I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 216 - Irresistible Force Paradox

Riding his motorcycle, Shishio had to admit that he had always returned quite late in the past few days, which was why he was a bit worried that Chihiro might report his matter to his parents. His relationship with his parents was quite complicated. Even so, he felt so natural with them. It might be because of the memory of the previous Shishio Oga that he could be comfortable directly with his parents in this world.

After all, the previous Shishio Oga ’s personality was quite weird, and he had never acted so normal before. Still, even though both of his parents often reprimanded him, they loved him so much and tolerated his hobby, which was why the previous Shishio Oga loved his parents so much.

However, Shishio knew that he wasn ’t the previous Shishio Oga, and he couldn ’t become Shishio Oga for his parents in this world. Hence, he only acted naturally without thinking too much since he might have had an identity crisis if he kept thinking. It was also why he decided to move away from Kyoto to Tokyo, even though the level of education between the two places wasn ’t that much different.

Staying in Tokyo for a long time, even if someone wanted to or not, they would change, which was why Shishio hoped that his parents would understand his change.

Letting out a long sigh, Shishio arrived at Sakurasou and parked his motorcycle. He knew that he should be grateful that he had been given a second chance to live in this world, but even so, there was still a lot of regret in his previous life, which made him frustrated. He had a lot of money, and there were many girls that loved him so much in this world, so he should be happy now, he should be happy yet, he just couldn ’t be happy.

”…. ”

Shishio was about to open the door of Sakurasou, but he stopped for a moment to calm himself.

It might sound dumb that he couldn ’t forget his past and kept remembering it, but the reason why he couldn ’t forget his previous life so easily besides the beautiful memories that he had with his girlfriend, he also prepared himself to propose to marry her, but an accident happened, and fate gave him a joke by making him pass away.

It was so funny that he couldn ’t laugh, but he also couldn ’t cry, or rather after he had become Shishio Oga, he had never shed tears. He needed to do many things in this world, but crying wasn ’t one of them.

Shishio knew that he needed to forget everything that had happened in his previous life and move on. However, was it really alright to forget everything and move on so easily?

If Shishio had amnesia and didn ’t remember everything in his previous life, everything would be easy. These annoying emotions wouldn ’t tangle him, and he could just make a harem, become the richest, become the strongest, and do everything he could think of with the system.

’Just what do I want to do? ’

His feelings were so contradictory, Shishio wanted to remember, but at the same time, he also wanted to forget.

Shishio squatted down on the ground for a moment, taking a deep breath until he calmed himself. He really wasn ’t sure what to do, but he knew that he needed to be responsible for the relationship that he had made in this world.

Shishio really hated it when his head was empty like this since it made him think about many unpleasant matters. He rubbed his face several times, reset his emotion and expression again, then stood up again and opened the door of Sakurasou, but when he was about to enter, he saw both Roberta and Chihiro were there.

Roberta greeted him as usual, but Chihiro said, ”Shishio, can we talk a bit? ”

”…. ”

Shishio was tired now, and he wondered how many times he was forced to enter the emotional roller coaster again. He looked at his reward and wondered whether he should accept it now since that way, he could feel slightly stronger.

”Let me change my clothes a bit, Chihiro-nee, ” Shishio said with a tired expression.

”Just a moment, it won ’t take too much of time, ” Chihiro said while staring at Shishio uneasily.

”….. ”

Shishio looked at Chihiro ’s eyes, and in the end, he nodded. ”Okay. ” Even though she had said that it would be short, he had a feeling that it would be a very long conversation. However, somehow, it felt better than staying in his room alone right now.

”You should sleep first, Roberta, ” Shishio said.

”Yes, Shishio-sama. ” Roberta nodded then left.

Chihiro looked at Roberta for a while and thought that the change in her nephew was so big, which made it a bit hard to see him as her nephew, but she knew very well their identity, and it was impossible between them.

”Where do you want to walk to talk, Chihiro-nee? ” Shishio asked.

Chihiro thought for a while and said, ”Well, come to my room. ”

”Okay. ” Shishio nodded and didn ’t think too much since it wasn ’t his first time to enter her room, but Chihiro suddenly changed her mind and said, ”Wait, let ’s do it in the corridor near the living room since I want to smoke. ”

”….. ”

Shishio only shrugged his shoulders and said, ”Well, whatever you want, but can I make tea first? I want to refresh myself. ”

”Okay, get me one too, ” Chihiro said, then sat on the edge of the corridor, letting up her cigarette before she smoked while watching the night sky.

Shishio didn ’t look at Chihiro and entered the kitchen to make tea for both of them. ”Should I turn on the light? ”

”No, just turn off the light, ” Chihiro said since she just wanted to enjoy this darkness, and if the light was turned on, she wouldn ’t be able to see the stars very well, so she didn ’t want him to turn on the light. She also didn ’t want him to see her face at that moment which was why she told him not to turn on the light.

Shishio nodded and didn ’t think too much, and continued to prepare the tea.

When Shishio entered to make tea, Chihiro glanced at Shishio, watching him from a distance, watching his figure, and had to admit that it could make any girl flush, which was why, even though she had expected this, she felt a bit disappointed when she knew that he had a girlfriend. She shook her head and looked at the night sky, trying to avert her feeling.

After a while, Chihiro heard his footsteps and his voice.

”Here ’s your tea, Chihiro-nee, ” Shishio said and sat naturally beside Chihiro, placing the cup of tea on her side.

Chihiro ’s face was slightly reddened when their distance was so close. ”Don ’t sit too close. I smell cigarettes. ”

”It ’s alright. ” Shishio smiled and said, ”But you know, Chihiro-nee, you should stop smoking. ”

”What? Do you think that smoking is bad for my health or something? ” Chihiro asked with a smile.

