I Refuse To Become Scumbag In Tokyo

Chapter 218 - Their Little Secret

Shiina opened her eyes slightly and saw that she came back to her room again. ”Shishio? ”

”What ’s wrong? ” Shishio asked.

”Hmm… ” Shiina shook her head and wanted to continue to sleep, but…

”Mashiro, I need to go to school early. You can go to the school with Ritsu-senpai and Misaki-senpai, alright? ” Shishio asked.

Shiina didn ’t think too much and nodded. ”Hmm… ”

Shishio shook his head and walked out quietly without anyone noticing while thinking that he was glad that he got a ”Ninjutsu Mastery. ”

When most of the tenants on Sakurasou had woken up in the morning, they went to the dining room immediately, thinking that there was Shishio there since most of the time, he had always woken up early in the morning. However, his figure was nowhere to be seen, and the girls couldn ’t help but feel disappointed since they couldn ’t see their eye candy, but then, they saw a lot of sandwiches lined up on the plates and a huge bowl of salad. These two foods were wrapped in plastic wrap to avoid being dirty after being left there for a while.

”Is it from Oga-kun? ” Sayaka couldn ’t help but ask.

”There ’s a note here, ” Shiro-san said and took note that Shishio wrote. ”I have to go to school early. From Shishio Oga. ” He put down the note and said, ”Well, how about we eat? ”

Everyone agreed without hesitation.

Shishio had promised Misaki that he would cook breakfast, after all, so he made them. As for who would eat it, he didn ’t think too much since as long as it wasn ’t being wasted, it was all good.

While everyone on Sakurasou was eating, Shishio had arrived at the school. He had to admit that after his body had become stronger, he could feel that he was really full of energy. He felt like if he stayed for a week without sleeping, it was possible.

His body had become more powerful, and at the same time, his body also had become restless. He was really full of energy that he wanted to release all of those energies since he had been quite pent up for a while, so in the morning, during his morning run, he ran as fast as he could to release the energy on his body since he felt that it would be dangerous to leave it alone.

However, his ”Enhanced Recovery ” quickly recovered his energy after eating his food, making him a bit helpless.

Anyway, as Nana had requested last night, Shishio came to the school quite early, before seven in the morning. The school was still empty, and there weren ’t many people besides the security staff, or rather, he didn ’t see anyone besides the security staff since it was still too early.

Usually, the school would start at 8:30, and most of the students lived quite close to the school so that they would leave after 7:30 or more. However, Shishio had become before 7, which made him a bit helpless, wondering what Nana wanted to do.

Shishio then entered the quiet class, which was somehow still dark, and couldn ’t help but watch the scenery outside his position. He closed his eyes for a moment, heard the sound of footsteps clearly, and started to get closer, but he didn ’t open his eyes or do anything since he knew that this girl was trying to startle him.

Shishio then suddenly felt soft and fragrant hands covering his eyes.

”Who am I? ”

Shishio didn ’t answer that question but wrapped his hand around the waist of this person and put her on his lap.

”…. ” Nana.

Shishio looked at Nana, who was dumbfounded, and asked, ”What do you want to do calling me early in the morning? ”

Nana looked at Shishio and wanted to steal his lips, but Shishio stopped her. She wanted to complain but stopped when she heard his words.

”There ’s someone who is about to walk here, ” Shishio said. He had ”Ninjutsu Mastery, ” and his physical ability was doubled last night, so it was quite easy for him to notice someone ’s presence from a distance.

”Really? ” Nana asked in doubt, but then she tried to walk outside and saw that there was really someone there.

”…… ”

Nana let out a sigh and wondered whether her plan had been destroyed. She thought that she could spend her time alone with him in class, flirting, then kissing, but some people often walked from time to time, which was pretty dangerous.

”How about we go to the clubroom? Let ’s get a book there, ” Shishio said with a smile.

”Huh? ” Nana looked at Shishio in doubt and asked, ”But we don ’t have the key. ” Unfortunately, the only one who had the key for the clubroom was either Kiriya or Miu, so it was quite impossible to enter, except if they borrowed from them.

”Don ’t worry, follow me, ” Shishio said and held Nana ’s hand, leading her to the literature clubroom.

Nana nodded and decided to follow since there was no harm in it.

While along the way, Shishio kept manipulating his phone to hack the various cameras along the corridor so they wouldn ’t be noticed, and when he arrived, he took out the key for the clubroom.

”Huh? How did you get that key? ” Nana asked in surprise since she didn ’t expect Shishio to have a copy of the clubroom. She went to Saki yesterday and didn ’t see him open the clubroom door with his own key.

”Shh… ” Shishio quickly gestured to her to keep quiet.

