I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 213 - Following The Tradition

As it was time to go home, some students went home directly, and some students went to the club.

Miu ’s mind hadn ’t been straight after she was confessed and kissed by Shishio yesterday. She could still feel his lips on her lips, and somehow she had to admit that it was good, and at the same time, her heart was still unable to calm down. Even when Ritsu called her out, she was quite absentminded and only responded after a while.

”What ’s wrong, Ashihara-san? ” Ritsu asked worriedly.

”No – Nothing, Kawai-san. ” Miu shook her head directly.

”Well, if you ’re okay, I won ’t say much, but if you ’re worried about something, it might be good to talk with someone, ” Ritsu said. Of course, if it was in the past, she might not say something like this, but it might be because she was affected by Shishio that she had become gentler.

”Kawai-san… ” Miu was moved and smiled. ”Thank you, but I ’m really alright. ” She was alright, but she knew that she needed to settle everything and asked this matter to both Saki and Nana, wondering whether it was the truth or not.

Ritsu looked at Miu for a while and nodded, and didn ’t force her to talk. However, she felt a bit worried.

As everyone started to gather in the clubroom, Miu, Saki, and Nana happened to meet each other, and even though no one said anything, the three of them noticed that they were about to say each other.

Miu blushed and lowered her head shyly.

As for Saki and Nana, they looked at each other before letting out a long sigh.

”Hmm? ” 3x

Ritsu, Shiina, and Usa were somehow confused by the three ’s reaction, but before they asked, the clubroom door was opened.

”Oh? Where ’s Oga-kun? ” Kiriya asked curiously.

”Sensei, he has something to do today, so he skips the club, ” Nana said.

”… ”

Even though no one said anything, they were a bit speechless. After all, Shishio was the one who invited everyone, but he had skipped the club for the past two days, which somehow made them speechless.

Kiriya took a deep breath and said, ”It seems that I need to talk with him tomorrow. ”

Rui didn ’t immediately return from school, but rather, she was waiting for Shishio in front of her school. She wanted to buy something before she returned home since there was a very important matter tonight.

Last night, they texted each other, and Rui knew that Shishio had a motorcycle, and he told her that he was going to pick her up directly at her school so they wouldn ’t walk too long.

Shishio had told her that he might come after a while since he had just returned from his school, but it might be because Rui was a bit too giddy that she couldn ’t help but wait at him at the entrance of her school.

Rui waited for a while, and many students passed over her one after another, and somehow, a few of her classmates invited her on the group date before noticing her and couldn ’t help but notice her.

”Rui! ”

Rui turned and saw a few people who had invited her on a group date before. ”Hello. ”

”What are you doing here? ”

”Are you waiting for someone? ”

”Ah, don ’t tell me. Is it your boyfriend? ”

”Eh? Is it your boyfriend? ”

”Really? Let us see him! ”

When the girls gathered together, they couldn ’t help but talk to each other. Especially when they had talked about each other ’s first experience before, and they felt a bit dumbfounded when they learned Rui ’s first time from her mouth. They learned how big the thing that was taken by Rui and couldn ’t help but exclaim since it was their first time to hear someone had such a big thing. After all, even though some of them had done it, their partners ’ size wasn ’t that particularly large, it was on the average size, and some of them below that size too, which was why they were quite curious about Rui ’s boyfriend, wondering what kind of person he was, especially when they knew he could cause Rui who was known her blank expression to become crazy on the bed.

Not only guys were perverted, but the girls were also the same.

Rui raised her eyebrows for a bit and felt a bit regretful talking about her first experience, but she was also quite curious about everyone ’s first time, so they exchanged each other stories. However, the more she listened to everyone ’s story, the more she realized how special Shishio was.

But this and that was a different matter. Rui didn ’t really want them to meet Shishio.

”Is it because of this boyfriend that you ’ve rejected our invitation to the group date before, Rui? ”

Before, they invited Rui to the group date, but she didn ’t have any interest. However, it led to a conversation where they talked about each other ’s sex life.

Rui might only have had experience with one guy, but this one guy had caused a lot of envy from her friends, which was why they somehow thought that she might be lying and wanted to confirm it with their own eyes, especially when she had never shown his photo to everyone.

If Rui knew what they were thinking, she would only ignore them since she wouldn ’t meet them sooner or later.

While everyone was talking to each other, suddenly a motorcycle quickly attracted their attention, and the reason was because of its model and the one who rode it. Wearing a jeans jacket and jeans, and pair of boots, even though they hadn ’t seen his face, they could tell that his body was very good, and somehow they understood why Rui had told them that his thing was huge. When he took off his helmet, no one could say anything, and when he saw in their direction, they were full of anticipation, but…

”Rui-nee. ”

”Huh? ” 3x

The girls looked at Rui with a dumbfounded expression.

Rui then strode toward Shishio without hesitation and said, ”You ’re a bit late. ”

”Sorry, the way to your school is a bit complicated. ” Shishio sighed, but it was normal for him to get lost since it had only been a while since he came to Tokyo, and it would be strange if he knew every place in this town. He was just a student, and he wasn ’t a taxi driver, after all. He then gave Rui a helmet and asked, ”You ’re in a hurry, right? Let ’s go. ”

”Um. ” Rui nodded and took the helmet from Shishio ’s hand.

”Is that your classmate? ” Shishio nodded to the three cute girls that had been looking at them. He knew that they might be some of the minor characters in Rui ’s related story. But, looking at Rui, he knew that the sentence of cute girls only gathered among cute girls was right.