”That ’s true, but more importantly, it makes your skin age faster, and you still want to become a mother, right? ” Shishio said.

”…. ”

Chihiro looked at her cigarette for a moment before she turned off the fire on it and said, ”Throw it to the trash later. ”

”…. ” Shishio.

Shishio let out a sigh and said, ”Just what do you want to ask? If this is all, then I ’ll go to sleep, Chihiro-nee? ”

”What? You ’re tired already? You ’re still young. How can you get tired of this easily? ” Chihiro looked at Shishio with an amused expression, but then she shut her mouth when she saw him staring at her with a silent stare. ”Wh – What?! ”

”Chihiro-nee, are you asking me about my girlfriends or something? ” Shishio asked.

”….. ” Chihiro.

Shishio looked at Chihiro for a moment and asked, ”Are you jealous? ”

”Huh?! Who is jealous?! ” Chihiro quickly denied frenziedly with a red face.

Shishio smiled and said, ”You ’re so cute, Chihiro-nee. ”

”…. ”

Chihiro ’s face was reddened again until she saw his smiling expression. ”Dammit, don ’t tease your aunt! ” She wanted to hit him, but she pushed him and caused him to fall to the ground, scattering the cup of tea that was placed beside them.

The liquid from the tea wet the ground, but none of that matters, since both of them were in silence while staring at each other.

Chihiro ’s mind was blank since she didn ’t expect that she had pushed her nephew to the ground. Looking at him, there was a moment of impulse on her mind, but his voice caused her to sober.

”Chihiro-nee! ”

Shishio called out Chihiro, trying to remind her that if she moved closer, then their relationship would change. They would change from an aunt and a nephew to both a man and a woman, and even though he had never thought of her as his aunt and he also thought of her as an attractive woman, he wanted to remind Chihiro that what they were about to do was dangerous and if they weren ’t careful, then they might be burnt and turned into ash similar to the cigarette that she smoked at this moment.

Still, Shishio had to admit that an older woman was really thirsty.

Hearing his voice, Chihiro took a deep breath as she closed her eyes for a moment before she said, ”You ’re too weak that you could fall so easily. ” She then parted and sat like before as if nothing had happened.

”You pushed me so suddenly, after all, ” Shishio said and raised his body, also acting as if nothing had happened.

”Don ’t say something that will cause a misunderstanding, ” Chihiro reprimanded.

”Sorry, sorry, ” Shishio said with a light smile on his face.

Chihiro took a deep breath and asked, ”You have a girlfriend now? ”

”Um. ” Shishio nodded and asked, ”Where did you hear it from? ”

”From Kanda yesterday, ” Chihiro said.

”Oh. ” Shishio nodded and had made up his mind to settle Sorata later, but then, he asked, ”So is there something that you want to ask me, Chihiro-nee? ”

Chihiro looked at Shishio for a moment and said, ”It has been two weeks since you ’ve been in Tokyo, but I didn ’t expect you to have a girlfriend so suddenly. Why? ”

”Why? ” Shishio thought for a moment and said, ”Well, it just happened. ”

”What do you mean? ” Chihiro wasn ’t satisfied with his answer.

Shishio didn ’t look at Chihiro, stared at the night sky, and said, ”I just followed my heart, and I felt like if I didn ’t say something at that time, I might regret it, so I decided to say it directly. ”

Chihiro looked at Shishio for a moment, and she wanted to reach him before she stopped. She let out a long sigh and said, ”I guess there ’s one trait that you haven ’t changed at all from your childhood time. ”

”What trait? ” Shishio looked at Chihiro curiously.

”Your assertiveness and aggressiveness. ” Chihiro looked at Shishio and said, ”You might not have sex with her, but when you do it in the future, don ’t forget to wear a condom, or you ’ll ruin the girl ’s future. ” She then rummaged something out of her pocket and gave it directly to Shishio.

”…. ”

Shishio looked at the thing in Chihiro ’s hand, and his lips twitched. ”…You give me a condom? ”

”Don ’t worry. I bought it based on your size. You ’re huge, after all, ” Chihiro said.

”Can I refuse? ” Shishio asked with a strange expression.

”Take it. I don ’t need it, after all. ” Chihiro then directly put the box of condoms in Shishio ’s pocket.

”…. ”

Shishio was too lazy to retort and said, ”Well, if that ’s all, I ’ll go back now. ”

”Um. ” Chihiro nodded.

Shishio stood up and was about to go back, but suddenly he felt that he was hugged, and something soft was pressed on his back. He was quite surprised, but he asked calmly, ”Chihiro-nee? ”

”Don ’t say anything, ” Chihiro said.

”…. ”

They were silent, and no one said anything. Shishio let Chihiro hug him for a moment before she let him go and said, ”Go back. ”

Feeling her trembling body, Shishio said, ”Chihiro-nee, I…! ”

”Shut up! ” Chihiro roared, stopped his words, and quickly said, ”Go back! ”

”…. ”

Shishio let out a sigh and walked back, but he was stopped again.

”Shishio. ”

”Hmm? ” Shishio turned his head and looked at Chihiro.

Chihiro wanted to say something, but she shook her head and said, ”Nothing. ”

Shishio nodded then walked back.

Looking at Shishio ’s back, Chihiro looked at her cigarette, even though she knew that this was unhealthy and it might age her skin faster. Just one, just one for tonight, would be alright, right?

Lighting up her cigarette, Chihiro smoked her cigarette, blew out the smoke, staring at the night sky, without noticing the tears dripped from her eyes. ”Ah, when I ’m going to get married… ”

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