saki and Nana, he knew what he needed to do now.

’Right, I also need to tell them about Miu. ’ Shishio thought at this moment and knew that he needed to ride on the emotional roller coaster again.

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