Nana quickly realized what she was doing and nodded, but then she asked, ”So how did you get it? ”

”I just copied it before, ” Shishio said simply before he opened the door.

”….. ” Nana.

In the end, Nana didn ’t think too much since she knew that Shishio had many mysteries, and she thought to uncover them slowly since he was her man.


When the door opened, Shishio and Nana looked at the clubroom of the literature club.

The clubroom was very quiet in the morning since there was no one inside, and it was quite dark since the curtain blocked the sunlight from the outside, which gave off a feeling that this clubroom was a different space from the outside.

Shishio wanted to say something, but Nana didn ’t give him a chance and directly kissed his lips. He didn ’t evade this time but caught her in his left arm before using his other arm to close the clubroom door and lock it so no one would bother them inside. He then enjoyed their kiss, hugging her in his arms before lifting her so she could sit at the top of the table.

Nana ’s lips were so soft, and it was so sweet that it addicted him. He just couldn ’t stop and directly pried her lips open, which caused her to be slightly surprised.

Nana was surprised by his sudden movement, but when his tongue suddenly entered her mouth, her movement became quite jerky, and she was quite awkward. Still, it was so good and comfortable when her mouth and tongue were dominated by him, which somehow made her head blank and focussed on the pleasure. Moreover, she felt that this kiss was so intense as if he tried to imprint a mark that she was his, which made her body hotter.

Nana was in a daze, enjoying the kiss, but suddenly she felt that his hand suddenly touched her stomach over her clothes, caressing it gently, before he slipped his hand inside her clothes.

Shishio could feel his smooth stomach, and he really really loved how toned, smooth, and soft it was.

His hand didn ’t stop, and it slowly crept toward her chest, but Nana, who drowned in the pleasure, felt extremely giddy when she could feel how she was desired by him. It made her think that she became crazy, but she quickly realized something and quickly parted from him.

This sudden movement surprised Shishio, which caused him to ask, ”What ’s wrong? ”

Looking at her messy uniform, Nana could still feel her heart was beating very fast, and she didn ’t expect the situation would lead into like this. She just wanted to flirt and kiss him, but it had become lewder than she had thought. ”Why are you so skilled? ” Nana asked since she felt that Shishio was too skilled at kissing and more than that. Before, their kiss only touched each other ’s lips, but now, he used his tongue, dominating her entirely, causing her entire body to get hot and her lower body slightly drenched. His every touch was so magical that it made her so comfortable, but when he was about to reach her boobs, she quickly realized that it might be bad, so she quickly stopped.

”Boys always have this kind of talent, ” Shishio said simply, trying to calm himself, even though it was impossible also to realize that he almost lost control over himself. During the kiss, he was almost drowned by the pleasure. He hadn ’t tasted this kind of pleasure for a while, and the last time he did it was with Rui, but when his body had become stronger, his urge over that was also becoming stronger. However, he held it since he didn ’t want to do it at school, and it was Nana ’s first time. He also hadn ’t said ”I love you ” to her, and he didn ’t want to say ”I love you ” when they were having sex for the first time since he felt like it was wrong.

However, the heat on his body was too high, and he might explode anytime.

Shishio ’s stare caused her body to jolt a bit, and she felt that her body became hotter. He was like a hungry beast that was about to devour her. Nana should be scared for now, but she had an urge to accept him very quickly. Her heart was beating very fast, staring at her man, and she asked, ”You ’re not a virgin? ”

”I ’m not. ” Shishio tried to calm himself by averting his gaze from Nana.

Nana wasn ’t that surprised by his answer. She wanted to ask him who he had lost his first time with and when he lost it, but then his action caused her to amuse. ”What are you doing? ”

”Sorry, if I don ’t do this, I might attack you, ” Shishio said while looking at Nana with his sharp eyes.

Nana felt her entire body was so hot when she saw his stare. The question that she wanted to ask somehow disappeared, and her head was blank.

Shishio didn ’t think much about what Nana was thinking, but he just couldn ’t think straight and only hoped for Nana to get away from him for a moment since her smell was just too enchanting for him. He just couldn ’t help but growl since his state at this moment was just too extreme. He also wondered whether he could get some techniques or abilities capable of calming himself at this moment.

Nana then woke up when she heard his growl. She looked at him and couldn ’t help but think about a lion that hadn ’t eaten anything for a long time. Looking at his red eyes, she felt a bit worried and thought it was dangerous to let him go like this, but she knew herself that she just didn ’t want other women than her to receive this stare from him and just wanted to monopolize him. She took a deep breath, and suddenly a thought crossed her mind. Her face was red from the embarrassment, but she still said, ”Do – Do you want to use my hands? ”

”…………….. ”

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