I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 214 - With Pleasure!

In the kitchen, Shishio helped Rui, and in truth, his heart was beating very fast at that moment, but he tried to maintain a calm expression. He knew that this girl loved to tease him, but at the same time, this girl often got serious all of a sudden, which made it hard for him to tell whether she was serious or not, especially when he didn ’t expect that he was going to meet Rui ’s parents.

As for Hina, Shishio ignored her since there was something that he needed to talk about with Rui at that moment.

”Can you peel the carrot, Shishio-kun? ” Rui asked.

”Sure. ” Shishio nodded and peeled the carrot easily, but then he asked, ”Say, Rui-nee, can I ask you a question? ”

”What ’s wrong? ” Rui asked while preparing a dish for tonight ’s dinner.

”You ’ve asked me to come because you ’re nervous to meet your step-father, right? There isn ’t any other meaning, right? ” Shishio asked.

”Yes. ” Rui nodded, then asked, ”What do you want to say? ” She stopped and looked at him curiously.

Shishio took a deep breath and asked in a low voice, ”You ’re not pregnant, right? ” He felt a bit regret when he didn ’t use a condom at that time since he was really wondering whether he had made a cub in Rui ’s womb.

”…. ”

Suddenly there was a silence between the two, and neither of them said anything.

Hina, who had been staring at both Shishio and Rui, also looked at them curiously, wondering why they suddenly fell into silence. She wasn ’t good at household chores, especially cooking, which was why she didn ’t join them, only looked at them from the living room.

Hina stared at Shishio and squinted her eyes. It wasn ’t that she hated Shishio or something, but she knew how popular he was. Even a lot of students in their 2nd years were also secretly in love with him. However, she didn ’t blame them since she also knew his charm very well, which was why she was confused at how he was able to know her little sister? Or rather, how was her little sister able to know him?

Rui was beautiful.

Hina didn ’t doubt that, considering both of them were sisters. She also knew how Rui ’s personality was, which was why she didn ’t understand how her little sister was able to know Shishio. She also didn ’t believe that their relationship was mere friends, considering Rui invited him to meet their new father.

Their mother had decided to remarry, and today, they were about to meet the man that was about to become their stepfather.

Hina would be lying if she wasn ’t nervous, and she was sure that Rui was also the same, but she didn ’t expect that Rui would bring Shishio directly. She kept staring at the two of them, wondering what their real relationship was, but at the same time, she was wondering why suddenly both of them fell into silence.

Shishio stared at Rui, wondering whether his conjecture was true or not. He thought that Rui was pregnant because, in the original story, Rui was also pregnant. However, this time, the one who made her pregnant was him, not the original MC.

Shishio had been careful at that time, but sometimes an accident always happened. He knew that his body had been strengthened, and even though he wasn ’t sure, his semen might also become stronger, too, so even though he knew that he might be careful and let it out on the outside at that time, there might be some accident that might happen.

Shishio tried to calm himself, but he knew that he couldn ’t. After all, this was related to Rui ’s future and his child. If Rui was really pregnant, rather than disappointed, panicked, and scared, he would feel happy since it meant he had a real family in this world, but if she didn ’t, then it was all good too since he also felt that they were too young to have children.

”If I ’m pregnant, what are you going to do? ” Rui asked and didn ’t answer his question immediately.

Shishio took a deep breath and said without hesitation, ”If you ’re pregnant, then I have to say I ’m sorry since I ’ve robbed your future, but I hope that you don ’t do an abortion since I ’ll take responsibility for you and that child. ”

Rui didn ’t see any hesitation in his eyes, and he could see that he was serious, which somehow made her smile. ”Don ’t worry. I ’m not pregnant. ”

”Hah…. ”

Shishio let out a really long sigh before he squatted down on the ground. After those words fell, he felt all of the energy inside his body was drained, and at the same time, his feelings were quite complex. He was both relieved and disappointed at the same time.

Rui smiled and asked, ”What? Did you feel relieved? ”

”I ’m not sure, but it ’s complex somehow, ” Shishio said bitterly since this girl really scared him!

”So, what were you saying before? Are you serious? ” Rui asked.

Shishio looked at Rui and nodded. ”I ’m serious. I might be younger than you, but I ’m still a man, after all. However, I ’m worried about you since you ’re still in your 2nd year of high school, right? How do you feel if you become a mother at such a young age? ”

”Hmm… ” Rui thought for a while and said, ”I ’m not sure since I have never imagined it, but somehow I don ’t hate it, and I can see that my child will be very handsome or beautiful at that time. ” Looking at Shishio ’s genes, she could see that her child would be very, either very handsome or beautiful. However…

”How about you? What do you think about becoming a father at such a young age? ” Rui asked curiously since she could see that Shishio was very confident, and there was no doubt in his words, which made her curious about what made him react that way. After all, normally, if a teenager became a father or a mother at a young age, they would be panicked, thinking about themselves. She thought that he would do the same, but instead, he was worried about her, which somehow made her feel warm.

Shishio looked at Rui and said, ”Even though it might sound rude, the first thing that we need to do to build a family is financial stability. As for me, I don ’t lack that, and if we really have a child, then what we ’re going to prepare for is our mentality since we ’re going to become a parent. We ’re not teenagers again at that time. ”

”….. ” Rui was in a daze, staring at Shishio with a tint of pink on her cheeks.

”Of course, that ’s if you ’re pregnant. Fortunately, you ’re not. ” Shishio knew that he was too young at that moment, and at the same time, he knew that he needed to prepare a safety measure regardless of how masterful he was since no one knew what would happen during the act. Right?