”Yes. ” Rui nodded.

If Shishio asked whether they were her friends, Rui might hesitate, but he asked whether they were her classmates or not, so her answer was quite obvious.

”Well, let ’s go. We have something to do after this, ” Rui said.

”Now that you mention it, you haven ’t told me what kind of favor that you want to ask me, ” Shishio said.

”Really? It doesn ’t really matter. Let ’s go to the grocery market first to buy some ingredients, ” Rui said and sat down on the backseat of the motorcycle.

Shishio raised his eyebrows when Rui seemed to avoid mentioning what kind of favor that she wanted to ask, but he didn ’t think too much. Instead, he looked at her classmates, gave a polite nod, which caused them to nod at him before he drove away since he didn ’t think that he would meet him, and at the same time, he sighed since they didn ’t even give him rewards.

As for Rui ’s friends, they thought that they should ask Rui to introduce him to them. As for whether he was Rui ’s boyfriend or not, they didn ’t think too much since they had to admit that he was their type!

While they talked to each other, Shishio and Rui arrived at the grocery market.

Rui looked at him and asked, ”Now that you mention it, you don ’t wear your uniform? ” Most of the students in this country would wear their uniforms whether they were going out or not.

”I ride a motorcycle. If I wear my uniform and someone from my school notices it… ” Shishio didn ’t continue.

”…. ” Rui stared at Shishio helplessly and said, ”Well, let ’s go. I ’ll treat you to dinner later. ”

Shishio looked at Rui for a while and asked, ”Your family isn ’t at home? ”

”My parents are divorced, ” Rui said.

”Sorry, ” Shishio said.

”It ’s alright. ” Rui shook her head and said, ”While we ’re at the grocery market, is there something that you want to eat? ”

”….. ”

Shishio looked at Rui and thought that this girl really avoided answering his question, but he didn ’t think too much since he had decided to help her, after all. ”Hmm… how about beef stroganoff? ”

”Sure. ” Rui nodded without hesitation and walked toward the meat area, looking at various meats, looking at which was the best until…

”Take this meat, ” Shishio said.

”Huh? ” Rui was dumbfounded when she looked at the meat in Shishio ’s hand. She took it from his hand and checked it for a while, feeling quite surprised. She looked at him and asked, ”You can cook, Shishio? ”

”Well, I can. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”I live in the dorm, so I often cook for myself. ”

”Then can you cook something for me sometimes? ” Rui asked since she was quite curious about Shishio ’s cooking ability.

”Why not? ” Shishio nodded.

They then talked to each other while choosing various ingredients, but Shishio felt even weirder since the ingredients that Rui bought were too much. He knew that she was only living with her older sister and mother, and even there was him, there were only four people, which was why he was a bit dumbfounded when he saw she had bought a lot of ingredients.

Holding the bag, which was filled with ingredients, Shishio was speechless and said, ”You sure bought a lot of things. ”

”Really? I think it is normal. ” Rui clearly looked away at this moment, but then she said, ”Anyway, let ’s go back to my apartment first. ”

”Oh. ” Shishio looked at Rui and knew that she was hiding something.

The two rode on the motorcycle again, and it didn ’t take a long time before they arrived at Rui ’s apartment. As they entered her apartment, he could see that the woman ’s shoes were at the entrance of her apartment.

”Rui, have you gone back? You ’re a bit late, right? ”

Shishio was familiar with this voice. Then he knew that he was right.

”Huh? Oga-kun? ”

”Sensei? ”

”…. ” Shishio and Hina.

”Huh? Huh? What are you doing here? ” Hina was dumbfounded since she didn ’t expect Shishio to appear at her house!

Rui was also dumbfounded and looked at Shishio and Hina. ”Do you two know each other? ”

”Didn ’t you remember that before that I ’ve told you about a cheeky student? He was the one, ” Hina said without hesitation.

”… ” Shishio.

Rui looked at Shishio with a surprised expression and asked, ”You ’re a student at Hina-nee ’s school? ” She had never asked where his high school was, which was why she was quite surprised when she knew that he was her big sister ’s student. As for the cheeky student, she had heard that story from her big sister before, but she didn ’t expect that student would be Shishio.

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and said, ”You two are sisters? ” He knew the relationship between the two, but he pretended that he didn ’t know. After all, it would be weird if it felt like he knew the relationship between the two.

”Yes. ” Rui nodded, but Hina was dumbfounded and quickly asked, ”Wait! Wait! How did you two know each other? And what is your relationship? Don ’t tell me, you two are… dating each other? ” Hina didn ’t expect that the cheeky student would become her brother-in-law, which made her feel complex. She wasn ’t sure why, but she felt a bit strange when she thought that Shishio might become her brother-in-law.

”Well, we ’re friends, ” Shishio said.

Rui looked at Shishio for a moment and nodded, but she wasn ’t sure why she felt a bit disappointed. ”We ’re friends. ”

”Really? ” Hina looked at both of them with a doubtful expression, but then she asked, ”Still, I ’ve thought that you ’re dating each other, which is why I ’m not surprised why you ’ve invited him to meet our step-father today. ”

”……….. ” Shishio almost choked, then he looked at Rui with a speechless expression.

Rui blushed and nodded. ”Sorry, I ’m a bit nervous about meeting my new step-father, so I invite you here. Is that not okay? ”

”………. ” Shishio.

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