”You don ’t want me to get pregnant? ” Rui asked.

Shishio nodded and said, ”We ’ve only met a few times, after all. You don ’t know me very well, and I don ’t know you very well either. Both of us are also in high school. Even though I have said that I ’m ready to take responsibility for you, I know I ’m still young. You also must have something that you want to do too, right? Even if you don ’t have it, you might find it in the future. I know that it sounds cruel and rude, but having a child our age is a kind of a burden for us. I ’m also still 15. I ’m not at a legal age to get married. It is too cruel for you to wait for me a few years before I marry you and… ” He thought about Saki, Miu, Nana, and Shiina and knew that even though the four of them might accept since they knew him very well, he knew that Rui wouldn ’t accept it. ”You might be disappointed in me. ”

”No, I won ’t feel disappointed. ” Rui looked at Shishio without looking away and said, ”If I ’m pregnant with your child, I won ’t feel disappointed, or rather, I will feel happy. ” When she heard his answer, she knew that she wouldn ’t regret having his child, or rather, she knew that she would treasure him and the child very much. Even though they had only met each other for a while, she knew that she felt that it wouldn ’t be bad to be with him in the future. As for whether this feeling was love or not, she wasn ’t sure since she had never felt that feeling before.

Shishio looked at Rui for a moment and nodded. ”Well, let ’s not talk about this since you ’re not pregnant now, and it is also a bit troublesome if your sister hears our conversation since it seems she ’s about to eavesdrop on our conversation. ”

The future was unpredictable, and it was full of worry, which was why Shishio knew that he needed to face it with a bright smile since that way, he could be more ready for whatever future would wait for him.

However, if Shishio really had children at this moment, he knew that Nana, Miu, Saki, and Shiina would be disappointed in him. Well, rather than disappointed, he was sure that they would be dumbfounded.

Shishio didn ’t think too much about it now since Rui wasn ’t pregnant, so what was the use of overthinking and it was better to look at the fight between the two sisters since it seemed more interesting.

”Hina-nee, what are you doing? ” Rui looked at Hina, who moved sneakily nearby and clearly wanted to eavesdrop on them.

”Te-he~~. ” Hina showed a cute expression, but then she quickly changed her expression, pouted, and asked, ”You haven ’t told me how the two of you were able to meet each other? How come both of them become friends? ”

Rui wasn ’t sure how to explain this and looked at Shishio with a hopeful expression.

Shishio sighed at Rui and knew that this girl wasn ’t good at talking and left everything to him. He also didn ’t mind since he was afraid this girl might tell Hina about their real relationship. ”We happened to meet each other on my first day in Tokyo. ”

”Really? ” Hina was surprised while looking at Rui.

”Um. ” Rui nodded and said, ”We happened to meet each other at the convenience store, and I saw him looking at a porn magazine with a maid theme there. ”

”… ” Shishio.

”I was curious, so we started to get to know each other there, ” Rui said.

”Rui-nee… ” Shishio was speechless and asked, ”Do you have to explain the porn magazine part? ”

”Well, that part of you was the one who made me curious, ” Rui said with a smile. In truth, she was also attracted by his handsome face, but she wouldn ’t say that now.

”Rui-nee, if you explain that to someone else, I don ’t really mind, but you should remember that Tachibana-sense is my teacher! ” If Hina was only his acquaintance, then he didn ’t care, but she was also his teacher!

”Cough! Cough! Oga-kun, how about you explain the matter of the porn magazine with me? You can leave the cooking to Rui. I need to explain to you that even though it is alright for an adolescent boy like you to read such a book, you need to watch the place and time, ” Hina said since she didn ’t expect that Shishio would read a porn magazine on the convenience store directly. Luckily, at that time, he wasn ’t a student at Suimei and didn ’t wear a uniform, but what if something similar happened? Somehow she needed to talk with him, and at the same time, she needed to ask whether he also bought a porn magazine with a teacher and older woman genres too.

”… ” Shishio only stared at Rui blankly.

”Te-he~~. ” Sticking out her tongue cutely, Rui also mimicked her sister ’s action.

”…. ” Shishio somehow realized that both sisters were similar to each other.

In the kitchen, somehow Tachibana household was very lively. Rui and Hina also realized that it was fun with him, and his presence brightened their mood and made them happy.

The three of them talked to each other until they heard the sound of a woman.

”I ’m back! Rui, Hina, where are you? I ’ll introduce you to Akihito-san. ”

Rui ’s mother walked directly toward the house while holding the hand of her new husband.

Before they came, they had talked to each other, and Rui ’s mother ’s new husband knew that she had two daughters, and he had prepared himself until he saw someone unexpected there.

”Um, Tsukiko-san, you have a son too? ” Fujii Akihito asked unsurely.

”….. ”

Shishio and Tsukiko (the mother of Rui and Hina) looked at each other for a moment.

Shishio took a deep breath and introduced himself. He stood straight before he bowed his head slightly, following this country tradition, and said, ”My name is Shishio Oga. Rui-nee has taken care of me before… ” He wanted to say the following words, but…

”Cough! Cough! ” Hina suddenly coughed.

Shishio glanced at Hina for a moment and said, ”Tachibana-sensei also has taken care of me before. I know that my presence here is rude since today is an important meeting of your family, but let me accompany Rui-nee here since she ’s very nervous and worried about meeting her new father. ” His words were clear, polite, sincere, and without hesitation, but somehow, he felt weird since he felt like he was meeting his parents-in-law. ”Please! ”

”………. ”

Shishio realized that the system was more scumbag than he had thought.

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